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  1. roctavia

    The Passage

    They could still kill everybody else but Fanning... I mean, that won't stop his mind control powers, but might weaken it if there is just Amy and Elizabeth left.... But i'm sure they won't do that, since it would be the smart thing to do.
  2. roctavia

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    This was filmed like 2 summers ago... ( I think? So over a year and a half) that’s why the jc penny thing doesn’t actually happen... they just didn’t edit it out. The judges made NO sense this week. I did like the dry erase coat but their fawning over the carpet pad was stupid. They gave Irina crap for her simple dress under the amazing wings yet thought the simple dress of carpet was amazing??? I also apparently have no understanding of what avant-garde is because they call one boring thing amazing avant-garde and then something else insane and dramatic costume-y but not avant-garde... Lame judging this week. The bee keeper thing wasn’t amazing but I definitely would have said it fit for an avant-garde challenge... dramatic, embellished and quirky hat? Come on!!
  3. roctavia


    Yes, there was clearly a time jump to get to Marcy and David meeting on the bus... but there is nothing stopping them from still being in the story in s4 assuming we go to a time near when our original traveler team arrived... something certainly could happen to pull Marcy or David back into the story at that point, even if it’s not as travlelers or the way things happened initially.
  4. roctavia

    S10.E09: Episode 9

    Forgive me, because I know nothing about cold brew coffee... but couldn't you just use a french press and leave it in the fridge overnight??? We aren't coffee drinkers but sometimes have guests who might want coffee, so we bought a cheap french press that doesn't take up much space.... filtering coffee grounds doesn't seem like that much of a challenge. The baby seat thing is okay, though i've seen similar things (Though maybe it was her "we went viral!") but aside from easing up some of the burden of carrying a child it doesn't offer any hands free help, which is part of why the baby carriers are so nice... I also can foresee some kids falling off when parents get overconfident in how well their kid can hold on to them while they let go to pick something up or open a door or something... The treadmill thing actually looked interesting, but sounds pretty intense... which maybe could get the P90x crowd or something... but they've already got their own thing.
  5. roctavia


    I think this was meant to be coincidence... Because Marcy was chosen as a Tell because of her time of death and the backstory that was found through facebook... but that was an exercise she and David had done about social media, so none of it was true, hence the big mix up and seizure problem when the series started. The director only knows when people die from the historical record and whatever info it can gain from things like social media reports etc. to get info on said host so the traveler can train/know what they are walking in to. Yes, 001 was the first Traveler to go back in time, because that hadn't been tried before... I don't know if he was 001 because of that or if he was one of the people who started the program and that's how he got his number? Not all of the lower numbers are necessarily travelers, Grace was like 027 or something, but didn't travel back in time until after much higher numbers, so I don't know if we quite know how the numbering process works... sometimes it seems like it's soley for travelers but then other stuff doesn't fit, like Grace, and 001 since Trevor's number is higher, though not that high... and he was one of the first to do the consciousness transfer... but without the time travel... So he and his wife volunteered to get put in new bodies (I assume of people who volunteered?), the way 001 jumped from Vincent to the psychiatrist. So the Traveler technology must have been decades in the making before they were ready to start sending teams back into the past... it may have even been years before they tried to send back more travelers after 001 went...
  6. roctavia


    A lot of this becomes the paradoxes of time travel... clearly there are multiple timelines in this time travel scenario... It's what Philip was seeing and also what protocol Omega is all about- you failed and the director gave up on that timeline, probably to focus on a different one. Grant went back in time, just as travelers in our seasons changed things that happened in the future, he went back even before that so he could change the past, his message went to the director who was about to send 001... it was probably the directors plan all along, that's why the director didn't stop anything happening in the finale, the director knew they would figure out that they could send Grant back who could send the earlier version of the director the message the that traveler program failed... hence the director being ready with program version 2. Is it the exact same timeline that we've been watching all along? Maybe not, maybe we're now in an alternate timeline that has a better chance of making things better. I'm still hoping for a 4th season, because i'd like to see what they can do with this... as they have done a good job in general with the storylines, at least in my opinion anyway. I also think they have the means to keep some of the cast (or all of it if they want) but our characters save for Maclaren could be completely different travelers. I would miss the storyline with Trevor, since he was such an old soul in a young new body... but most of the other characters we really didn't get much of their future backstory... so it becomes the same actor able to play a new personality. With the meeting they showed us between Marcy and David, I could see her as one character that we might not see back- or maybe more on the periphery of Mac running into her, knowing her from his original time travel, but her not being Marcy from the future. Or maybe David would be the Tell this time and become a traveler. Without 001, Marcy won't be working at the library to get killed by the gang... The other characters deaths could change too... I would be okay with having another episode like the first where we see different situations of our team becoming travelers, but this time they have to find Mac instead of waiting for his time of death. 001 didn't arrive, Mac didn't marry Kat, Other traveler teams might come through differently, so that could have a ripple effect leading to our known characters still eventually dying, but in different ways. I like this cast so much, I wouldn't want to lose many of them, but would be fine with them playing a different role from our original series. Especially having Mac there who knows how things played out the first time.
  7. roctavia


    So I guess we don't know for sure if 9/11 still happens, then... I thought the whole point of him checking the window twice and checking his watch was that the plane should have been there by then... but maybe they intended it to be ambiguous so they can do whatever they want next season... 9/11 happens as it originally did, but Mac gets out... or something shifted in the timeline as a ripple from travler Mac being there 17 years early. Sure, he studied Mac's life but we know he doesn't know everything. Did he still become an FBI agent? Did he solve the exact same cases or solve other ones? It could have been something small that he did differently that then changed multiple things- even if it was just the departure time on a plane or something. If he didn't get married, that maybe is a vacation/honeymoon he didn't take so more work possibly... him being there could have made a lot of changes to the future, even if they aren't major changes. I hope we get another season to see where they go with this. I want the same cast back, or at least most of it... but i could deal with some shake ups in who they are... like if something changed enough to make Carly's life go differently so she isn't in an abusive relationship or something like that- like she dies from something else and not being smacked around by Jeff... it would be a fun way to get new tells while keeping some of our cast. Unrelated- I don't like this new forum set up... people are actively commenting on this show and now all of the seasons and media and everything is all mashed together and it is frustrating... especially for people who haven't had a chance to watch everything yet.
  8. roctavia


    He was sent back earlier, but waited until 9/11 to send the message to the director through the special email at the WTC office where 001 initially came through. He just sent the email a few minutes earlier to stop the director from starting the traveler program. Then I think he expected to die when the planes crashed. Maybe they crash after all, but to me it seemed like Grant checking his watch meant the planes were not hitting at the right time... so hopefully that means he lives and we can have Grant in the new season. I suspect we may get some other new characters though. The other stuff we saw was at different times..: so we jumped forward a bit to see Marcy meet David. Last season we learned that Marcy was a nurse, but 001 was one of her patients and he experimented on her trying to build his machine, so he made her mentally disabled. Without him she was normal. And could have met David a year or two before the travelers originally formed the team.
  9. roctavia


    I don't know if the WTC attack happened in his timeline... he kept looking out the window but was surprised to not see a plane- so he was expecting to die, but didn't... I hope that means we will still have Mac in the next season... really all of the actors were such a family, I wouldn't want to miss out on any of them... And as far as we know the other deaths haven't happened yet. (It also makes me wonder what the ripple effect was that Mac changed 9/11 from happening? ) Did we know how long 001 was capturing/killing traveler teams? He definitely could have been screwing up missions that might have made a difference, hence causing the failure of the program. The director also obviously chose the wrong person to be 001 since he freaked out and didn't want to die (which i get, but still)
  10. roctavia

    S10.E06: Episode 6

    I don't know if it's the guest sharks or trying to tailor the products to the guest sharks, but this season has been less than thrilling.... Maybe i'm just over it? I like shark tank to see the new ideas and products people come up with, even if they are ridiculous.... More protein powders/apps/financial tools are just boring. The beer keeper thing was at least something different, even if it's not a product I would buy... but everything else this week was such a snooze... or a broken product... the strap thing could have been interesting, but I wouldn't trust it after the production issues before. The banter and bargaining isn't even interesting to me any more... so I fast forward it all and don't even care if people get a deal :P Why couldn't the protein powder be in a packet like oatmeal where you rip it open and dump it in? Why does it have to be dissolvable? (Though i'm pretty sure there are some other nutrition/replacement shakes/protein things that are already in a packet like that... so nothing propriety, but also no need to worry about what's in the packet capsule thing... and I can't see why that would be messier, just dump in the powder.
  11. roctavia

    S02.E07: no Mercy

    Ugh, Reeva and co are so dumb... you have an unstable teenager, clearly not happy that they were leaving all of the humans alive and you just turn your back and walk away??? They could have stopped her just by actually watching her instead of walking away from her. March her out of there in front of you when she's clearly wanting to kill everyone. I still don't care about Jace and he is so gullible....
  12. roctavia

    S10.E07: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    But how long has she been back with Dylan? Are we going to get some who's the daddy drama?
  13. I though they specifically talked about being high priest... that other children could challenge for it. There may be more to it that we don't know.... like if you die you're out (which I suppose could lead to us finding out Blackwood played a role in killing sabrina's parents) but if you step down you can give the title to your child or something random like that....
  14. In the episode about the feast, they said something about witches don't recognize legitimate vs illegitimate children, so if Blackwood has other kids, like Prudence, they could challenge for the role of high priest. That's why Lady Blackwood wanted Prudence dead, so she couldn't threaten her baby's right to the title of high priest. So there must be some familial connection to getting the role of high priest, but it hasn't fully been explained.
  15. I should have added a "or anything else on the gender spectrum" in my original comment :) Thank you for the article link. I do think they have done a good job with not labeling Suzie as anything, which I think is better at this point in the story- so we can see the journey and the struggle and not just the cut and dried- here is a lesbian or here is a trans person etc.