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  1. Duke2801

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    I’ve heard there’s Camille drama that takes the place of #puppygate after LVP stops filming with them.
  2. Duke2801

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    GOODBYE LALA //Ken voice// Seriously she’s become unbearable. I hope this is her last season. At least Sandoval had the nerve to speak up and say that Lala’s actions at brunch weren’t really acceptable. The WeHo coven seemed like kind of ungracious guests at Scheanna’s house, no? And Kristen was all “I’m full” so she’d obviously eaten before she came. Rude. Those enchiladas actually looked pretty good... Stassi’s boobs are enormous in her TH with the green dress. I swear I fear she’s going to have a nip slip everytime I see her in that scene.
  3. Duke2801

    After Life

    Ahhh this was such a gem of a show. I laughed, I cried—just lovely. I of course would watch if there was a second season, but this is a rare instance where I almost hope they don’t. They really told a brilliant little story there in 6 short episodes, and wrapped up the story quite well at the end.
  4. Duke2801


    Well maybe not suicide perse. But they weren’t heading back to shore at the end, so idk. And their comments - Sharon’s and Rob’s - about the finale were that it was meant to be surprising/shocking. I think they purposely left it ambiguous.
  5. Duke2801


    I enjoyed this season as much as past ones, but I’m not sure how I feel about the finale. **spoilers** I guess it means that if she dies, he’s going down with her... which I suppose to can be construed as a romantic gesture in this dark-comedy-I love you-I hate you world. Of course, at the same time, it’s also unspeakably selfish because it would leave 2 small kids as orphans. Well despite the ambiguity, I’ve enjoyed the ride these 2 took us on the past 5 years. Cheers!
  6. Duke2801


    I love this show so damn much, and I’m so glad it’s back. I’ve already watched the first two episodes of season 4, and I’m sure I’ll have it completed by the end of the weekend. I love these characters—funny, messy, real. On a superficial level, does Sharon ever age?? She’s just as youthful looking and beautiful now as she was in the first season!
  7. Duke2801

    I'm Sorry

    Same. I once put the kabash on a booty call because the guy showed up in a purple tank top. It was 20 years ago and I can still picture that ugly thing. So yeah, tank tops on men can be real lady-boner killers! On topic! This was a great episode to end out the season. The tank top joke reveal was hilarious, and Andrea’s reaction was perfect! I LOVED that blue dress A wore to the funeral. Damn that’s inspiring me to get back the gym!
  8. That other Bravo article somebody linked (regarding her new upstate NY home) says she owns this apartment. If you’re that curious I’m sure you can find out its ownership status online. But regardless. You asked about whether she’d be doing an apartment search again this season, and there’s your answer: no, she will not.
  9. Ha and then she said it again and Barbara finally corrected her. She still owns her NYC apartment. https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/home-design/luann-de-lesseps-nyc-apartment-photos
  10. Yay they’re back! I’d let Toonces the cat drive me before I’d get in a car with Tinsley behind the wheel. Speaking of her, she really does look so much better with the shorter straight hair. Interesting that B and Lu’s chummy relationship will devolve into fighting, yelling, and name calling, as the previews show. Yet, also, predictable. Because B seems virtually incapable of maintaining any real friendships for any length of time (Ramona’s talking head about the matter was shady as hell, but also rooted in truth) and Lu does seem like she can be insufferable at times. Sonja laying in bed waiting for her toast like the “lady of the manor” in that small apartment cracked me up. And of course—the curtains. Omg! Never change, Sonya.
  11. This. The news of his death has me shook. And very sad. RIP Luke. 😥
  12. Duke2801

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    VC Andrews transcends the generations! But really, the 2014 Lifetime remake of it has made it popular with younger people too.
  13. Duke2801

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    🤣 That exchange between Joe and Andy was hysterical! Like, yeah, Joe I think he cracked your very subtle code!
  14. Duke2801

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    It’s actually refreshing to hear Melissa speak up against Teresa. Teresa has been no sister to Melissa—she’s been a bully. And I think Mel has taken a lot of abuse from her over the years in silence in order to “ keep the peace.” Teresa sounded crazy, dumb and unhinged last night. IDK if it’s the upcoming deportation issue or what, but she was off her rocker. Or her meds. Whoever said it’s becoming clear why she’s remained loyal to Danielle is right on. She’s not only found a sycophant, she’s found a fellow nut job soul mate. So much this. She *really* strongly resembled Gia (and Milania to a lesser extent) in that scene where she comes home from prison. And dang, as much as I can’t stand her now. I was still touched by that scene of her hugging Juicy and the girls. Sad to see how much she’s hardened her face and her heart since then. So much for “just love, love, love” and “namaste.”
  15. Were Dorit and Erika part of the scheme? Because they were talking about it on camera too in episode 1.