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    S06.E13: Be Free

    Every since Pennsatucky referred to her as "the one that looks like a fish" it is all I have been able to see - The Incredible Mr. Limpet.
  2. islandgal140

    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Tinsley can stay just for this ridiculously surreal "bitch what" exchange with Ramona on the SS Minnow Ramona "WHAT ABOUT AVERY!!!" Tinsley "I get it I have a dog"
  3. islandgal140

    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Dorinda saying "shut up bitch" to Lu instead of the vileness she spewed would have been more forgiveable. I think what makes this not an editing issue is the consistency of the behavior - drunk Dorinda is a mean, ugly and spiteful every. single. time. Also, I feel like she claims to have only had one drink too many times. In Mexico with B, she only had 1 drink. In Columbia, she only had one drink. Dorinda is either (a) lying; (b) so drunk she can't remember how much she drank; (c) telling the truth and she is on something else interacting badly with that "one drink"; or (d) her idea is just 1 drink is a jug of moonshine. I was simply shocked she even knew what beat boxing was. Frankly, I think the crumbling came when B got her own show and she was the sole crazy person on there interacting with relative "normals" like Jason and his family and friends. And she knew it too because she kept making statements of looking like the bad guy and Jason being the good/sane guy. Note: this statement is not me thinking Jason is perfect or faultess in their divorce.
  4. islandgal140

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    I feel defrauded by Azan my damn self. Don't get me wrong, I knew his ass was a scammer, but I never took him to be a heartless scammer that would bilk a single poor mother out of her life savings. I could give a damn about Nicole because she is in a sunken place but Azan is literally taking food and shelter from May. He makes Mohammad look like an angel. He sent Nicole home with an empty ring finger and an empty wallet. Azan wanting to open a beauty/health shop out of nowhere slayed me. In the land of Moroccan oil, he running around with a dry ass hair and struggle relaxer but he wants to open a beauty shop?! Bitch please. How come Azan didn't mention opening up a business when he was asked at the Tell All "What just Happened Here" what he planned to do to support May and Nicole while they were living in Morocco? I am dying to know where they both disappeared to when the camera crew didn't find them. Did he throw a little D her way to soften the blow? My eye twitches to think of all the money Nicole's family has lost on plane tickets and hotel rooms with this farce. Stupid costs money. Robyn is terrible. During that whole 3 hours did she even bother to ask David if he was employed or if he and Annie were still living at the storage facility? Yet she lets him freely talk shit about other people having a job or not? I wanted someone to smooth tell David the hell off when he was butting into everyone's business. I thought this was messed up because in part I when everyone was questioning if Annie worked in a BJ bar, Anfisa came to her defense saying it doesn't matter, who cares. Annie is kind of a shit person.
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    S13.E02: One Apology, Another Betrayal

    Yeah, I hate to say this, especially on the night that Vicki's "Eddie's gay" apology tour had its final act, but the moment this chick said they never dated, he proposed over text/social media, he was Mormon, divorced and didn't require her to convert I thought he was a conversion camp kid just faking it to make it. Her admitting he had an inheritance and didn't have to work was just gravy. The look on his face when she said that if she had fish tacos they would go in between her boobs and he would be having to go in there and 'fish them out' screamed "I ain't going in there!" I really don't want to hear about fertility and adding more to the herd. I feel for her somewhat but damn she is blessed to have 3. Be thankful. Oh Vicki! If it stopped at Michael just having met this friend at her BBQ, I might've given her a pass, but to go out on double dates? Multiple double dates?!? No ma'am. Oh Vicki. At damn near 60, people just need to stop having hopes that she will grow as a person and learn a lesson. That old dog can't learn new tricks. Still can't stand Tamballs but as an avowed house porn addict I am interested in how her reno turns out. I don't know how I feel about that gigantic banquette in the middle of the kitchen!
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    S10.E15: Wigging Out 2018.07.18

    LOL! I just realized you are right. For some reason, I remember it being a convenience store because of the NY Lottery sign in the window but I had a brain fart and thought medical supply. That store employee is better than me because I wouldn't be putting a bandage on some strangers nasty foot (even if it has a sock on it).
  7. islandgal140

    S10.E15: Wigging Out 2018.07.18

    OMG, why is it that when Carole was pushing Ramona down the street in the wheelchair I immediately thought of the scene in "What ever happened to Baby Jane" when Baby Jane pushed wheelchair bound Blanche down the stairs? Wishful thinking? I liked Tinsley's room choice method. Hell, I love anything that prevents Ramona and Sonja usual asshole methods of trying to get the best room for themselves. If Ramona had tried that shit this time around, I would not have objected to one of the girls "sweeping the leg" Cobra Kai style. I loved the shade of green of Carole's earring but there was just too much of it. As for the outfit, not a fan but if you can afford it and have the body for it and it makes you feel good and sexy - you do you. My only real objection to it is I think Carole always chooses the wrong venue. This look is more suited for maybe a Fashion Week event in NYC or Paris, Met gala, maybe a fancy avante garde art exhibit or a more edgy awards show like the Grammys or MTV awards but for a night out with the girls on vacay? Just too much. Same with the body tattoo suit. I am team no one. Hell, I am the bitch enjoying this fallout. Yup, I am that bitch! Knowing B, I knew it was only a matter of time and I have been anticipating this since they went all Gruesome Twosome many seasons ago. My only surprise is how nonchalant and blase Carole appears to be about the fallout. I think some part of B is upset that Carole is 'so cool' about it and managing to appear relaxed and enjoy herself while B is marinating in a misery partly of her own making, hence B being stuck on the whole 'it is not that serious' statement Carole made.
  8. islandgal140

    S03 E11: The End Of The Line

    Molly and Nicole are the personification of what my mother says: being stupid is expensive. I don't know which one of them is worse. Nicole makes me wish I had the hulkian strength to lift a manhole cover so I could beat her with it. It wasn't lost on me that she could cry real tears when Azan was telling her of his 'cheating' but sat there like a bloated bullfrog on a warm rock with a shit eating smirk on her face when told she has cost Azan's poor family thousands due to her stupidity. Molly continuously declares what a great mom she is while putting dick before her kids doesn't even know her own child's shoe size. Pao is just a garbage person. The perfect example of you can't turn a hoe into a housewife. I guess Russ is supposed to read Pao's chakras. My mind immediately went to at least Annie can't jump from the windows of her new ghetto apt because the windows won't open and she can't put her head in the oven because she doesn't have one. If David insists on wearing those turtlenecks I wish he would at least invest in a mansierre so I don't have to see his flapjack titties so prominently in them. His hair/beard combo is bad enough to be an attorney for one of our lovely 90 day contestants. Chantal has a great figure but in profile she has the posture of Springfield's 123 year old billionaire.
  9. I think she was trying to say head start or jumpstart. I feel like this meme, but instead I am saying "I speak Ramona"
  10. islandgal140

    S03.E10: No Turning Back

    I was so damn done when I realized what was going on. To quote Annie: "WTF!!" Seriously, I don't need TLC to read me tweets and bring on bloggers and ex-cast members, the commentary here alone gives me life. Give me the 2nd hour of this show, hence more fodder for the grist mill so we here can snark.
  11. islandgal140

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Finally! We Finally get the much advertised 'stupider' line. The only thing that would make that even better is if after she uttered it Mother Chantal reached down and put that dumb hat she used to love to wear on her head S1 on. Can't wait to see what Mother Chantal cooks butta faced Sista Pedro for dinner. I hope it is chicken feet. If so, I hope she posts the recipe online somewhere and actually calls them Retaliatory chicken feet. LOL! Anyone have any contacts at the FCC? Because TLC needs to be fined for showing Bahtless Dave from behind. I'm glad Auntie Nancy, David and Ashley have all appeared in a scene together otherwise, I think I would begin to suspect that David was running around in different wigs. Auntie Nancy for MVP this episode!!! She was spitting nothing but str8 truth bombs! David has no prospects and can't even afford the wife he has and his credit card actually quivered when he had to take it out to pay for $50 worth of groceries, but this fool wants to reverse vasectomies and birth babies. Turtle please! Does Bahtless only own the 1 turtleneck? Is it a tactical turtleneck to help him evade creditors and child support payments? He wore that mess all episode, in his confessionals and to his interview. Shit must be particularly ripely seasoned by now. He must think it makes him look slim. Annie's food looked good! But bitch, I know you know your way around a whorehouse. First Annie doesn't even know that sex clubs even exist in Thailand, which is like a NYer saying they don't know that there are any theaters that show plays in the City. Then it switched to David was taking her to see girls open beers with their vag. Which is it girl? So Pao wants to risk her marriage, hell it all, for Juan a BFF she can't even tell she had a miscarriage. Pao is thot messy trash! I just don't flat out believe anything Anfisha and Jorge are trying to feed me. This baby daddy feels like something they cooked up with their publicist.
  12. islandgal140

    S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    If James does indeed have heart failure than he absolutely is retaining water. My father is around 170-180 and he was diagnosed with heart failure about 2 years ago. He has been in the hospital twice because of fluid retention, mostly due to slipping too much on his diet, eating too much salt or drinking too much liquid. It affects kidney function and other vital organs. My dad is doing better now but he really has to watch himself, especially with salt, which he loves. My dad dare not eat Chinese food, canned soups, frozen foods, pizza, fried foods and hell most fast food, which I am sure James eats in abundance so I want to know how James is even alive at this point. It totally grinds my gears when James and Lisa complain about Dr. Now not helping them. The man has bent over backwards and given them numerous resources to succeed. Mr. Islandgal140 finally broke it down for me. He said that they didn't want old regular plain muggle medicine. They wanted Dr. Now to use his Hogwarts degree, wave his magic wand and make James thin, decrust, unboil and descab his nasty legs and walk. Makes sense! Especially since I have started suspected Lisa might be a Death Eater. That was terrible but I also think back on the time before they went to TX. Lisa went out and got him hamburgers, handed it to him and he handed it back because for whatever the reason, I guess peeling off the wrapper was just too much labor for him. His poor dad mortgaged his house and suffered a stroke for him to be able to go on this journey and he might as well have not bothered. What a waste! This to me is why James K is the worst! Even worse than Steven, Shenee
  13. B must have been lying because the set up for how she got that info was ridiculous! She said she brought her dress there (she got married in 2010 - so 8 years ago) and ... what... they contacted her to tell her Tins was shopping there? Come on now!!! Contacts at the Regency, down in FL and now in wedding dress shops! Who the hell needs TMZ when we have B with informants all over town. She is the new Hedda Hopper. I think in B's case it was a little creepy because dude was still married and hadn't even filed for divorce.
  14. I am sure they will be back together in time for filming next season so he can get CouponCabin commercials aired featuring Tins, Carole and salad boy. Scott is an operator!
  15. I saw it posited that B and Carole were so callous towards Jules and her eating disorder because they were jealous that she was noticeably thinner than them (plus a former model). Suddenly everyone is remarking how thin and skinny Jules is and not B and/or Carole. I think there is a degree of truth to this.
  16. Okay, I hate to be THAT bitch who quotes herself, but here I am being that bitch who quotes herself because I called that shit!!! I may have been wrong her actually going but the intent was there. I am strongly against viewers diagnosing reality tv stars they never met with mental or psychological disorders but I am really starting to agree that Ramona just might be on somebody's spectrum. There is something really wrong with her. I am tired of her getting away with her BS. Sober, clear eyed and bushy tailed Luann is giving me life. Her THs are on point and she is seriously witty in them. I loved her re-telling the story to Dorinda on the ride to CT. She seemed refreshingly honest and without airs. Luann and that mustard? I kept wanting her to say that she turned to her cellmate or a guard and asked: "Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"
  17. And even then I thought she was asking about gift bags because she wanted to slip some Skinny Girl Jeans samples into them. Not enough Amens for this. That prison workout was the only time I've seen Sonja drop the preening coquettish act when in the presence of men. She actually took a noticeable step or two back when she went to shake the hand of the black felon with the dreads!
  18. Speaking of stealing, this is one of my pet peeves about Carole. I feel like she tries to passes off things, phrases said on TV shows like Sex in the City or movies or just out in the ether and pass them off as her own witty thoughts or bon mots (with a little giggle at the end). Biggest most recent examples; - When she introduced her famous MTV VJ friend as "My good friend Karen Duffy. I call her Duff" Like it was some kind of cute nickname that Carole made up on her own. Bitch, everyone calls her Duff and have been for 20 years! - Halloween episode: She says that Halloween is just an excuse for women to dress up as sluts and no on can say anything. Girl, that is a Mean Girls famous quote. No I am not expecting footnotes, citations or for her to give credit all the time but it has been such a noticeable pattern of behavior. She says these things with such a self satisfied smug smirk on her face in THs followed with a giggle and it gets on my nerves. Are Adam and her together or not? I can't keep track with the make ups and break ups. Did they just go to Dubai a month ago?
  19. Looks like something Nelly Olson (Little House on the Praire) would've gotten married in. Tabitha and Topper Moritmer sounds like WASP heaven (or hell). Why am I now just realizing that is Topper in the photo? I thought that was someone who walked her down the aisle. I expected him to look so different. I was picturing someone very patrician looking. Wondering now if Topper having a kid and getting married is making Tins chase Scott so hard.
  20. islandgal140

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I read this in Ron Howard's Arrested Development narrator voice.
  21. islandgal140

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Family Chantal/Pedro vacation is essentially the horror movie Cabin in the Woods. They should've started smaller like just going out to dinner at Olive Garden instead of going for a 5 day holiday together. Nothing good has or will come of it. Yeah, Nicole ain't shit but Nicole's family failed her! My jaw was hanging off its hinges when her mom agreed to pay up to $2k for her wedding dress. That dress is gonna get her ass arrested in Morocco. That $2k should go towards Nicole learning some kind of trade to get her and her daughter out of abject poverty! When did Anfisa and Jorge get so damn boring?!?! It is the same shit every episode. When Pao and Russ are bringing it over you, we got a problem. I'm convinced that if is wasn't for the TLC cameras Anfisa would be gone. Her greatest aspiration is to be a Kardashian after all. It is this show that allows her to stunt on the gram! Jorge is mentally slower than a snail on crutches. Pao, her family and friends act like Pao running off to marry Russ of her own accord and live in the US was something that was done to her (like kidnapping and enslavement) and Pao sits there and agrees. Talking about, Russ needs to be forgiven for the stuff he did in the past. What the hell has Russ done that requires forgiveness? Being stupid enough to marry her self-absorbed ass? I firmly believe that Pao had been talking major shit about Russ to Juan and that is why he feels emboldened enough to come out of pocket like he does. Pao is using Juan for drama. Russ and Juan's dislike of each other is well established. There is really no need for Russ and Juan to ever meet again. They live on 2 different continents. Pao doesn't go to Colombia often (once in 4 years) and Juan comes to the states once/twice a year, if that. Pao and Juan's relationships consist mainly probably of emails and skypping. If Juan found himself an American sugar daddy to whisk him away and get him a visa, he would be paying Pao dust and laughing about it. He is that bitch! Molly you should've left that no account manchild in unclaimed baggage at the airport. She really does need a brick building to fall on her if she is just NOW realizing Luis doesn't want no parts of step daddy duty.
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    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    Nicole comes out of dressing room with her udders about to spill forth from her strapless wedding dress Mama Nicole: Do you have shawl for her to cover up Wedding Consultant: "A shawl won't cover that." I died!!
  23. Okay, did anyone notice how shifty Ramona looked when Dorinda said anyone would have to be total asshole to go to Tom's yacht party? So.... I'm thinking Ramona went. I will cackle if this is true.
  24. I side eye the whole SK Jeans thing but in the end I say "Get Money Bitch!" It does make more sense than SK luggage. B put on a great event. I bet Sonja lined her purse with shrimp .... for later. I expected the ladies (minus Dolores) to be less than nice and just straight up cackling over Lu's fall from grace based on the previews so I was pleasantly surprised by how gracious and supportive they appeared - onscreen anyway. This really makes me question B recount of things. She is really not a reliable narrator. At. all. I assume the crowd surfing comes after she has directed them to take her luggage to her room with instructions on how to unpack it and bring her a bottle of Pinot.