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  1. He is very quick witted. Dry sense of humor, too. In the Kitchen with David [Sunday] is the most watched, most shopped show in the line up.
  2. I am sure they are pissed. They encouraged her behavior. See what it got all of them? You can bet that Lori will not take a second of Shawn's shit. As for Amy? I am sure she gives zero shits. I can remember a day not too long ago when certain fans went nuts, swore they were not going to watch or buy any longer. And QVC is still in business last time I checked. Shawn may have "sold" but all of them sell. It's their job. Get a few good deals going and those people will buy no matter who is on their television.
  3. Maybe we can get this person together with David the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.
  4. They need to re-name it La-Z-Ho.
  5. No, it means that she has the ability to talk fashion and handle the Facebook page. For her to have her own show is a big step even of it is on QVC2.
  6. She hides. She hides behind her hair, those Mr. Magoo glasses and a ton of make up. The real Shawn is buried under all of that.
  7. Her recent Bret debacle, a big crop of newbies that can run rings around her sorry ass and the fact that she needs this job desperately.
  8. Yeah. Amy has Shawn's old PM Style on QVC, New Courtney will do social media for Amy during the show and Leah has lost her QVC2 PM Style. New Courtney will be hosting that show as of January.
  9. Joe and Joe's sister. I think if you stop sticking it up your boss's ass, it might shrink a little.
  10. I think it was from a play or something. Very weird indeed. What is that thing he is wearing?
  11. It's not major. It's major-major. Major-Major is more majorish.
  12. Oh, she will be a trooper now.