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  1. Okay, I hate to be THAT bitch who quotes herself, but here I am being that bitch who quotes herself because I called that shit!!! I may have been wrong her actually going but the intent was there. I am strongly against viewers diagnosing reality tv stars they never met with mental or psychological disorders but I am really starting to agree that Ramona just might be on somebody's spectrum. There is something really wrong with her. I am tired of her getting away with her BS. Sober, clear eyed and bushy tailed Luann is giving me life. Her THs are on point and she is seriously witty in them. I loved her re-telling the story to Dorinda on the ride to CT. She seemed refreshingly honest and without airs. Luann and that mustard? I kept wanting her to say that she turned to her cellmate or a guard and asked: "Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"
  2. And even then I thought she was asking about gift bags because she wanted to slip some Skinny Girl Jeans samples into them. Not enough Amens for this. That prison workout was the only time I've seen Sonja drop the preening coquettish act when in the presence of men. She actually took a noticeable step or two back when she went to shake the hand of the black felon with the dreads!
  3. Speaking of stealing, this is one of my pet peeves about Carole. I feel like she tries to passes off things, phrases said on TV shows like Sex in the City or movies or just out in the ether and pass them off as her own witty thoughts or bon mots (with a little giggle at the end). Biggest most recent examples; - When she introduced her famous MTV VJ friend as "My good friend Karen Duffy. I call her Duff" Like it was some kind of cute nickname that Carole made up on her own. Bitch, everyone calls her Duff and have been for 20 years! - Halloween episode: She says that Halloween is just an excuse for women to dress up as sluts and no on can say anything. Girl, that is a Mean Girls famous quote. No I am not expecting footnotes, citations or for her to give credit all the time but it has been such a noticeable pattern of behavior. She says these things with such a self satisfied smug smirk on her face in THs followed with a giggle and it gets on my nerves. Are Adam and her together or not? I can't keep track with the make ups and break ups. Did they just go to Dubai a month ago?
  4. Looks like something Nelly Olson (Little House on the Praire) would've gotten married in. Tabitha and Topper Moritmer sounds like WASP heaven (or hell). Why am I now just realizing that is Topper in the photo? I thought that was someone who walked her down the aisle. I expected him to look so different. I was picturing someone very patrician looking. Wondering now if Topper having a kid and getting married is making Tins chase Scott so hard.
  5. islandgal140

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I read this in Ron Howard's Arrested Development narrator voice.
  6. islandgal140

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Family Chantal/Pedro vacation is essentially the horror movie Cabin in the Woods. They should've started smaller like just going out to dinner at Olive Garden instead of going for a 5 day holiday together. Nothing good has or will come of it. Yeah, Nicole ain't shit but Nicole's family failed her! My jaw was hanging off its hinges when her mom agreed to pay up to $2k for her wedding dress. That dress is gonna get her ass arrested in Morocco. That $2k should go towards Nicole learning some kind of trade to get her and her daughter out of abject poverty! When did Anfisa and Jorge get so damn boring?!?! It is the same shit every episode. When Pao and Russ are bringing it over you, we got a problem. I'm convinced that if is wasn't for the TLC cameras Anfisa would be gone. Her greatest aspiration is to be a Kardashian after all. It is this show that allows her to stunt on the gram! Jorge is mentally slower than a snail on crutches. Pao, her family and friends act like Pao running off to marry Russ of her own accord and live in the US was something that was done to her (like kidnapping and enslavement) and Pao sits there and agrees. Talking about, Russ needs to be forgiven for the stuff he did in the past. What the hell has Russ done that requires forgiveness? Being stupid enough to marry her self-absorbed ass? I firmly believe that Pao had been talking major shit about Russ to Juan and that is why he feels emboldened enough to come out of pocket like he does. Pao is using Juan for drama. Russ and Juan's dislike of each other is well established. There is really no need for Russ and Juan to ever meet again. They live on 2 different continents. Pao doesn't go to Colombia often (once in 4 years) and Juan comes to the states once/twice a year, if that. Pao and Juan's relationships consist mainly probably of emails and skypping. If Juan found himself an American sugar daddy to whisk him away and get him a visa, he would be paying Pao dust and laughing about it. He is that bitch! Molly you should've left that no account manchild in unclaimed baggage at the airport. She really does need a brick building to fall on her if she is just NOW realizing Luis doesn't want no parts of step daddy duty.
  7. islandgal140

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Nicole comes out of dressing room with her udders about to spill forth from her strapless wedding dress Mama Nicole: Do you have shawl for her to cover up Wedding Consultant: "A shawl won't cover that." I died!!
  8. Okay, did anyone notice how shifty Ramona looked when Dorinda said anyone would have to be total asshole to go to Tom's yacht party? So.... I'm thinking Ramona went. I will cackle if this is true.
  9. I side eye the whole SK Jeans thing but in the end I say "Get Money Bitch!" It does make more sense than SK luggage. B put on a great event. I bet Sonja lined her purse with shrimp .... for later. I expected the ladies (minus Dolores) to be less than nice and just straight up cackling over Lu's fall from grace based on the previews so I was pleasantly surprised by how gracious and supportive they appeared - onscreen anyway. This really makes me question B recount of things. She is really not a reliable narrator. At. all. I assume the crowd surfing comes after she has directed them to take her luggage to her room with instructions on how to unpack it and bring her a bottle of Pinot.
  10. So,... she has always had stalker tendencies?
  11. Because I am 13 years old, thanks for the peen print photos Film Noire. Adam is not my cup of tea, but I will say that he definitely improved with age. He has nice bone structure in that top pic. He is one of those types that maybe better in still photos than in motion.
  12. islandgal140

    S02.E06: First Blood

    Never has the saying "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" been more apropos.
  13. Pedro's WTF look and side eye when Mama Chantal said that him and Chantal made a cute couple was gif worthy. LOL! Family Chantal breakfast bacon looked like Trichinosis on a plate just waiting to happen I really don't want to hear another word about Annie's dowry. After the initial down payment and gifts of gold to her parents, buying 2 water buffaloes, party and doling out cash to her whole village, it is ridiculous to hear he still owes $15k for that! Just because they are Thai peasant folk doesn't mean they ain't scammers. If Annie doesn't like American, Mexican food or whatever - cook instead of sitting in a restaurant with black electrical tape for eyebrows souring everyone else's dining experience. Her attitude is starting to grate on my nerves. David ain't no prize, but she knew that from jump. Nicole, no words that haven't been said already. Can't wait until Grandpa reads her for filth next week. Made me chuckle sadly when Nicole asked May if she wanted to go back to Morocco and May resoundingly said "NO!" knowing that what May wants is second to her Mom having a hot piece of ass.
  14. All this distrust of Family Chantal for Pedro is straight up mostly (not all) Chantal's fault. She set the stage for this with her lies at the beginning of the relationship when she lied about the depth of her relationship with Pedro. Claiming he was just a boyfriend and coming to the US to study. Meanwhile, she brought him here on a fiance visa and didn't tell her parents until a few days before the wedding. Family Chantal never really seemed to hold Chantal accountable for her lies. Pedro isn't helping matters by referring to the money he earns as 'his' and sending money and expensive items indiscriminately to his family in the DR. Then, he goes on a drunk and says he is moving back to DR. Way to pay into their hands. Family Chantal though, has used this mistrust that Chantal built, and getting entirely out of pocket. They can't sit their and interrogate Pedro, treat him disrespectfully, be xenophobic and then wonder why Pedro doesn't want to be around them. DUH! Pedro's mom and sister are greedy jackals. Just a perfect storm of stupid! I believe Pao about the miscarriage. If she is lying than her talents lay not with modelling as her 'cah-reer' but acting. What I don't believe is that is one of the reasons for not being in contact with her family for 4 years. She herself said, the miscarriage only happened a few weeks before their trip to Colombia, so how can that be why you haven't spoken to your family, the other 3 years and 9 months? As for the rest of the reason? - Because she was in OK and miserable. Yeah, but you have been living your best life in Miami for nearly 2 years though boo. Running around with your girlfriends, paying for expensive dye jobs and hair extensions, buying cars, fashion nova clothes, bags and red bottom shoes, signing with scammer modeling/prostitution agencies and appearing in ass shaking videos. You weren't miserable then. - Even when she was in OK and miserable we saw her ass talking to them back in their 2nd season. She made it known to them that she hated OK and that Russ was being a little bitch for having a problem with her modeling in lingerie. I remember because Russ was angry and rightly so, at Pao for talking shit about him to them and encouraging them to do it. Mark my words, they thought Russ was behind her not talking to them because Pao gave the impression he was controlling because he doesn't want her tits and minge hanging out for all to see. Pao's family says that she was the heart and life of the family that kept them together and that she changed post Russ. I expect Pao is as she has always been. A loud, out-going selfish party girl. Out of sight, out of mind for Pao.
  15. Lawd, RHONY won't stop, can't stop giving me LIFE!!!! And I'm talking life everlasting here! I am Delivert and reborn! This show is firing and all cylinders and showing how 'ain't shit' the other franchises have been. Father Gawd, why did they have to close the show like that? I am not worthy! Luann: "I am so happy" in her beautiful rental penthouse in the UWS moments away from embarking on worldwide vacays. Bravo cut to 48 hours later Luann under arrest in a cop car slipping her cuffs, being belligerent and being arraigned in court on several felonies. I haven't seen a cut that savage outside of cartoons. I know the Countess is problematic, but I just can't quit her. But for me it is not even about supporting other women. Just let the other women hustle in peace without B trying to denigrate or make it all awkward. Can you imagine if someone said 'what is this an informercial' when B was trying to promote SkinnyGirl shit! Now that would be a verbal waterboarding that no one would survive.
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    S10.E08: A Frittered Friendship

    The NY chicks are showing all the other HW hoes how it is done. I found this episode positively delightful! I was kinda upset with Dorinda for putting such an abrupt end to the mystery. I admit that when their were rumors of cracks in the B and Carole relationship, but after Carole's blog and this episode? I am inclined to believe That shit is real! Wow! I have to give props to Carole because I didn't think she had it in her to take B head on in a verbal argument. I always thought of her as being better on paper (e.g. her blog) and would flounder when forced to argue face to face but Carole not only held her own, she came out ahead! "Parsing words" was exactly what B was doing. Reminds me of when Nene was arguing with Porsha that she never said Porsha should be fired from the show. Nene never used the word 'fired' she said 'get rid of' which in essence is the same thing. One thing I kinda don't understand - isn't Adam a chef? Why is anyone calling him to be their photographer? Is photography his hobby, side job, what? I am team no one in that fight. B and Carole have been the gruesome twosome since she came back. However, I am more apt to believe Carole's side of things simply because of B's narcissism. Yeah, Carole is a lot of things and is dickmatized by Adam but I can't recall her ever been caught in a blatant lie or exaggeration. Dorinda has been the biggest runtelldat, shit stirring bone carrier this season. Damn!!! Seems like most of the mess that has jumped off was because of her bone carrying. I still can't hate her though because she is not selective and carries everyone's bones and is kinda gleeful about it. Something about an unrepentant bitch I find hard to resist. Ramona can have some astounding moments of clarity. First, she was smart enough to deduce that B in essence did call Carole a puppet without using the actual word. Second, she is astute and honest enough to admit that the other HW lose arguments to B because they are not as verbally astute or fast on their feet with B which is why they always lose to her. But Carole is giving B the business.
  17. islandgal140

    S03.E01: Home Sweet Home?

    If Azan thought Nicole was lazy before, just wait until he sees her house. Nicole ain't got nothing Azan considers admirable qualities prized by a man who relishes clearly defined gender roles. Nicole can't manage to eat right or include veggies, instead of losing weight she is steady gaining, doesn't work out, doesn't cook, doesn't parent and keeps a messy house. Yeah, Mohammad Part Two Electric Boogalo. Like I said before, her parents should just have her declared legally stupid and handle all her affairs and have her put on all the no fly lists in the world and than go to all travel agencies and hand out fliers saying "Do not sell this woman a ticket anywhere outside the USA" with her picture on it.
  18. islandgal140

    S03.E01: Home Sweet Home?

    What a wonderful weekend. I went from watching a royal wedding on Saturday to royally fucked up marriages on Sunday. I really, really don't understand the insistence of some women to have a man they just married be insta-daddy to their kids. Molly and Nicole are so disturbing. Luis genuinely dislikes Molly's kids but she keeps insisting he be their daddy? It is disgusting! It boggles my mind to think that she barely knows this man herself but wants him to serve as glorified babysitter to her pre-pubescent daughter. WTF is wrong with her!?!? Luis telling her youngest that she should basically always stay quiet and Molly sits there like a frog on a hot rock. Bitch what?!?! Ugh!! Nicole. What is she even doing here? Every other couple is married and she is still in the visa application process. Shouldn't she be on Before the 90 days? Her parents should just have her declared legally stupid and handle all her affairs. It does appear that Nicole got a better bra so there's that! An angel dies every time poor May calls Azan Daddy. Annie... every day not spent servicing every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks into the BJ bar where you used to work is a day in paradise with gold paved roads honey. I can't with David acting like he is owed Chris's financial support. Like Chris is cutting off his child support/alimony check. Bitch, he wasn't your baby daddy and you are not his side piece. Get off your fat ass and go greet customers at Walmart. Jorge and Anfisa have management. I don't believe either of them. Anfisa was a cam girl. They are just trying to lie and say she wasn't. Really not that interested in either of their fake asses. They both seem incredibly scripted to me. I never thought I would live to see the day when I would actually miss Russ's Hitler Youth haircut. Now he looks like a depressed serial killer with a low flow shower head. I'm really tired of Russ and Pao's shit. I have gotten to the point where I visibly cringe every time she says the word "career." Seriously, was there no other couple willing to be featured in their place. I'd love to see Paul and Karine? Hell, I'd take Evelyn and her dude would be better than Russ/Pao same recycled mess. Pao is so selfish and not as hot as she thinks she it.
  19. Why is every other person in town calling Leo hot? Either they are talking about his actual body temperature or the definition of "hot" has drastically changed recently! Thank you!! Even more basic level, are they allowing this loony tune to drive herself all over town?
  20. islandgal140

    S10.E07: On an Island

    The calling Luann LuMan joke has gotten old and needs to stop. Lu is better than me because I would have str8 cussed Ramona out. She is tall and a fucking former model. Meanwhile, Ramona was looking like a stumpy pinot gut gnome in Sonja's backyard. I'm petty as fuck because I am riveted and enjoying this B/Carole fallout. I been waiting for it for at least 2 season because I knew that shit was inevitable. I've disliked their mean girl antics since they came for Jules. Both B and Carole thought it was cute a few seasons ago to talk shit about Jules' eating disorder right in front of her in her own damn home and at a restaurant on multiple other occasions. They can both miss me.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I cosign this. I think the only time Days gave me a genuine belly laugh was when Andre was throwing Chad's bachelor party and he gave all the guys ascots.
  22. The last two episodes might as well have been entitled "Sweep it all under the lumpy rug" because it looks like neither Kate or Abby will have to pay for their crimes. Not that I need another trial, because Days is just as bad at legal matters as it is at medical, but damn was Kate even taken in for questioning over Viv's murder? She shoots her dead day 1 and by day 2, people are mumbling about it being self defense and Kate is back to being her despicable self. I,, I, I .... just can't!! We have gone over this all before but it really just boggles the mind how ridiculously stupid this all is. Just last week they were proclaiming all the alters to have been successfully integrated by Chad no less. Nice of Dr. Marlena Evans to verify that by phone without having seen or spoken to her after "successful integration." Yesterday, they are all in the pub wondering if the alters will re-emerge and if Abby will ever be fully mentally again. But you know, she is home with her husband having a nice day and poor, poor Abby. The woman (all 3) assaulted countless people, tried to kill three, successfully killed one but let's leave her at home where there is a young toddler present. Hey, maybe Stable Mabel can babysit Thomas alone. Lets hope she doesn't short circuit and mistake him for Ben and turn him into a human Roman candle. They need to wrap up this Mexico mess stat! It is ugly and rapey as all hell! I can't believe that Shane would let his daughter not only be held a sexual slave to a drug lord but also WTF did Shane think Miguel would do if he ever got mad, tired or suspicious of Theresa? Take her for street tacos? It is obviously common knowledge that dude is sadistic and her very life would be in danger. Dumb!! If I had $1 for every time Brady said that he thought he would never get over the heartbreak of losing ________ until ________ came into his life, I'd be as rich as a Russian oligarch. Not just tv shows but movies and there is a whole subset of romance/erotica books that follow in the same vein as that 50 Shades of Gray mess.
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    S01.E09: The C the C the Open C

    This island they are stuck on is so damn forbidding and unyielding. Just nothing but beige rocks. It makes me almost miss the scenes on the ice locked ships. The Inuit mentioned fishing to make up for the loss of game. The crew always speak of sending out hunting parties for food, I wonder if that includes trying to fish? It doesn't appear to and I wonder why. Also, what are they doing for fresh water? A person can go a few weeks without food, but water is another story altogether. How ironic that that poor young man would be one of the lucky ones. When it comes to Hickey, I am at Game of Thrones Joffrey levels of hate. His demise better be good and incredibly painful! The actor playing Bridgens has such a kind face with soulful eyes. The Harry/Bridgens relationship really has me curious. At times it seems father/son like or mentor/mentee with incredible fondness but every once and again I catch a glimpse of something deeper. Whatever the case, it is beautiful!
  24. For an umbrella storyline that was on the verge of eating the show, it sure ended with a fizzle and little fanfare. In this regard, Ron really is no better than Dena. I am scratching my head in utter WTF'ery over Marlena thinking it is a good idea for Chad to walk a seriously mentally person through their trauma, the alters being integrated by Chad in the park and Abby getting to go home and sleep her bed that night like her ass hasn't been a danger to herself and others while Gabi stews in prison?!?! Marlena's bill better NOT be in the mail!! Welcome Friend! There are still plenty of seats on this bus and it runs 24/7. I'm at Kate Mansi as Abby levels of hate for Brady right now. I am not down for any part of this story strictly because it puts Brady at the center of a triangle and I have said on more than one occasion - I just cannot with Brady's love life anymore. No. Nope. No. Have we ever met/seen Mateo or is he this show's version of Maris Frasier?
  25. http://soaps.sheknows.com/days-of-our-lives/comings-and-goings/1981/kate-mansi-returns-to-days-of-our-lives-as-abigail-dimera?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=1521510506