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  1. cincivic

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    As former performer, you always treat your dress rehearsal as if it was the first performance.
  2. cincivic

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    Where was Angel's famous jump on the table? The band seems to be overpowering the performances.
  3. Regina King wasn't nominated for a SAG award. I do think her GG win will help at Oscar nomination time.
  4. cincivic

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    They can certainly name the child Diana. They just don't have to call her Diana. Give the child a nickname. Harry is actually Henry. Meghan goes by her middle name.
  5. cincivic

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I have had this name thought since they announced Meghan was pregnant. Diana Alexandra Isabella. DAI. Give the child the nickname Daisy. I think they will go for Philip if they have a boy.
  6. Sorry if this has already been answered, but who have been the point girls since the show premiered?
  7. cincivic

    S09.E01: A New Beginning.

    Was it my imagination or were Earl's (Ken's dad) hands tied in front of him? Was he going to be executed, too?
  8. cincivic

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Juelia got the better looking Bass brother.
  9. cincivic

    S03.E07: Walking on Broken Glass

    Spot on!!!!!!!!!
  10. cincivic

    Things We Hate About The Handmaid's Tale

    The darkness and the speaking voices is just annoying. Why does everything have to be so dark? My big pet peeve is that the men act as if June is so incredibly gorgeous. I am sorry, Moss is a good actress but IMO she is just plain looking. Even in real life, she is just average. Alexis BLedel is much prettier. Petty, I know.
  11. cincivic

    S06.E10: START

    I was up to the early hours binging seasons 5 and 6 so if this was already discussed, I apologize. With Elizabeth not going through with the killing of the one guy and killing a KGB agent, why go home to Russia at the end? Wouldn't they be in serious trouble with the Center back home? Wouldnt the Center want them dead for not going through with an assignment as big as that one? I thought Claudia was going to kill Elizabeth on the spot with the hot soup and ladle.
  12. cincivic

    S.14.E04: The Blind Auditions Part 4

    I absolutely loved Terrance and his version of "My Girl". I watched it twice. It is easily one of my fave auditions ever.
  13. cincivic

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Where was Dorothy Malone in the In Memorium section? They excluded an actual Oscar winning actress?
  14. cincivic

    S02.E06: Mother Knows Best

    The Carl's lack of appeal is understandable. Same with Everett. There is nothing attractive or appealing about either one. My question is, what is appealing about Lauren? Not attractive in the least. I don't find her pretty just incredibly average. She talks to fast, she doesn't seem smart, she is vain. She has no interesting qualities. Why does she think she is such a great catch?
  15. cincivic

    The Annual Grammy Awards Topic

    I only recognized Cyndi Pauper on stage with Kesha. I didn't catch the names of the others. Who were they?