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  1. LadyKenobi

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    That's a looooooot of swollen testicles then. I believe wallet-created imbalance is also an issue. I think anger at dudes (as at anyone) should be reserved for actually doing something wrong rather than airing their balls out. So some sit wide. It's how they sit, whatever. I've got bigger dicks to chop off.
  2. LadyKenobi

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    After talking to lots of guys about it, Ive concluded that “manspreading” is rarely a matter of attitude and usually more about testicular comfort. Some just aren’t comfortable sitting legs together. I’m glad I have ovaries. I think it does fit that Bernadette doesn’t communicate all that much with Howard. It seems like the attraction for her is primarily physical than his personality or anything else. So it makes sense she would “half ass” the personal connection part.
  3. LadyKenobi

    S02.E15: A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    WTF was that episode? What in earth was the point of the dead guy in the story? Whole thing was weird.
  4. LadyKenobi

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    “Did they really shoot that scene on the Vomit Comet?” Formerly the Vomit Comet was a retrofitted military NASA aircraft that wouldn’t be touched by civilians or anyone who wasn’t a pending crew member or part of a scientific experiment. Now NASA subcontracts to a “Zero g experience” company like you saw here, and ain’t no way Howard is just tromping onboard with a party of 3. Private flights are hella expensive, like 5 large per person, or over 160k per charter, which is why I was rolling my eyes at the comments about the 3k nonrefundable plane tickets. (6k for two tickets and they’ve got kids? I don’t care how much cash Bernadette is pulling down—have a nice wedding, Raj.)
  5. Yeah that’s very bad form. Especially when we can look this shit up. How hard is it to give credit? To me it a makes for a more impressive show because it indicates historical accuracy. Thanks for the links.
  6. That's an interesting observation. The issue of "women doing whatever men want" is up in our faces in this show, but here is an example of men trying to meet the expectation of women.
  7. More than Midge’s standup, I’m amused at the narrative Joel is being forced into when the character has specifically said and done the exact opposite with little pushback. He had no problem with Midge having a career as a comic but did not like having their sex life aired on stage. I think that’s fair. But Midge is probably too hurt to consider leaving that material on the table yet. That’s also fair. They both have valid POVs but are at an impasse right now. Very human. Joel is not jealous or acting out of “privilege,” maleness, “patriarchy”, or “whiteness.” As a human being he does not want his personal life up on stage and that is understandable. If he were really jealous and wanted to quash Midge, he wouldn’t have come to her defense to their families, been excited for her gigs, or otherwise shown support. I am glad the show didn’t take the easy route and make him a “No wife of mine” guy. His sleeping around is gross and he shouldn’t do it, but the difference between that and his fury at finding out Midge is seeing someone seriously is that it was apparently understood between him and his dates that this was nothing at all permanent. He doesn’t have the right to be angry at Midge for the kids meeting Benjamin when it wasn’t her fault, but she was seeing him as a potential husband and the models were all clearly one-nighters. I am an artist and my husband is extremely supportive and fine with even being joked about, but there are certain aspects of our lives he wants to keep private, so out of respect for him I do so. But I can completely understand why Midge is not ready to do this for Joel (I wouldn't!) I think Midge IS Amy Sherman-Paladino, much as Lorelai was, which is why the characters are constantly being told how beautiful and amazing they are. Rory was Young Amy. All are Mary Sues. The best human being in this entire program is Imogene for always being excited for Midge, loving Baby In a Drawer, and most of all forgiving and forgetting regarding the baby shower (although I'm not exactly sure why she got a baby shower for a third baby.) Sewell was a treat and yumtastic, although I resented his character basically existing as a prop for showing us how infallibly wonderful and irresistible Midge is. The actor who plays Lenny Bruce steals every single scene with his sexy pathos and sarcasm.
  8. LadyKenobi

    S02.E10: All Alone

    I’m so glad your brought that up. Abe seemed to enjoy sharing his love of math and being their STEM Hero. I don’t think he’d actually be that abusive to his students. In this era of constant student evals and consumer-driven education, if I did that, I’d be yanked out of the classroom before I even finished yelling.
  9. LadyKenobi

    S02.E10: All Alone

    “This horrific choice is forced on all talented women” I don’t think that’s true at all now. I have a friend who has 7 kids and is a very talented, working artist, along with her mother. My contemporaries and colleagues are choosing to stay at home, work part time, leave work for a while then come back, work full time while the dad parents... lots of options which can be changed as circumstances shift. I work from home and care for my mother so my sister can work part-time to help support her family in a job that makes her happy, after she chose to quit full time work to be a SAHM for a few years. I am not a victim, and neither is she. I’m very grateful to be alive now! The optimum thing for the Midge situation is to go on tour with Joel so they can co-parent (as many female stars do today), but of course she doesn’t know his father told him to leave the factory. Seeing him work with that set up would have been interesting and and chance for strong development for both characters. The Abe situation is ridiculous. WTF. Go to France with Rose on sabbatical and figure your shit out before quitting everything and suing a giant government-connected corporation, dude. You and Midge blabbed and they had a right to call you on it.
  10. Ethan is going to grow up into the world’s biggest, druggiest, most obnoxious hippie the 70s ever saw. This show wanted so badly for us to root for Suzie and Midge vs. Sophie and make Suzie’s angry-little-kid screed a Tumblr post and... just... I kept thinking, “She let you in. She’s a hoity-toity, and should never have threatened you, but she LET YOU in and tried to help and you *trashed her onstage with the press there.*” Sophie should have just ignored or maybe quietly sued her through a proxy, but yikes. I jumped a little when I heard Midge mention her father’s project and was surprised there was no fallout. Guess that gun went off. What a shitty thing for her to do. She can’t even claim that’s her experience to share. It’s his. Is it the writing, the era, or just me, because Midge on the phones was just incredibly unfunny— but Abe seeing the TV through the window was very effective. RE: Joel “damseling” Midge— she called him because she and Suzie couldn’t handle the money/locked in a closet situation. It’s not like he was creeping around and jumping in unasked at the slightest provocation. I was surprised by Joel’s dad telling him to move on. It seemed that Joel was exactly where he needed to be.
  11. LadyKenobi

    S02.E08: Someday...

    Joel respected Midge’s career from the start, but just doesn’t want his personal life up there. I am very blessed that Obi-Wan is extremely supportive of my career and 99% fine with me using our lives in my art, but I don’t cross the line. He makes many concessions to me, after all. I think Midge is understandably still very hurt and wary about Joel, so she isn’t really considering not using him in her act. It will be interesting to see if she is willing to simply use other life experiences if he continues to atone and she becomes more experienced.
  12. Is it just me or is Esther exactly the same age she was a year ago?
  13. LadyKenobi

    S02.E07: Look, She Made a Hat

    Agreeeeee— he was so attractive in Victoria but just downright wonderful here. Thank you for sharing about the inaccuracies about Yom Kippur. I was just thinking that we see a lot of culturally Jewish families in TV and movies, but rarely do we see actual worship or religious-based events. I was wondering how realistic it was.
  14. LadyKenobi

    S12.E14: The Meteorite Manifestation

    I find Sheldon’s sheer delight in paperwork amusing and cannot blame Howard and Bernadette for a second for not getting a permit. In California that’s just making a swan dive into an utter nightmare of work hours restrictions, red tape, zoning, labor laws, environmental impact studies...
  15. Oh thank you so much for sharing that. How lovely. There are only a scant few actor-Broadway roles I consider non-interchangeable, but that’s one of them. I came thisclose to ffing the unpacking scene. It just felt so fake and schlocky, and “We’re going to the Catskills!” was Full House level. Plus it feels like Midge pretty firmly left that world behind but... here she is, all freaked out over being Sash Girl. Feels like a huge disconnect. I loved Benjamin firmly refusing to row for Her Royal Highness. Abe is my favorite character and I frankly find him funnier than Midge. I pretty much check my phone or ff when she goes into stand up mode because she’s either unamusing or doing something horrifying. I can’t shake the feeling that she’s funny at parties but just... not standup material. The anachronistic language is super-annoying but the sets and costumes are just spectacular! Anyone who might know: What was up with Midge’s hideous smock when she was working coat check? What was that?!