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  1. marceline

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Can I just say that Beth Pearson is one hell of an actress? To have heard that message and still sit at that dinner playing the doting wife the way she did was some Meryl Streep level acting. I enjoyed her calling him out for making it even longer by having another cup of coffee because she must've been screaming inside at that. The sad truth is we've been headed here for a while. As soon as Randall bought William's building he's been finding one stressor after another to his marriage (BTW, is anybody still working on the repairs to that building? Does he have a super that he's paying?) He had NO business running for office at all but the real break came when Beth asked him to drop out and he wouldn't. Everything else has just been salt in that wound. I honestly don't know what to make of Kevin and Zoe. I feel like they've been together a short time and in that short time it's just been all angst. Her abusive past, her moving in, his relapse, and now they're talking about kids? Also maybe now is not to time to make big decisions like that when the Kevin only has a week of sobriety back under his belt. Toby bonding with the dad in the waiting room was a nice moment. I found myself thinking "Look at the nice conversations this show can have when you don't have one of the Pearsons telling some drawn out monologue."
  2. marceline

    S02.E11: New Beginnings

    I thought that was a nice touch. Kids in the house means gun in the safe. Too many people get their ideas about gun ownership from media so little scenes like that can do some good. This show is a crack fest but it's a fun watch and it's weekly Angela Bassett which is just fine with me.
  3. marceline

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Yikes, all of the Pearsons worst qualities were turned up to maximum. This was just an awful episode to sit through. I'm surprised that people couldn't tell that Kevin was drunk. I could tell by the way he went up to the information desk. Then of course Randall was all messed up on his own drug of choice: superiority. I could feel for Rebecca because she was at least trying to de-escalate with her constant litany of trivia. Kevin's treatment of Madison was abhorrent as was Toby's joke at Miguel's expense. The only nice thing I can think of was the moment between Beth and Rebecca with the donut. Otherwise this was just a punishing circus of self-absorption.
  4. marceline

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Maggie babbling away about Richard and Ellis is just so...her. She's just such a self-involved airhead. How has she not given any thought to this issue before about whether or not to be open about her parentage. And I'll be the contrarian here: yes it's Maggie's story but it's not ONLY her story. Her decision whether or not to "go public" affects people other than her. It affects Richard and Meredith. She doesn't need their permission but the least she could do is give them a heads up that she's going to put their business in the street. Owen continues to be an emotionally abusive ass. Amelia has never been my favorite character - although I find post-tumor Amelia much more tolerable - but I was cheering her on. She made nothing but good choices in this ep. She saw the warning signs that co-parenting Leo with Owen would be misery and she took the offramp. For some reason the whole baby-in-a-bag thing made me think of the Chinese scientist who has supposedly created the first gene-edited baby.
  5. marceline

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    I always knew Culber would come back but I was always afraid of how it would happen. This worked for me. It should be interesting when Culber and Tyler see each other again.
  6. marceline

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Owen has always been emotionally abusive. The minute he doesn't get what he want he goes from Jekyll to Hyde.
  7. marceline

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Everybody on this show is a petty, selfish, entitled asshole. Owen thinks he can just keep Leo. Maggie can get the hell out of high school. Bailey just thought she could take her job back and she was such a pointless bitch when Maggie asked Jo for help I spent most of this episode saying "Just shut the fuck up."
  8. marceline

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    The Pearsons somehow managed to make imposing on others an olympic event. They barged in at Nicky's then they barged in at their old house. Half this show is Pearsons barging in on people. I feel like Mandy Moore has really settled into the role of older Rebecca. Last season she seemed off but now I have to remember that Mandy is half Rebecca's age. Did we get a recipe for Pearson pizza? It was one ingredient for each family member. If spinach was Randall's what were the others? I loved hearing Nelson's "Love and Affection" playing in the background of young Kate and Randall's scenes. Let's just say it brought back...memories. Very happy memories.
  9. marceline

    S14.E15: Truth or Dare

    I'm not even going to get into the JJ/Reid stuff. That's just a world of no. But what was up with that pathetic wedding? They could afford Johnny Mathis but not a few dozen extras to make it seem like two grown ass, mature people had friends and family outside of the groom's coworkers? That wasn't a wedding. It was the office Christmas party. They had this beautiful location and showed Rossi and Krystal meeting with an event planner all for an event for 25 people tops. I'll be honest: I'm happy this show is ending. It's gone on way too long.
  10. The fact that Steve thinks it's possible to get an instant and secret boob job tell me everything I need to know about what he was like in bed. Janet must've faked it nonstop.
  11. marceline

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    It's kind of funny to me how much I like Koracik. I think of all the times Grey's has brought on a character and practically ordered us to like them only to have it fail (Minnick, Riggs, etc...) yet somehow characters who are supposed to be ancillary become more interesting. I really like his obvious love for Catherine and how it came through in this surgery. Not the babbling before but his reaction to seeing her face. I thought that was well done. That dancing scene on the OR made me positive that Catherine would die but then I realized that was the whole point of having Thatcher around. One parent lived, the other died. I was kind of annoyed by how both Catherine and Thatcher had stories of "secretly" being there for their kids on momentous occasions: Catherine in Jackson's first surgery and Thatcher at Derek's funeral. I'm sorry but the idea that he would show up and not say anything is ridiculous, especially when his grandchildren were there. They are lampshading Teddy and Koracik so hard I half expect a twist because I really don't want to have to put up with a Koracik/Teddy/Owen/Amelia love square.
  12. marceline

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    How can Owen just give Teddy his job? Does the hospital even have a Human Resources department? The way these people just decide among themselves who should have what job is ridiculous.
  13. marceline

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I liked this episode. It dealt with some things I've been wanting to see addressed. This really helps bring poke some holes in the myth of St. Jack. Jack's judgment destroyed his relationship with his brother and denied his family a connection that they certainly needed after his death and it denied Nicky something he desperately needed in order to heal. Back when Rebecca was talking to Tess about coming out, she mentioned keeping some destructive secrets. I assumed she was talking about keeping William from Randall but now we know that she knew Nicky was alive. It makes me wonder what else Rebecca might be sitting on. Kevin seems to have a sixth sense about when someone is at the end of his rope. Just like when he knew Randall was having a breakdown, he knew leaving Nicky was a bad idea. Of all the characters I feel like Kevin has shown the most growth. Also, well done Miguel. It would be so easy to write him as threatened by the memory of Jack but this episode showed how meaningful it is for him and Rebecca to share their memories of Jack. And just for the record, just showing up to Nicky's without warning was not only rude as hell but it showed how the whole thing could've ended badly. Give the guy a phone call or a letter.
  14. marceline

    S20.E11: Plastic

    Right? And not just let them in. She started making them tea. Then took them to the basement when they asked her to and then left when they asked her to. That stunned me. Hey lady have you ever noticed this paneling here? Her: No. Why don't you go on upstairs? Her: Okay. *leaves* I mean who would do that?! I'd be like, "Umm this is MY house. You're here with MY permission!"
  15. marceline

    S20.E11: Plastic

    That whole scene felt like a parody of John Mulaney's bit about how characters are so nonchalant talking to the police they don't even stop unloading the truck. I almost felt like he wrote that scene.