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  1. cambridgeguy

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    I see that Cisco has switched back to "my powers are a curse" mode. Maybe it would be an easier sell if Kamilla had gotten hurt as a direct result of his powers. One of these days I'd like to see Team Flash's response to the victims of a meta criminal they could have stopped with the cure but didn't because of consent issues. Sure. we could have stripped the villain of their powers and saved lives, but you know, we wanted to claim the moral high ground. That's worth it, right? At least they had that line about how the cure would probably kill present day Grace - at least being unwilling to kill someone who technically hasn't done anything yet is a more reasonable stance.
  2. cambridgeguy

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    That was actually SA's reaction when he found out he'd be getting a full episode's pay for 30 seconds of screentime and one line of dialogue.
  3. cambridgeguy

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    James is Kara's best friend? I suppose there aren't too many candidates to choose from but that didn't seem right after the past few seasons. Nor did Alex being so strident - just how many James-Alex solo scenes have we actually had? While I can certainly buy Lex sabotaging the power at the hospital and forcing Lena's hand how did he know it would coincide with Manchester's actions? That's pretty convenient. I'm sure Eve was just waiting to bust out her evil henchwoman outfit - but congrats to her for apparently pulling off one very long con if she really had been working for Lex since before we first saw her.
  4. cambridgeguy

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

    This is not the Danvers/Olsen couple I expected to see back in season 1. Although if Alex is like her sister she'll spend all of next season pining for Kelly before suddenly deciding she has absolutely zero interest in her.
  5. cambridgeguy

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I'm betting the Russo's don't give a rat's ass about what some people on twitter think. Unless there's some CGI trickery going on it looks like Carol isn't going to help solve the problem right away. Black Widow has her short blond hair in this scene but she has longer red hair in most of the rest of the trailer. Speaking of hair, (presumably) losing your family is obviously a horrible thing but that's no excuse for such a ridiculous hair style, Hawkeye.
  6. cambridgeguy

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Yeah, I'm sure a lot of it is based on the fine print the agents helped negotiate. I do think it's funny that almost everyone is looking to their right while Thor is gazing to his left and Okoye isn't really looking at anything. Why aren't you gawking like everyone else? They're probably going to the quantum realm.
  7. cambridgeguy

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    New Trailer
  8. cambridgeguy

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    To be fair, the self appointed guardians of time (the Time Bureau) and the Frank Drebin guardians of time (the Legends) don't seem to be particularly inclined to do anything so why should team Flash care?
  9. cambridgeguy

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    Maybe not, depending on how much coverage the Devoe trial got but Cicada does know about Iris and had the smarts to google her. A quick search would probably bring up a photo of the two of them together.
  10. cambridgeguy

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    Say, whatever happened to Ralph? Shouldn't he be around to help fight Cicada?
  11. cambridgeguy

    S07.E15: Training Day

    I'm pretty sure having easily opened drums of (boiling!) hydrofluoric acid just lying around is an OSHA violation. Just breathing those fumes wold have sent Midas to the hospital ASAP.
  12. cambridgeguy

    S07.E15: Training Day

    A prisoner stabbed? Typical shenanigans in a place like Slabside. It's believable that someone could craft a makeshift shiv and do the deed in the shower or mess hall. A prisoner burnt to a crisp? Where are theyto get the flammable liquid and the opportunity to douse the victim without any witnesses?
  13. cambridgeguy

    S07.E15: Training Day

    Are William and Mia supposed to be the Luke and Leia of the Arrowverse? The two do work pretty well, though. It also really, really sucks to know that all of Oliver's talk of making the city a better place for his family is leading to an epic failure and his own absence from their lives. All of his hopes and dreams are about to come crashing down. One downside - if you introduce the Highlander as your big bad then don't have him just disappear in the very next episode. There aren't too many left, you know.
  14. cambridgeguy

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Maybe in the pre-internet age but not anymore. Exhibit A would be Michael Keaton as Batman. That casting causes a whirlwind of bitching and moaning, and imagine that dialed up to a ludicrous degree. Something similar happened with Ben Affleck as Batman. The MCU is arguably the biggest cash cow in entertainment these days and they are going to play it as safe as possible, so no unconventional choices.
  15. cambridgeguy

    S04.E14: Stand And Deliver

    Didn't we go through this angry hero plot with Kara back in S1? Although that just seemed to be dropped along with any of the tension that she had with Alex way back then. Regardless, if J'onn is really serious about doing whatever it takes then he'll telepathically scan anyone he can, regardless of their consent or potential side effects. I did think it was funny James was telling his reporter about the power of the press. Weren't you the one who became a vigilante because being the CEO of CatCo didn't let you do enough good in the world? Speaking of James, getting shot would be an expected response to his outing as Guardian. Aside from those legal issues he had at the beginning of the season his entire time as a vigilante has been surprisingly free of consequences.