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  1. gesundheit

    Will & Grace

    Really, though? Because of the shows she's been a regular or recurring on, I don't recall that ever happening -- OitNB, You're the Worst, Handmaid's Tale, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes... I don't remember it ever happening before Karen. (I suppose you could argue Soso, but she definitely says she's hooked up with plenty of ladies in the past, but I guess Poussey was the first she thought of romantically.) What roles am I missing? I want to go watch! Anyway! I'm in complete agreement that I'd rather watch Karen do this than anything at all with Malcolm. He's not funny, nor is their dynamic. I don't know why they decided to move ahead with them.
  2. gesundheit

    Will & Grace

    Yeah, I mean I kinda love all these plots separately but that they all happened in the same month on three of the few half-hour comedies I actually watch makes it feel like an epidemic. Obviously it was a coincidence but that's a shame. (Oddly this one seems the most realistic since Karen's always seemed open and willing, but was with Stan in a passionless relationship for so many decades that it makes perfect sense she wasn't able to explore her bi side -- while the other two don't really have that justification.)
  3. gesundheit

    Will & Grace

    Can someone remind me if Grace ever did meet Noah's daughter back in the fall episodes? I have flashes of memory of it in my mind but I could just be filling in blanks. Samira Wiley is never not adorable.
  4. gesundheit

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    They broke up because Carol "won" him in a coin toss. Which Sandra accepted, and so did he. They're weirdos. He's also now cheated on Carol with Sandra twice, because Sandra was the one he always wanted anyway. I love Sandra and all, but I don't think we can apply normal relationship standards to these bizarre people!
  5. gesundheit

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Mateo and Dina are my two favorite characters and they didn't get showcased that much in this episode, but I still had fun. (Nico Santo's sotto voce delivery of "I just kept crying" after his virginity story had me in stitches, though.) Garrett just rolling right outta there with no coat on the second he could was great. And poor Jonah losing his mind trying to explain that a blizzard doesn't mean global warming isn't real was flippin' hilarious, because we've all been there. Glenn was adorable in his pajamas. Did I miss an explanation as to why he just keeps them on hand? (Or were they Cloud 9 jammies?) How were they concerned about food rations when half the store is food? I got a little confused on that point.
  6. gesundheit

    The Other Two

    And once again, The Other Two absolutely nails the comedy/drama balance. And really, anytime there's a piglet things are just better to watch.
  7. gesundheit

    S38.E05: It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever

    EoE Island truly is amazing -- I mean these people truly do nothing all day and have no reason to play a social game (they're not all geniuses but even though they don't know how this works, they know damn well these are not the people they're playing with moving forward if they get back in), they don't ever have to work as a team (no challenges), so they truly have nothing to do and nothing to lose. So they're suffering and miserable as it is and they just openly loathe each other at this point. It's gorgeous. A few more days and I'm expecting Reem to start writing "all work and no play makes Reem a dull girl" over and over in the sand.
  8. gesundheit

    S05.E15: #JustakidfromCompton

    I had mixed feelings. I assume the private school has a finite number of scholarships available each year and if Bow and Dre had already budgeted for Kyra's tuition, then it seems like they could go ahead and pay and the scholarship could go to some family who wasn't well-off. But it also made no sense because Barbara said it was purely a merit scholarship but the article said it was a need-based scholarship (maybe we were meant to understand it as both?). I think the details just confused me. But Ruby reading Dre the riot act was a delight! And I was so glad to hear someone point out that there's no such thing as self-made. There is no way in hell that a major advertising group in Los Angeles would hire some 19-year-old who didn't go to college as an assistant. Also Junior chasing Josh around with his resume cracked me up -- what in the world would Junior have on his resume other than the internship there? He's never done anything!
  9. gesundheit

    Good Trouble

    I watched The Fosters from the first second to the last, but somehow I can't recall how Stef is an "ex-cop." What does she do now? I'm not really sure how it was so dramatic that Callie got taken off that case. At least she didn't get fired! I don't get how she was so shocked, but then that's Callie. Always crossing boundaries (often for good reasons, but still very improper and in this case unprofessional as hell) and then being stunned for being called out on it.
  10. gesundheit


    Yeah, Gabe is a prick to be sure, but Annie is a TERRIBLE employee. I found it so unrealistic that he didn't fire her. Pretty much a fire-able offense every episode. I did think the show had some great moments, but I went back and forth on whether or not we were supposed to be on Annie's side most of the time or think she's insufferably self-absorbed (and yes, she did finally get called out on that a little bit in the last couple of episodes, but nowhere near the amount she should have). I mean did she really think the way she stood up Amadi to have couch sex wasn't every bit as bad as Ryan standing her up for a dumb pencil game? And the way every single conversation was about her, despite other people desperately trying to get a shred of empathy in return from her? Anyway, hopefully if there's a season 2, the growth she made this season will make the character more rootable since for me it was mostly Aidy's own irresistible charm that had me caring. (And more Fran please!) Does anyone know why Hulu released this all at once, unlike their other originals? Have they changed their strategy or was this just for this one?
  11. gesundheit


    I'm so sad it's over. I wouldn't say I loved this season as much as the others, but it was still really good. And boy do those two weirdos like having babies. The recurring commentary on Rob's dad being yellow was so funny and disturbing and gross. Good makeup job! Frankly I surprised myself by how delighted I was by Chris and Fran's reunion.
  12. gesundheit

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    I'm always curious whether these people are ever followed up on. I mean I know they don't actually exist so technically they neither die nor recover fully, but I can't help but think about how if I were a rescue worker, I'd be so curious all the time. But maybe it's sometimes best to stay in the dark because you really don't want that weight on your shoulders when it's bad news. Real genius move from Maddie, who at the moment she's being told that her violent ex has disappeared, opens her front door and walks away from it. Didn't really ring true for an abuse victim who is basically on the run from her ex. Anyway, god bless this ridiculous show's return! Just don't kill Chim.
  13. gesundheit

    S04.E11 Steps Challenge

    She's definitely a series regular and may have had time off for any number of reasons, it wouldn't have been about money this time
  14. gesundheit

    The Other Two

    Damn, that was my favorite episode thus far. I never thought The Other Two would get me choked up, but that was such a great balance of comedy and tragedy. (Molly Shannon was especially hysterical.)
  15. gesundheit

    S04.E11 Steps Challenge

    Was there even a B-plot in this episode? I can't remember one if there was, which is excellent since the A-plot involved absolutely everyone and was stellar. Mateo was absolutely adorable with his teeny-tiny speed steps. And do we know the employee who attached the fitbit to the walking toy? I think it might've just been a day player but that was awesome. We never did learn who won, did we?