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  1. 14 hours ago, Mr. Minor said:

    Bravo is really out of touch with it’s audience if they think we want to see clips of fucking Nene and Greg’s wedding during what looked like a very nice ceremony for Eva. If their were no clips of Greg and Nene that would be great. They both suck! 🤭

    LOL! I am okay with Greg but I've been getting the impression for while now that he likes to think he is wiser than he is. Some of the stuff he says is either total basic common sense or just make you go "huh" because it is nonsensical but the people around him act like he is saying something profound but being in the South that maybe acting respectful towards an elder. 

    I have no problem believing that Greg mean, especially if he is struggling with cancer, but that is different from being abusive, which Nene has not alleged. So I am not gonna to assume that. 

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Kyanight said:

    ::::Looking at Meri!::::::::       And learn how to do eyebrows.  SERIOUSLY people - it's not rocket science!!  Millions of women do their eyebrows just fine!  Look up videos on Youtube if you need to!

    For real. Not only are her brows bad, but she makes it all the more worse with terrible eyeshadow too. I don't even know what color the shadow is - like a gray, dark brown or something. Or maybe her brow pencil is bleeding down onto her eyelids. No excuse for this. 

    Meri's hat was indeed terrible. Meri may not be considered edgy by any definition of the word but neither was that. It was like the maker recycled Mykelti wedding garbage flowers. I get the feeling that this was light advertising for the hat maker. Yes, it may look assholey for Meri to have her fix it the night before her son's wedding but the alternative was Meri not wearing it or forced to wear a hat she considered ugly, neither of which would have made the maker of the hat's business look good. I thought what Meri wound up wearing was a marked improvement which was underserved by Meri's bad taste in clothing and shoes.

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  3. Lovely wedding and the couple just radiated with love. I preferred Eva's 2nd dress as opposed to the first, mainly because I detested the tiara. Reminded me of something you'd see on Toddlers and Tiaras. 

    I was a bit 'meh' on the venue. I noticed that with the exception of Cynthia, who had her wedding at a museum, the ATL HWs  seem to prefer non-traditional venues like warehouses that are blank canvases and have to be swathed in drapes and fabrics in order to be transformed into their vision. I love architecture and interior design so I prefer to see some architectural interest besides white drapes. I would think that would cut down on the design cost.  I bet a good deal of Eva's budget went into staging. But she seemed to love it so that is what matters. 

    I actually gasped when they showed snippets of Greg and Nene's wedding this episode. Utterly disrespectful!! 

    45 minutes ago, HunterHunted said:

    They rarely pay for music cause it's so damn expensive. Though it does appear that live covers are fine because we got Tina singing during Scheana's wedding and that yacht rock band during Schwartz and Katie's wedding both on Vanderpump Rules. There was also that band that Luann hired for a holiday party on RHoNY that switched from holiday songs to "I wanna fuck you in the ass!"

    Well, we did get Lil Mo signing "4ever" when Dennis proposed. FYI, I put that song back into rotation. I forgot how great her voice is. I miss power singers. Hell, I miss R&B. Elli Mai ain't cutting it. 

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  4. This shows how half-assedly (hey, if the Browns can make up and misuse words, so can I) I was watching this show. I was so deep into my game of Cookie Jam that I didn't even register what the mother of the brides were wearing. 

    Meri's look from head to toe is an abomination. But I guess you can't expect people who peddle and wear Lularoe to have great taste or wardrobes. The dress is bad enough but beige wedge sandals, that are barely worthy of wear to lunch at your local Outback restaurant, with gold and black evening wearing? She doesn't own a single pair of black pumps or something?

    Aspyn never seems more like Christine's daughter than when she is acting all gushy about Mitch. 

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  5. I am more bummed out about the Lu/Dorinda fallout than I was about Carole and B.

    12 hours ago, twilightzone said:

     Luann has said she and Bethenny will end up fighting a lot.   And it looks like Luann and Ramona end up on good terms.

    I knew Lu and B wouldn't last, but it was great that B was there for her during Lu's time of crisis.

    7 hours ago, Duke2801 said:

    I’d let Toonces the cat drive me before I’d get in a car with Tinsley behind the wheel.

    A+ reference.


    1 hour ago, kicksave said:

    I'm sorry...I think Ramona's "flirting" borders on  sexual harassment. I thought she was out of line with the swimming instructor...he was trying to be professional but she kept making sexual innuendo and commentary that made me embarrassed for him. If this was reversed and it was a man doing this to her or any woman, she would be crying #MeToo. Her over the top come ons to people she employs are pathetic and cross boundaries...she knows better.

    Her flirting is embarrassing and cringe-worthy, especially since the majority of the people we see subjected to it are in the service industry. 

    I admit I always wanted to be that girl with 2 dates in 1 night - meeting Mr. X for drinks and Mr. Y for dinner.  Sounds exhausting though. With her subtle as a sledge hammer flirt game, do y'all believe Ramona dates as prodigiously as she claims?

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  6. 18 hours ago, ZaldamoWilder said:

    Her name is Danielle Staub.   I own think she's ever worked a day in her life.

    Excuse you. Prostitution whoring is WERK!!!! It ain't honest but it pays the bills (until the men realize dealing with that much crazy ain't worth Staub's Nobel Laureate head game). 

    Say what you will about Nene's special brand of crazy, but this episode brang it! Most reviewed of the season with 3 whole pages of commentary. 

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  7. Did I hear right? Did Nene say on WWHL that she was cast in a show that was filming in Canada? Who keeps hiring her? It really kinda irks given there are so many struggling black actresses out there.

    21 hours ago, LibertarianSlut said:

    I too was very interested in the closet when Nene wouldn't let anyone in there.  

    Yeah, the more she wanted to keep people out, the more intrigued I became by its possible contents. 


    14 hours ago, Neurochick said:

    What I found sad about this episode was how naked these women felt without their wigs and none of them looked bad without wigs, so why wear them?  

    I think some women need to learn how to take care of the hair we were born with, instead of sticking an Indian woman's hair on our heads.

    Yes, this was quite sad to hear damn near all the women remark that they felt naked, incomplete, less than without a ton of fake hair. Just an indication that it is less about style and more of a crutch/armor. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, Bronzedog said:

    I forgot with all the NeNe drama, but, damn!  Kandi and food!  I think she was eating in almost every scene at NeNe's. 

    At this point, Kandi is just showing up to these events for the free meals. In her defense though, those crab legs looked good as hell!!!

    This was a good episode. The producers were messy as fuck. Those time stamps were a precursor to fuckery!!!

    I really, really had trouble following the Marlo/Nene argument. I get that Gregg urgently texted Marlo twice to go to Nene and be there/comfort her, Marlo drops everything (e.g. hair/nail appt) to rush over to Nene fearing the worst. This is where I lose the thread. Was Nene home and just refuse to let Marlo thru the gates and in the house or was she not home and out shopping?  Both kinda suck, but the latter sounds kinda callous given blot clots are deadly and her going out to run errands while Gregg was in surgery the week before. 

    I think Marlo was truly was alarmed by Gregg's text and trying to be a good friend. Nene was just an asshole all around. I don't understand her yelling for Marlo to 'just support her' when really, Marlo dropping everything to run to be at her side is supporting her. WTF does Nene want? Just blind allegiance and parroting whatever Nene wants her to.

    8 hours ago, Mr. Minor said:

    I think I heard Kandi say “where’s the rest of it”.

    After Kandi said this though, we saw Porsha open up a side door and say 'oh here it is' or something to that effect. Kandi then opened another door and exclaimed almost the same thing. We then hear Porsha say Nene's closet was "goals." 

    Nene didn't lose her shit until the cameraman was making his way into her closet. So strange. So aggressive. There was no excuse for her behavior. 

    Tanya is a good one and better than me. When all that vomiting was going on she was just getting towels and wiping up and being chippy chirpy. LOL!  She is growing on me but I am can't say that she is a fit, but I like the fresh air she brings so far. 

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  9. I am liking Denise. However, why the fuck! would she have her daughter call whoremongering Charlie Sheen to ask for dating advice??!?! Granted, I know that is his daughter and the advice wasn't the worst in the world, but the man clearly had/has mental health, substance and hyper-sexuality issues and I side eye opening the door to that, especially if they still have a contentious relationship and haven't reached mutual child rearing decisions - like no dating until 16. 

    Denise's beach house is nice. Views and bones of the house are fab but that kitchen is screaming for a makeover.

    Rinna claims to never having been anorexic or bulimic? OK. However, I still think she suffers from disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food.

    I am tired of the LVP dog piling and not for the reason of most. I actually do think LVP is strategic. I think she has allies, not necessarily friends and I can't say I dislike  her for that because she is winning on her terms. Really, at this point 9 seasons into the game, these women are just mad (and tired) that they aren't smart enough to outmaneuver her machinations. These dummies will never learn. If their asses can't take her out in prior seasons when the playing field was level, they for damn sure can't when she has personal tragedy and audience sympathy on her side. 

    I'm seeing an attempt to try to pin this on Teddi and I ain't buying. She is just really, really not the type and I will officially see LVP as overplaying her hand if she tries. 

    LVP is indeed a master chess player. These bitches can barely play Chutes and Ladders. Anyone notice how last episode, LVP took the girls to the back of her pet store and mentioned that that area was to house dogs and see if they have behavioral issues, like biting, before they get adopted out. She is setting herself up to not look liable and implied it was standard practice that Lucy before received prior to being adopted out to Dorit. 

    Plus, I can't with the 'you sold _____ story to the tabloids' BS again. Seriously, why don't they ever consider that the stories could have easily been sold/planted by any of their numerous messy ass employees (looking at LVPs people), assistants, Bravo production, store clerk at a shop where they have a loud ass convo while buying over-priced t-shirt dresses and other ugly 80's inspired clothing, waiters at restaurants they order food they don't eat at, etc. 

    Can't help it, I love Kyle's new home. Some of the decor has the stench of the morally corrupt Faye Resnick's interior design by numbers basic ass aesthetic but the house and grounds are gorg and my fave. 


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  10. I don't know about the longevity of that relationship but I was happy for Porsha. Nice to see her get the dream she had been dreaming and crying for for years all in one fell swoop - a man, love, a child and an engagement. The whole time watching the proposal, I was thinking Kenya would still have a paying job if she had done this. 

    That ring was ridiculously large. Is it real? Is Dennis's pockets large like that?

    5 hours ago, luckyroll3 said:

    Your husband is going in to have a surgery, which you yourself describe as potentially difficult and complicated, yet you choose to drop him off and go elsewhere? Wow.  And the disdain she had when sharing that someone had texted him well wishes....  Even Cynthia commented that Nene isn't considering what Greg is going through (which you know Nene will be pissed about when she sees it). 

    Even flip flopping spineless Cynthia is taken aback by Nene. 

    Cyn looked stunning in her new talking head in the red dress and big curly wig. 

    I don't understand her wine venture but I wish her the best. 

    1 hour ago, drivethroo said:

    Looks like next week Marlo is trying real hard to be patient and understanding with Nene.  I'm figuring Marlo tells her about herself and she goes on her lil rampage.  

    Lawd, when Margo is calling your ass out as selfish ... Its a wrap!!

    I've never been in the position of caretaker but my mother sure as hell has to my dad who had 2 bouts of cancer and now heart failure I know it is thankless. Dad seems a jovial saint to all others but takes out all his ire on my mom. We can't afford maids, caregivers, nurses or chefs. The chef and maid part would be a god send, but I digress. So in some respects, I get it with Nene. Where she loses me however, is in the pettiness of her complaints and almost seeming to not get that the man is facing his morality dead in the face. She wants to sit in a bar for drinks with Greg? The man has a colostomy bag - maybe he doesn't feel comfortable or well enough to be doing that. She doesn't feel supported but when he asks her what stuff she has going on, she catches an attitude. 

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  11. 26 minutes ago, smarty2020 said:

    But this makes no sense since they turned around and bought $800,000 worth of land in Flagstaff (presumably with loans) and then bought Christine a $520,000 house in Flagstaff less than a mile from their empty land.  They don't come out ahead in this process.  

    Whoever said the point is to get ahead? They aren't smart or disciplined enough for that. The point is to 'get over' and move on to the next grift. 

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  12. This move is all a financial shell game with Kody and Dollar Tree Lady MacBeth Robyn at the steering wheel, but they all know the deal - the jig is up. Kody and the harem financed their houses with interest only mortgages. So that keeps their mortgage payments low for a certain amount of years (typically 5-7 yrs) since they aren't paying down on the principal. Kody and his harem brought their houses in 2012 so yeah, if they went with a 7 year interest only mortgage, their time is up this year. Now they have to pay interest + principal, which in most cases raises the monthly payment exponentially. Ergo, this recent "we need to get the fuck up out of here for our financial stability" bullshit. Stop playing, they can no longer afford to live there.

    1 hour ago, Allie Sandra said:

    Is it possible that Robin talked Cody into moving to Flagstaff in hope that the other wives and kids would refuse to move there and stay behind? So that it could finally become a traditional marriage, as she undoubtedly would prefer? 

    If that were true, Kody wouldn't have said no to Christine staying behind.

    The only good thing that could be said about Kody's new do is that at least it looks moisturized. During his 3rd grade presentation, his hair looked like if a rain of sunshine or even a light bulb over 60 watts had shone down on him on the right spot, it would have burst into flames. Dry!!!

    21 minutes ago, deirdra said:

    Sadly she got Kootie's beady little eyes.

    LOL! I don't think Aspyn's eyes are so much beady as they are just super far apart. She is one of my fave kiddos and I was hoping for better for her marriage wise. Can't believe she was crushing on that for years. 

    Aside from size and hair color, Ariella and King Saul look exactly, EXACTLY alike. For a minute there I thought Saul was the one being carried by Robyn.  It is almost eerie. 

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  13. 12 hours ago, Sasha888 said:

    HOWEVER - Janelle? Sit the f*** down and shut your pie hole. YOU weren't asked to come help Meri move her mother to Parowan because the big guy in the blue (and later purple) shirt, Meri's brother, who was doing the heavy lifting, IS YOUR EX-HUSBAND.

    I don't like Meri and her passive aggressive 'nothing is ever her fault' ways, but I don't fault her for not fucking with Janelle EVER. Divorced her brother and turned around and became wife #2 to Meri's husband behind her back. This is some low down dirty shit but than again I am looking at this through the prism of someone outside the lifestyle. I mean didn't Meri's mom marry Kody's dad?

    Speaking of Meri's mom, I LOL'ed when the wives were talking about what would become of them once all the kids were gone and if they would all live in one big house. All they have to do is look at Meri's mom to see what will happen. Where are her sister wives? She was basically living alone and now living alone in a B&B. 

    So basically Meri is using these other women's catfish tales to nail herself more firmly to her victimhood cross. I'm loving that Mariah isn't here for any of it. Mariah's whole attitude is "Bitch, I was there." 

    I haven't kept up on Brown gossip in the off-season. Can someone tell me why we now hate Mariah's girlfriend?

    During the move, they showed a side profile shot of Janelle leaning against a car outside. I thought she was awkwardly holding a large black bag of dirty laundry or something in front of her. Nope. That was all Janelle.

    Didn't this show used to be like 1/2 hour? Did we really need to see Kody struggle with and then cut a lock off a trailer only to decide they didn't need the trailer anyway? Do better TLC.

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  14. 19 hours ago, ZaldamoWilder said:

    I hope you believe me when I say that this completely absent of snark.  Not having to scrutinize anything under the lens of race is a luxury. 


    That is all that needs saying.

    Marlo seemed so out of sorts not being able to set up her hotel room pop up designer shop.

    I hate wispy thin wigs. So I wasn't here for Marlo's struggle ponytail.

    Eva? I don't even see how it would be comfortable to travel with braids down to your ankles. I like the least amount of contact between me and public surface areas, especially when traveling. Seriously, you have to take care not to be sitting on your hair all the time, not get it caught in doors & escalators, not brush up against nasty walls and floors in public restrooms (or in the toilet itself) cause at the end of the day you have to sleep in a bed with that mess. 

    I don't have a caregiver gene so I feel for Nene in that regard. Being sick and needing is one of my biggest fears. Having to be a caregiver to a sick person is my next greatest fear. That being said, Nene is a bitch. Count me among those who can't wait to see her get left next week. LOL!

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