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  1. I wonder why, year after year of watching, the camera work can't be improved ! Countless times the narrator is describing something special about a particular dog, eg. facial features, expression, markings, and what we see is the backside of either the judge or handler. Why can't they do a 3 -5 seconds shot of each dog's face? Glad the show starts an hour earlier tonight. Waiting for the terriers !!!!
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  3. #sheisgrossgrossgrossgrossgrossgross
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  5. Daughter-Gendel lookin' a little "droopy". Mama must be wearing the better bra... much more of a "lift".
  6. Nooooooooooooooo !!!!!!
  7. .... and the zipper is going to break! How do you say S T R A I N I N G ??????
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    When Lori saw that , she should have done something to prevent the camera person fron doing the close-up shot. Then, again... we've been calling her merchandise "rags" forever ! Sooooooooo, there you go !!
  9. Hey, Shawn..... and we're done with your
  10. I remember when she did that during that show! She went stomping around in circles like she was possessed! Credit to whoever the OAP was.... she did her best to remain focused while the space-cadet made a major ass of herself!
  11. Antibiotics and rest and soup...... Hope you feel better !