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  1. lucindabelle

    My Generation: Period Set, Style, Slang, etc.

    I HAD THAT CROCHETED VEST! There are many pictures of me in it as a little girl. ALSO SARA LEE DESSERT CAKE!!!!! They don't make that frozen Sara Lee chocolate one layer cake anymore, but it was the best thing EVER! You had to let it defrost and then sometimes if you didn't wait you could peel the frosting back in a clump. It was areally a chocolate pound cake. I have begged and pleaded with Sara Lee to bring it back.
  2. lucindabelle

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Right. I remember where I was when the towers fell, and what happened right around that time and later that day. I remember the day before, because we had taken a beloved cat to be put down after a long struggle with cancer. But three days before? I'd have to check email to see. I know where I was, as in what town and state. Or more recently. I've been trying to keep a five year diary, each day has five little spaces. Typically rather than enter each day I enter at the end of the week. If I let it go too long I can't fill them in at all. I remember if I was at a play that night, for example, but sometimes the only way I know what I've done is from looking at my to do lists. If I happened not to have a to do list that day, it's a big old shrug. Right now-- TODAY-- I had to check my phone to see what I did last Friday. A lot of things, actually. And bear in mind that students didn't have cell phones with calendars to check and keep appointments, and anyway, nobody's going to put "sell pot with Jay" on a calendar...
  3. lucindabelle

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I also believe Jay may not have done it but knows who dd, a truly scary drug type person. He had Adnan's car, knows Hae is Adnan's ex. Why NOT pin it on him?
  4. lucindabelle

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I too was a HUGE fan of Serial. So far, not much I did not know, but I am enjoying putting faces to names. My brother who is a lawyer is very interested since I guess he remembers well my going around saying FREE ADNAN lol. To me it's already so clear that the only evidence they ever had was Jay telling people Adnan said or did this or that.
  5. I am an arts journalist. Yay! In low paid but can’t be a replaced by a robot! Loves the kids.
  6. lucindabelle

    I Am the Night

    Did we ever find out why it was called I am the night?
  7. lucindabelle

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    He was talking to her and making a suggestion. The show ended on her comment. arguing about what’s fair and whose dream is pursued doesn’t solve the actual issue at hand.
  8. lucindabelle

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    As I recall Don was barely investigated. I’m not saying he did it but it’s squirrelly that his mom is his alibi, that he was dating a high school girl, that all these years later he claims never to have gotten over her.
  9. lucindabelle

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    I think it IS just like Star Trek. original flavor Star Trek. thenpeople who died even wore red shirts.
  10. lucindabelle

    S06.E04: Robocalls

    Wow party of one I guess I laughed so hard at the trump is funny segment my whole body hurt and I really thought I was going to have an accident... trump can be worse than funny of course but come on, “or Nancy as I call her” and johns face and his “because it’s her NAME” just had me dying.
  11. lucindabelle

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    It’s insulting to the viewers. It’s one thing for an instructor to say you should be in an advanced class. it is ridiculous to suggest she’d waltz in and get a job. Unless she had her own pupils why would that place even have an opening? Dang, any kind of teaching job in the arts is HARD to get. and now this sudden part time job is supposed to be her dream and she guilts Randall about the fact that it’s keeping her out of the house evenings and weekends? the writing on this shownused to be good. I’m kind of hate watching now.
  12. lucindabelle

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Ok but the point is where they are NOW. Yes Randall should have thought of this lonths ago when he ran. Which has ZERO to do with where they are now, where she just took a job there’s zero urgency for her to take. it may not be fair that Randall got to follow his dream while she puts hers on hold. But timing matters in this world. He cannot give up his seat so she can teach dance part time- at least I think that would be a horribly selfish thing to do to all the people who voted for him. I’d lose respect for Beth if she accepted it. i don’t see how they get out of this unless trhey “put a pin in it” while Deja gets used to stability and they work out a new routine. does anyone who’s so down on Randall have an actual solution? i actually think her response- about motives and what’s fair— is juvenile and ALSO doesn’t get anywhere near a solution. Given that she improbably gets offered classes to teach although she hasn’t danced since high school (hell why not just cast her in a broadway play while you’re at it writers), why would she be any worse off if she waited six months? eta: I too think they may be overthinking and some middle ground could be found. But it feels contrived anyway that this place just happened to have an opening for Beth to teach so much just like that...
  13. lucindabelle

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Unpopular opinion but- Randall is right. lets not forget that nobody not Randall not NOBODY had any inkling Beth was a dance teacher manquee until last week. auddenly dance is taking her out of the house three evenings and weekends? randall quitting would be a smack to all the people who voted for him. im so tired of hearing grown ass people talk about their dreams and not their responsibilities. Beth herself should have anticipated the difficulty before she accepted a job that would keep her from being at home so much. and, I still kinda think that AS WRITTEN, which is to say retrofitted, it’s herbiwn damn fault she hasn’t done anything with dance in 20 years...
  14. lucindabelle

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    The same lazy retrofitting that has us try to accept Jack was lying all those times he said his brother was dead. You’re absolutely right. weve never heard Beth even MENTION dance. i have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and had to give up classical violin. I was nonprodigy but I would likely have been good enough to play in a professional second tier orchestra. for a while I couldn’t listen to classical music. but I couldn’t stay away from MUSIC per de. i do not buy beths 20 year hiatus. It’s not the way a true love of art works. I also knew a ballerina who had injured her foot and couldn’t pursue her childhood dream of dancing. Met her in college. I don’t know what she majored in but she took African dance. she loved to MOVE.
  15. lucindabelle

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    This. I get that mom took away her dream of auditioning for ballet companies instead of college. Nothing not anything has stopped Beth from dancing as a hobby or investigating other forms of dance for the last 20 years. i call bullshit on her being able to teach when she hasn’t taken a class in that long also. dance doesn’t work that way. Her technique would be there underneath but she’d need months to get it back. in my experience if you have a true love for an art form you find yourself doing something with it somehow some way. Beth didn’t even try.