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  1. For Cereals

    Season 1: Where Are They Now?

    I’m surprised there weren’t more posts on this. I just saw the rerun and I could watch the updates for hours! LMFAO over Garrett really running. Yes she’s an ex con and they met at the strip clun, but good for him he’s in a happy relationship. I don’t feel sorry for Andrea, just her kids.
  2. For Cereals

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    She doesn’t want to be there near them. Who introduced Kodouche to cream rinse? It still looks ridiculous BTW.
  3. For Cereals

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    I saw Nene doing a lot of dabbing at her eyes, but I never saw any actual tears... Tanya seems nice but she’s way too happy cheerleader for me. She isn’t messy enough for this show.
  4. For Cereals

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    So is Meri already making money from the BnB? She’s volunteering that money so fast for the wedding. Is it her money? Did she sell her wetbar? I have never understood the Browns’ money management skills or lack there of. It was hard to pay attention to last half of this episode because I was still so pissed at Kody’s tirade about not wanting Ysabel to have surgery or go back to the “real” doctor and yelling at the child for not putting enough time into her exercises that are useless. I can’t stand that they are treating it as though Ysabel really has control over it. She doesn’t. They-Kody and the other 3 wives-need to get really honest. The anger isn’t about the business, it’s that Meri still won’t own up to her part in the emotional affair and that she was ready to leave.
  5. For Cereals

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    Fingers crossed intelligence isn’t genetic...poor Nova has a rough climb. I also loved when little Aubrey lit up when Cole told her she looked nice. Such a sweet kid. I don’t think Janel has the capacity to make good decisions or if she could benefit from therapy. These aren’t teen moms anymore. They’re pushing 30.
  6. For Cereals

    The Wendy Williams Show

    If I can’t snark on Wendy, it’s not worth it. I wonder if she and Kevin will go on a hunt for whoever in the production staff is leaking. They seem to keep the show’s issues as quiet as her personal life like the stories about the younger staffers suing a few years ago. Kevin seems to be a major issue. Charlamagne wasn’t quiet about it. He said that’s why he had to cut ties with her because of Kevin. I hope she gets better or gets a divorce or whatever she needs to get back to herself, but I agree that it’s becoming more of an integrity issue that she can’t open up about her life the way she does about celebrities except the cringe-worthy story about Little Kev’s synthetic weed issues. If anything, that may be one thing I wouldn’t bring up or dealt with differently because he’s not in the public eye the way she is. Instead of Jerry, Nick, and everyone else, I would love to see Norman. He actually does research and retains the information. It might be interesting to see Susanne host a couple of small segments where she gets to have an opinion.
  7. For Cereals

    S11.E13: Tempers in Tokyo

    Are the Twiggy/Clockwork Orange eyelashes a thing now?
  8. For Cereals

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    Can someone please get Meri to a good makeup artist or microblader...is she going to be in the Sharpies all season?
  9. For Cereals

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    She needs to tell them she closed on the house why? She got the loan, so I would assume a closing would follow...annnd, she wants no part of this crew.
  10. For Cereals

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    I’m a little behind, but that “I’m taking my power back” line made me laugh out loud. Who is volunteering to stay? Should we start the donations?
  11. For Cereals

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    Yes and, she doesn’t strike me as the brightest bulb. I think he’s really into speech and grammar and her misses make him cringe a little on the inside. He pointed it out when she said “respectable” instead of “respectful” and I could see a little cringe when she said “it could have went...” Yet, he doesn’t have to be cruel. Also totally understand Jasmine and the hair thing. That would gross me out too. I hate seeing hair on the bathroom floor or in the tub even though I know it’s mine! Seeing someone else’s can completely ruin a hotel stay.
  12. For Cereals

    S11.E12: The Peaches of Tokyo

    Of course Candy doesn’t know how to offer condolences, but I would’ve taken the champagne too.
  13. For Cereals

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Wait, what is this activist business. I agree, where is the IRS. I appreciate them talking about Kody’s aggression but the difference is that the rest of them wanted to share and partner with the family. Meri. Does. Not. She just wants the money as a loan, for the business, for herself, without your help or input.
  14. For Cereals

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    It pains me to say it, but Kody is absolutely right in this moment. Meri, if you don’t want to share, come up with the money.
  15. For Cereals

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Rilly Meri? Sell those walls to Trump for a discount, problem solved. Yes, Janel, you will be excluded from the business and her life.