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  1. WhitneyWhit

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story LIVE CHAT

    Um, I'll be the bitch, that fall looked fake.
  2. WhitneyWhit

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story LIVE CHAT

    She at least seems self aware, so, yay?
  3. WhitneyWhit

    "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    Oh MM, you quoting Dr. King is an abomination. You are the antithesis of Dr. King's message. A hate-filled, privileged white woman who believes she knows struggle when she knows nothing of it. It's rich that you use Dr. King's quote about hate (the most overused of his quotes and most likely the only she knows) when you are one of the most hateful people I have ever seen. How many times has she stated that she hates Hilary Clinton? Or when she disagreed with Joy when she said President Obama was good man, after he eulogized her father? They should have sent her to her room before taping this episode.
  4. WhitneyWhit

    S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    Oh that warms my cold dark heart. She looks amazing and I am so happy to see her smiling. Way to go, Dottie!
  5. WhitneyWhit

    Worst Cooks In America

    I feel like we're supposed to find Alison quirky and fun but I find her annoying as hell. And I'm sorry, I come from a state where it's not uncommon to hear someone put a 'r' in words like wash but never have I heard anyone put one in squash, regardless of how they pronounce wash, so she can have a seat. Britney's parents told her she was cute way too many times. I'm glad that Alton and Sponge went home. Alison and Antoinette need to go next.
  6. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    We have a patient who is literally bursting at the seams. I'll be in the corner if y'all need me.
  7. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    The Schenee's of the world are too knowledged for this show now.
  8. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    "I'm trying to stick to the diet as best as I can" and here we go!
  9. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm so judgey but the only thing I can focus on is how filthy that stove is.
  10. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    See now they've pissed me off. They parked in a space that clearly had blue lines painted through it indicating that the spots on either side were for vans. As someone who has a family member that is wheelchair bound, nothing pisses me off more than to say lazy fuckers parked in those spaces.
  11. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    OMG her toes!! They look almost black. I hope it's just dirt and not something like gangrene.
  12. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm sorry but for a second I thought her brother was trans man.....not that there's anything wrong with that mind you.
  13. WhitneyWhit

    S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    Hello Pounders! I'm so excited to be taking part in my first live chat of the season that I went out and bought the finest sheet I could find to drape over my person in an elegant manner and brought frahhhd rice for everyone!
  14. WhitneyWhit

    TV Tropes You Hate

    I hate the "How am I going to pay for college" trope. In the TV world, there's only two ways to pay for college; your parents pay everything, or you receive some sort of full ride scholarship, financial aid, grants, loans, etc. do not exist.
  15. WhitneyWhit

    "The View": Week Of 10/15/2018

    I'm catching up on this week's shows and despite what MM thinks, she is not a patriot, she is a nationalist. Her anti UK views are absolute insanity.