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    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Nice to hear mother and baby are doing well. But yeah, I am over her and her situation. I think Kenya did herself wrong. She wants to keep her marriage and her man off-screen, fine, she can take her entire life off screen. Leave it to those who want to play ball like Porshe.
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    S06.E03: Rough Landings

    Plot twist. Mother practices the dark arts and those snow people are former fiancees who tried to supplant her. No one can replace Mother! I really like Asuelu but as a potential sexual partner?!?! Nope. nope. nope. He kinda has the voice of a sweet, simple cartoon character. Oh gawd, I really hope he isn't a talker during sex.
  3. islandgal140

    S06.E03: Rough Landings

    I was so disturbed by the conversation between Jay and his daddy that I actually want to petition the US Government to issue the following travel advisory for Jamaica: Exercise increased caution in Jamaica due to fuckbois. Some areas have increased risk such as resort hotels, local bars, nightclubs, and casinos. Keep your hearts and legs closed to anyone going by the nickname Skins, Skinz or Gyalis (or any variation thereof). Don't get me wrong Larissa is still leagues above what Colt would or should be able to pull anywhere in the world but I can't say I find her facially beautiful. Great figure, decent hair (if a bit too dark) but an okay face. I got admit the Larissa/Colt/Mother scenes are so ridiculously awkward and surreal that they almost come off as a SNL sketch to me. I find myself thinking that Larissa is John Leguizamo and half anticipating he is about to snatch off his wig at any moment. I think Larissa/Colt/Mother were all different kinds of terrible. I do cut Larissa a bit of slack since she did just get off a 20 hr flight from Brazil to LV to be greeted by an empty handed fiance and driven in an Instapot pressure cooker of a car thru the barren wasteland that its non-strip LV. However, my instincts are telling me that Larissa is gonna be a real pill. I do hope Larissa/Colt/Mother scenes were filmed around Christmas, otherwise, the snowmen in the corner seem even more creepy and out of place. I'm dying to know if Eric drives right past all the wonderous sights and attractions in NYC str8 to the PA Cabin in the Woods, and yes I mean the acclaimed horror movie.
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    S06.E03: Rough Landings

    Eric doesn't think his future-in-laws are aware of his "Spartan Life." I bet as soon as he tries to split a cheesesteak 7 ways, they might get a clue. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like Leida. Jay's dad has about the most disgusting nickname I think I have ever heard. Skinz because he gets tons of pussy, and no that doesn't mean Colt's cat Baby Girl, who I know has far too a discerning palate to lower herself with Skinz. Jay experiencing cold weather for the first time was funny. The best comparison I read of Asuleu was that he was essentially ELF - but Samoan. There is not a scintilla of guile or deceitfulness about Asuleu. I really hate that Kalani sits there like a big pile of hair and doesn't try to defend or stand up for him. She really is like Chantel. She feeds her family all this shit about him and sits back and acts like a put upon victim stuck in the middle when she put herself and Asuleu in that position to begin with.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Amen! My UO, I'm thrilled and respect that James Scott stayed true to his word and refused to return to Days. Not that I hate the actor or anything but I hate all the zealotry the Ejami couple inspired. If I had to go through another pointless round of debate of whether it was or wasn't rape, I would vomit violently. Plus, I think JS was not so secretly sticking it to Ken Corday, which I wholeheartedly endorse. Hindsight is 20/20 but Leo was the best part of the dude quadrangle that was Leo/Sonny/Paul/Will so I am looking forward to his weasly AARP-youthful return. I don't like Hope but I am behind her 100% when it comes to Ben and Ciara. What mother wants her only daughter with a serial killer who has to be on meds the rest of his life to keep away the crazy? Not rooting for that couple at all. I only like Ben when he is crazy and giving Abigail the business. Otherwise, go away. Deidre is not a great actress. Her portrayal of Hattie is forced and stilted to me but she seems to be having so much fun that I can't help but like her. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) should be the lead actress of Days but she is hemmed up by the comings and goings of Stephen Nichols. Days refuses to her give a life beyond being Steve's soulmate, yet Steve has been allowed to have other love interests and even a break baby with crazy. Unfair. Not to body shame, but Tripp does not ever need to be shirtless on this show ever again. I am supposed to GAF about Rex and Mimi? Because I don't. Not even a little. Lani is useless and should have never been brought back. I wish the show would look into bringing on Victoria Rowell or something. I hate the Dr. Rolf death be gone formula story. It makes death a nonfactor on Days. I rolled my eyes so long and strong during the Nicole discovers doors with initials sequence that they almost tumbled onto the floor. Just stop!
  6. Years, maybe decades ago, A list actor Michael Caine came out with a book about acting and he also did a 6 part acting workshop that aired on the BCC and I believe was later sold as VHS tapes . His main advice? Don't blink. I think Nadia might have taken that advice too seriously. True fax. Divorcing Chad in a day or less I still would have thought as dumb and impossible but okay, I can suspend disbelief for s/l purposes and it at least achieves her goal of not being committed but than marrying her rapist Stefan? Makes me ragey. I feel like they are insulting my intelligence and senses. What point could that possibly serve to escape being committed and than turn around and marry the dude who actually wants you to be insane? What is to stop Stefan, her husband, from committing her to a shifty facility with a shifty doctor who plans to trigger her DID? She is the queen of morons!! The very definition of from the pot to the frying pan. Stefan's face is gonna be extra punchable the next few weeks as he goes around smugly flashing that ring. Hate!!!
  7. I've been watching the show and liking with some exceptions (of course). One overall thing I have been liking is the characters actually remembering and calling out past crimes and other crap a particular character has done. I hate when it seems like everyone has the memory of a goldfish. Also, liking some characters pointing out the ridiculouslessness of a given situation, like Kate saying that Bonnie is past child bearing years. - I am liking the Gabi gaslights Ab story. As most have said Ab deserves it. Admittedly, I strongly prefer Marci to KM's Abby. With KM currently not playing Abby, I need daily constant reminders of how truly terrible the character was, with an over inflated sense of self-worth and oozing smugness. Abby actually figuring it out and looking all the more crazy for it is an interesting twist. My biggest complaint about the story is Stefan related. I hate his rapist ass and I hate that people keep telling him shit about Abby when they don't have to - looking at you Abby and Jen. I despise when Abby runs to him. He is no better than Gabi as he really is actively hoping for a relapse so I don't know why she would share the same air with him let alone details. Also, not really loving Gaby wanting Chad and raising Thomas although I wasn't surprised it headed that way. - Dr. Rolf's Death Be Gone elixir story is better than I thought it would be. AV betta not be Ava V. That is a character no one asked for to begin with or wants a return of. How dumb do they have to be to even use initials? - Not a Sami fan, actually grew to hate Ejami, but I am rooting for the mystery patient to be EJ just so that she can shut her yap about it. - I've been dreaming and longing for Xander and Nicole union since he was first introduced. Them being together off screen via blackmail lets me know that the Monkey Paw theory of Days, much espoused on the old TWOP, is very much alive and well. The most obvious moral lesson in "The Monkey's Paw" is to be careful what you wish for: The paw's wishes always come true, but apparently only in a cruel manner in which you never hoped or intended. They have such great chem and they so thoroughly shat on it with this story. I don't even know why a young hottie like Xander would even need to blackmail Nicole into a loveless, sexless marriage. It is not like she is rich or is a captain of industry or something. What is the point of that besides a bad plot point? - Stacy H is doing a phenomenal job as Kristin/Susan recast and I would be on board to make it permanent. - I absolutely hated the Bonnie is Lucas' baby mama s/l, but this latest twist makes it slightly better. - I only started watching Days after Mimi left so I am completely unfamiliar with her. I had no idea if I was watching an old woman trying to look young or a young woman who just went too far with botox, lip plumbing and plastic surgery. - I really don't care about Tripp/Ciara/Ben and Claire. I was all for Ben returning but I can't say I root for a serial killer as a love interest for Ciara. Nope. - FF Sonny/Paul/Will. Do feel sorry for Paul being the meat in that asshole sandwich. - Chloe's looks stunning with the new haircut. Stunning. Wasn't sure of it at first but I think it was curled in a weird way, but now that is a straight bob and so sleek - Gorgeous!!! - Is there a reason there are making the Tripp character walk around shirtless? - Are we headed towards Abe and Sheila union? Half the time, Kate looks like she gets her clothes from Prince estate sales.
  8. islandgal140

    S07.E17: I Still Do?

    To too many darker hued women it may feel like a universal preference. I really don't mean to make light of this (pun intended) but it is real out there. Even the pastor Cal has come out and say this has been an issue and why we don't see more black couple matches on the show. Just a few years ago it was the in thing on social media to bash and make dark women feel bad about themselves. There was actual a campaign on twitter entitled "ruin a black/dark woman's day." On French twitter, they had an 'everything about me is black but my girlfriend' topic trending. WTF?!! Recently, a few lower level celebs have been called out on doing this in their younger days. And these celebs were either black men themselves or lighter hued black/biracial women. Their excuse? It was years ago, they were young. I guess shitting on the self-esteem of darker women is a rite of passage. Not for nothing but if I had to count on the # of men who I have actually heard and seen seek and prefer the darkest women to put food on my table, I would have starved to death long ago. Is it hopeless? No. I am heartened by the melanin popping and natural movements. Black Panther didn't hurt either.
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    S13.E14: Blow Up

    Can we please stop calling whatever the hell Vicki was doing twerking? That was more like a lower body spasm.
  10. islandgal140

    Big Mouth

    Wait, so the hormone monster isn't Will Arnett?!?! Wow, I would have bet money that it was. I am usually very good at identifying voices so this surprises me to no end. Sounds just like him. Nick Kroll could find work as his voice double if it came down to it. I couldn't agree more. I can't get the "I made thick in her warm" out of my mind and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. On the other hand, I love getting more Lola. Nick's voicing her takes me clean out all the time. Love this show and I will be re-watching. I try to pace myself but it just didn't work out.
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    S13.E13: Heat Waves and Hot Flashes

    Me the minute they told me the hotel didn't have a/c They are not gonna have me sweating out my blow out on vacay. Once again Tamra demonstrates that she is a friend to no one!! I thought she was baptized, saved and an official G-d botherer now? I guess it didn't take because she is back to being a mean, vindictive bitch. She even has that malicious evil glint in her eyes again. I always knew Satan's would never let go of his #1 concubine. The only thing religion and priest can do for her is attempt an exorcism and even then Tamra would be like: Eddie's afib is back but Tamra went to Bass Lake Jamaica. Let me get this straight. Gina and Matt are great friends, they love each other and they still have sex YET they can't even exist under the same roof with their kids to the point they have to rent another property so one of them can live there while the other spends time with the kids in the family home? But yet their divorce is amicable, uncontested and a non-event. Make that make sense. Gina is only gonna get or ask for child support and not alimony? Her husband is some kind of Svengali. I thought all the ladies looked pretty decent (to varying degrees) in their swimsuits. Emily is built solidly but she is surprisingly toned and fit. Impressive. I got what Kelly was going for bringing up the projects and other people having it worse to put Shannon's issues in perspective but something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Both Emily and Gina need to get off Shannon's jock. Why would you even want to bother with Shannon if you think she belongs at Shady Pines and is a joyless sad sack? Shannon can be self absorbed and is a high strung worry wart but she is capable of being self-deprecating, self aware and funny. More importantly, I do think she is for the most part a reasonable person capable of admitting being wrong and sincerely apologizing making her a unicorn across the franchises. Aside from the cringey scene with the bartender, I didn't mind Vicki too much this episode. Color me surprised that she asked the driver about the rasta hat w/dreads? That is the most culturally aware her or this group have ever been.
  12. islandgal140

    S02.E12: Tell-All

    I think Rachel and Jon are caught up in an "us against the world" folie a deux. Apparently, they are the face of true love and the world is conspiring against them including the US Immigration office. Its all cute now that they are only together a few weeks out of the year and talk an hour or 2 a day, but shit doesn't get real until you live with someone for a period of time. Until you have to get a job to pay bills, care for a child who has the chicken pox, do household chores, run errands, etc. The crushing reality of the mundanity and sheer banality of married life will tell all in the end. We'll see Jon's true nature. For Lucy's sake, I truly hope he is past his ragey fisticuffs stage.
  13. Shamefully, I do think Jon is attractive and if the British stereotype about their looks is to be believed, he is probably a British 7.5. The biggest marks against him are his small stature, questionable intellect, felonious background and vacant eyes. I am of two minds on Rachel's lack of style. On the one hand, I am all for a woman wearing what is comfortable and staying true to herself and her style. But on the other, I mean damn! If you aren't gonna dress up to meet the love of your life or your new extended family - when the hell are you gonna dress up?
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    S02.E12: Tell-All

    I actually read the report and it literally doesn't get any trashier. Get this! She caught the DUI going to pick up the married dude from a detention center where he was being held for DUI. So Ang went to go pick up an arrested drunk, DRUNK!! You can't make this shit up. These looks the people from Deliverance look well-heeled. In all this fuckery, I can't help but think of the woman married to the dude. What the hell must it feel like to find out your husband is cheating with a big backed, hay haired, leather skinned 52 yr old that looks 62 , with pendulous teats who probably smells like cigarettes and potted meat. Self esteem must be in the basement to the sunken place. Dude owns a convenience store so Ang probably get cigs and tastykakes free!!
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    S02.E12: Tell-All

    If the elder vs elderly trouble showed me anything is that Michael seems to have a better command of the English language than most of the Americans ever featured on this show. I never want to see that human meatball Ricky on my screen ever again. His convo with his daughter made me want to hurl. It was almost as if he was trying to use her as an excuse to cool it off with Ximena. The most shocking revelation of the reunion for me is that Paul's father is around. Maybe I've been zoning out during his segments but I don't recall him ever being mentioned so I for sure thought "father" had either died or made a run for it. I actually don't fault Paul for wanting a DNA test. The timeline for both Karine's pregnancies seem sketchy. Plus, she is talking with guys no matter how near or far and staying out all night and not coming home. Girl what?!?! What I do fault him for is asking her on live tv. That is just dumb. Unless he wants to find out in utero who the daddy is, he doesn't even have to ask. Just wait until the baby is born, get a hair or saliva sample and skip over to the local testing office with translator app in hand. Easy peasy. Ximena and Jesse should've switched makeup. Hers was too pale, his too dark. His bronzer actually made his pot marked skin even more prominent and unfortunate looking. I thought Darcy's makeup was the most on point it has ever been. Flawless. Now if only she could get her weave/wig right. It is like she doesn't understand the concept of matching and blending to her hair color and texture. That hair looked like it was culled from a million Dollar Value Barbies. I'm not so sure this is over. Ang obviously isn't averse to looking and acting the "grown" fool on talk show (Maury 2x) and reality tv so I wouldn't be surprised to find they got back together just so Ang could get another season and a few dollars in her pocket. Fame, hell infamy, is addictive. I remember those days. Even though I still watch TWD, it isn't the must see tv it used to be. I don't know what it says about me that 90 days reigns on Sunday and record TWD and don't watch until Monday, sometimes Tuesday. Jesse's suit reminded me of an extra in the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal video.
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    S02.E12: Tell-All

    Okay, I'm kinda pissed that Shaun didn't get to the burning question of the night (for me anyway): Did Jesse and Darcy have sex on break up night? Enquiring minds wanted to know.
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    S02.E12: Tell-All

    Tell nothing disappointing as usual. When is this filmed? I wanted confirmation on the Hazel bisexual/Tarik orgies. LOL! Surprised, but not, that Hazel's statements about not finding Tarik attractive and wanting desperately to come to the States weren't thrown in Tarik's face. Why was Big Ang so shocked over the elder comment? That aired like episode 3. Her energy was like this is the 1st time she is hearing this. Mike needs to up his game. When talking about the looks and age of a woman like Angela the answer isn't that looks aren't important to you and you look at their heart and soul. The answer is she is sexy and beautiful to you. Ang girl, this ain't Maury. Sit your burly ass down. Jon talking about beta men, but living in his mama's house, unemployed, Felonious garbage sorter and $50,000+ in debt. Not a good look. Jon is problematic, but he is right that it does take a real man to be a true and loving father to a child that isn't his. Only time will tell if Jon is that. My sage words to Jessie - bronzer isn't for everyone. Jessie also needs to stop saying that he should've called the police on Darcy for throwing shoes. Even in the worst case scenario that she did aim for his head (which I don't believe) she didn't make contact so he sounds like a lil bitch. Speaking of lil bitches, Ricky is the worst kinda bitch. That additional scene with his daughter made my blood boil. He always leads with either an outright lie or a lie by omission. I can't think of a single conversation he has had with anyone on this show that didn't end with him being less than truthful. This time with his daughter, he left out that he actually was engaged to Ximena. Also, he always has to say or get reassurance that he isn't a bad guy. News flash- if you have to do this all the damn time odds are you aren't a good person.
  18. islandgal140

    S07. E15: Last Chance for Romance

    Like most things in life Amber's situation can be crystallized by a Seinfeld episode - Amber's Got No Hand!! She has no power in the relationship. Dave hold all cards. My impression is Decision Day is all on Dave. https://youtu.be/8g3tQaqizh0?t=4 Combine that screwy power dynamic with another cult Classic - Dave is bit like Lucille Bluth. He appears to get off on withholding. Classic TV comparisons aside, as much as Amber wants Dave to state his intentions, I can't really see any evidence that Amber has fallen or is falling in love with Dave either. I mostly see a woman who doesn't want to be single or rejected on national tv. I don't dislike Amber, but I think she does fall within Tristan's quoted phrase of tired of being single but not ready to be married. Most telling was her not wanting her life to be inconvenienced at all by doing extra shit for Dave, which apparently, she still ain't doing. According to Dave, he does all types of extra stuff for her like flowers and reassuring phone calls but she can't be bothered to reciprocate.
  19. islandgal140

    S07. E15: Last Chance for Romance

    When Mia was darkening Tristan's hotel room doorstep it just came to me who/what Mia reminds me of - Wybie from Coraline. Something about her posture, her energy and they way she walks reminds me of that character. I can't even with Tristan and Mia. I believe Tristan. Mia is just a low level sociopath. She actually fixed her mouth to say that she thought all their problems were minor ones to Tristan's shock and surprise. When she noticed he didn't agree with that assessment she asked him what he thought their big issues were to which he rightly replied: you told me you wanted a divorce and walked out on me!! There is something really wrong with her. I don't think much of Tristan even entertaining being in her presence at this point. Then these 2 idiots cuddle on the couch and exchange "I love yous" WTF?!!? At this point, they are just sticking around for the $$. Makes no sense. Yeah, Amber wants a spoiler/sneak preview of decision day. LOL! Amber is stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy spiral. Her feelings that Dave isn't attracted to her are feeding her insecurities and her constant need to be reassured is driving Dave away. The resolution to the Dave/Amber fight was the most nonsensical thing to happen on the show.
  20. islandgal140

    S13.E11: 8 ½ Minutes Of Success

    Tamra leaving her husband the day after he had heart surgery made me think of another iconic moment on OC I let out a hearty laugh every time Vicki says she would have changed to save her marriage. In the 13 seasons this show has aired, she just now learned how to give the appearance of a proper apology. Apart from her haircut and plastic surgery, Vicki is pretty much the same person she was S1 ep 1 as she is S13 ep 11. You know why? Vicki is a narcissist and narcissists never change. Narcissists can't change. That is what makes them narcissists. She really needs to stop embarrassing herself with that lie.
  21. Part of me feels for the extreme soul grinding poverty stricken life Hazel has but I just can't bring myself to like her. I wouldn't give a fuck about her and Tarik but I have doubts whether she can be a decent mother to his special needs daughter. Tarik in particular ain't shit for potentially exposing his daughter to a caretaker he barely knows himself. I can't stand Tarik for this reason alone. For the life of me I can't see what Tarik sees in Hazel that makes him ready to risk it all. Me thinks his future involves lots of begging for a minimal amount of affection. The whole time I wanted the host to say "No I don't know. That's why I am asking you." The Twinflames are indeed highly competitive. Can't be coincidence that Stacey is dating a European 20-something fitness model for three years and than Darcey goes out and dates a Euro fitness 20 something "model" a 1 1/2 years later? You know what could have really used a warning? Dean saying Tarik is into orgies. Why are we even bothering with the 3rd gen stripper descendant? She showed up during the 5th inning. I don't care.
  22. islandgal140

    S07.E13: A Future to Believe In

    Pastor Calvin: I have confidence that this marriage could work. Note to self: Never ask Dr. Calvin for advice on anything Tristan ain't shit! If a man will put you out as a newlywed he’ll put you out with an infant and a fresh episiotomy with $15 to your name. Mia, her Keurig, and her Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance card should have stayed gone. At the end of the episode, Mia looks so depressed to be back on Tristan's nasty little bed. I am convinced that the "experts" get some kind of bonus if the couples last until D day.
  23. islandgal140

    S13.E10: Italian Night Fight

    Gotta say, I'm liking this season way more than last season and that preview for what is to come is life affirming. You hear me .. LIFE. AFFIRMING! Cooking dinner parties are some rich woman BULLSHIT!!! So you mean to tell me, I'm invited to your house for dinner but I got to stand up in the kitchen and make my own damn meal from appetizer to dessert?!? FOH with that shit! I could stay home in my jammies, be comfortable and watch Netflix. I don't care what anyone says, Vicki has one of the best HW homes amongst all the franchises. Her backyard is Legend and goals! It legit looks like the grounds of a 5 star luxury resort. People go on and on about Lisa Vanderpump's home but it looks like a commercial space to me, especially that entrance and living room. Gina's divorce narrative is nonsensical. Just say you love each other but aren't 'in love' like the rest of the world. Plus, how are you BFFs with your husband and haven't even been to or know where his LA apt is located and she can't even describe what he does for a living? Make that make sense. Vicki's moral compass looks like this: I LOL every time they show the clip of Kelly coming back to call Shane a twerp and a lil pussy. LOL! I officially don't like Shane's ass. He is the type that says sideways shit under the guise of sarcasm, that ain't funny, says he is kidding but totally means that shit!
  24. Anyone notice that when Darcy was seated on the train, they showed a full body shot and she was wearing comfy black bedazzled open toed slides? Why didn't she wear those to lug all that shit up the stairs? TV drama I suppose!
  25. I feel for the smack down Darcy is about to get but part of me wants this scene: Darcy: How do you like my new veneers? (smiles fetchingly) Jesse: Veneers aren't for everyone. I don't know how Darcy went from I got a call from Jesse saying he was gonna be in NYC to packing a giant suitcase and 2 overnight bags and hauling her ass to NYC? Did he invite her to stay at a hotel with him or just ask her to meet him? If this is Hazel in the beginning of the relationship and "in love" WTF is she gonna be like when she is settled down and complacent? Tarik is the simpest simp that ever simped. I am offended that he calls himself the Black Anthony Bourdain. Mr. Bourdain (RIP) traveled to explore international culture, cuisine, and the human condition. He didn't travel for fetish ass and to sexual exploit improvised women. Jackass!!! Hazel reminded me of a used car salesman when she mentioned a rich Japanese dude. Basically, saying look I got another buyer coming later this afternoon to see the car, so you better make an offer now or else. I can't at the 3 generations of strippers. Marta to a Muslim: Do you like my cross?