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  1. Calamity Jane

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Thank you! I feel much better knowing this!
  2. Calamity Jane

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Burning question I'm afraid to ask - I tried to watch diligently during the Mood scenes, but I never saw Swatch. Has he crossed the rainbow bridge? I think he was born in 2007, same as my choco Lab, so that's getting up there for a dog, but I hope I just missed spotting him.
  3. Calamity Jane

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I am now and mostly always have been a Tim Gunn fan, except for Under the Gunn, which I will believe was some weird alternate universe happening and won't hold against Tim. I have always been a Christian Siriano fan, so I can be okay with substituting Christian for Tim, although I'l miss Tim. Not feeling quite as accepting of the not-Heidi, though. I'm old and don't adapt all that well to change anymore! I guess we'll see how it goes. Overall already liking the switch back to Bravo, though. Lifetime or Bunim/Murray or Weinstein or whoever just ran PR into the ground and killed what made it engaging, as witness current PR All Stars season. Awful. And yet I watched it, so....see comment about not adapting to change.
  4. Calamity Jane

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I remember a few years ago reading about a long-term study done on couples, trying to figure out what makes some pairings last and others disintegrate. The common denominator the researchers found that inevitably led to divorce/separation was when one partner expressed, either verbally or with body language, contempt for the other. Other serious issues in the end proved to be conquerable, but never contempt. Randall's words and tone in the "bored housewives" part of the message were pure, dripping, caustic contempt. I would never get over it, and it will be interesting to see what the writers do with Beth's reaction over time. I like Kate's interactions with Baby Jack, and I love her singing to him. It looks as if Toby has fallen in love with him now, too. Awwww.
  5. Calamity Jane

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    We moved in across from a sheriff's deputy who would come home and leave his gun on the kitchen table, with two kids aged 4 and 2 in the house. Once I saw that, my daughter was no longer allowed to go over there. Just boggled my mind. I chuckled a little at Athena wanting to clear all the cops out of the kidnapper's house so he wouldn't be suspicious if/when he came back. Ummm, didn't they smash in the front door? Hard to miss that little clue. I do love this show, glad it's back.
  6. Calamity Jane

    Leaving Neverland

    Finally finished Part II, and was just knocked off my feet. I spent many years trying to persuade myself that MJ was just a one-of-a-kind, childlike, unintentionally inappropriate guy who had such a weird background he just didn't understand societal norms. My daughter was a dancer and, like most her age, loved dancing to his music. Then I met the friend whose son was invited to Neverland but wouldn't go, and that planted a big seed of doubt. And then I started thinking about it all a bit more critically. Honestly, if he'd never done anything sexual, all the other stuff was out of the norm enough to qualify as abuse (and it's a pretty big stretch to believe he did nothing sexual in that set-up). If anyone else were doing it, people would have been raising an outcry like villagers with torches and pitchforks. I agree with whoever said that if those two men were lying, they're in the wrong profession and should definitely be acting. They fully convinced me. It makes sense to me that they didn't really grasp what was done to them until they had children of their own. And in a funny way, it makes sense that they denied they were abused for so long because it didn't feel like abuse, it felt like love and affection. Not brutal, not violent, but seduction. People, myself included, gave Michael way too much of a pass, and it makes me sick and sad. He was telling us who and what he was, and we listened to his words instead of paying attention to his actions.
  7. Calamity Jane

    Leaving Neverland

    A good friend's son was diagnosed with leukemia as a child and was present at some charity event of MJ's, probably in the mid to late eighties. Meeting MJ was a big deal for them. Some of the children, my friend's son included, were invited to Neverland Ranch. It sounded kind of awesome to my friend, but her son absolutely refused to go and said MJ gave him the creeps. She often wondered what might have happened if he hadn't had that very strong, visceral reaction, and because of that she never had any doubt that MJ was molesting kids. I've only watched Part I so far, need to take a pause before Part II, not actually sure I'll be able to finish, really. I know there seem to be some credibility problems, but those two young men seemed very believable to me.
  8. Calamity Jane

    S07.E09: Tiffany's Story

    It seemed to me that once Tiffany did begin to cook for herself, the food looked fairly appetizing, more so than what we usually see these folks manage, so perhaps her chef's training did kick in. What caught my attention was how fast she was shoveling it all in her mouth, though - I think most people would gag and choke if they tried to put that many Brussels sprouts down their gullet so fast. I also thought Aaron was looking substantially larger towards the end. The boyfriends/spouses always puzzle me, especially when the girlfriend was already obese from the outset, which is usually the case. Related thought - when I was teaching 4th grade (retired 2015, so fairly recently), many if not most of my students were below 100 pounds at the end of the year when we measured weight and height for their records. When I hear someone say she weighed 100 pounds at age 5 or 6, my jaw drops to the floor. What is the matter with the parents of these kids?? All of these Poundticipants are clearly reading when they narrate, not just speaking, and since the narratives all sound so similar, I think the participants are provided a script with spaces to fill in their own particular details. They sound so similar week to week, if I'm not looking at the screen I forget what this week's subject looks like.
  9. Calamity Jane

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    I had a feeling poor Humperdinck wouldn't live long after his arrival, partly because of the way he plopped down on the grass in a new place instead of exploring a little. That read as extreme exhaustion to me, not sadness at all. I hope he got royally spoiled while he was there. Heartbreaker, and as usual upsetting for my cats when I cry out loud.
  10. Calamity Jane

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    I was sure from the first few minutes that this woman needed psychotherapy more than anything else. The doctor thinks it's useless before surgery, which I wonder about, but this woman was screaming "help me!" from jump. A neurological or pituitary or other issue seemed likely as well, but her emotional problems were so abundantly evident right at the outset that counseling seemed necessary NOW.
  11. Calamity Jane

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    So, when I was teaching middle school, a colleague taught me a response to students who want to shock by calling you a f****** bitch, or something similar: "You say that like you think it's a BAD thing." Stops them cold. Oprah's horrible-sounding pizza with 1/3 of the crust made of cauliflower: my first thought was, "You say that like you think it's a GOOD thing." Ohhh, I don't think that's good.
  12. Calamity Jane

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    Re: Anthony Ryan running to Michelle with what the others were saying about her having "copied" Dmitry's look - when my middle schoolers pulled that kind of s***, I called it the "Let's you and him fight" ploy. It causes the majority of conflict with that age group. Same with Irina stirring the pot in the first place. And then Michelle compounded it with her passive-aggressive "Do you have something to say to me?" All of you, if you're upset, say so. If it isn't your business, zip your lip. The whole thing gave me unpleasant flashbacks to endless spats I had to mediate. At least those were kids, not grown professionals. I did like Michelle's dress, except for a little too much glimpse of the model's butt. I didn't think Dmitry's belonged in the top three, to be honest. Juli's was the worst, but I'm sorry to see her go because she just brightened things up in the workroom.
  13. Calamity Jane

    S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    Thank you! I knew it reminded me of something but couldn't come up with it. That's it, exactly!
  14. Calamity Jane

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    Several people in my family have had weight loss surgery, and the therapy/counseling/evaluation was of the most perfunctory sort. I don't think there's any doubt more would be better, though.
  15. Calamity Jane

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    Possible too that her mom is like me - I will do almost anything not to cry in front of other people, and she was definitely getting to that point. Probably it would have been a better decision not to drive away, but I completely understand the compulsion to get away from the cameras. I heard what she was saying as meaning that she was afraid of the dad, still not a good enough excuse for his OR her behavior, but a reason nonetheless. I do think keeping distance is the best plan. The relationship she has with her step-daughter gives me the best hope that her future is positive. That delighted "Mom!!!!!!" when she surprised them in Oregon was just the sweetest thing ever.