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  1. DrSparkles

    S03.E03: Firework Starter

    Jordan is nowhere near as cute as he thinks he is. TY black jesus that I am not 20-something living in NYC & this is the type of guy to have as an option! it was bad enough being in South Beach in the early 90s when the models first started to hit town! 🤣
  2. DrSparkles

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    Loved Eva’s 2nd dress, why not get married in that??? Kandi’s blunt bob is sophisticated & cute!!!
  3. DrSparkles

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    They all looked pretty, I loved Nene’s dress. They all need to dial the highlighter back to about 8 (from 10,000). shots at the beginning of the reception... doesn’t bode well. I did like Shamari’s sincere apology. Got damn, that wedding was all👏🏽About👏🏽Nene👏🏽
  4. EXACTLY! Don’t get me wrong, I live in Atlanta & love him & his career is inspirational, but a source for life quotes? No. I’m sure B doesn’t decorate her own homes. But that rental is FABULOUS.
  5. DrSparkles

    RHoA in the Media

    Maybe NeNe needs to be on a friendship contract... 😑
  6. DrSparkles

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    Fortunately not. But at the time he was in office, that was the opinion. "Dry drunk" was the term used.
  7. DrSparkles

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    See: George W Bush
  8. DrSparkles

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    At first I was verklempt bc I didn't hear about it at the time (as if my ass would be out after dark). But as the show went on...TYBJ. The crowd seemed to enjoy it tho, so... MMV!!!
  9. DrSparkles

    Past Contestants: Ins and Outs

    I was thinking Chris March, but was wrong, phew!
  10. DrSparkles

    Past Contestants: Ins and Outs

    Thank you! I’ve been cursing my DVR for days! What also strikes me is how many of these people have died 😢 The first few seasons of this show were THE BEST. it’s also amazing IMO, how damn talented Christian was.
  11. DrSparkles

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Right?! She did it & new bf killed his wife!!! I understand divorce bc people fall out of love. The murder is re: wanting to move to NC. i think the mom maybe lied to the sons that maybe the dad abused her? Was the a life ins policy??? She’s clearly a sociopath.
  12. DrSparkles

    Watch What Happens Live

    Diane VF just won life!
  13. DrSparkles

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama