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  1. I guess I am easy to please, because although I wouldn't say this season is on fire, it is damn sure a mighty improvement on S12. I like the new additions. Shannon walking into that restaurant with a stiletto on one foot and a boot on the other reminded me of Homer pretending to be handicapped to justify parking in 3 Handicap spots. She seemed to be literally dragging on foot behind. LOL! Gina looked so pretty in her scenes discussing her divorce with Emily and her mom. Minimal makeup should be her look! She looks a right dragalicious mess in her THs. But dear heavens her voice, especially in her scenes with Emily nearly had my ears bleeding. The worst of it isn't even the overuse of the word "like" but her rising intonation at the end of every sentence like it is a question. Drives me positively mad! I interact with Long Islanders on the daily and I have never heard such awful valley girl speech. I understand what Gina was saying and I don't mind that she said something to Shannon about it. Really it is the nature of the beast. I think in most instances outside reality tv, one wouldn't coach a friend who one's knows to be volatile and a bit of a wild card to confront someone at a party about a sensitive topic like the spouse they are divorcing dating another. However, making scenes at party's is a HW staple and Shannon might've been docked a day's pay for telling Kelly not to do it. I thought Vicki's b-day party was sweet and she acted pretty gracious and appreciative - for Vicki! I hate to body shame but damn is Shane bad-bodied! Seriously, what else is he supposed to do if someone talks shit about his wife if he has negative muscle tone? So far from what I have seen of Tamra's house, I mostly like it but that banquette in the middle of her kitchen is throwing me off. I want to like it but I just don't.
  2. islandgal140

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    This episode became gold with the preview and knowing that next week I will be blessed to see Paul's slew-footed frog legs run up some stairs. Michael obviously can't handle Ang's Big Dick Energy! He needs to move onto greener pastures. There has got to be another Narkiya out there somewhere. Welp, I now know the Brazilian Portuguese word for talk is "Falar" since Paul said it about a million times. So I can now claim that this mess is educational and TLC has minimally fulfilled its task as being the Learning Channel. Color me surprised, marriage didn't change everything and make it all better like Karine thought. Who would've thunk it? I think it is telling that all Jon's friends and family are concerned but what makes me think their concern is so genuine is the way they seem so worried for Rachel and her daughter. Typically, and unfortunately, too many times in these kind of long distance relationships followed by days together and insta-engagement, the prospective grooms side try to almost demonize the woman. They aren't doing that here. His own mama, his sister, and all his own friends just truly think that Jon ain't shit when it comes to being husband and father material. They all seemed worried about the aftermath of what he will leave behind when he eventually (they think) mucks it all up. And Rachel please, the gov't isn't keeping you apart, Jon's criminal past is. Tariq still begging Hazel for kisses in the preview? I know that simp is gonna marry her even though she has visibly recoiled from his touch on multiple occasions. Can we just FF to 5 years from now when Tariq is getting begrudging biannual sex from his 'loving' wife with half her family stuffed into is townhouse? I outright cackled when Jesse said that one of the things he loved in CT was the food. Did he even get a chance to taste any? They got into fights and stormed off before eating every damn meal!!!!
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    S08.E01: The End

    I thought the premiere was just okay. I am going into this season bracing myself because it all sounds very, very ambitious. I will say I never expected them to open with the destruction of civilization. I thought the apocalypse would be something we would be moving towards with various actors trying to usher it in and others trying to thwart it so I am tipping my hat at the boldness of the choice. I thoroughly enjoyed Cult too. I think the selective breeding thing is a bit of a guise. Isn't the sequence that the Anti-Christ ushers in the apocalypse and then works to bring Satan himself topside? Essentially, bringing hell and all its demons on Earth, taking over and destroying/perverting all God's creations? The collective searched for folks with the genetic code they think will work best for Master Satan and they can't copulate until a certain time, under certain conditions, ceremonies, chants, potions etc., to usher him into the womb. Or maybe I have watched too much Supernatural on the WB?
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    S09.E01: Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian

    The storyline of Frank having sex with all those women and the school forcing them to out themselves and stay there and get treatment was ridiculous. I guess there is no such thing as HIPPA in the land of Shameless. In what world would THOSE women have sex with a man like FRANK! In what world would ANY woman that wasn't insane, drug addled and self-hating have sex with Frank. It is like committing a hate crime against your own vagina! Not only is he unattractive but he looks unwell and unhealthy - like walking Ebola. This show has gotten stale, but it's nice to see a woman be unimpressed with Lip's sexual performance for a change. His old sponsor said, sober sex ain't that fun. I cannot believe he talked Lip into walking into that READ. She was like, excuse me..... who tf are u? LOL! I almost threw up in my mouth when he did that. He did it with the dish sponge and put it right back in the sink so basically all the pots and dishes "washed" with it will have a little essence de Frank on it. UGH!!! LOL! Funny you should say that because Lip always reminded me of a young Dustin Hoffman circa The Graduate, which ain't a bad thing but sex symbol he ain't. I don't know whether Carl's crazy fiancee/wife(?) is dead or not but I am happy for a break from her level of insanity. Although part of me does think it makes sense that at least one of these Gallagher kids would wind up with a partner as crazy as their mom. What was the point of the humping cgi rats? They could have kept that shit and saved some money.
  5. islandgal140

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    How embarrassing for that simp Tristan that Mia the Scammer was the one to file on him. I am sure he will claim that he never saw it coming. Blinded by the light I guess. LOL!
  6. islandgal140

    S07.E11: State of the Union

    Danielle is making out like a bandit with this marriage. Did y'all hear her at the tantric session? The 3 questions were: 1) what I'm loving about the relationship 2) what I'm challenged by 3) what I'd need Bobby's answers were he loved the time spent together, he's challenged by all the damn dogs and he needs her to express her feelings more Danielle answers were she loves his commitment to her, she has no challenges and she needs continued support. So essentially, Danielle is like I love all the shit you do and keep doing it. All her shit was about her and no duh of course she has no challenges because Bobby is doing everything. I get it she has a long ass commute, but sooner or later, Bobby will have enough! Bobby basically poured his heart and soul out at the end of the episode and her and her eyebrows sat there just grinning and eating it up. I thought when Dave was talking about how sad it was Amber never had anyone she trusted he was thinking of that gym friend plowing his wife. That's why his ass seemed extra pressed and judgmental. Aint no way Amber was joking about their baby going from newborn to being 5 years old. Dave had every reason to side eye her for that comment. Amber doesnt want to cook nor do her husband's laundry because that is extra shit but thinks she can care for a baby???
  7. islandgal140

    S02.E06: Trust a Try

    Tarik is a simp and nothing aired about his Pinoy Angelina Jolie will deter him. He will just say it is show editing. Hazel said she makes about $10 a day so that $75 is a little over a week's salary for her. Is Hazel religious or just her parents? She is a baby's mamma and was "living in sin" with a man less than 6 months ago. How do they reconcile that? I don't see how Ricky's "Ximena used my money to get a nose job" narrative even makes sense. By his own admission, he didn't start texting Ximena in earnest until Melissa starting ghosting him which was about 2-3 weeks before his trip to Columbia. How does one get a nose job and heal completely in that amount of time? I see now why and how Ricky's already been married 2x and he is working on his 3rd ex-wife. Dr. Pimple Popper has a gold mine in Karine. Paul has his issues but Karine does come off like a lazy brat.
  8. islandgal140

    S02.E06: Trust a Try

    Ricky was sending $1500 to 2 women!?! Tricky Ricky must have signed be with that new charity Save the Thots! For just $1500 a month you too can sponsor a thot in a developing country. That is just $50 a day. Some of these thots can't even afford fit tea or a corset let along nose jobs, horrific bolt ons, lip and ass shots to build that perfect IG body! Search you conscious (or in this case, your penis) and reach deep into into your wallet (which is penis adjacent) and give generously today!
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    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    I just got around to watching this episode last night and didn't realize it was the season finale. It came and went too soon. That onion dicing elf was at my house too. Little devil. If I had any doubt this wedding was TLC sponsored and paid for finding out that the cake alone cost $1500 sealed the deal. I love that John asks the prices of things and wonders who is paying for all this. LOL! As many times as I have seen undeserving reality star bridezilla's whining about what they think they 'rightfully' deserve on their big day, it was a pleasure seeing 2 lovely people (and their loving families) get such a lovely wedding paid for. Christina was gorgeous. Angel looked handsome. The wedding planners did a great job. I loved the venue/decor and thought it fit the tone of the festivities and personality of the happy couple. Everything just felt so heartfelt and joyful. Fave moment though was when the MC announced the guests can join on the dance floor and dance how everyone leapt onto the dance floor and started dancing with frenzy, especially Elena. I thought all the mom's looked great. Especially loved that Elena's mom wore traditional Japanese garb. I want a Mariano of my very own!! He is too good to be true. Loved that Angel danced the mother dance with his grandmother. That poor woman must be exhausted raising all her daughter's children, special needs at that. True. However, I am an avid It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan and she looks like the woman that played Maureen Ponderosa. So much so (+living in CA) that I had to look her up to confirm whether it was her or not. P.S. it isn't. A pic of the actress
  10. islandgal140

    S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    One thing I am utterly shocked about is Bethanny not be deservedly dragged for filth by Dorinda over B's comment essentially belittling Richard's professional accomplishments. I think it was around the time of the Mexican trip or maybe the big brouhaha over death vs divorce, but B essentially made Richard out to be some middling guy who didn't have much influence and wasn't that important, when in fact the man was a highly respected economist who ran with and advised the biggest of big dogs in the highest of DC & finance circles and taught at Ivy League schools. I thought it was one of the more heinous things B did all season and it only crossed my mind again as B was listing her resume. Saying that shit about Richard wasn't necessary and was so fucking petty to say about a dead man who she didn't even know and whom she knows is still actively being mourned by his widow. Why did Dorinda not lose her ever loving shit over this? I have to side with Carole just over that 'Andy you are so full of shit!" outburst. Sorry, not sorry. I believe Carole more than I believe Bethenny but boy does she make it hard. Hippocampus bitch really?? Carole is smug and she is pretentious and unaware. She really believes she didn't shit talk B on the show? I don't even fault her for it but like Lisa Rinna says: own it! The shit chronicles was too damn much. B's bowling ball boobs were extra distracting during part 3. I want to see Sonja's new apartment. kudos on ramona's self reflection on her entitlement to a bigger bedroom. It only took her 10 seasons. Everyone talmbout Carole signed with Verve. My ass so thinking she signed up to be a spokesperson for a liquor company. LOL! Didn't realize it was a talent agency. Yes, it is true that Dorinda was the one that made the comparison but Sonja did go on to say that she thought her divorce was like a death and B took her side. I know Dennis wasn't her husband or even fiance, hell they weren't even technically dating at the time of his death, but I wonder if B would walk back her original statement.
  11. islandgal140

    S02.E05: Seeds of Doubt

    I'll take a pass on Michael, but his BFF is a whole Snack. He can get this visa!! I got his 90 days right here!!!
  12. islandgal140

    S02.E05: Seeds of Doubt

    I think Dean came in way too hot, aggressive with a purely American view of the question, however I don't object to the line of questioning, merely the way and tone it was asked. In America, there is the thought (even though it may not be that accurate in some of today's family courts) that if a woman doesn't have custody of her small child it is because she is a bad mother. Given the fact that one of Tarik's talking points is that Hazel would make a good mom to his special needs daughter, it is more than valid to question why Hazel isn't even raising her own.
  13. islandgal140

    S02.E05: Seeds of Doubt

    So I guess it is safe to say that Jon teeth likely aren't his. Let's face it the running joke is that British have bad teeth. So given that he is British and that he has been in 50-60 fights, safe to say that those lovely even chompers aren't his. Speaking of cartoon characters Tarik reminds me of And his brother Dean reminds me of Bluto
  14. islandgal140

    S02.E05: Seeds of Doubt

    I am really wondering ... Does Tarik expect hot, explosive sexy times with Hazel? She doesn't strike me as a sexual being AT. ALL. I don't really think she is facially pretty but she does have beautiful lips. Dean was way out of line! I wouldn't fault him for questioning if Hazel really loves his brother and if she is using him as a way to escape poverty but questioning her devotion as a mother because she doesn't have custody when he knows none of the facts - completely and totally an asshole move. Big Ang and Maga Mike are making this season for me. How can you reason with a person whose standard of dressing well is if it doesn't get her featured on People of Walmart website than her ass looks goodt! It is so obvious that Karine's parents love her profoundly and want the best for her but it is also obvious that this is her only chance for a decent life not mired in soul crushing poverty and struggle so they are just gonna go with it. Seriously, I know she was young when Pyro Paul honed in on her but what options did she have? Was she in school? Learning a trade? She was on her way to nowhere , which is probably why S1 they allowed the mute weirdo who they just met to take their 18 year old daughter to a hotel within minutes of meeting. The way Karine described Paul at that sit down with her parents and that translator was nothing short of fucked up! He is just as screwy and mental as I imagined. He is a 20/20 or Dateline special just waiting to happen. Classic controlling abuser. The only time a person should be involved in 50-60 fights is if they are competing for the Golden Glove championship. And he allegedly never started any of them but it sounds like he damn near finished them. I guess he is the very definition of 'don't start none, won't be none!' Him vs a gang of college students made him sound like Jackie Chan. Jon chose his more respectable friends to introduce to Rachel. LOL!!! It is funny though that they weren't saying anything different from any of his other friends. If all his friends, his mother and his sister say that he is pretty much an irresponsible manwhore who loves to drink and fight than I am apt to believe them! I now firmly believe that Darcy didn't lose all that weight from exercising and eating right, she just hasn't sat down and had a proper meal since she met Jesse because they start bickering and abandon their plates. Just in case nobody knows this but Jesse really, really hates Bullshit, which I believe now is a synonym for Darcy.
  15. islandgal140

    S07.E09: Fantasies and Firsts

    Not to defend Mia but with Tristan's colorstruck ass "light conversation" could just mean conversation with people lighter than him. LOL!
  16. islandgal140

    S07.E09: Fantasies and Firsts

    Amber is still salty about the 7.5 but part of me can't even be mad. It is one thing to think she got rated a little low but than to find out she rated the lowest out of all 3 wives, including stalking, thieving, lying liar face Mia. That my friends is a double whammy with a side of bitch are you kidding me!! Amber needs to learn how to give shade back to Dave. I bet if Amber mentioned his disappearing hair and struggle edges he would end the experiment asap. Accidentally on purpose is right. Mia is quite the manipulator. She knows she doesn't want to move to Houston, but she won't say it to Tristan. So she brings it up to her outspoken sister so she can do her dirty work. She wanted her sister to do just what she did that’s why she mentioned the move. I refuse to believe that Tristan didn't clarify beyond 'light lunch.' They was context to that conversations. Mia failing to understand in that scene made her look like a robot who can't understand human emotion and subtlety. Not only that but did anyone notice during the girl's spa day, Mia had the nerve to fix her mouth and say that the arguments between her and Tristan aren't major? Then she positions herself as a victim by saying that Tristan raises his voice to her almost alluding to anger issues or mental abuse. Gurllll..... If Mia was smarter and more cunning she would totally be able to Gone Girl Tristan's ass. That Donut fantasy sounded like it would be Homer Simpson's. Her skin looked real rough in her hair is fried and falling out scene. Last night, I feel like at least 1/3 or more of the cast said Amber was beautiful. Mia, Bobby, Tristan, one of the Doctors and I think it was said it on the unfiltered show by Danielle and the host of the Unfiltered show. It is frigging ridiculous and I bet it still isn't enough for her! She isn't ugly but ... come on now. I am the only one seeing William Dafoe in a wig? I appreciate Danielle for trying to keep her relationship private and saying she’s not trying to take on their bullshit. She is smarter than her brows would lead me to think. LOL! Speaking of Danielle's brows, I'm starting to think they are tattoos. What a disaster. They are like bolded open ended parentheses over each eye. She would be prettier without them. Danielle has too much brow and Amber has too little.
  17. islandgal140

    S02.E04: Family Ties

    I think I have figured Lil Ricky out. Him and Melissa having a deep profound connection = he has an erection! Him being in love = he has an erection! Erections are the basis of love, life long marriage oh and who will be a good stepmom to his kids. Truly his divining rod!
  18. islandgal140

    S07.E08: Back To Reality

    Any "counseling professional" who suggests spouses rate each on a points scale should have any degree, license or accreditation they hold summarily revoked without the opportunity for an appeal. Marriage isn't a yelp review or a product on Amazon. This was all to create fodder for reality tv and it was gross and unprofessional even by this show's standards.
  19. OMG! I thought the same thing but dare not comment because I couldn't figure out why. Mr. Bentley is stranger looking with a longer face but the resemblance is there. I also see Yukon Cornelius from that Christmas Special Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer.
  20. islandgal140

    S02.E03: Blindsided

    TLC really hit the jackpot with Big Ang and Michael. I can't lie I was afraid of MAGA Angela having a reckless mouth and spouting off racist stereotypes about Africa - living in huts, poverty, jungles, AIDS, etc., but she hasn't come out of her face with anything like that - YET (or the producers have mercy on her and edited it out). It is Michael's mouth - and there is nothing reckless about it. His English is flawless, he picks his words carefully and he knows exactly WTF he is saying. How many ways can he say she is bossy, manly and loud! The cheers and clapping of the Nigerians at the airport when Big Ang greeted accosted Michael was everything. He was probably crowned King of all Scammers for his accomplishment. Did Family Karine harvest the American dollar? Their place looks a lot nicer and more modern than I last remember. I will be the cheese that stands alone. I did think that Rachel and Jon's 1st meeting demonstrated a chemistry. It just got awkward when they got to his house. However, Rachel ain't shit for putting her infant daughter in potential perilous situations with no backup plan and no money. Completely dependent on a dude she barely knows, who has a violent past. What an idiot. How far was that drive from London to Weston? It was light out when they left the city and pitch black when they got there. Tarik chose a flight to Manila with 5 connecting flights? What in Priceline hell?!?! I have never heard such a thing. I think I would give up by layover 3. There is such a sad resigned aura that surrounds Hazel. Jon did play American football. Perhaps he got sacked one to many times? I still don't understand how neither's command of their partner's native language has improved a single iota. Paul, who has access and money, is the worst offender. He can't invest in Rosetta Stone or some other language course to learn Brazilian Portuguese? His answer to the language barrier is to get a better cellphone and download a text to speech translation app. Speaking of language, I watch with closed captioning and the show captioned Karine as speaking Spanish. Huh?
  21. islandgal140

    S02.E03: Blindsided

    Lawd, just when I think TLC can't possibly top the last batch of 90 day messiness, they deliver platinum plated, olympic level, Nobel winning, life affirming, Thanos gauntlet all 5 affinity stone finger snapping fuckery!!! I see cymbal banging monkey Thank goodness for TLC cameras because I would really fear for the safety of Lucy with her obsessed dick chasing mama. Her laying up in the bed while a men she just met goes up alone to her daughter's bedroom in the middle of the night had me seeing red. Even Jon's mama is calling him a flighty hoe! She was looking casket sharp wearing I assume Chanel's Cremation #5 foundation. I thought for sure that Ricky was on his way to being this show's 1st catfish. I can't believe that idiot waited for 3 hours! Melissa likely had appts with her other sponsors. Ricky looks like the illegitimate son of Danny DeVito, who never acknowledged Ricky and didn't pay one red cent in child support. Hazel knows her IG angles.
  22. Ramona's remodel was nice - for a $800,000 house in Paramus, NJ. Ramona and Bethenny's place may have both been modern and had the some color scheme but B's place looked like money $$$$! Yes, they both lacked a homey feel but if I was to compare them to hotel rooms, Bethenny's was a penthouse at the Ritz Carlton while Ramona's was a junior suite at the Marriott. I was actually shockingly disappointed in Ramona's kitchen. I love a white kitchen but there was something so lacking about it that I can't even put my finger on it. The countess may not be shit for some of the things going on in her personal life, but I will never begrudge her going in on Ramona. As nasty and low as Ramona has been to her, going in on Mona's sub-basic design sense was tame. Plus, love her or hate her, I have loved damn near every house/apt Luann has ever stayed in. The demise of Lu and Dorinda's relationship makes me quite sad.
  23. So let me get this straight - Sonja would rather wallow in her own filthy diaper on the Jitney rather than use the bathroom bus? What lucky passengers to share a bus ride with her. OK Depends, Imma need y'all to hurry up and give Sonja a spokeswoman contract because she is living that life more than Lisa Rinna ever has. Get money bitch!
  24. Finally mostly caught up on this show! I don't love or even like all the s/l but it is watchable. One major thing I will give Ron credit for is addressing one of the major pet peeves I have had with the show for years and years. At least now most of the characters have motives for the things that they do. Sure they may have laid it on a bit thick and unrelentingly with Gabi but it makes sense why she hates her former best friend Abby. I am also liking the pacing and how story seems to be dovetailing. For instance, how the Brady blackmails Nicole story went away for a while, but was unearthed initialing by Xander (a wild card), went away for a minute and came into play because of the custody battle. Now there is a real chance of it getting out because of Jennifer's digging and frankly, so many people now knowing about it. Yes, he is. I found myself wishing that Gilles had been cast as StefaNO instead, but than figured out that it probably wouldn't be that much better. As soon as he started uttering phrases like Gabby with a 'y', Gabby is real to me, Gabby is a part of Abby or part of you loves me, I'd probably dislike him almost as much as I dislike Tyler in the role. Almost, because at least Gilles is prettier to look at. LOL. Oh and so as not to appear as a totally superficial bitch, I like his acting too! Kate digging into Abby's ass giving her the business is what my life has been missing. More of that show! Gabi is really the most watchable actor right now for me. Not a fan of the storyline but Gabi is truly coming into her own and spitting nothing but absolute truth. I felt sorry for Chad for a minute but Gabi is absolutely right. Chad has been enabling Abby. He made me positively ragey when after what likely amounts to 1.5 Salem weeks in therapy to integrate the alters (another phrase that needs to die) he is suggesting that he and Abby have a baby because yes, I can't think of anything less physically and mentally taxing and stressful for a woman fighting mental health than pregnancy and a newborn. Lets all hope she doesn't form a Casey Anthony or Andrea Yates alter. Question: Can they even be considered alters if they are just interpretations of people Abby knows? Sounds and played more like a bad improv class. Frankly, I am disgusted by this rape baby mess. I knew it was coming as soon as they had Gabby and Stefan actually sleep together. I knew it! The thought of Stefan coming around and touching Abby's stomach (and she just letting him), wanting parental rights and getting them makes me want to retch. Him crowing all over town that his rape bore fruit makes me want to retch. I just feel this is all leading towards something between those 2, especially with you know who returning -she is the queen of mixed signals. and I am not here for it. I don't see how Gabi's plan of never letting the truth get out ever really hurts Stefan. I thought the point was to let him bond and love the child and then rip his heart out with the truth? I am okay with Ben returning but I have no problem with him being treated as the serial killing pariah that he is by all.