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  1. roctavia

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    The only thing that bothers me is that she says "You ARE out" or "You ARE in" instead of "You're out" it just sounds so much more stilted then when Heidi would say it (and maybe Heidi was saying the full words but it all ran together much more smooth with her accent)
  2. roctavia

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, though knew it was going to have a sad ending for Gordon. The cigarette thing was hilarious... too bad Bortus didn't still have his mustache. I know the crew was kind of worried about Gordon and his simulation, but I would have expected Ed to be more into visiting a construct of the real 2015 since he was so into early earth history stuff- Kermit the Frog, old school movies etc. I would love to see the crew playing pictionary or something.
  3. roctavia

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    You can win, and then just get immunity two weeks in a row... was it Jeffry way back when who was all smug about winning after being the winner the week before?
  4. roctavia

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Another good episode... and judging that isn't insane. The top team was definitely the top, though the back gills team also could have been the top and I would have been okay with that too. I also agree with the worst team and who they sent home. I was all for Frankie getting a second chance, but she blew it and had to go. It sounds like their ideas just didn't come together. I do think the location of their body mod made their thing more challenging- aside from a strapless dress/shirt a lot of straps and other things would get in the way of showcasing the feathers and that strip down the mid chest looked awful and ill fitting. I also agree with the above poster who said team shoulder horns was a tie for the loss. Those outfits didn't fit well, which was maybe due to poor fabric choice in addition to that stupid tulle.... and dumb ?hester switching back and forth on her fabrics and cutting them up but not using them, so rude! There is drama in this show but it doesn't irritate me as much yet as it has in other seasons... but we'll see if it gets to me more in a few episodes. I also like that they are back to visiting the designers in their hotel/whatever in between work room shots. Those little things make this show much more pleasant.
  5. roctavia

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    I'm glad the picked Biddell as the winner, I thought his outfits were the most well done and really loved his teen girl look. It was a different shape/neckline from most of what we see and I actually really loved that print. I thought his looks also fit together like a collection, so he was the winner for me for sure. I did agree that the mom's skirt felt a little "office" but it still looked nice. Michelle's outfits.. man that jumpsuit was so bad. I know black/blue together can be a thing but the short sleeve jump suit with dark long sleeves under it and no details to see was awful. I felt bad for him having to wear it. All of her clothes seemed to have no connection to each other. Print mixing is one thing, but they were separate outfits that had nothing to do with each other- the strips and then the colorful splotches on grandma... what?? Dimitri's stuff was just boring... the same cut out thing he's been doing and the man's outfit was terrible. Irina was okay, she was probably my second favorite, though the outfits weren't anything out of this word and I can't even remember enough to describe what I liked or didn't :P That's this season... forgettable!
  6. roctavia


    I actually like the Kudobanz thing and ordered some for my kids... I don't think it's advertising good behavior or anything, because it just looks like random jewelry that kids wear. I do think it's certainly for little kids, which is why I ordered it- more for my 3 year old than my 6 year old. I also liked that you can tailor it to your kids needs. There have been tons of studies that show positive re-enforcement works better than negative, so I don't have a problem with "rewards." My kids won't be earning kudos for eating dinner or not whining... but if they do a good job behaving in a new situation... or staying in bed at night (that's my 3 year old's problem right now) a specific goal/ behavior we want to improve, then I could see it working well. But I guess we'll see.... so far this is the only thing I've had any interest in buying from 10 seasons of shark tank... And if it doesn't work for behavior, my kids will still love a fun new changeable bracelet to wear- it's similar to the magic band buddies for disney magic bands or those buttons people put in their crocs...
  7. I'm saddened about no more Garage Sale Mysteries, since they were fun... but really, I would be fine if they just recast her role and used the scripts they already have... They replaced the husband no fuss after the first movie... Someone should just be like "Oh, I love your new haircut!!" and then go on as if she's the same character. I have no desire to watch LL in anything after this scandal (Just as I won't watch Rosanne or Cosby or many of these shows with crappy human beings in them) but I liked to setting of the antique shop and how the murders came about. Though if LL Is part of the production team, then that wouldn't be happening. Either way, I hope they can find some new mysteries to fill the gap, that's what I want from the HMM channel.... Add me to the people who hate all of the months of christmas movies- unless you can make a christmas murder mystery! I like the Fixer uppers and Murder she baked, so I wish we could get more of those.
  8. roctavia

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I am really glad to see PR back on Bravo, I hope the rest of the season continues in this vein- linger challenges, more supportive cast... not completely bonkers judging. i was okay with the top and bottom looks; mostly... though the winning dress was middle of the road to me. I think part of the problem was how it was cut in the front and the fact that models don’t wear undergarments... the dress seemed to hang from her nipples and it just wasn’t appealing to me. I agree that I would have picked the other dress as the winner. I was also okay with the person who was aufed her outfit was boring and I still have flashbacks from whichever season that was where one of the top designers kept making boring skirts and crop tops with gallons of praise. Frankie was drama tastic, but I would rather see more from her than Cavenaugh. I think her outfit could have been neat and tasteful if she had enough time and it covered more of the models booty. I loved the blue and the striping she did... she also was getting so much screen time I had a feeling she was staying, since why give the sob story only to eliminated her? In a few episodes it would have been the loser edit. Christian was very much channeling Tim Gunn with his mannerisms and just his approach to the contestants. I miss Tim but Christian was a better mentor than I expected. Comparing this to All Stars is not even a fair comparison it is so many miles better! Hopefully the season will only get better!!
  9. roctavia

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    Uh... I was almost glad for Nina for a second when she dissented and liked Anthony Ryan's dress... While the feathers did feel off, especially when the dress was standing still, the silhouette was nice and flattering and it looked well finished. I liked the yellow on the sleeves. I didn't mind the feathers as much when it was walking, but I get that the judges didn't like them overall... but still, it didn't make his dress the worst by a long shot. Michelle's should have definitely gone home, I can't believe Isaac could call it a crafting/felt project and still think it should stay over Anthony Ryan. Dimitri's was okay, it had some good ideas but the execution was lacking and definitely didn't seem fancy enough. I liked both Biddell and Irina's, though I agree another layer of tulle in her skirt would have helped. The red looked great, though it did make the model look really wide. This judging is such garbage.
  10. roctavia

    The Passage

    What I wasn't clear on was, didn't Lila leave to try and get to the CDC? That would make me think she took the remaining dose of the cure along with her, but then it looked to me like Amy gave Wolgast the cure... so ????
  11. roctavia

    The Passage

    I don't get how Babcock saved Richards... didn't they say earlier that every time they tried to change the virus, it would revert to essentially the original and they still ended up with a new viral? So just giving him her blood should have made him turn. I also thought they said that Amy's blood wasn't enough- that's why they struggled so long to finally find a cure, so her blood shouldn't do anything good either. I assumed she gave Wolgast the cure, not just injected him with her blood, though I thought Lilah took the cure, so I don't get it and they kind of changed the rules on us. But that said, I am glad that gives us the chance to see more of these characters in the future and not as mindless vampire things. I expect they will bring in plenty of new characters from the books, but change the story in a way to keep Wolgast and Amy along with Fanning/Babcock central to the story. I haven't read the actual books, just summaries, but we don't really know much about the other 12 besides Carter and Martinez, so I figure we won't get to know too many more of the 12 if there is another season since there are already a lot of characters. But I guess we'll find if we get another season.
  12. roctavia

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    I get the complaints about Anthony Ryan's thing missing a sleeve... but really in cold weather sometimes you were impractical stuff because you aren't going to be outside long.... Living in the midwest, we still go places when there is snow everywhere, but if it's going from the car into a restaurant or event, I could see wearing a statement piece without a sleeve and just bearing the cold for the brief moments outside. I know that wasn't the challenge, but none of these outfits were for spending lots of time and staying outdoors, aside from maybe the miami beachy kind of things...
  13. roctavia

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    Like always I don't get what the judges are smoking because I don't agree again at all. Definitely not with Michelle as the winner.... her outfit was fug and didn't fit the challenge- a raincoat should cover your head and it seemed like the one guest judge was getting at that earlier in the critique but then said nothing about it when they got to Michelle. I also didn't think their bottom two were that bad. The flowy one looked cool as she walked and was functional to cover up more, and while it was a lot of straps that wrapping and wrapping looked cool around the waist. I also didn't hate the jumpsuit. It was different with the slimy plastic looking stuff and had some cute details. It seemed miami to me. Anthony Ryan's look is the same as the look that got sent home last week- one long sleeve, one bare arm... some sort of strappyness to the arm... though overall I liked his look (and liked the eliminated design a lot last week too) even if her arm would get cold. The cape should have been wider in the back that she could grab it and pull it forward over her cold arm if necessary. Dimitri's was terrible... what was he even making????? That dress might have been thin fabric but didn't look comfortable for hot weather and his coat was so disconnected! ugh. He should have been in the bottom. I liked Irina's and it was the most functional for the challenge. She thought about fabrics that would protect from the weather. I don't get the problem they had with the pants. This show needs to be over... I hope Bravo has something better for us.
  14. roctavia

    The Passage

    They could still kill everybody else but Fanning... I mean, that won't stop his mind control powers, but might weaken it if there is just Amy and Elizabeth left.... But i'm sure they won't do that, since it would be the smart thing to do.
  15. roctavia

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    This was filmed like 2 summers ago... ( I think? So over a year and a half) that’s why the jc penny thing doesn’t actually happen... they just didn’t edit it out. The judges made NO sense this week. I did like the dry erase coat but their fawning over the carpet pad was stupid. They gave Irina crap for her simple dress under the amazing wings yet thought the simple dress of carpet was amazing??? I also apparently have no understanding of what avant-garde is because they call one boring thing amazing avant-garde and then something else insane and dramatic costume-y but not avant-garde... Lame judging this week. The bee keeper thing wasn’t amazing but I definitely would have said it fit for an avant-garde challenge... dramatic, embellished and quirky hat? Come on!!