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  1. PotterOtherP

    Attack On Titan

    I like how Eren is carrying two extremely sharp and long blades, but still uses his teeth to transform. This is going to be brutal, agonizing, and heartbreaking. I can't wait!
  2. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    No, after the discussion with the Royal Guard he is distracted by the pigeon attack on Komugi. But that scene does result in one of my favorite lines of the series from Youpi, which I've used several times in real life: "Your question is far beyond my capacity, I am unable to provide an answer."
  3. PotterOtherP

    Attack On Titan

    I have good news for you. You are about to find out.
  4. PotterOtherP

    S04.E08: Coushatta

    Mike and Gus seemed to have a really good relationship in Breaking Bad. I don't think that would be the case if Mike knew that Gus would liquidate large portions of his workforce once they've fulfilled their purpose. It's much more likely that Mike would be plotting an exit for himself and his family, not content to remain employed with Gus for the long term.
  5. PotterOtherP


    Like many shows these days, it has a good premise but way too much plot. The whole point of a show like this should be to watch the characters interact with each other and get into funny situations. Instead, there has to be a season-long arc involving twists, reversals, backstory reveals, and cliffhangers. Enough already.
  6. PotterOtherP

    S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    Gus probably gave him very impure samples on purpose so Gale would be even more tempted to offer his services. I like the way Gus knows just how to talk to Gale. He acts like they are playing a game and sharing a dirty little secret.
  7. PotterOtherP

    S04.E02: Breathe

    Whenever I see a character being suffocated with a plastic bag (which also happened a lot on Narcos) I'm reminded of Haruki Murakami's description of it in 1Q84 as like being suddenly plunged to the bottom of the ocean, a hellishly painful way to die.
  8. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    It's been established that people can use nen without knowing it, so I assumed that explained Gon and Killua's super strength early on. Like when Gon teaches himself to "conceal his presence" while stalking Hisoka during the exam. Nen is basically a type of magic, so that's fine. Where things get hairy in my opinion is with all of the "conditions" and rules behind the scenes, like how aura can be quantified like currency and deducted via interest payments. That is getting a little close to midichlorians.
  9. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    Even if Morel can inhale and metabolize at incredibly high rates, he still needs a source of carbon to make carbon dioxide. I'm guessing he would have to vaporize at least his entire body to make enough to poison that room. But whatever.
  10. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    Hey people, due to an Amazon glitch I now have an extra copy of volume 28 of the HxH manga. If you're interested in it, let me know and I'll send it to you for free. This volume corresponds to episodes 123 - 128 of the anime. I think you are now on episode 92 or so.
  11. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    It may (or may not) interest you to know that Neferpitou is referred to with male pronouns in the manga and the author has specifically stated that the character is meant to be male. The character is more female-appearing in the anime and is voiced by a woman. In the subbed version, they were careful to avoid using "he" or "she" when referring to Neferpitou. But since the character is a giant insect with no reproductive capacity, does it even mean anything to say whether it is male or female? Is "gender" one of the traits the ants can acquire by consuming gendered species?
  12. PotterOtherP

    S02.E08: End Summer Night's Dream

    I was hoping the show would be more about the characters growing up (or not) instead of another silly conspiracy plot. Might as well have taken place ten days later instead of ten years.
  13. PotterOtherP

    S01.E04: Tonight We Improvise

    This show is overwrought and filled with boring cliches, but it does have two somewhat interesting elements: 1) Kimmy from The Americans as a street smart pro cutpurse, and 2) the criminal parents including their young children instead of trying to keep them in the dark for more contrived drama like every other crime show.
  14. PotterOtherP

    S07.E01: Dragonstone

    Jon needs to get his "small council" in order so they can hash out all the policy details before taking it to the people
  15. PotterOtherP

    S06.E10: Groundbreaking

    I was hoping we'd learn that Selina had orchestrated all of Jonah's humiliating downfall, thus earning her Kennedy Center honors.