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  1. WerWerWer

    S08.E22: The Hangover

    Either that or I'd say to Jace, next time you try something like this, I'll take you at your word and you can go live with your feral bio mom and UBT on THE LAND. And I'd mean it, too. (I understand why it would be REALLY hard for Barb to say something like that and mean it, don't get me wrong. But Jace can't go on putting the both of them in that position.)
  2. WerWerWer

    S08.E07: Motherducker

    Done. (Hopefully correctly.)
  3. WerWerWer

    S08.E08: On the Hunt

    After Barb refuses to let Jace come over, Jenelle tracks her down. Briana gives Luis an ultimatum. Kailyn and Javi are forced to face each other at Lincoln's soccer practice. Chelsea and Cole catch baby fever.
  4. WerWerWer

    S06.E10: Dylan & Ally

    Thanks for doing that! Very interesting...it says that they send a therapist to talk with the participants after filming wraps. Which is good, that they don't just leave some of these very vulnerable people hanging after these experiences. I dunno--normally this show is in the category of amusing trash TV for me, but something about this epi was particularly depressing, like I almost felt squicky for entertaining myself at the expense of Mary's obvious misery and sickness. (Not judging anyone else who felt otherwise--just how it struck me.)
  5. WerWerWer

    S06.E10: Dylan & Ally

    I'd be interested to see that article. Not at all surprised to hear they have professionals on hand during filming, as these kinds of confrontations have the potential to go very, very wrong. But I was thinking of longer-term aftercare more along the lines of what they offer on shows like Hoarders. Maybe MTV already does this, but it really doesn't seem like it from what we see.
  6. WerWerWer

    S06.E10: Dylan & Ally

    Listening to Mary talk gave me the idea that MTV should consider offering mental health aftercare for some of these folks. Not that Mary was particularly sympathetic, or any more so than a lot of other catfish from across the seasons, but she just seemed so young and so "in over her head." I at least give her credit for having enough self-awareness to recognize that it was going to be extremely difficult for her to stop (unlike, say, Ashley from the Sara and Thaddius epi). With some help, she might stand a better chance.
  7. WerWerWer

    S07.E09: While You Were Out

    But don't forget, as Jenelle told us on the AS, she waits to tell her kids that her flavor of the month is her booooooooyfriend until she knows he's going to be "hands on" with them! If this is what "hands on" looks like, I can't imagine "hands off."
  8. WerWerWer

    S03.E04: Lucille & Kidd Cole

    Looks like Kidd Cole's heading to the slammer: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/man-sentenced-for-making-hundreds-of-terrorist-threats-to-dc-metro-transit/2016/03/23/b154937a-efa6-11e5-85a6-2132cf446d0a_story.html?hpid=hp_local-news_stonecoleman-1245pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
  9. WerWerWer

    S05.E07: From Monogamy to Polygamy

    It was not, and yes, he did. I don't remember exactly which blessing he was trying to say, but I think it was the second one on this page (hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz). http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/278538/jewish/Basic-Blessings-on-Food-Guide.htm He had already screwed up by the time he got to "adonay," however, so I was too busy snorting to pay close attention to the rest.
  10. Has anyone else noticed that they seem to have re-recorded the voice overs, in addition to the opening credits, for this season? Meri sounds about the same, but Janelle, Christine, and Robyn sound like they're just robotically repeating the same lines from before, without any feeling or sincerity at all. Robyn, in particular, sounds totally defeated. "it-seems-like-destiny-like-we-should-have-all-been-together-since-day-1. Beep beep boop." Gee, wonder why they're so disillusioned.