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  1. MakingBacon

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    Thank you. Let’s pretend everything we see on this show is true. What kind of screwed up mother thinks that is a great idea for their child? How low is her self esteem that she thinks this is a great idea? I know this show is fake but why allow yourself to just look completely stupid on tv? The money can’t be that good. What I also need to know is what are these women seeing in buddy? How great can it be to hang out with a guy who can’t stop talking about his experiences with “blow” to the point he seems to really want to go back to using it? Chelsea fits in perfectly with this group of losers. I didn’t think Buddy was fishing for money from Whitney. I thought Buddy was looking for Whitney to offer to let them stay there. I assume it would be seen as a great storyline. Buddy is a hard 34. I can’t imagine him at 50. I assume Ashley’s storyline this season is whether or not she has post-partum depression. Honestly, Ashley saying she just goes to work and stays home made me think it’s a good way to not have to spend so much time with Whitney. I can only imagine how many times Whitney calls her friends to complain, have them take pictures of her to put on social media or when she needs cream rubbed somewhere she can’t reach. I can imagine having Whitney as a friend would be exhausting.
  2. MakingBacon

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    I don’t think Michael is worried about staying in his daughter’s life. If he was, he would have been more concerned with spending his first weeks out with her instead of finding time for Megan the side piece. Michael needs Sarah because she pays the bills, he has a place to stay and it looks good while he is out on parole. There may not be room for him at his mother’s house. I don’t for a minute believe he wants to move to Michigan or wherever Megan lives. What is he going to do there? He has no legal job history and no education. He has not shown himself to be someone who wants to work a legitimate 9-5. He likely wants to go back to his old methods of making money. I wonder what Megan would do if Michael was able to move near her. With what we have seen of her family, I cannot see them being warm and inviting were he to show up at their door. Sometimes I think she doesn’t expect it to get that far. Megan never talks like Caitlyn about her felon finding a job, buying a house and living life like they are the Cleavers. The only thing she talks about is Michael taking her virginity like she would be winning the lottery.
  3. MakingBacon

    Family By The Ton

    With Amanda’s type of cancer, it is possible she may have a hormone imbalance and she just isn’t going to lose weight as rapidly as her cousins.
  4. MakingBacon

    Family By The Ton

    I think Casey is resistant to losing weight because he would then be forced to go out into the world. He likely finds it frightening. Where do you start when you have never held a job or had any adult responsibility at that age? I don’t even know how you fill out an application and explain the lack of work history. People will just think you spent time in prison. Does he even have any friends? Honestly, if I was in his position, I would find a support group for people of his size because they would likely understand why he has stayed inside. The one problem is that his cousins seem to have no problem getting up and going to work, making friends and just living their lives, so it’s hard to take him seriously about why his weight is holding him back. He is also very mobile so it should be easier for him to do exercise and lose weight.
  5. MakingBacon

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    Since I watch way too many shows about prison (I still miss prison wives), I thought prisoners can only have about $50 a month in their accounts. I bet she wasn’t trying to get any of that alleged $800,000 to her parents who were raising her child.
  6. MakingBacon

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    I assumed it wasn’t even a real diamond. If you are selling a ring for $1,000, you likely paid $2,000 for it. I don’t believe Clint ever had even $500 to buy a ring. I doubt he has his own credit card since he had to use mommy’s card and I can’t see him saving up for a ring. I don’t know if that’s a crack pipe but I can’t see someone on crack having a diamond ring just hanging around to sell online. That thing would have been pawned right away. Another thing, how did Clint rent the car? You can’t use someone else’s credit card. You can’t have mommy pay ahead because I tried that on a work trip and the agency said my job couldn’t pay it for me. I had to put down my own card. The only thing I can think of is that he used a debit card, which is possible but I can’t see him having enough money in his account when they put a hold on the fee.
  7. MakingBacon

    S02.E09: The $800K Hustle

    This show needs to get a better scriptwriter. First of all, no way was Lizzie really at confession. No Catholic Church is going to allow you to not only film this mess in church but film confession. Second, does anyone really think Lizzie last went to confession 12 years ago? Maybe 40 years ago if she was in Catholic school. Third, I agree with the other posters, no way did she get $800,000. How was she given this money? It’s not like it can be put it on your prison account. I feel like Clint needs to be under a conservatorship. I am not sure why Matt was so worried about his shoes, they will always be on sale at Target. Caitlyn needs to be cleaning Matt’s mother’s house, not the friend’s apartment. Also, why doesn’t she try and get a job? She can’t be stupid enough to believe the 12-time felon is going to get some great job right out of prison so she can be a stay-at-home fiancée. Megan is really bad at playing her recently deflowered role, though she is great at playing woman with no common sense.
  8. MakingBacon

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Didn’t Meri take Mariah with her Disneyland or something so they could run into “Sam” but the catfish showed up because “Sam” wasn’t available? I would be pissed if I was Mariah. I don’t believe anyone is owed forgiveness. I have a problem with telling someone else it’s ok that someone hurt them and they have to forgive them. No one would say that a physically abusive parent is owed forgiveness so why is one who emotionally hurt her child? Meri isn’t even looking for forgiveness. She is looking for validation that she was the victim in all of this. Mariah can be angry as long as she wants. I would feel the same way. Meri seems to think it’s rare to buy a house all on your own or with your mom. People buy homes by themselves all the time. It’s not rare. Most don’t have a parent or polygamist spouses and sister wives to ask for money. Welcome to the world of being an adult Meri. Now you get to figure out how to pay for the property when the show is over. I don’t for a minute believe the B&B, nor lulu, will pay for that property in the long term. I think Janelle and Christine get along so well because they were always the backbones of the family. Janelle worked to make money for the family and Christine took care of the kids. They were the true hard workers in the family and respected each other because of it.
  9. Well, Caitlyn was worried about Matt getting drunk and stealing a car. Guess she was right.
  10. MakingBacon

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    I wonder if Caitlyn thinks it’s normal to worry that you boyfriend will get drunk with his friends and decide to steal a car. It’s kind of a weird thing to worry about. Other than some fantasy, I don’t get why virgin would be fantasizing about losing her virginity to a recent inmate. Now if he was some smoking hot felon maybe I could kind of see it but Michael looks like he would break if a good gust of wind hit him. He isn’t even interesting when he talks. I can give a pass to Sarah since they were together before he went to jail. I can see her having blinders one but there is just no excuse for Megan who acts as though every other woman would be jealous because she has Michael and they don’t. I feel bad snarking on Clint because I am in the camp that he might have had some type of brain injury. He is not exhibiting normal behavior for someone his age. I think Tracie didn’t intentionally leave the ring behind, she just forgot it in her haste to get some more crack. Brittney talks like someone who has taken advatange of every therapy program available in prison. She is measured in everything she says. I don’t like Marcel, or whatever his name is, and feel like he would prefer that Brittney not try to have a relationship with her son and just focus on having children with him. I don’t see him treating her son like he would treat his own children. I don’t worry about him necessarily being over the top mean to her son because Tito would kick his ass and I would be ok watching. I just think Marcel will just favor his biological children. Lizzie’s daughter needs to take a seat. Her mom is never going to be an independent, self-supporting adult who doesn’t depend on a man to pay her bills. It’s all she knows how to do and she has not shown any inclination she wants it any other way. If she was using Scott as a sugar daddy, it would be someone else. Lizzie is never going to be the mother she desperately wants.
  11. MakingBacon

    S05.E11: Waltz in A Minor

    I get that they needed to have a reason for Junior not being away at college but couldn’t he have just chosen a nearby college and then forgotten to send his housing forms for the dorms? That way, he could be in school, have more potential storylines but still be at home to interact with everyone else. This show was so great the first season and it’s been downhill ever since. I love Bow and cannot understand how she ended up with Dre. It’s obvious he loves his family but he spends too much time being a man child.
  12. MakingBacon

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    TLC is not going to pay them enough for all these homes. I think the Browns are in the same position as the Duggars. They will take whatever lowball offer TLC will give them in order to keep the show in the air. Didn’t Kody beg for another season, I am sure they took a pay cut. They know they don’t have other options because no other networks wants them. They never had ratings anywhere as high as Jon & Kate. Realistically, reality shows don’t pay that well unless you can bring in ratings or branding like the Kardashians or even the Jersey Shore cast. There is no cross-over appeal. When this show is over, the Browns are screwed. They have no way to maintain this lifestyle and, other than Kody and Janelle, it doesn’t seem as though the adults have much work experience. I am sure the kids are their retirement plan.
  13. MakingBacon

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    So I have a couple of theories. 1. I think it’s possible that, when they divorced, Meri took Kody off the title to their house and his name was put on Robyn’s house. Otherwise, why would Kody mention taking the equity out of Meri’s, not our, house? Part of the deal may have also been that Meri gets to keep all of her LuLu money. 2. I think the others wouldn’t give Meri the money for the B&B because they know she is looking for a way out of the family, I.e., chasing the catfisher. They know that, if they give her the money, she puts it all into a house in her name only, and can walk away for good because she no longer has a tie to them since she has divorced Kody. 3. So someone posted that the four LV homes have interest based only loans or something to that effect. I am not sure what that means but it’s possible that they are moving because they coming upon the time to pay a balloon payment or maybe the mortgage payments are suddenly going to be higher because they will have to start paying towards the principal. Maybe they are trying to sell the houses or get out while they can still purchase property somewhere else.
  14. MakingBacon

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    Lizzie does that baby girl voice that I hate to hear from grown women. I agree with @StrongbyDefault that Lizzie thinks her performance is coming off as cute and adorable. She acts like an idiot or a parody of an idiot. My guess is that she is trying to get her own spinoff. Or, maybe after being in prison for so long, Lizzie doesn’t know that her MO has to change and she can’t get away with the same tricks as pre-prison. She needs new material.
  15. MakingBacon

    S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    I am surprised that Clint’s mother wasn’t checking the credit card everyday to see how much was spent then freezing the car when he realized how much he spent. Also, if Tracie was going to go buy a dress, where was she going to get ready, who was doing her makeup, how was she getting to wedding venue? Was she to use the credit card for a taxi. Why didn’t Clint go with her, let her pick out a dress he didn’t look at and then pay the bill? How could he willingly give his mother’s credit card away? I am with the other poster who don’t get the appear of Michael. It isn’t like the felon who took the internet by storm, became a model and now had a baby by a billionaire’s father. At least that guy took a good mugshot. From seeing her father and brother, I think Megan likely grew up in a nice home, to a respectable family who didn’t deal with the type craziness now in her life. I think she now wants a bad boy because he is so different from what she knows. I don’t believe for a minute that any of these people truly believe their felon partners are going to be upstanding members of society, get jobs and settle down as steady spouses/parents. Other than Caitlyn, I don’t think any of these people would have given their felons the time of day had they met them on the outside. Meeting while in jail gives the illusion that you are creating a stronger relationship because there is more talking and letter writing and you don’t have to deal with each other under everyday circumstances. It’s like something out of really bad romance novel where the felon comes through in the end.