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  1. JasminePhyllisia


    Ya what was that thing! It's still winter in Pennsylvania Jane!
  2. JasminePhyllisia


    I DVR'd Shop Shopping with Jane (Live!) so I guess it's not really live but still amusing. I clap for shoes all the time but it just sounds dumb when a live audience does it.
  3. JasminePhyllisia

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    If I heard her right, one of the girls in this week's episode said she was spiritual once when she used to put rocks out on her window sill when there was a full moon....wtf. Was I they only one who caught that?
  4. JasminePhyllisia

    S06:09 Feat Socks NYC

    So true, and not surprised at all that the phone cases aren't selling, many who post on this board predicted as much. And the sample they had on the table had pineapples on it...trendy maybe but as we've all mentioned before there is nothing unique or original about the designs on those overpriced phone cases. I noticed they've added a wireless charging pad to that line as well, and out of curiosity I looked it up on the Everkin website. It sells for $49, meanwhile a similar charger which is currently the #2 seller in the Amazon "Charging Stations" category can be had for $13.99. Good luck with that. I don't get why these phone cases seem to be such a blind spot for Marcus--overall I respect him for his shrewdness. As for the two guys...Marcus visits so many businesses run by people who are arrogant, lacking basic business sense, troubled, etc. I'd like to see more sincere people to balance it out--my favorite have been the mom and her son who ran Mr. Cory's Cookies. As I remember from that episode even the little kid understood the financial statements better than most of the adults we see on this show.
  5. JasminePhyllisia

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    This episode reminded me of the Planet Popcorn one, with the female owner and her sketchy boyfriend playing loose with the facts and misusing funds. So many red flags in both episodes.
  6. JasminePhyllisia

    S06.E05: After the Casery (Everkin)

    Agree with pretty much all the comments here on this episode. Not much to add except the sticker shock at seeing the cases were expected to sell for $40 at the T Mobile store! Not one of the designs was unique and variations can be had for under $10 easily at places like Marshalls or Amazon. If TM really charges that much I would guess they are relying on aggressive upselling and impulse buys, especially for a parent buying the phone as a Christmas or birthday gift for their kid. I loved the MLB idea of going beyond logos and instead using iconic images that are meaningful to the fans. Also found it interesting to hear that designs and logos worn on caps are often a good barometer of what fans might buy in other products.
  7. JasminePhyllisia

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    I think I remember that phrase from a Stephen King novel and I was pretty sure it was one word. Sure enough, according to urbandictionary.com: crazy as a shithouse rat: Deranged, demented behavior that others deem similar to that of a rodent that dwells in a wood shithouse. Last night's episode had Brent and Sara cementing their relationship in a loud nightclub while Panos looked on disapprovingly. Even though they had mikes strapped to their back so we could hear them, how could he possibly hear the conversation? That always bugs me in any show or movie. Plus the pretense that Lindsay and Panos don't want any of the "ambassadors" to hook up is so blatantly stupid, they all live together and are half-dressed most of the time, plus the booze is flowing wherever they are.
  8. JasminePhyllisia

    S01.E27: Season 1B Reunion

    Is it wrong to say I hope it does just because (maybe) the cameras and/or negative publicity will prevent Bar or Stephan from being violent? Why was Ashley swaying back and forth throughout her whole segment--that was weird.
  9. JasminePhyllisia

    S01.E26: What Comes Next

    I noticed she and her friends were wearing those at the birthday party. What horrible design combined with thin fabric, that is a piece of clothing that would flatter nobody. I understand Kayla's mom's position, but where is she going to go with an infant, no income and a deadbeat dad. Is the MTV money enough to fund her and her baby living on their own I wonder? Also with that new boyfriend on the scene my money is on Kayla as the first of the moms to have baby #2.
  10. JasminePhyllisia

    S01.E24: One Day You'll Thank Me

    Honestly as things all shake out he is the best of the bunch (of baby dads.) Not physically abusive, no drug issues that we know of. And he's there. Yes he's mean but compared to what the other moms have experienced between their own parents and their baby dads, Lexi is kind of a babe in the woods.
  11. JasminePhyllisia


    I recommend avoiding this product. I bought one for myself last year and a few to give as gifts. Mine stopped working and I was embarrassed to think that maybe others I gave it to had the same experience. Also I just clicked on the product on the QVC website and I see Q&A but not seeing any reviews--is it just me? As I remember I saw some bad reviews last year (after buying it.)
  12. My small town had its annual tree lighting ceremony today. I don't know what percentage of the population shows up every year but it certainly makes me feel like I'm living in a Hallmark Christmas movie! Not to mention the quaint, independently-owned downtown coffee shop. I'm bored with this year's formulaic offerings from Hallmark, however I did DVR "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" which I watched and enjoyed last year--I'll save that one for gift-wrapping entertainment.
  13. JasminePhyllisia


    I've wondered about it many times. If it doesn't sell out they seem to hang on to it forever, and their "clearance" prices are generally unimpressive. My guess is that real estate in West Chester, PA (or some nearby town) is cheap and they have minimal overhead costs for storing it in warehouses. Either that or there is some tax benefit for rolling over unsold merchandise each year--but that's a total stab in the dark because I know nothing about accounting.
  14. JasminePhyllisia

    S01.E20: Our Past Is Our Past

    At least there is a potential witness to (hopefully) prevent Stephan from becoming violent when he visits, or if not to prevent then to corroborate so he can actually get the criminal charges he deserves if he does it again. I don't remember ever actually seeing Stephan's mother before this episode, maybe I missed it before. Seems like total damage control on the part of the producers to get her into a scene showing some reaction to his behavior even though it meant flying him to FL.
  15. I watched random snippets of Hallmark Christmas movies throughout the past week. One lesson I've learned about the New England area: Vermont is where the Christmas spirit lives (but only in small towns) and Boston is where it is dead, apparently. Sure, all big cities are bad and small towns are good in this Hallmark fantasy world, but these are the two places I seem to see most often.