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  1. loki310

    Queer Eye

    Aw poo. That was the last one. 😞
  2. loki310

    Queer Eye

    Okay, I’m watching the baby shower one... I’m so interested in Bobby’s story. He drops these little tidbits about his life - grew up in a small rural town, family super religious, adopted, disowned after coming out at 15 or 16, was homeless, struggles with depression... He’s had such a tough road, but he’s managed to be this thoughtful and kind and incredibly talented creative person. Of all the Fab 5, I’m most interested in him and I hope he writes a book some day.
  3. loki310

    Queer Eye

    The Jones BBQ episode made me tear up so much my dang contact fell out. All the guys were on their A game with this one. 😊
  4. loki310

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Why oh why did they waste all that time trying to put Colty and Larissa against all the other couples? They should have dug in on Eric’s comment about how Tasha gave him an ultimatum about Leida which we all know was total bullshit. Why do they do these stupid reunion shows before everyone can see the actual footage?? Cause you know Tasha would be like, um Episode 3, minute 16:30, Leida said it’s either child support or her. Episode 5, 7:45 Leida said kick me out of my apt or she’ll leave.
  5. I'm sorry, but i'm having a hard time believing that little Asuelo (or anyone) could throw Kalani up against a wall.
  6. loki310

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    None of these people have any furniture. Olga and Steven are permanently camped out on the floor. Forget green cards. How about chairs and adult sized beds?
  7. loki310

    Salt Fat Acid Heat

    Yes, I didn't know about the differences between the different salts either. I'm a light hand with everything I do - salt, makeup... lol . I need to be more confident and apply things with abandon!
  8. loki310

    Salt Fat Acid Heat

    Yes - there's something about being able to converse with people in their native tongue. I loved seeing the production of things I've never even imagined (like olive harvesting) and I love how passionate Samin is about everything. She's such a great host and ambassador. And now I'm going to throw out all of my old olive oil. :/
  9. loki310

    S06.E08: Ready to Run

    I love how the producers were like, I know where you can do your furniture shopping! How about The Country House? You know, the only store in town that sells Eames and Herman Miller furniture, along with all the mid-century modern Scandinavian design hits. I doubt you could find a picture frame in that store for under $100. That old man got hoodwinked.
  10. loki310

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    I just can’t imagine having my son’s first heard English words be me calling his mother an asshole. I guess I missed Steven’s backstory, but honestly, I could give a shit. He is way too immature to be a father. His needs come dead last in that room. First, baby needs to be taken care of. Fed. Second, Olga needs to be taken care of. Helped with putting on her clothing, gathering her things, tracking down a wheelchair to roll her out. But no, it’s all about what Steven wants. There is no way this is going to work. Olga should stay with her parents and raise the child in Russia. Do not even step foot in his apartment. Kalani is supposed to be 30, but she acts as mature as the 20 year olds. Why is she screaming in the car? Pull over and handle things calmly. Eric is weird. He gets this far away look when people are questioning him about his finances and I wonder what he’s thinking. What is his deal? How is he not living better in low cost of living Wyoming?? All of these people are horrible. Why can’t we have some decent, smart, legitimate couples? These train wrecks are a lot less entertaining when there’s children involved. Just incredibly depressing.
  11. loki310

    S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    Yeah... this show is starting to get into Friends territory with me. Issa’s makeup is flawless, her hair is always on point, her outfits look amazing. Like okay, we’re supposed to believe that this insecure woman is so masterful at self-presentation with limited income??? The last straw was her sitting in an apartment that looked better than my damn house. How’d she get that furniture and bookcase? I’m well familiar with the LA thrift stores - they don’t have anything that looks as nice and the stuff she has. And if they do, it’s priced accordingly! She might as well be Rachel and Monica in that damn Manhattan apartment. I mean, I love the show and all, but this is NOT realistic. The fully furnished apartment was the last damn straw. lol
  12. Kudos to Rachel’s ex for not letting his daughter appear on this show. He seems a lot more sensible than the British guy. These people are so stupid. We need some regular people - no strippers, no google translators, no veneers, no babies calling ransoms dada, no Melissas, no loud mouth crepey big boobed ladies... just regular normal people.
  13. loki310

    S02.E06: Trust a Try

    Yeah, I was laughing at the balut, the native delicacy worse than chicken feet, cow legs, lechon, or anything else the producers try and feed the naive Americans. Kudos to that guy for taking a bite. Better man than me (although I’m a woman lol). Im way past bored with the Darcy blond guy storyline - why isn’t his ass on a plane already?! - so I entertained myself by trying to count up the amount of money Darcy has spent on designer clothing. I mean, she was wearing at least three cartier love bracelets that are like $5k each, she has enough louboutins to use some as weapons, she carries Chanel bags - was that a Hermès bag this episode?.... What does she do for work? Have we seen her house? Does she has college funds established for each of her girls? After all, she’s wearing their freshman year tuition on her left wrist... I married my husband without asking if he was going to wipe my ass. Oh well.
  14. loki310

    S03.E01: Better-Like

    I love Issa’s makeup on this show. I’m makeup stupid but would love to rock her look. Welcome back show!
  15. loki310

    S01.E06: Cherry

    Watching this show makes me so thankful that I grew up in a major city. People always act like it’s so risky to grow up in NYC or LA - but I find that the small town kids are much more likely to engage in substance abuse. The people on this show lead such miserable lives... at this point I’m watching out of a mild morbid curiousity. I just want to shake the shit out of every character on the show, except for the black cheerleader lady. Hopefully, at least a few more of them get murdered by this show’s end.