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  1. carolinagirl81

    Kardashians in the Media

    Some poor intern at Marie Claire had a lot of time on their hands, or maybe it was some poor low on the totem pole worker who was made to do this
  2. That and the way Khloe acted towards her like she was this big, evil temptress who came along and lured Tristan away from his family. Which resulted in damn near every person online, especially "black Twitter" said oh no you don't and pulled receipt after receipt on Khloe's ass. LoL
  3. carolinagirl81


    No he's not. Not even a little bit. LoL
  4. carolinagirl81


    I think this is just Kylie's emotional response to Jordyn's absence and the "betrayal" she's going through from that loss of relationship. Because TMZ AKA Kardashian spokesperson said that Kylie just found I guess a bunch of DM's from thirsty women on Instagram to Travis. Which doesn't mean he's cheating IMO, what I'd like to know was what were his responses to these women if he made any at all. Him deleting his Instagram was a nice gesture to Kylie but in the long run it might not be best for him business wise because that's how a lot of music artist's connect with thier fans. What he should do his have a business account and personal one and on the business Instagram account turn the DM feature off meaning nobody can send him a DM if it's anything legitimate work related have an email address for his manager or post their Instagram contact info. Also I don't buy that rader online story for a second that Kylie is demanding to micromanage a 26 year old grown man's life like that. No relationship works that way and it's borderline mental abuse to be that controlling.
  5. Congratulations to Porsha and Dennis, I can't wait to see see baby pictures and the nursery. I wonder if this was a scheduled C-section or of her labor took a turn and they had to do an emergency cesarean.
  6. So is this Kim giving us a hint at baby boy's name? I think Arthur is a good name for a boy, I like it. But it doesn't seem to fit in with North, Saint, and Chicago
  7. carolinagirl81


    I thought it was them and other celebrities and Instagram influencer's getting in trouble for not explicitly saying that it was an advertisement instead of having people actually believe they actually use the product. that's why they do the hashtag ad on some of those promotion things
  8. Those sunglasses are actually kinda cute, I wouldn't mind owning a pair.
  9. No you're right, Cindy Crawford's 19 year old model son just got busted for DUI, so North and all the kardashian-jenner cousins are seemingly going to be in the Hollywood wild child Life if they don't let them be babies/kids without having them on social media every 5 seconds. Well maybe not Kourtney's children, Mr and Mrs West will have some troubling times as North ages. Also didn't Kim say that the black lipstick was just a one-time thing that North did the first time she was shown in black lipstick? I've got no problem with 5 year old North playing in makeup and wearing lipstick it's the adult shades that she wears, nothing I've seen her in is playful and child like and that includes her clothing.
  10. carolinagirl81


    Good Lord! There is a nipple on her wrist 🤦🏾‍♀️ who approved this picture?! This is very unprofessional work.
  11. Yes Kim could just buy the guy a house but this is a problem with inmates when they are released from their sentence, that they can't get housing because of their record weather is violent or non-violent. so the fact that Kim paid his rent for 5 years and all this money and still the landlord would not rent to him is a problem that's in the prison community of people trying to rehabilitate their lives from their prison sentence
  12. carolinagirl81


    I saw this and he's totally right in Khloe's case. It's the middle of the basketball season so when exactly is Tristan supposed to be spending all this quality time with baby True? she was married to an NBA baller for years you think that she would remember the grueling schedules that they have and the traveling that it takes and the time it takes away from their families
  13. carolinagirl81


    https://bckonline.com/2019/03/15/tristan-thompsons-ex-jordan-craig-and-their-son-go-on-their-first-hawaiian-adventure/ It seems that Tristan isn't in his son's life either or Jordan Craig just keeps that part of her life private. Also both Jordan's are beautiful black woman, Tristan who? 😁 Poor delusional Khloe thought a baby would keep her BM home, I've seen her situation all throughout high school. WW got with the popular jock BM, thought her stuff didn't stink, had a child by BM and turns out he was trash and now she's a single mom. Is Khloe really this sad? And by sad I mean that non of her hanging on friends told her that trying to lobster claw onto Tristan wasn't a good idea. Especially given his track record? Like just date him but double up on the birth control. Lord she's going to milk this for FOREVER or until Kylie or hell Kourtney gets married and "takes her shine"
  14. https://www.facebook.com/1808784176019543/posts/2324386697792619/ Damn! This is cazy I just saw this on my Facebook feed an damn I didn't realize how many outfits Kim has "copied" from Naomi Campbell. Some are straight from the runway but other aren't.
  15. carolinagirl81


    Like is that the Los Angeles culture for women? To try too hard all the time? To dress like a Playboy playmate ALL the time? And wear stilettos and have the plastic surgery on speed dial, Because seemingly EVERYONE is a wanna be actor or in the business. Because I don't see how anyone, any woman is raised with a good sense of self esteem living in that environment.