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    S06.E10: Gintars

    Gintar is Dragomir's half-brother and step-father. Gintar and Dragomir have the same father, but different mothers. Dragomir and Nikolaj have the same mother, but different fathers. Let's see if if this comes out in ASCII. M1 F1 M2 |_____| |________| | | | | Gintars Dragomir | |_______________| | Nikolaj Technically, Dragomir is Nikolaj's half brother, but they really share 3/4s of DNA since Nikolja's grandfather is Dragomir's father.
  2. kili

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I've eaten grapes as one of the fruits in a chocolate fondue - I can testify that chocolate does make grapes taste even better. I've actually been toying with Miguel's game all day. Thanks Miguel. I've decided that chocolate improves sweet things (and some other things - those pretzels would have been improved by either chocolate or ranch) especially since there are so many forms of chocolate. Ranch dressing goes well with a lot of savory things, but I think to win the game, you pick something savory with light-layered flavors. Ranch would drown out the layers and make it worse. So, I pick a wild-mushroom risotto. I loved pretzel lady. When you are already on edge, anything can set you off (like the crinkling and crunching). There she was, wallowing in her good news and it is suffocating to people who are anxiously dreading bad news. Also, loved the nurse. "I don't know if you realize this, but you keep saying the same thing." "You keep asking the same question." I fear for Toby. He was completely overwhelmed. He was not coping all that well.
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    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Maybe that Florida Man who wrote their entrance exams is available full time for tests and papers. Florida Man must be stepping up his game to be able to write Ivy league entrance exams. Good for him.
  4. kili

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    They may be trying to extend Kate's pregnancy for several weeks and it fails. They do get some benefit from stopping labour for hours though. They can administer drugs that can mature the lungs so the baby may have less problems breathing when it is born.
  5. kili

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    There was doubt from the beginning. He announced that he wanted to run the day that Beth got fired and he promised her he would quit the moment she had any doubts (and then didn't even though she brought up the issue that they need to be there for the kids). Even without Beth getting fired, he should still have had doubts. It's a long commute from where they live in another state. He was always going to be far from home for much of the time. Beth's job is three evenings a week. The kids either have to do activities on the two days she's not working or they can hire a college student to help out (since Randall can't seem to compromise his job at all). Beth could also maybe get a part time job during the day when the girls are at school to earn some extra money. She was part-time before Randall decided to quit his job because his company had the audacity to hire somebody in the same field as him. If Randall hadn't spent the last three years doing exactly what he wanted when he wanted, I might cut him some more slack. One day, it has to be Beth's turn to have a dream.
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    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Kevin mentioned that the treatment they were giving Kate had prolonged her pregnancy for 10 hours, so that means Randall had at least 10 hours to get there. The flight is about 5 hours. So, the timeline is tight, but doable. LAX and the New York area are major hubs, so there are lost of flights between them.
  7. kili

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    People have shelved their dreams to allow Randall to live his dreams all his life. He has grown to expect it. Beth brought up the same issues with regards to their children when she asked him to quit the race (which he had promised her he would do if she ever asked). Now, all she is asking for is three nights a week and a few hours on the weekend to pursue her dream and he tells her that she's asking for too much because the kids need her. After a while, it gets hard to constantly shelve your dreams so that you can support your spouse to live every one of theirs. Although, Randall does take it up to another level. "I can't be here to support you for your interviews because I have to follow my brother on his search for our uncle because he is in a vulnerable place and if this uncle thing turns south, he might relapse...Oh, this uncle thing went completely south and you're spiralling? Well, you see, I have to be home to support my family so you just handle this on your own...BTW Beth our family needs more support. You should totally quit your dream job because I'm going to be uber busy doing my dream job you begged me not to take. Got a plane to catch!"
  8. If the story Meemaw told about the birth is true, doesn't that mean that Sheldon is the older twin? Meemaw said his birth was fine while Missy's wasn't. If he wasn't born before Missy's complications, then both twins' births would have been considered complicated. I don't think we've ever heard which is the older before.
  9. kili

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I've seen pictures of the Loch Ness monster that had more detail. Despite being advertised as "people of interest", they don't look that interesting. I suspect that they are just people spotted on cameras out for a walk and the officials are hoping they noticed something that could help in the investigation. There does not to be anything in those frames that look suspicious. These real-life security cameras are never as good as the ones on TV. I remember an episode of CSI where they were able to enhance a security camera picture until they got an image of the murderer off of his reflection in the victim's eye.
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    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I think this is the order of the events (told over many episodes): 1. Jack's Squad is attacked while Squirrel and Moose (?) were playing football. Squirrel is killed, Moose becomes bitter. Robinson loses his foot 2. Jack's Squad is assigned to the fishing village so that they can recover with less risky duty. 3. Jack realizes that he is close to the larger base where Nicky is assigned. He wants a day off, but the unit is not very disciplined so his CO says that it isn't likely. He bribes the unit (with beer) to make sure the place is ship-shape for his CO's visit so that he can get the day off. He uses his day off to hitch a ride on a helicopter to the larger base. 4. Jack tries to convince NIcky's CO to let him have command of his brother to straighten him out. The CO thinks that is unlikely and the army doesn't work that way. He tells him to get back to his base without hitching a ride on a helicopter. Jack pays a guy to take him most of the way on the motorcycle. Just as he gets back to base, the CO arrives with Nicky on a helicopter. He gives Jack two weeks. 5. Jack tries to detox Nicky by removing the drugs. Nicky clearly needs some serious counselling to deal with his underlying issues. Jack gives him a few Jack Lectures instead. It does not work. NIcky finds the backpack full of drugs just lying unprotected in the middle of the camp and he's back on the drugs. 6. Jack is on the "phone" to the CO. The two weeks are up and he wants more time. After a debate, he gets 48 hours. 7. During that 48 hours, Nicky wakes up from being passed out on drugs and decides to take a kid blast fishing. Apparently, nobody was watching Nicky or the explosives. Nobody bothers to investigate until the second explosion. 8. Nicky is taken away by a helicopter in a catatonic state. Moose (or one of the other platoon guys) assures Jack that the shrinks will fix him.
  11. kili

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Jack's squad was assigned the village duty to allow them to recover after the football incident. The big guy who was throwing the football was the one who was reacting negatively to the villagers (when the little boy that died tried to give Jack a fish, he angrily threw it away). It does sound quite evocative. Perhaps it is a reference to Jack marrying a singer (song bird)? It makes me think of the song "Blackbird" and maybe that was the writer's intent? ("Take these broken wings and learn to fly, All your life, You were only waiting for this moment to arise").
  12. kili

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I don't know if soldiers did that during the Vietnam war, but fishing with explosives is definitely something that is done. Usually, they use dynamite or home-made explosive. It's extremely dangerous and does a lot of damage to fish habitats, especially coral reefs. It also results in a lot of dead sea animals. Here is a little National Geographic video on the damage that it causes. Blast fishing is something they are also trying to stop in Vietnam and elsewhere.
  13. kili

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I'm leaning to Nicky's side on these two points. Jack's plan to enlist to be near Nicky was not a well-thought out plan. There was very little guarantee that Jack would get anywhere near NIcky, have any ability to help Nicky or that he would even arrive in country before NIcky's situation changed. It was a crazy Hail Mary of a plan and that it even kind of worked is by extreme luck and not design. Jack should have tried to help from stateside (still a long shot, but probably much greater chance). Nicky was crushed knowing this his brother (whose health was judged too fragile for war) had joined up and risked his life and his sanity to join Nicky in a horrible situation. That did not make Nicky feel better. It made him feel worse. What is the first thing he says to his long-lost brother? "If you die out here, that's not on me." He says that because he instantly feels at fault. Then, Jack decides to have him assigned to a situation that is arguably much worse for some do-it-yourself rehab. You can't rehab somebody who doesn't want rehab. You can't rehab somebody by just taking their drugs away and not dealing with the underlying reasons they started doing drugs. You probably shouldn't try rehabbing somebody by taking them back to exactly the situation where they started doing drugs in the first place ("You went off the rails when you were embedded in a village living amongst the villagers who betrayed your mentor/CO and turned him into hamburger? Let's take you to a situation where you will be embedded in a village living amongst villagers who just might do the same thing to your brother/CO!"). And it is pretty tough to rehab somebody in two weeks. Let's compare the two week rehab program Jack designed for Nicky to the one that Kevin got. It's not difficult to figure out why one appears to be a pretty good success and the other was abject failure. Jack has been criticized for doing grand gestures in the past, but these were the grandest and craziest so far. Their chance at success was so minimal, that he actually deserved a wake up call. I commend Jack for trying to help his brother, but not all plans deserve praise. Some deserve criticism. Taking a suicidal, unstable junky from the relatively safe confines of an official military base which had built-in safe-guards for access to drugs and munitions to put that junky in an environment that worsened his PTSD, exposed children/civilians to his erratic behavior, allowed access to drugs kept in a backpack and where he could get easily obtain a box of grenades could also be seen as irresponsible. Jack was determined to fix things and he ignored the warnings of his brother, his brother's CO, the other soldiers and common sense itself. I love Jack as a character. I'm not blaming him for the child's death. But I'm not going to congratulate him or praise him for his patently stupid "I'm going to war to fix my brother" plan which only made things worse. Jack's fundamental flaw is that he thinks he has to be the one to fix everything. It's what got him killed saving a dog and a bunch of mementos - nobody thought that was a good trade.
  14. kili

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    It was just over two weeks that Nicky and Jack were re-united in Vietnam. At the end of "Sometimes", the CO tells Jack he has two weeks to fix his brother. At the start of the "Beginning is the End is the Beginning", Jack is on the radio with his CO admitting that it has been two weeks, but he begs for a few extra days. He later tells Nicky that they have just 48 hours more together. By the end of the episode, the boat explosion has occurred. Jack attempted to get an addict to quit doing drugs by depriving him of drugs and giving him the odd pep talk or light lecture. By the time Jack finds Nicky, Nicky is already badly psychological damaged by the war and self-medicating with drugs. There was little chance that Jack was going to be successful with his village rehab program. Two weeks is not nearly enough. The addict is the one who needs to decide he wants to quit. And Nicky clearly needed some serious counselling. The other guys in the squad try to get Jack to see that - to see how badly damaged his brother really was. I agree that a lot of Jack's rejection of Nicky comes from a place of self-blame. He was meant to fix Nicky, but by dragging him to the village, he inadvertently destroyed Nicky. And a child died. The death isn't Jack's fault, but he likes to take the world's troubles on his shoulders. He needs to fix everything and if they don't stay fixed, he blames himself. He ran into a burning house to save a dog and some knickknacks that how much he has to fix things. Jack doesn't like to dwell on his own feelings - he just sublimates them. He tells Kevin to do the same thing. He never unpacks is issues and deals with them. He thinks he can cure his alcoholism with a few punches to a punching bag. Ignore your problems. Just keep swimming. Hakuna Matata. Nicky has spent the last 50 years barely existing. He needed something to shake up his life. It almost caused him to commit suicide, but it may also help him to start living again. When Jack gave Kevin his "special necklace" after Kevin was injured, I thought it was a great gesture. When I found out the necklace was a gift for saving a little boy's foot, I still thought Jack meant well by giving Kevin the necklace (another boy he's saving? a taiisman to do the right thing and protect others?). Now I find out that the necklace Jack always wore was a reminder of the boy who Jack saved and who is brother caused to be killed and then Jack cut his brother out of his life and Jack kind of blames himself for the whole thing. And this is all fresh in his memory because he hands it over right after visiting the War Memorial and Randall asked about finding Nicky's name on the wall. I'm now a little perplexed as to what Jack meant by giving that necklace to Kevin. "Son, I'm sorry your in major pain and your dream of becoming a football player is crushed and you'll never go to college. Here, take my don't-become-a-drug-addict-and-espically-don't-kill-a-kid necklace"? (maybe it actually works - it is when he has lost the necklace that Kevin drives drunk with Tess in the car).
  15. kili

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I liked that Kevin didn't try to trade on his acting fame (either trying to reference his days on the sitcom or as the guy in the new Ron Howard film). He tried to wheedle into next of kin-ness referring to something that had nothing to do with him. When that didn't work and Zoe offered his congressman (she's a successful documentary filmmaker - why wouldn't she know a few people?) he was happy to adopt her plan. Jack was a man who gave up going for his dream so that he could support his family. Randall is a man who thinks his family should support his every dream.
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    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    While applauding Gabe for being immune to the speachifying, I'd also like to applaud the pie lady. She wouldn't even let the speech start. "Nope". "Sorry". "Next in line." She didn't even point out that she sold the last blueberry pie to the man sitting just there so that he wouldn't get hassled either. I cannot believe that Randall didn't even offer to pay for the pie. I guess he's just so used to everybody around him sublimating themselves for him, he doesn't even notice anymore. I presume the preacher bought that pie for a reason. I think it would have been good for Randall to lose. He needs to take time to examine what he really wants out of life and to support Beth (not accuse Beth of jealousy - sigh!). It was interesting that he was interested in a Political Science degree while doing the college tours, but he obviously went on to study something else (something that had more promise of making money to help support his family?). I'm a little surprised at the desire for PoliSci which seems to dwell in the "shades-of-grey" territory. Where he ended up studying math/big data seems like a better fit. I too weary of politics and would rather my fictional entertainment had stayed away from it.
  17. kili

    S10.E12: Blasts from the Past

    The tall tale just kept getting more and more ridiculous. Here is her uncle's watch that stopped a bullet fired by a very drunk and very jealous Florence Nightingale. And that's what finally made Jay suspicious. 50 years later, Gloria's uncle would teach Friday Kahlo how to tango.
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    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    As Joey explained to Chandler, "The rule is when two actors are actually doing it off-stage all the sexual tension between them is gone. Okay? So as long as it’s hot onstage you got nothing to worry about. It’s when the heat goes away, that’s when you’re in trouble." He offers as evidence that he never has chemistry with any of the actresses he is in a play with. Of course, he later claims that is just a theory and some theories don't pan out (like "The lone gunman. Communism. Geometry."). I think sometimes when you are in a relationship with somebody, you don't want to expose too much of your relationship, so you end up holding back more. It's harder to act because it is too close to the truth. A truth you want to protect.
  19. I'm reminded of the "Cool Girl" monologue from "Gone Girl". The movie that Farrelly cast Cameron in was "There is Something About Mary" which was at the start of her career. It came out back in 1998 (that 1998 article is probably from the press run for that movie). Cameron had a choice...strangle her career in its infancy by telling Farrelly what a gross loser he is with his stupid joke or be the Cool Girl and laugh it off. I'm not going to judge her. It would be almost another 20 years before #meToo, so she put up with what she had to put up with.
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    S10.E11: A Moving Day

    I think they missed a golden opportunity by having Pam move into the apartment upstairs. If somebody is living there for free, why not Haley and Dylan? That would mix up the families and give Haley a chance to grow up. Living in her parent's house with Clarie hovering over her shoulder sadly means she will remain dependent on Claire who will not be able to avoid making it clear that she thinks herself the better mother (of course she would be initially - she's raised three kids). Haley needs to be able to be out of the house to really come into her own as a mother. This show is to afraid to let the kids grow up. They writers seem as afraid to fail as Haley. Take a leap and mix it up. And why does Mitch turn stupid when he is being manipulated by Cam? Cam seriously has a photo album of all the times he helped Mitch's family? That's next level. When Cam was going on about the photo of himself taking Gloria to the airport and having no pictures of Mitch helping his family, Mitch should have told him to put a picture of Cal in there. Didn't Pam live for free for months in their apartment already? Didn't Mitch raise Cal from infancy to whatever age he is now? Cam and Pam are so manipulative it makes me wonder about the rest of his family. No wonder Mitch hates visiting.
  21. All I could think of during that discussion was Steve lives on the beach in Hawaii. He grew up in that house on the beach in Hawaii. Of course he's seen better sunsets. Did they not like Cole? They kept sending him outside to get shot. "I'm surprised that they haven't attacked yet. Cole, why don't you go out in the yard and set up some bombs we should have set up before the time we thought they would attack." "They should be here any minute. Cole, go outside and sit behind the burnt out truck so they can shoot you from multiple directions." Usually Steve can hit anyone anywhere, but he had trouble getting those guys trying to hit Cole. Just sayin' I wonder if Steve's attacker used the self-checkout at the pharmacy to try to avoid drawing attention to himself? A guy comes up to your till with a ripped shirt, blood everywhere and barely able to stand. "Did you find everything you were looking for today, sir? Have a nice day."
  22. McGarret added one to his body count. He killed the guy that had killed the "superhero" - the one Eddie found. Steve then complained that he was their one lead.
  23. kili

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    That's exactly what the writers have been telling us since the campaign started. In "Katie Girl", they had the flashback where William told Beth that there will come a day in the marriage where she needs to be the one supported by Randall (where she isn't the bass and her needs need to be put front and centre). During that episode, she starts out frazzled and then ends up fired and depressed. She wants to talk to him about her problems, but he just wants to talk about how he has decided to run for election to help the people in William's old neighbourhood. In "Toby", Randall states "Hey, remember what we said. If after five minutes, five days, five weeks, if you're not feeling this, I drop out." Beth struggles throughout the episode and completely loses it during the interview. In "Kamsahamnida", Beth continues to struggle, is having no luck getting an interview and snaps at Tess. When she doesn't act thrilled that Randall has hired a campaign manager, he asks her what's up and she reminds him she got fired. "For the past few weeks, I've been pretending that I'm fine, but I'm not, babe. I'm not fine." Here is her clearest example of asking for help. He responds to that call for help by asking her to work on his campaign. She initially tells him "no" because she does not want a pity job. He gives her a long speech about how they are the perfect team. She asks him to swear it is not a pity job. "I wouldn't dare offer you a pity job." in "Six Thanksgivings", she is crushed to learn that he did offer her a pity job. Her self-esteem is further eroded - even her husband thinks she needs a pity job and took her suggestions which he didn't agree with just to humour her. And she missed all of Tess's call while working that pity job. In this episode (set a week later), Beth still doesn't have a job, they find out that Randall has no chance of winning and two of their daughter's come to talk to them within a 5 minute timespan about issues they've been hiding. Beth brings up her job search, the extra load around the house while he is away all the time, Tess going through major stuff, Deja wanting to reconnect with her Mom and the stretching of their finances as reasons to call him on the promise he made in "Toby". He categorically refuses to quit. Beth never wanted him to campaign in the first place. She wanted support from him even before he decided to run. He never wanted to be a politician in Philadelphia until just a few months ago and now everything must give way before his dream which the odds are very much against. She's supported him emotionally for years and now she wants support. He won't stop chasing his own dream to do that. He promised he would quit if she wasn't on-board and he just told her that the promises to strangers mean more to him than that promise to her. That's quite a blow.
  24. kili

    S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    Grace got super upset with Ben when he tried to tell her the truth. She called him crazy and absolutely refused to listen to him. If he tells her the truth, she threatens to toss him out. If he doesn't tell her the truth, she threatens to throw him out. The only way he wins with her is if he just lets Cal die and she will probably blame him for that too. She admits that she blamed him for the first time she thought her son died. Her wanting Ben out of her life started long ago. She was never upset that he died, just her son. That has been made quite clear. When the plane first went missing, she only went on about her son. She tried to make a go of it when he returned, but her heart was never in it.
  25. kili

    S01.E08: Point of No Return

    What is strange about the jumper is that he had no family or connections. Why wasn't he scooped up with the others who are being experimented on? Perhaps his new friends are being killed by the Singularity Project. Either they now want to bring him in or they don't like him talking about the calling because it is their secret tech. So far, Jared and Grace are safe because they think Michaela and Ben are crazy. They aren't telling anybody so the Singularity Project doesn't know to target them. Meanwhile, the gang at the bar are fine with spreading the rumours. Once those rumours get out, the 828 website is going to publicize it further. All of those people died in accidents that could have been set-up. The first woman was so drunk, they were surprised she could be walking. She should have been in a coma. Just fill her with booze and throw her in front of a bus. Second guy had a heart attack which is totally easy to fake with potassium. Third woman dies from electrocution when she touches an electrified garbage bin? Could have been a setup if she has a habit of going out to smoke her cigarette each night while leaning against the garbage bin. Fate isn't killing these people. It is weird that the guy decided he was the Angel of Death after two people at his local watering hole died. You would think it would take more than two to notice the pattern.