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  1. AttackTurtle

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    https://realityblurb.com/2018/10/23/32-million-home-lawsuit-against-rhobh-star-kyle-richards-husband-mauricio-umansky-to-be-dismissed-after-mauricio-reaches-deal/ I’m a lawyer and I can tell you that this case looked messy as hell and not good for Mauricio, who I generally like.
  2. AttackTurtle

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I have seen references by the ladies that they don’t feel that Lisa is carrying her weight and that regardless of the fact that her brother died, she has to fulfill her contractual obligations. One could argue that Lisa is the biggest draw on this show (she is for me). It’s not so easy to say, “Im out” when she has a lot invested in the show and the show her. I did not know what I expected, but it is really sad to see Lisa legitimately “down”. She let herself get visibly drunk on Vanderpump Rules as well. And while drunk Lisa was funny, that is a stark contrast to the very in “control” Lisa, we usually see. Kyle is selfish and should not have played the “I’ve got issues too” card; however Mauricio does does have a fairly massive (legit/serious) lawsuit pending against him right now...so she does have some stress. I hope they push Dorit on why she didn’t simply return the dog to Vanderpump Dogs at the reunion. I don’t expect much from the ladies. We’re going to hear about this dog story all season. Thank God NY will be back soon. They blow up and move on to the next blow up.
  3. AttackTurtle

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I actually thought Dorit May have come up wit an insurance scam idea when Kyle was robbed. Dorit wants to appear as well off as the others; hence of course she was the target of a robbery.
  4. AttackTurtle

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Dorit was practically salivating at that dinner with Ken and Lisa. You could tell by the look on her face that she’d honed in on her storyline for the season. I can’t stand her and another season of victim Dorit....I’m out. Dorit is the only one who needs this show. She and PK are up to their necks in debts and lawsuits. Lisa V. move on. Go do a Vanderpump Rules spin-off in Vegas and be done with this show.
  5. AttackTurtle

    S06.E17: Reunion

    That was one boring reunion; however given that they all truly appear to get along, it’s understandable that it was boring. Ross and Ashton seemed to be biting their tongues when Rhylee was talking. Without Caroline there, there simply want much oppyfor reunion drama.
  6. AttackTurtle

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    I can see Danielle’s kids being afraid of her. As for them holding a grudge against Teresa, I think that has much to do with how their mom reacted to it (brings ex cons to fashion shows for “ protection”, obsesses about it, etc...). To me, given all the crazy/dangerous behavior committed by Danielle, the kids anger is a bit misdirected. When I heard Danielle refer to spending her new husband’s money, it reminded me of how she’d talk about the money her daughter was making from modeling (by the way, Teresa showed super class in one of those episodes when Danielle kept trying to infer there was s competition between Gia and Danielle’s daughter). Danielle, to me is a total narcissist and cannot see beyond herself and her own needs.
  7. AttackTurtle

    S09.E13: Camels, Cabo & Catfights

    I’m not a loyal viewer of New Jersey and always felt it was much “darker” than the other cities. Namely, because of Danielle. She brings nothing positive to this show and I genuinely believe she’s s scary bitch. Teresa is dumb as a box of rocks, but I like her kids and God forgive me, I think her brother is a pretty good guy. I just don’t get her new found loyalty to Danielle. I like Melissa. She tries to bring some reason to the chaos and she is a very pretty woman, Margaret is a breath of fresh air. Dolores is much better without Siggy.
  8. AttackTurtle

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    I have worked in male dominated professional settings and I never experienced the harassment in a professional setting that I did working in a restaurant as a waitress. Yes, you get it from customers, but the kitchen staff got away with murder. A friend of mine was actually assaulted by a grill cook, who would not take no for an answer (her boyfriend was immaterial to him). The bosses excused his behavior due to alcohol. I was in law school at the time and I wanted her to file a complaint, but she feared the backlash and we were making good money at the job. That was all I could think of when I watched Adrien last night. It made my skin crawl. In the past year with all of the Me Too attention, it is crazy to me, that he behaved that way on camera. He may be talented, but he should not be brought back. I think it would’ve been incredibly interesting to see how the show would’ve handled her making a formal complaint. Rhylee had a right to feel the rug was pulled from under her. When a guy tells you he wants to take you out and to dress nicely, you feel somewhat special. He then pulled a total dick move. He could’ve let things dissolve when they got off the boat. Josiah’s comment about Rhylee and Tyler with the buckets was Kate level snark. They really are soul mates (Kate and Josiah).
  9. AttackTurtle

    S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    I kept thinking of James Perse t-shirts. I think there is one more “James” clothing line out there as well, but yeah it’s pretty obvious she was aiming for some brand confusion to drive some sales. I think Stassi realizes she found a good guy and is also fully aware that she could mess it up. I have been very harsh on Stassi as she does some really stupid shit (Nazi chic?); however she does have some self awareness. And no excuse, but how many marriages do her parents have between them? That’s bound to mess with your head; especially if you’re conflicted about which one you take after more than the other. I hope that she and Beau work out and that she shifts away from this group. I’ve enjoyed seeing their travel photos together and have taken note that “seeing the world”, just isn’t something any of the other cast mates seem interested in doing. So good on Stassi and Beau. Scheanna does not look healthy to me for some reason this season. She used to be a really pretty girl, but something seems off. And her taste in men is really bad.
  10. AttackTurtle

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    I love Connie Britton in pretty much everything, but man Eric Bana is killing it in this role. He plays a monster really well and as disgusted as I am in the man he is portraying, he and Connie have chemistry. The mother/daughter relationship is so interesting. Ronnie acts like such a brat, but at the same time, she is who Deb calls when she needs help. I’m going to miss this series when it’s over. Good on Bravo for producing it. I hope they have more shows like this in the works. Deb absolutely should’ve had protectionnwith her when she left, but I don’t know that she planned on leaving when she did.
  11. AttackTurtle

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    Sadly, I believe Ann Rule past away.
  12. AttackTurtle

    S13.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Gina knows conflict with Shannon gets screen time. It’s a tried and true formula for screen time on the show. I did wonder why more wasn’t said to Emily about comparing Shannon to her mother when she was so worked up about Shannon comparing what she’d “heard” about Shane to her relationship with David. I kind of wanted to hit Emily when she wanted Shannon to apologize to her and Gina. Shannon, for all of her nuttieness doesn’t subscribe to the notion that by simply being cast, she has to be friends with you. I appreciate this about Shannon.
  13. AttackTurtle

    S13.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Gina is so desperate to stay on this show. I honestly feel that she relocated to OC with the goal of being a housewife. I can tolerate Emily because I don’t see her as desperate as Gina.
  14. AttackTurtle

    S13.E20: Reunion Part 2

    I always want to give Tamara a chance, but damn. She is no friend. Just like Kelly was disposable to Vicki, Shannon is disposable to Tamara. Shannon needs to detach herself from that relationship as Tamara will continue to stab her in the back. And yes, Shannon’s financial situation seems to be a thorn in Tamara’s side.
  15. Well I got blocked by her friend, Adrienne Gang, so I don’t know if Caroline will block me too. I told Adrienne that it had been far too long since she was on BD for her to be so invested in it. I couldn’t stand her on her season. I love Chrissy Tiegan. I also think she’s gorgeous. She is very self deprecating and she was totally baited by Caroline to respond, which I wish she hadn’t. Now Caroline will feel more relevant since Queen of Twitter Tiegan engaged with her. Caroline doesn’t quite seem able to respond to comments about her blatant lies (that have been proven to be lies). The fact that that she’s gone the Kate is a coke addict route is just lame. If Kate’s an addict, then damn she is a very functional one at that. She and Josiah are doing a great job. i still stand by my assertion that Adrienne was tougher on Caroline than anyone else.