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  1. KnotsLanding

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    The way I feel is that Lisa has a right to be upset so I don’t really care if she was involved or if her staff spoke out—they should. The fact that Dorit messed up with two dogs is a red flag. I don’t believe there was a nameless friend she gave the dog to and if you’re trying to build a cast against someone how are you going to use notorious grifter and liar Dorit? It just doesn’t make sense. With Teddi regardless of what the full texts say, she claimed total ignorance so the new excuse of “Okay I kinda messed up but LVP made me do it” doesn’t wash. Every episode these women keep saying it’s the one that’ll make everything make sense and we will see their side. So far I’m not seeing it. Many of them simply don’t like her and I feel they planned to take her down and this was the opening. You could see on Kyle and Dorit’s face that they had no interest in whatever LVP had to say, their storyline was already in place. After a few very real seasons they’ve worked overtime to control their narrative and what they present on screen so it all feels very calculated to me. For good or bad the other franchises seem to let everything hang out. There are so many news stories out about various housewives and unless it’s aboit LVP we don’t hear about it. Why? Hell, they brought up the lawsuit against LVP last year and I don’t see her doing the same to Erika, Dorit or Kyle. If she was such a mastermind wouldn’t she be putting all that out there? I just wish they’d own they don’t like her and move on. This silly dog story is literally the only remotely interesting thing in the show. For next season they have to mix the cast up or do something because this just isn’t working.
  2. The thing is, LVP stopped filming with the group, but she continued filming. I know she filmed with Camille and Denise as well. Plus, how is Lisa Rinna arguing LVP didn’t do her job when all she wants to talk about in interviews is LVP? For someone who needs to be fired, it sure is ironic that she’s providing the main storyline. What is she bringing to the table to earn her own paycheck is my question. If you’re trying to ice someone out it makes no sense for them to keep going on and on about her. Do like the DC housewives and don’t mention the housewife you hate and focus on building anticipation for your OWN story, if you have one.
  3. KnotsLanding

    Basketball Wives LA

    I read on Twitter that this show will be announced March or April. There was an article on Deadline a few months back saying that Shed Media had been tired and they were looking for a new production team to take the show in a new direction. As a result I’ve been curious about the new season, but not much has leaked in terms of what to expect. From what I’ve seen on Twitter it looks like the cast is mostly the same, including CeCe, Kristen and OG returning. There are rumors of Jen filming (which I can’t imagine the purpose of) and also Tami has filmed but of course we don’t know the extent. I will say I’m happy if all three newbies return, hopefully in full time roles. Last season was the first in years where they had a solid cast and storylines the entire season. Usually they start with a random cast, dump the newbies mid season and start fresh which is tiresome. Consistency in the cast makes it easier to be invested. Also having the newbies connected to Malaysia in a real way gives it a more housewives feel which I like.
  4. When I think of Y&R (and I’m sure the general public feels the same), the faces have always been Victor & Nikki, Katherine and Neil & Dru. They were able to captivate me from childhood and my fandom only grew. It doesn’t surprise me to see negative comments about Victoria Rowell, but that woman gave up her career to advocate for others. Am I the only one who remembers the show suspending Kristoff and Bryton for speaking out about their “Winters Wednesday” treatment? Had Victoria not taken one for the team I highly doubt any of them would have a job (not to mention Susan Dansby, Mischael Morgan and others). People always give her hell, but the things she did were never going to get her rehired, but they did keep the show on its toes and ensure they don’t completely dump on their black characters as they’ve done the past year. She did an interview which fleshes put her thoughts better and speaks to his legacy: https://thegrio.com/2019/02/05/victoria-rowell-on-passing-of-young-and-the-restless-co-star-kristoff-st-john-blasts-soap-execs-for-racism/ I think it’s important to remember what an amazing man Kristoff was and just how talented he was. He was still so young and such a vibrant person which hid all of the pain he had inside. The outpouring of love and support is a testament to who he was as a person and the legacy he leaves. I think it’s a shame he didn’t get the recognition he deserved while alive. I truly believe had he been white his character would’ve been treated with the same importance a Billy or Nick or Jack received. I’m thankful for what we have but I’ll always wonder what could’ve been in a better world. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with the cast, crew and all his friends and family. As a fan I can’t recall an actors death affecting me this much. This still feels so surreal and unbelievable.
  5. It’s all about how you frame it when passing the info on. By getting Tamar stirred up and fighting with Kato, that means if by chance he wins HOH there’s a better chance of Kato going up instead of NEM, Lolo or Ricky. They’re playing her like a fiddle.
  6. I’m wondering the same things. I’ve been watching the feeds and trying to play catch up but I’m not seeing that. I think it’s possible he did say it but either way it’s a ploy to cause Tamar to blow up which helps take the target off Lolo and NEM. At this point I feel they deserve to win because they’ve done a great job of getting everyone to do exactly what they want lol.
  7. KnotsLanding

    S04.E08: RuPaul’s Best Judy’s Race

    This was confusing and frustrating to watch. All season I’ve been annoyed with Trinity’s bossiness over how they should eliminate people. I get what she’s sayng, but I don’t think it’s as clear cut as she’s made it out. For me personally when Valentina and Naomi were in the bottom I would’ve sent Naomi home because Valentina at least had one win and wasn’t just safe. Now more specifically on this episode, I just don’t understand the critique of Manila. I found their performance cute and their runway was the best executed on my opinion. You could tell exactly what they were, the draping on their gowns was beautiful and far from Party City and their hair and makeup was flawless. Then for Naomi to luck out and eliminate Manila was infuriating. She literally has coasted all season and everything she does is so one note. It spoke more to have she views her place on the competition to know she has to eliminate the person who most likely would’ve won. In her mind I feel this at least gives her a shot.
  8. They keep going back in forth on the feeds but I feel like Natalie and Lolo have brainwashed Tamar into sending Kandi home. They don’t like the bond the two have, but how is it everybody gives them a pass on their bond and obvious final two deal? I feel like those two girls run the house and nobody seems bothered by that except Tom and Kato. If Tamar does take the deal with Joey she runs a risk because he’s unpredictable whereas Kandi wouldn’t have gone against her.
  9. I’m very confused. Even drunk Dina is saying she wants to vote Kandi to stay. Kato is telling her they must keep Joey and he will protect them. Kato realizes the girls are playing him and while playing them their plan was to keep Joey. Shouldn’t that tell him something now that the alliance is over? They were playing you and wanted you to keep Joey and that’s what you’re doing lol. There’s a better chance Joey will win HOH than Kandi as well so it seems like a bad move to let her go.
  10. KnotsLanding

    Kandi Burruss: Atlanta's Own Willy Wonka

    Not only would Bravo have approved of Kandi going on Big Brother, but the reunion wouldn’t film anytime soon either. We’re only at episode 13 this week and by the time CBB is over we’ll probably only be at 15-16. I don’t know how those rumors started when everybody does side projects from Apprentice to Dancing with the Stars.
  11. KnotsLanding

    S11.E08: Final Destin-ation

    I felt like Nene was having a good season until tonight. I’ve enjoyed her mostly friendly interactions with the ladies and truly acting like an HBIC for once. The scenes with Greg have also been touching...then she came for Tanya and I got shades of old school jealous Nene. That girl didn’t shade her boutique. She was saying that it doesn’t need to be a high end label to be fashionable. Didn’t Nene say she was her biggest customer?! You could tell she didn’t like the attention she was getting and since Marlo is her close friend and likely her stylist she didn’t like Tanya winning the fashion battle. Nene is petty and Tanya shined too bright. I also give Marlo props because I thought she handled herself well and was fun this episode. I do think she was genuinely trying to help Shamari. On any of these shows, even Beverly Hills, the women make adjustments to their looks once they see themselves on cameras. Marlo was just trying to help the girl. She’s gorgeous as they’ve all said but her clothes look like they came from Citi Trends and her wigs are cheap. I say this as a drag queen who knows she can afford better wigs than that. It don’t even have an invisible part of lace. She’s also going at Marlo because she’s an easy target but she knows everybody thinks she looks tired.
  12. KnotsLanding

    Dynasty (2017)

    Oh how I wish it was as fun as Footballers Wives. Hell, even if Alexis was written like Tanya that would be so much fun. She certainly has the look down. Now I loved season one. I felt it had interesting twists and a “tune in tomorrow” factor any good soap needs. Then we fast forward to season two and it feels more like a sitcom mixed with a procedural show. There is no momentum to any of the storylines and even the new promos seem more keen to showcase the latest quip than develop any stories. I love the cast and like most of the ideas for stories, but nothing goes anywhere. We still haven’t properly wrapped up the cliffhanger drama with Hank and Claudia. They make The Colby’s Carringtons but have the genius idea of selling the company and minimizing The Colby’s so the story has no impact. Not to mention Dominique should’ve been here weeks ago. Then Alexis is still poor and has absolutely no power or purpose on the show. I also don’t see the purpose in writing off Steven but keeping Sammy Jo. Of all the problems you write him off?! I’d love an interview with the writers to understand the new vision. The show is just terrible now. I hope post-winter finale there is a reboot to remind them it’s a soap but things have been so quiet I doubt that. This is the weirdest sophomore slump I’ve ever seen. On most shows they end up introducing too many new characters and bad stories derail things. Here the problem is just that nothing is happening at all. Get it together nuDynasty!
  13. KnotsLanding

    The Judges

    I’ve been watching the current season after getting hooked on the Paul and Mary original. I was surprised to see how faithful it is to the UK version in tone and presentation. I expected it to be quickly edited and full of drama like typical American reality shows. Since it’s had so much turnover I tried to find older episodes to see the difference. The version on CBS with Jeff Foxworthy was just as I expected full of drama, quick editing and severely dumbed down. I did like Paul’s co judge though and wouldn’t mind her popping up again. Then I saw Mary with Johnny and it is always delightful seeing Mary Berry but Johnny didn’t work for me. The current lineup of Sue and Paul doesn’t work either. Her personality is just too muted and she doesn’t add much to the judging. I’d keep everything the same except try and find a suitable replacement for her if this comes back.
  14. I love that despite people assuming he’s like Victor, he is always tweeting talking about how good his costars are. It’s crazy because I wouldn’t even imagine him watching the show! But he always randomly shouts out the actors for good performances even ones he doesn’t share scenes with. He can be rough in his execution at time but he definitely is passionate about the show. Somebody on twitter familiar with behind the scenes said that Mal was done the second Braeden started complaining about him. Once he complains you’re done, which in this case is good.
  15. KnotsLanding

    Noel and Sandi: The New Dynamic Duo

    I just watched my first season, I think it was series 3 when John won. Before I started what Netflix has as season one I watched a Christmas special with the new crew and I wasn’t impressed. The hosts seemed a random pair and didn’t add much. Prue also was full, but Mary was always going to be a hard act to follow. Watching the US version though, I notice it’s fine as long as Paul is around and the bakers are pleasant. I don’t like Paul’s judge on the US version either, but the overall vibe is enough to make it work.