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    S07.E09: Fantasies and Firsts

    Amber is still salty about the 7.5 but part of me can't even be mad. It is one thing to think she got rated a little low but than to find out she rated the lowest out of all 3 wives, including stalking, thieving, lying liar face Mia. That my friends is a double whammy with a side of bitch are you kidding me!! Amber needs to learn how to give shade back to Dave. I bet if Amber mentioned his disappearing hair and struggle edges he would end the experiment asap. Accidentally on purpose is right. Mia is quite the manipulator. She knows she doesn't want to move to Houston, but she won't say it to Tristan. So she brings it up to her outspoken sister so she can do her dirty work. She wanted her sister to do just what she did that’s why she mentioned the move. I refuse to believe that Tristan didn't clarify beyond 'light lunch.' They was context to that conversations. Mia failing to understand in that scene made her look like a robot who can't understand human emotion and subtlety. Not only that but did anyone notice during the girl's spa day, Mia had the nerve to fix her mouth and say that the arguments between her and Tristan aren't major? Then she positions herself as a victim by saying that Tristan raises his voice to her almost alluding to anger issues or mental abuse. Gurllll..... If Mia was smarter and more cunning she would totally be able to Gone Girl Tristan's ass. That Donut fantasy sounded like it would be Homer Simpson's. Her skin looked real rough in her hair is fried and falling out scene. Last night, I feel like at least 1/3 or more of the cast said Amber was beautiful. Mia, Bobby, Tristan, one of the Doctors and I think it was said it on the unfiltered show by Danielle and the host of the Unfiltered show. It is frigging ridiculous and I bet it still isn't enough for her! She isn't ugly but ... come on now. I am the only one seeing William Dafoe in a wig? I appreciate Danielle for trying to keep her relationship private and saying she’s not trying to take on their bullshit. She is smarter than her brows would lead me to think. LOL! Speaking of Danielle's brows, I'm starting to think they are tattoos. What a disaster. They are like bolded open ended parentheses over each eye. She would be prettier without them. Danielle has too much brow and Amber has too little.
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    S02.E04: Family Ties

    I think I have figured Lil Ricky out. Him and Melissa having a deep profound connection = he has an erection! Him being in love = he has an erection! Erections are the basis of love, life long marriage oh and who will be a good stepmom to his kids. Truly his divining rod!
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    S07.E08: Back To Reality

    Any "counseling professional" who suggests spouses rate each on a points scale should have any degree, license or accreditation they hold summarily revoked without the opportunity for an appeal. Marriage isn't a yelp review or a product on Amazon. This was all to create fodder for reality tv and it was gross and unprofessional even by this show's standards.
  4. OMG! I thought the same thing but dare not comment because I couldn't figure out why. Mr. Bentley is stranger looking with a longer face but the resemblance is there. I also see Yukon Cornelius from that Christmas Special Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer.
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    S02.E03: Blindsided

    TLC really hit the jackpot with Big Ang and Michael. I can't lie I was afraid of MAGA Angela having a reckless mouth and spouting off racist stereotypes about Africa - living in huts, poverty, jungles, AIDS, etc., but she hasn't come out of her face with anything like that - YET (or the producers have mercy on her and edited it out). It is Michael's mouth - and there is nothing reckless about it. His English is flawless, he picks his words carefully and he knows exactly WTF he is saying. How many ways can he say she is bossy, manly and loud! The cheers and clapping of the Nigerians at the airport when Big Ang greeted accosted Michael was everything. He was probably crowned King of all Scammers for his accomplishment. Did Family Karine harvest the American dollar? Their place looks a lot nicer and more modern than I last remember. I will be the cheese that stands alone. I did think that Rachel and Jon's 1st meeting demonstrated a chemistry. It just got awkward when they got to his house. However, Rachel ain't shit for putting her infant daughter in potential perilous situations with no backup plan and no money. Completely dependent on a dude she barely knows, who has a violent past. What an idiot. How far was that drive from London to Weston? It was light out when they left the city and pitch black when they got there. Tarik chose a flight to Manila with 5 connecting flights? What in Priceline hell?!?! I have never heard such a thing. I think I would give up by layover 3. There is such a sad resigned aura that surrounds Hazel. Jon did play American football. Perhaps he got sacked one to many times? I still don't understand how neither's command of their partner's native language has improved a single iota. Paul, who has access and money, is the worst offender. He can't invest in Rosetta Stone or some other language course to learn Brazilian Portuguese? His answer to the language barrier is to get a better cellphone and download a text to speech translation app. Speaking of language, I watch with closed captioning and the show captioned Karine as speaking Spanish. Huh?
  6. islandgal140

    S02.E03: Blindsided

    Lawd, just when I think TLC can't possibly top the last batch of 90 day messiness, they deliver platinum plated, olympic level, Nobel winning, life affirming, Thanos gauntlet all 5 affinity stone finger snapping fuckery!!! I see cymbal banging monkey Thank goodness for TLC cameras because I would really fear for the safety of Lucy with her obsessed dick chasing mama. Her laying up in the bed while a men she just met goes up alone to her daughter's bedroom in the middle of the night had me seeing red. Even Jon's mama is calling him a flighty hoe! She was looking casket sharp wearing I assume Chanel's Cremation #5 foundation. I thought for sure that Ricky was on his way to being this show's 1st catfish. I can't believe that idiot waited for 3 hours! Melissa likely had appts with her other sponsors. Ricky looks like the illegitimate son of Danny DeVito, who never acknowledged Ricky and didn't pay one red cent in child support. Hazel knows her IG angles.
  7. Ramona's remodel was nice - for a $800,000 house in Paramus, NJ. Ramona and Bethenny's place may have both been modern and had the some color scheme but B's place looked like money $$$$! Yes, they both lacked a homey feel but if I was to compare them to hotel rooms, Bethenny's was a penthouse at the Ritz Carlton while Ramona's was a junior suite at the Marriott. I was actually shockingly disappointed in Ramona's kitchen. I love a white kitchen but there was something so lacking about it that I can't even put my finger on it. The countess may not be shit for some of the things going on in her personal life, but I will never begrudge her going in on Ramona. As nasty and low as Ramona has been to her, going in on Mona's sub-basic design sense was tame. Plus, love her or hate her, I have loved damn near every house/apt Luann has ever stayed in. The demise of Lu and Dorinda's relationship makes me quite sad.
  8. So let me get this straight - Sonja would rather wallow in her own filthy diaper on the Jitney rather than use the bathroom bus? What lucky passengers to share a bus ride with her. OK Depends, Imma need y'all to hurry up and give Sonja a spokeswoman contract because she is living that life more than Lisa Rinna ever has. Get money bitch!
  9. Finally mostly caught up on this show! I don't love or even like all the s/l but it is watchable. One major thing I will give Ron credit for is addressing one of the major pet peeves I have had with the show for years and years. At least now most of the characters have motives for the things that they do. Sure they may have laid it on a bit thick and unrelentingly with Gabi but it makes sense why she hates her former best friend Abby. I am also liking the pacing and how story seems to be dovetailing. For instance, how the Brady blackmails Nicole story went away for a while, but was unearthed initialing by Xander (a wild card), went away for a minute and came into play because of the custody battle. Now there is a real chance of it getting out because of Jennifer's digging and frankly, so many people now knowing about it. Yes, he is. I found myself wishing that Gilles had been cast as StefaNO instead, but than figured out that it probably wouldn't be that much better. As soon as he started uttering phrases like Gabby with a 'y', Gabby is real to me, Gabby is a part of Abby or part of you loves me, I'd probably dislike him almost as much as I dislike Tyler in the role. Almost, because at least Gilles is prettier to look at. LOL. Oh and so as not to appear as a totally superficial bitch, I like his acting too! Kate digging into Abby's ass giving her the business is what my life has been missing. More of that show! Gabi is really the most watchable actor right now for me. Not a fan of the storyline but Gabi is truly coming into her own and spitting nothing but absolute truth. I felt sorry for Chad for a minute but Gabi is absolutely right. Chad has been enabling Abby. He made me positively ragey when after what likely amounts to 1.5 Salem weeks in therapy to integrate the alters (another phrase that needs to die) he is suggesting that he and Abby have a baby because yes, I can't think of anything less physically and mentally taxing and stressful for a woman fighting mental health than pregnancy and a newborn. Lets all hope she doesn't form a Casey Anthony or Andrea Yates alter. Question: Can they even be considered alters if they are just interpretations of people Abby knows? Sounds and played more like a bad improv class. Frankly, I am disgusted by this rape baby mess. I knew it was coming as soon as they had Gabby and Stefan actually sleep together. I knew it! The thought of Stefan coming around and touching Abby's stomach (and she just letting him), wanting parental rights and getting them makes me want to retch. Him crowing all over town that his rape bore fruit makes me want to retch. I just feel this is all leading towards something between those 2, especially with you know who returning -she is the queen of mixed signals. and I am not here for it. I don't see how Gabi's plan of never letting the truth get out ever really hurts Stefan. I thought the point was to let him bond and love the child and then rip his heart out with the truth? I am okay with Ben returning but I have no problem with him being treated as the serial killing pariah that he is by all.
  10. islandgal140

    S06.E13: Be Free

    Every since Pennsatucky referred to her as "the one that looks like a fish" it is all I have been able to see - The Incredible Mr. Limpet.
  11. islandgal140

    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Tinsley can stay just for this ridiculously surreal "bitch what" exchange with Ramona on the SS Minnow Ramona "WHAT ABOUT AVERY!!!" Tinsley "I get it I have a dog"
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    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Dorinda saying "shut up bitch" to Lu instead of the vileness she spewed would have been more forgiveable. I think what makes this not an editing issue is the consistency of the behavior - drunk Dorinda is a mean, ugly and spiteful every. single. time. Also, I feel like she claims to have only had one drink too many times. In Mexico with B, she only had 1 drink. In Columbia, she only had one drink. Dorinda is either (a) lying; (b) so drunk she can't remember how much she drank; (c) telling the truth and she is on something else interacting badly with that "one drink"; or (d) her idea is just 1 drink is a jug of moonshine. I was simply shocked she even knew what beat boxing was. Frankly, I think the crumbling came when B got her own show and she was the sole crazy person on there interacting with relative "normals" like Jason and his family and friends. And she knew it too because she kept making statements of looking like the bad guy and Jason being the good/sane guy. Note: this statement is not me thinking Jason is perfect or faultess in their divorce.
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    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    I feel defrauded by Azan my damn self. Don't get me wrong, I knew his ass was a scammer, but I never took him to be a heartless scammer that would bilk a single poor mother out of her life savings. I could give a damn about Nicole because she is in a sunken place but Azan is literally taking food and shelter from May. He makes Mohammad look like an angel. He sent Nicole home with an empty ring finger and an empty wallet. Azan wanting to open a beauty/health shop out of nowhere slayed me. In the land of Moroccan oil, he running around with a dry ass hair and struggle relaxer but he wants to open a beauty shop?! Bitch please. How come Azan didn't mention opening up a business when he was asked at the Tell All "What just Happened Here" what he planned to do to support May and Nicole while they were living in Morocco? I am dying to know where they both disappeared to when the camera crew didn't find them. Did he throw a little D her way to soften the blow? My eye twitches to think of all the money Nicole's family has lost on plane tickets and hotel rooms with this farce. Stupid costs money. Robyn is terrible. During that whole 3 hours did she even bother to ask David if he was employed or if he and Annie were still living at the storage facility? Yet she lets him freely talk shit about other people having a job or not? I wanted someone to smooth tell David the hell off when he was butting into everyone's business. I thought this was messed up because in part I when everyone was questioning if Annie worked in a BJ bar, Anfisa came to her defense saying it doesn't matter, who cares. Annie is kind of a shit person.
  14. islandgal140

    S13.E02: One Apology, Another Betrayal

    Yeah, I hate to say this, especially on the night that Vicki's "Eddie's gay" apology tour had its final act, but the moment this chick said they never dated, he proposed over text/social media, he was Mormon, divorced and didn't require her to convert I thought he was a conversion camp kid just faking it to make it. Her admitting he had an inheritance and didn't have to work was just gravy. The look on his face when she said that if she had fish tacos they would go in between her boobs and he would be having to go in there and 'fish them out' screamed "I ain't going in there!" I really don't want to hear about fertility and adding more to the herd. I feel for her somewhat but damn she is blessed to have 3. Be thankful. Oh Vicki! If it stopped at Michael just having met this friend at her BBQ, I might've given her a pass, but to go out on double dates? Multiple double dates?!? No ma'am. Oh Vicki. At damn near 60, people just need to stop having hopes that she will grow as a person and learn a lesson. That old dog can't learn new tricks. Still can't stand Tamballs but as an avowed house porn addict I am interested in how her reno turns out. I don't know how I feel about that gigantic banquette in the middle of the kitchen!
  15. islandgal140

    S10.E15: Wigging Out 2018.07.18

    LOL! I just realized you are right. For some reason, I remember it being a convenience store because of the NY Lottery sign in the window but I had a brain fart and thought medical supply. That store employee is better than me because I wouldn't be putting a bandage on some strangers nasty foot (even if it has a sock on it).
  16. islandgal140

    S10.E15: Wigging Out 2018.07.18

    OMG, why is it that when Carole was pushing Ramona down the street in the wheelchair I immediately thought of the scene in "What ever happened to Baby Jane" when Baby Jane pushed wheelchair bound Blanche down the stairs? Wishful thinking? I liked Tinsley's room choice method. Hell, I love anything that prevents Ramona and Sonja usual asshole methods of trying to get the best room for themselves. If Ramona had tried that shit this time around, I would not have objected to one of the girls "sweeping the leg" Cobra Kai style. I loved the shade of green of Carole's earring but there was just too much of it. As for the outfit, not a fan but if you can afford it and have the body for it and it makes you feel good and sexy - you do you. My only real objection to it is I think Carole always chooses the wrong venue. This look is more suited for maybe a Fashion Week event in NYC or Paris, Met gala, maybe a fancy avante garde art exhibit or a more edgy awards show like the Grammys or MTV awards but for a night out with the girls on vacay? Just too much. Same with the body tattoo suit. I am team no one. Hell, I am the bitch enjoying this fallout. Yup, I am that bitch! Knowing B, I knew it was only a matter of time and I have been anticipating this since they went all Gruesome Twosome many seasons ago. My only surprise is how nonchalant and blase Carole appears to be about the fallout. I think some part of B is upset that Carole is 'so cool' about it and managing to appear relaxed and enjoy herself while B is marinating in a misery partly of her own making, hence B being stuck on the whole 'it is not that serious' statement Carole made.
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    S03 E11: The End Of The Line

    Molly and Nicole are the personification of what my mother says: being stupid is expensive. I don't know which one of them is worse. Nicole makes me wish I had the hulkian strength to lift a manhole cover so I could beat her with it. It wasn't lost on me that she could cry real tears when Azan was telling her of his 'cheating' but sat there like a bloated bullfrog on a warm rock with a shit eating smirk on her face when told she has cost Azan's poor family thousands due to her stupidity. Molly continuously declares what a great mom she is while putting dick before her kids doesn't even know her own child's shoe size. Pao is just a garbage person. The perfect example of you can't turn a hoe into a housewife. I guess Russ is supposed to read Pao's chakras. My mind immediately went to at least Annie can't jump from the windows of her new ghetto apt because the windows won't open and she can't put her head in the oven because she doesn't have one. If David insists on wearing those turtlenecks I wish he would at least invest in a mansierre so I don't have to see his flapjack titties so prominently in them. His hair/beard combo is bad enough to be an attorney for one of our lovely 90 day contestants. Chantal has a great figure but in profile she has the posture of Springfield's 123 year old billionaire.
  18. I think she was trying to say head start or jumpstart. I feel like this meme, but instead I am saying "I speak Ramona"
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    S03.E10: No Turning Back

    I was so damn done when I realized what was going on. To quote Annie: "WTF!!" Seriously, I don't need TLC to read me tweets and bring on bloggers and ex-cast members, the commentary here alone gives me life. Give me the 2nd hour of this show, hence more fodder for the grist mill so we here can snark.
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    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Finally! We Finally get the much advertised 'stupider' line. The only thing that would make that even better is if after she uttered it Mother Chantal reached down and put that dumb hat she used to love to wear on her head S1 on. Can't wait to see what Mother Chantal cooks butta faced Sista Pedro for dinner. I hope it is chicken feet. If so, I hope she posts the recipe online somewhere and actually calls them Retaliatory chicken feet. LOL! Anyone have any contacts at the FCC? Because TLC needs to be fined for showing Bahtless Dave from behind. I'm glad Auntie Nancy, David and Ashley have all appeared in a scene together otherwise, I think I would begin to suspect that David was running around in different wigs. Auntie Nancy for MVP this episode!!! She was spitting nothing but str8 truth bombs! David has no prospects and can't even afford the wife he has and his credit card actually quivered when he had to take it out to pay for $50 worth of groceries, but this fool wants to reverse vasectomies and birth babies. Turtle please! Does Bahtless only own the 1 turtleneck? Is it a tactical turtleneck to help him evade creditors and child support payments? He wore that mess all episode, in his confessionals and to his interview. Shit must be particularly ripely seasoned by now. He must think it makes him look slim. Annie's food looked good! But bitch, I know you know your way around a whorehouse. First Annie doesn't even know that sex clubs even exist in Thailand, which is like a NYer saying they don't know that there are any theaters that show plays in the City. Then it switched to David was taking her to see girls open beers with their vag. Which is it girl? So Pao wants to risk her marriage, hell it all, for Juan a BFF she can't even tell she had a miscarriage. Pao is thot messy trash! I just don't flat out believe anything Anfisha and Jorge are trying to feed me. This baby daddy feels like something they cooked up with their publicist.
  21. islandgal140

    S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    If James does indeed have heart failure than he absolutely is retaining water. My father is around 170-180 and he was diagnosed with heart failure about 2 years ago. He has been in the hospital twice because of fluid retention, mostly due to slipping too much on his diet, eating too much salt or drinking too much liquid. It affects kidney function and other vital organs. My dad is doing better now but he really has to watch himself, especially with salt, which he loves. My dad dare not eat Chinese food, canned soups, frozen foods, pizza, fried foods and hell most fast food, which I am sure James eats in abundance so I want to know how James is even alive at this point. It totally grinds my gears when James and Lisa complain about Dr. Now not helping them. The man has bent over backwards and given them numerous resources to succeed. Mr. Islandgal140 finally broke it down for me. He said that they didn't want old regular plain muggle medicine. They wanted Dr. Now to use his Hogwarts degree, wave his magic wand and make James thin, decrust, unboil and descab his nasty legs and walk. Makes sense! Especially since I have started suspected Lisa might be a Death Eater. That was terrible but I also think back on the time before they went to TX. Lisa went out and got him hamburgers, handed it to him and he handed it back because for whatever the reason, I guess peeling off the wrapper was just too much labor for him. His poor dad mortgaged his house and suffered a stroke for him to be able to go on this journey and he might as well have not bothered. What a waste! This to me is why James K is the worst! Even worse than Steven, Shenee
  22. B must have been lying because the set up for how she got that info was ridiculous! She said she brought her dress there (she got married in 2010 - so 8 years ago) and ... what... they contacted her to tell her Tins was shopping there? Come on now!!! Contacts at the Regency, down in FL and now in wedding dress shops! Who the hell needs TMZ when we have B with informants all over town. She is the new Hedda Hopper. I think in B's case it was a little creepy because dude was still married and hadn't even filed for divorce.
  23. I am sure they will be back together in time for filming next season so he can get CouponCabin commercials aired featuring Tins, Carole and salad boy. Scott is an operator!
  24. I saw it posited that B and Carole were so callous towards Jules and her eating disorder because they were jealous that she was noticeably thinner than them (plus a former model). Suddenly everyone is remarking how thin and skinny Jules is and not B and/or Carole. I think there is a degree of truth to this.