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  1. PaperTree

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    I am always leery of these mixed veteran/newbie seasons. I'm not up to speed on the names yet. So we have this "extinction" twist. Looks like a harsher Redemption Island. (sigh) The cliche black man who can't swim. Ugh "OH YEAH!!" Oh no dude. Go feed a shark. NYC mom. Too funny. Being a suburbian, I get it 🙂 Advantage dude. Very annoying, but a nice find. Pretty Joe makes fire. Cobra Aubry, quick target of some dumb bros. STOP MOVING MY STUFF MOM! What a bunch of whiners. Cheetoh's deprivation? Green hair tourette's is an easy target, but the gang should appreciate the effort made to strengthen the tribe teaching this dude to swim. Oy! The "Us vs. THEM" behavior manifests quickly. Rarely do we see what Yellow did in that challenge. Stop. Take a step back and formulate a plan. Well done! Flailing is not a strategy and hope is not a plan. Reem. I like her. Her TC was great. Lay it all out and call the bullshit. I hope she comes back with some vengeance.
  2. Being a nerd child (and adult), I always enjoy these jocks' whining bitter tears when they lose. A little payback for they way they treated their "lessers". Tom winning AFH is icing on the pie.
  3. Thanks again to all the feedwatchers! Until June, I hope to see any of you for the next Survivor 🙂
  4. I would hate to be anywhere near LoLo.
  5. Thanks for the updates. I've gone to sinkholes swallowing Florida on The Science Channel 🙂
  6. Hey Mooch! Go fuck yourself!
  7. "Biggest twist of the season"? The Mooch Mole? More like the lamest of the season. And not even top 10 lamest ever.
  8. PaperTree

    S02.E13: Finale

    Thanks Lady C. I've already been drinking for other reasons 🙂
  9. PaperTree

    S02.E13: Finale

    Are we live snarking on this thread tonight?
  10. I agree. Slouching over the finish line of a dull (mercifully short) season.
  11. Kind of an experiment, we will see the results soon. Of course, CBS can jack the numbers any way they want 🙂
  12. I'm boycotting the vote this year. I can't bring myself to take the time to vote for any of them. Tamar has the most Twitter followers, so she'll probably win. Kandi is a close second.
  13. Ricky HoH? Ugh. Glad the forums are back! I've been jonesing without you all 🙂 Joker's just doesn't cut it.
  14. PaperTree

    S06.E17: Reunion

    Asking Ross about his pending legal matters was a waste of time. Good for him. A man who listens to his lawyer! Caroline - insane. Blaming Kate is easy for losers. Lee backs her 100%. Caroline really pushed Kate and Josiah over the edge just quitting. Smart of them to own up to being mean themselves. Two wrongs don't make a right. Laura whines "it's not FAIR". Well sweetie, I learned over 40 years ago that life isn't fair. You must learn to work the system, not change it, especially as a newbie, then deal. Lee's bug-eyes were great. "I would have fired her on the spot!" She is still delusional. Stay away Ashton! Is she giving Chef Creepy a pass here? He sort of apologized, Kate blew it off as "St. Maarten" and claimed cluelessness. Haha! His open friend with benefits dumped him. I had almost forgotten what a useless idiot Chandler was. Oh Rhylee, always the victim. Yelling at your boss and coworkers is never a good strategy to gain "respect". She will have "issues" wherever she goes. Then she runs to the "bad edit" defense. I think the editors would have loved showing footage of everybody mercilessly antagonizing her until she finally went off. Like Old Faithful. Of course she hooked up with Tyler last night. Ross & Hannah? Oh my. He's a drunk smoocher. Nice job on the "Near Death Incident". Bryan is great. Super cool and humble. I'm glad he decided to do the show.