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  1. DoctorK

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Probably threatened by the defendants and their families for shaming their behavior publicly. How dare they show what the jerks are really like.
  2. If this is the case, why is he doing this show which follows the same script every week that we saw every week of Kitchen Nightmares? In KN, he pretended to do the makeover in a few days, now he pretends to do the makeover in 24 hours. Not that he is the only one - although in different venues Bar Rescue, Hotel Hell, etc. all use the same script.
  3. DoctorK

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In my fantasy world, JJ would have responded to this gem with "Well, since you won't disclose your home location, we will be unable to provide your return transportation so find your own undisclosed way home!"
  4. DoctorK

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I was born and raised in Washington DC where the threshold is 1/4" when people start to abandon their cars in intersections.
  5. DoctorK

    The People's Court

    At first I was ready to blow off the plaintiff's case as hokum. It didn't help that he did not explain clearly the differences among "lugs" (which are fixed threaded studs), "lug nuts" (which are nuts that screw on the fixed lugs), and "lug bolts" (for cars that have threaded holes instead of lugs) which are bolts the thread directly into the wheel mount. Maybe the Army uses a different nomenclature, quite possible. However, his evidence was some of the best I have ever seen on any of these shows. The pictures made it clear that his custom wheels needed special lug nuts (most are standardized, but custom wheels can need special ones). His pictures clearly (well photographed!) showed the difference in the fit of the correct lug nuts and the incorrect ones, and the damage the incorrect ones did. I don't know how two of the wheels (as I heard it) were done incorrectly but he was correct that whoever installed them should have seen the problem. My only concern was that I didn't see it clearly shown that the wrong lug nuts were put on by the defendant's shop, nobody asked the plaintiff to show that no one else did any work on the car that would have affected that. Kudos to the plaintiff for great evidence that was clear, succinct and directly addressed the issue.
  6. DoctorK

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Way back when weed was a lot more popular, we always used stainless steel mesh in a custom machined brass bowl, more heat resistant and didn't build up a lot of crud. At least that's what friends told me.
  7. DoctorK

    The People's Court

    As a city kid I was lucky enough to spend a summer when I was bout 8 years old on svereal family farms in Wisconsin. I learned that if not confined to a sty, pigs were no nastier than cows (except for the smell which is so much like humans it is a bit rough). Also, cows are really stupid and when they step on your foot it is really hard to get their attention to get them to get off your foot. Finally, draft horses (some elderly relatives still used them instead of tractors) were elderly, smart and extremely gentle. As a little kid they would let us do almost anything, watched where they put their hoofs down; straddling one of these huge beasts was like straddling a dining room table. One of the best experiences of my life as a young city kid.
  8. DoctorK

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    JJ today, the ditzy student who let a guy (that she didn't know his last name) steal a bunch of money from her account, not very interesting but since I just got my video capture working, is this the famous duck face we have been talking about or is this a new person who obviously does not own a mirror?
  9. DoctorK

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Actually didn't she say this about the defedant with six outdoor cats who annoy the neighbors?
  10. DoctorK

    Alaskan Bush People

    Maybe escaped is a better word.
  11. DoctorK

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    I agree but not that he was afraid of the responsibility but more that he looked at his quality of life (which seems to be quite good) and his love of his home town and just didn't want to give it up for a brief sojourn with GR.
  12. DoctorK

    The People's Court

    Not only that, if you watched carefully, that jerk was trying to flirt with JM, turning his head slightly, raising one corner of his mouth, and even winking at her. I wish JM had taken note of that and eviscerated him in front of the whole TV audience.
  13. DoctorK

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Thanks, I thought my elderly HDTV was getting senile.
  14. DoctorK

    The People's Court

    Yep, I know it will never happen but really wish that the IRS woul see this show and nail that creepy lying asshole.
  15. DoctorK

    S18.E13: An Episode of Firsts

    Maybe but this is not an unusual situation, it happens with a lot of military families, it is not always the husband who gets deployed to places where she (or he) may die, not just lose a cooking competition. I can't cut her any slack on this, she chose to go on the show, knowing what that would entail.