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  1. Mabinogia

    Media for The Haunting of Hill House

    I'm not sure how TotS would work as a play. It is an amazing short story that can be read differently each time, as it is left ambiguous enough to be read as a ghost story or a tale of insanity. It could make a beautiful movie, because of the gothic setting, moors and fog and lots of atmosphere, but IDK how that would work on a stage unless it is a really high end Broadway production. After the first season I understand that they are going for more of a loose interpretation of the source material, rather than a film adaptation of a book, so that gives me hope that they will take all the tension of TofS and the slightly disturbing themes and turn it into something interesting. I've been burned before though, so I'm going into this cautiously optomistic.
  2. Mabinogia

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    So, he's been at this for years. Now I do feel bad for their brain dead daughter. She never stood a chance of not being an entitled little shit.
  3. Mabinogia

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Yeah. I think Olivia Jade's behaviour is a huge part of why they are getting more focus than Huffman along with Huffman actually seeming to feel at least ashamed for what she did while Loughlin seems to think this is just an annoying inconvenience.
  4. Mabinogia

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    It wouldn't have been that hard, Jackson kind of sucked. haha
  5. Yeah, people who satisfy their sexual needs without regard to the person they are fulfilling them on are called rapists. She's basically saying, sure, MJ was a rapist, but those kids were having fun so they should have just taken it. She's perpetuating rape culture but in regards to children. I cannot forking even with this comment.
  6. Mabinogia

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    Life is very unfair. I respect the hell out of you for actually thinking beyond "I want a baby, damn the consequences". It isn't easy to make such a choice. I hope that you get a diagnosis soon. I know what it's like to have something with no name. I was diagnosed with MS a few years back and while I was devastated, it was also a relief to finally have a name to put to my issues. It was nice to finally be able to say "no, I'm not just lazy, it takes ten times the amount of energy for me to do something that you take for granted". Even if I had wanted children, I am glad I didn't have any because I barely have the energy to take care of myself. It wouldn't kill me to have a baby, but I can't imagine the struggle it would be to care for it once it was born. I was a teen when the movie came out so I didn't originally watch it in the mindset of putting myself in Shelby's shoes, but I found her selfish then. I still find her selfish now. She was strong, and she was brave, but she was very, very selfish. The best thing I can say about Shelby in the movie was that she had the most amazing head of hair. I envied that hair so much.
  7. Mabinogia

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    So, when it because Law & Order: Olivia Benson 24/7? Yeah, that's about when I left too. I have tried, here and there to watch newer ones but I can't forking stand Olivia at this point. I liked her in the beginning but she just got more and more unbearable as she started to take over the show.
  8. HOLY SHIT! That is...there just aren't....there really are some people so far removed from reality that they need to just stay in their ivory tower and keep their forking mouths shut! So, basically, yes, it happened, but too bad, so sad, get over it. There really are people so rich and so privileged that they have no clue what it is like to be vulnerable to predators. Sure, the kids were probably thrilled to see Neverland and the cool toys and stuff, but I can guarantee they were not thrilled when things started to turn sexual, but by then it was too late. They were FUCKING CHILDREN!!!!!! They couldn't stop it once it started. Sorry, this thinking just makes me so angry. I don't wish on her what happened to those children, but I wish she would realize that no child wants to be molested, no matter how much fun they were having moments before it started. That's the equivolent of saying "she wore a short skirt so she clearly wanted to be raped". It is just so fucking ignorant.
  9. Mabinogia

    Steel Magnolias (1989)

    I agree with the last two posts. Best thing about this movie, the bond between the women. Worst thing about this movie, Shelby. I always wonder if it is because I never had a ticking clock, never cared to have a child if I just didn't get her desperate need to bring a life into this world but I always found it extremely selfish. She didn't give a single thought to this child having to grow up without a mother, let alone, as others said, with the inevitable guilt of being the reason his mother died. Her mother could have died giving her a kidney. Her family has to live without her. And all she could think about was how bad she wanted to have a baby. Ugh. I just don't get it. I don't have that maternal thing that makes having a baby the single most important thing a woman can do with her life to the point she'd risk her life to do it. That said, there was some amazing one liners, superb acting and it is so rare to see a female led movie such as this, so I do love the movie, just kind of hate the storyline. lol
  10. Mabinogia

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I truly feel bad for her children. It's like watching a car crash and it's someone you care about but you can't do a damned thing to stop them from speeding right into the side of the mountain. She must be a nightmare to deal with in any respect.
  11. Mabinogia

    Disney Films

    Haha, that's not saying much.
  12. Mabinogia

    Disney Films

    That would make a great Snow White prequel. About the actual first time they met, why they couldn't be together, how far he went to find her again. Hmmm I love Snow White. I will always love Snow White. I don't care about real world rules of consent. It is a fairy tale. It was revolutionary, a full length "cartoon". It was beautifully animated and the story is a classic. I really don't want our history, books, movies, etc sanitized to make it more palatable to those who seek out things to be offended by.
  13. If you showed me this picture and asked me what year it was set in I'd have no clue. Other than the red coat looking slightly vintage it looks like it could be 2019.
  14. I hate that child!
  15. SMG had been acting, and mostly in TV which is pretty steady, long work, since she was a kid. If she was smart with her money, which I tend to think she probably was, she never came across as wreckless or wild, and she's happily married with at least one kid, I think they have more but I can't remember, she might have wanted to not work that much and just do projects here and there that interested her. It's really the way to go, IMO. Make your money young, save it, invest it, then live a nice comfortable life only working when you want on what you want. Not everyone really wants to be a star. I think that's especially true if you've been in the business since you were a kid but had good, loving parents and didn't feel the need to be loved by fans/strangers like some of these poor child actors do as they grow up. Plus, if I had Freddie Prinze Jr waiting for me at home I'm not sure I'd want to spend months on a movie set in another state or even country. lol