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  1. athelyna

    S7 E13: It Wasn't About Hockey

    Neither the paramedics nor the hockey team had a first aid kit in their vehicles? It seemed strange they were using hockey pads to stop the one kid's bleeding. Would they really move that kid out of the bus? I know they were complaining about the light, but I'm not sure how outside was better. Seems like it would make more sense to keep him inside the bus where he would be at least somewhat sheltered from the elements - it's not like the bus was teetering on the edge of hill or something, it was pretty stable on it's side. I assume the rest of the boys needed to make up an actual full hockey team went home with parents, so only having 8 kids didn't seem that odd. It was a little odd the coach didn't do a head count and notice one the boys was missing, but I'll give him that the crash shook him up and he wasn't thinking straight. Can't give Brett and Foster a pass, because once they were told there were 9 people total on the bus I would assume they've been trained or at least been at enough accident scenes to know to double check and count the kids getting off the bus. Nothing about the timing or geography made any sense to me as someone who used to live in Indiana. I'm not familiar with Fowlerton, but google tells me there is a town of that name. The main roads nearest to it are IN-26 and I69. Brett mentioned getting off an exit from I65. If Brett's hometown is supposed to be the actual Fowlerton then from Chicago you would drive down 65 to Lafayette, get off at the 26 exit and drive til you hit some county road that goes the couple miles down to Fowlerton. It's an 1.5 hr drive from Lafayette by IN-26, and Lafayette is about 2hrs from Chicago. So if Kidd didn't even leave Chicago until after Brett and Foster were in the accident, it would be at least 3 and half hours before she showed up. Cross country runners would have hit the interstate or somewhere with better cell signal by then. And Brett said Fowlerton is 40 minutes from Muncie, which makes it seem like they are using the actual Fowlerton location, but then I have no idea why they were on the random back county road that's 5 miles from anything. Also, Indiana isn't Wyoming or Idaho or something where you just have huge swaths without cell coverage. I can maybe believe the girls not having signal because they picked a carrier with the best signal in their part of Chicago and it's different from the best carrier in that part of Indiana, but none of the local boys could get a signal? What person from Illinois doesn't know the word Hoosier? Kidd didn't say it like she was asking about the origins of the word, but like she didn't recognize Brett saying she's a Hoosier as meaning she's from Indiana.
  2. athelyna

    S03.E12: O-- OUR M-A-G-- MAGEDDON

    It's seems possible that for some classes, or maybe just the film class that's JJ's particular interest JJ asked Kenneth to sit out. JJ does have his friend who seems comfortable reading his board for him in that class. Have we seen JJ in any other classes lately? Maybe it's Kenneth's break time? Another possibility- Kenneth is around to help JJ between classes and at lunch time, but as JJ's teachers and friends have gotten more comfortable with JJ and his board JJ has started preferring to go to class alone. It would be nice if the show could throw in a line explaining why Kennneth isn't at all JJ's classes, but I don't think it breaks the show. I still like the show, but I am slowly approaching my breaking point with Ray being a creep. Ray being awkward and dorky and unable to find a girlfriend was cute and relatable, him keeping a binder of all the girls who rejected him with personal details is less funny and more future serial killer. I don't mind some of the Ray being weird jokes, but lately the show has really been pushing it. I hadn't really thought about Dylan being a lot like Maya, but now that's it's been pointed out I'm surprised I didn't see it before. It was nice to get an episode exploring those 2 together. I love that this show makes an effort to switch up pairings and have different people interacting. It seems like ensemble shows sometimes fall into have the same 2 or 3 people constantly written together, instead of switching people around..
  3. athelyna

    S7 E12: Make This Right

    It was nice to see the girls hanging together- we haven't seen much of that. Even if the set up was kind of dumb - if the previous shift caused the dent wouldn't it be in the notes somewhere? The guy coming in said he filled out a report - do Brett and Foster not do a check of the ambo before they start their shift? Still, nice to get some female bonding. Not sure I'm looking forward to the new girl's initiation into the Firehouse 51 curse of crazy stalkers and perils from outside the performance of duties. I think Mouch was just in a bad mood and Otis went a little too far - Mouch tried to do something nice and all he was getting was grief. He can normally take the teasing, but even the most laid back people sometimes get pushed to their limits and snap. I'm just glad they didn't try and overcomplicate the story and have it turn out Mouch was in a bad mood because he and Trudy were fighting or something stupid. Otis does need to learn to back off sometimes, as a viewer I find him irritating sometimes and want to reach threw the screen and tell him to shut up. I did appreciate Ritter trying to patch things up and wearing an ugly sweater - he seems like a sweet kid. Knowing anything about Chicago PD does sort of ruin the scene with confronting the cop with the video. I couldn't stand that show and Voight, so it's okay if you just ignore the show and just pretend Antonio is just Gabby's cop brother and ignore all the awful things "good" cops on that show have done. And of course, Antonio and Casey get to confront the driver cop, Casey can't just hand over the video and let CPD internal affairs handle it.
  4. athelyna

    S7: E10 - Inside These Walls

    Can't quite believe Matt the firefighter who also does construction work and should know about building codes would live in an apartment where the bedroom doesn't have a 2 means of egress, other than knocking a hole in the wall. Glad to see Tyler going - wish he had never come in the first place. Stella and Severide had enough going on with the aftermath of Benny's death. They didn't need the Severide gets jealous and Stella thinks he's overreacting but Severide was right plot. I don't blame Stella for breaking up with him, he really did not seem interested in the relationship. I guess he and Matt can sit around and mope stoically about the end of their relationships. I was half expecting rich dad to smack his kid when he pulled him out to talk, but I guess they're just going to go with neglect so Severide and the kid can bond about crappy fathers. I can't believe the chief wouldn't tell Brett and the new girl that the visitors were senior citizens, not high school students. Fast forwarded through a good chunk of the storyline, because just did not care about goofy house antics of the week.
  5. athelyna

    S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I found it fun at first, but it's definitely one where the more I reflect the more the stupidity and inconsistencies jump out at me. Cisco the genre savvy doesn't think to do the if you really swapped bodies tell us something only you would know thing? As soon as Oliver realizes he's in Barry's house with Barry's wife and there is something weird going on doesn't know to pull a fake hey Oliver just texted me and wants to talk and I need to get to Star City? Did nobody contact Felicity? I hated the joking at the end about not switching them back - they're obviously worried and they both have wives. At least I think they do, since if you only watch Arrow from the crossovers you have no way of knowing if Felicity is still around this episode. I haven't really been keeping up with any of the shows. I haven't been able to get into Flash this season, and gave up on Arrow about 2 seasons ago, and am still on the side of finding the writing making Oliver all "I'm powered by darkness and angst" annoying. Bitsie Tulloch as Lois startled me - I think she did okay, but have a hard time seeing her as anything other than her Grimm character(s). I do like this universe's version of Superman. I think I have to go with since this is title Elseworlds, it's not actually part of the main series and that's why there are some many odd character moments and plot inconsistencies. At least the cast seemed to be having fun.
  6. athelyna

    S7: E9 - Always a Catch

    I think that they gave Pouch away to a little kid who fell in love with her. I think; I could be wrong. Yeah, they gave him away to a boy whose mom was killed. I had totally forgotten about the stupid Stella/Severide/Tyler storyline. Severide clearly has some major issues, and Stella knows he isn't handling his dad's death well. Just let them break up already. I liked how Kelly was talking to Matt about not being able to find happiness outside the firehouse, and Matt brings up all the happily married men in their house. Gee, guess what they all have in common - they didn't date/marry their coworkers. Matt and his sham of a marriage should be the last person to be giving relationship advice to Kelly. I liked the setup of the accident scene- it had some nice shots, but they still fail on the writing to make it realistic. They could have at least mentioned that Chloe was the only major injury and everyone else was ambulatory to explain the medevac and quick cleanup. We heard Boden tell Cruz he would drive him, and told Casey to take over the accident scene and helping the rest of the victims, but they all show up at the hospital about the same time. And she was going to bring them pastries, of course the entire house has to shut down for Chloe.
  7. athelyna

    S14.E07: Twenty Seven

    I think I've just become immune to bad CPR, because pretty much every show seems to do it the same way - actor puts hands somewhere on extras chest and proceeds to do pushups rather than straight armed compressions. And I thought I heard JJ offer to swap out and Reid refuse. I know it's a show about the BAU and they're our leads and need to look like big damn heroes in the end, but does anyone really believe that if it had been Matt or Luke or even Reid or JJ giving themselves over to the guy at the end that they wouldn't have found a way to overpower the unsub during the transfer or break his hold once he had them. But it was random FBI love interest, so even though he was a similar size to the unsub and should theoretically have some sort of hand to hand training he gets his stomach sliced open and needs Emily to save him. And I know, the unsub had a machete and FBI love interest was unarmed, but I guess I've seen too many shows have the good guy defeat a bad guy with a knife to find it believable anymore. I also found it kind of crazy the unsub actually went for the swap, because swapping a smaller, young civilian woman for a larger male federal agent does not equal maintaining control in the situation. Obviously our unsubs weren't exactly thinking logically, but I wonder if any response time might have been quick enough. With the victim Reid and JJ couldn't say I thought one of the paramedics said something about he must have hit an artery. The likelihood of survival depends as much on the injury actually inflicted as response time, so I have to wonder if the brother actually took 27 minutes to die or if he was past the point of saving within a couple minutes.
  8. athelyna

    S07.E07: What Will Define You

    I feel for Severide, but I don't understand him getting so upset about Benny not getting the big firefighter funeral that was exclusively reserved for line of duty deaths. I'm not a firefighter, so I'm not familiar with what all different levels of funerals they have, but being a firefighter for a long time and having a high rank is still not the same as dying in the line of duty. I think it's always a bit of a problem when shows decide to kill a reccurring character off like this, because have to actually get all the random one off and recurring actors they interacted with- like Grissom and other CFD people- back for cameos, include clunky lines implying some of their supposed friends/family are just off screen, or leave the audience wondering why they didn't show up for the funeral. I am glad they actually remembered Severide's sister existed. I was wondering about her last week, and was hoping the show wouldn't just forget she existed or give some dumb excuse why she couldn't make it. Weak episode for me though. Like Treat Williams, but never really liked Benny. Show seemed to have a hard time deciding if he were supposed to like him or not - he did stand up for Severide in the end, but he also abandoned multiple families, had a daughter Kelly didn't even know about, and even with the rest of the CFD they seem to alternate between everybody loved him and everybody hated him personally but admired that he was a good firefighter. Meant I had a hard time caring about the funeral and finding his medal- as others have said it might have been interesting if they had done something more with Kelly, but it was just more of him being quiet and brooding and refusing to accept help. Hated Brett pulling a page from Gabby's book, and thought it was dumb she would confront the girl driving rather than just talking to the responding police who would surely show up for vehicle hitting a pedestrian. She wouldn't even have had to tell the cops the girl was texting and driving, she could have told them exactly what she told the chaplain, that the little girl was holding the phone and she thought it was bit odd.
  9. athelyna

    S7 E6: All The Proof

    So Benny had to die to get rid of Gorsch. Sucks for Severide, but would they really take the whole house out of service because one firefighter's father died? I loved how the writers decided to put Gorsch in the field this episode - we already knew he was awful, and he gets kicked out of the house next shift, so why bother. Was that dad high or just bad acting? He didn't seem that upset for realizing his daughter got into his stash and was now high. While I liked the result of the Telemundo plot with the guys getting into the telenovela, I hated their attitudes about learning Spanish. Cruz was absolutely right, they should learn enough to at least know when someone is telling you their kid is missing. They've been firefighters in an urban area with a large Hispanic population for how long, and haven't even learned niño means kid? I do remember some high school Spanish, but I thought even without understanding hijo and perdido mean it was pretty obvious the woman was stressed about more than just being evacuated. Herrmann's attitude towards the poor woman trying to get help finding her son was awful, I'm surprised he didn't yell "Speak English!" at her. Normally I like Herrmann, but he was just being an ignorant ass.
  10. athelyna

    S14.E05: The Tall Man

    I liked the episode, and thought the acting was well-done, but there are definitely some holes in the script. I liked the twist, because while I figured it wasn't going to be anything as straightforward as the 2 girls tried to prank their schizophrenic friend and she freaked and killed them, I was sort of expecting they would find some giant guy in the woods to be a red herring and it would turn out to be some random unsub who liked abducting teenage girls. It was interesting to tie it in with JJ's sister, but I'm a little unclear on the unsub's motives and actions. So he's just been seducing/molesting teenage girls at his school, and he only locked Bethany up because she stabbed her friend? Or were they implying he had killed before? I understand his actions were part of what drove JJ's sister to commit suicide, and I'm not sure I like the implication that when a teenager commits suicide it must be because something bad happened to her, rather than because depression and other mental illness can warp your perceptions and make it seem like death is a good option. It was a little obvious he would be the ultimate villain, because the only other man they had shown was the other girl's dad and we hadn't seen any teenage boys, so of course it's going to be the school principal who showed up for one scene. Also found it really odd when Tara was the one explaining that the first girl was schizophrenic and what that meant. At the same time, it is kind of nice to know they can mention schizophrenia and not have to hammer the audience with Reid's mom is schizophrenic and he's been dealing with it since he was a kid. I forget when JJ first mentioned where she is from, but I assume they were stuck with the town name from her backstory and just ignored reality. I don't think any show that films in one location but claims to travel to other places ever gets geography right.
  11. athelyna

    S07.E05: A Volatile Mixture

    Yes, Gorsch is just being a pain for the sake of being annoying. That definitely did not seem like the sort of thing that deserved a write-up, counseling the new guy not to do it again sure but not giving him a formal write-up. Surely they must be nearing the end of this arc. Boden has now directly confronted Gorsch and done the try and talk to the higher ups and be left waiting thing, and Severide has gone to make a deal with the devil aka Benny. Can't be more than an episode or two before it all comes to a head, right? Really, after everything Otis has done in the past trying to improve Molly's he doesn't know to check online reviews? I believe Herrmann not knowing about Yelp, but not Otis. Plus, one disgruntled review would not cause that many issues. Get some of your friends and regulars to post good reviews and push it off the top of the page. I laughed when the reporter showed up and said she needed Matt's help because he was the only one who could stop people from dying. Sounded like a St. Gabby sort of line. Then she talks about being a reporter and not caring if she annoys people because she wants to help and I found myself going Run Matt Run. Of course she is going to be a love interest, because what other type of woman would Matt be attracted to. And of course he's so smitten he lets her quote him by name making some pretty inflammatory statements about the trailer manufacturer. I hope it comes back to bite him. I understand wanting to save lives, but couldn't they post the video of the stove exploding and write an article warning trailer owners to check if they have this type of fridge without calling the manufacturers possible murderers? I didn't understand how the company was able to just take the trailer. How long after the fire was it? Had the CFD already made an official ruling that it was just a kitchen fire? I would think anytime someone dies in a fire there would be some sort of investigation. What if the woman's relatives decide to sue the department because they think 51 could have done a better job getting her out of there? Nobody else in the CFD or CPD talked to any of the neighbors and found it odd they mentioned an explosion sound before the fire?
  12. athelyna

    S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    No, I guess he never fit in to the story after his last appearance and he may have either passed away or not be available or healthy enough for filming. IIRC, the real station 51 had two dogs on the show as well. Boot and Henry. I loved Boot. Hope Tuesday gets to be part of the cast. Gorgeous pup! Didn't they give Pouch away to a victim's kid? I guess we found out why they never showed the engine crew- because they're a bunch of lazy jackasses who don't know how to do their job. I assume Barnes liked and respected the previous lieutenant enough to do his job, or else the lieutenant was the type to ignore little lapses and pick up the slack himself. Even if they can't do actual water on set it seems like they could get some B-roll of turning various nozzles on and do some close up inserts so they could at least pretend the crew was actually turning the water on full blast. Of course it's the paramedics job to go the gym and confront the coach about drugging the kid, rather than just letting the cops handle it. I didn't mind them going to talk to the mom and kid at the end, but I would have been fine with them just saying the cops picked the coach up instead of having a scene at the gym. Stella's old friend was definitely giving off creepy vibes. I figured that jealous Severide was the route they were most likely to take as soon as Stella said I know you're going to love him, but I was hoping for once a tv show would have someone introduce their significant other to an old friend and actually have them all get along. She dated Doc Halstead for a while. I don't remember her hospital job, she was pretty much just there to be a love interest.
  13. athelyna

    S07.E03: Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

    So, of course Stella is ready for full duty (according to her doctors) just a within a short enough time that the high rise victim lady is coming by with cake pops. What even was the point of injuring Stella during crossover? The showrunners seem to assume we will all remember that Severide and April were best buddies back in high school, even though we almost never actually see them talk or interact or mention each other. I think the crossover last week was the first time we actually saw them interacting since they introduced April in the Med back door pilot time. But this is Firehouse 51, home to the bestest firefighters in the world who can jump between job positions no problem. Surely learning engine can't be harder than flip-flopping between paramedic and firefighter (see Gabby and Peter Mills) or being better arson investigators than the actual arson investigators (Severide and Gabby again) /s. They'll probably handwave it next week with some line about Herrmann having assisted with the engine at some point we didn't see or he's been taking extra shifts and/or training on his off days. I assume they're promoting Herrmann so he can move over to Engine and leave a convenient opening on the truck for Mouch's new rookie friend. I'm on the side of preferring the actual rescue and fire work over romance, but I did enjoy new girl trying to catch up on all the gossip and learning about crazy in house relationships from over the last few years.
  14. athelyna

    S07.E02: Going to War

    I guess I meant to say is I would like to see them actually get the main fire knocked out before leaving. I think it's what people were finding odd or possibly wrong about the entire firehouse (minus the evil spy) leaving to follow Stella to the hospital - they didn't even pay lip service to the idea the main fire had been knocked out. The last we saw the 20th floor was still almost fully engulfed. And yes, if they want drama and people getting hurt don't have the characters acting like idiots to do it. I mean, the rookie at the start opening the door and getting fire to the face seems plausible - he's a rookie at his first major fire, but when our supposedly experience heroes do it it's just dumb. I think they do try a little bit to have radio chatter, we sometimes hear Boden call out other numbers, and there were some additional vehicles at the scene, but it still feels a little silly when we only actually see two people using a hose. But that's been a pretty consistent complaint about the show, that they focus more on search and rescue than putting actually putting water on the fire. I think this has also been a problem for them. They write like Boden is just in charge of 51, hence the constant threats from up above to take him away from 51 or break up his team. Sometimes they have additional chiefs come into a fire and make it sound like Boden was just standing in until someone else arrives, but I'm pretty sure the writers aren't actually clear on what exactly Boden's job is.
  15. athelyna

    S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    How long was Stella in the hospital that when the firefighters went to confront Rhodes they were still wearing their gear? I hated the entire Stella plotline - it's the worst sort of writing requiring all the characters involved to act like idiots. Stella not telling anyone at the scene her air was about to run out, April acting like she's a doctor not a nurse, Rhodes actually listening to firefighters instead of following the best medical plan, Severide and Choi almost getting into a fight, and of course everything working out in the end and Stella healing up from major surgery within a few days. You know they probably aren't going to kill Stella or actually give her a permanent career ending injury, especially since they already killed Papa Halstead and Fire had a major character leave last week, so all this plotline served to do was make everyone look like an idiot. I thought maybe it was building up to Severide proposing to Stella so they could actually be family, but nope just a really stupid plot. I stopped watching Med and was only watching for the crossover, so I didn't know who the lady offering the Halsteads to let their dad to stay on the vent and the man complaining about changing the ER so they didn't have as much space were. I think that's the problem with these crossovers, if you don't watch or get behind on one of the shows it's hard to follow some of the storylines. The first part was just the fire, so I don't think there were as many elements where you really needed to know who all the characters were, and so far all I need to know from PD is that one of the Halstead brothers is a cop, but on Med there are comments about other ongoing things and they aren't relevant to the stories I'm following over from Fire. I hated the burned girls parents - I can understand stopping care if she was likely to die anyways or the smoke she inhaled left her with permanent brain damage, but needing skins grafts and therapy and coming out the other side able to live a normal life doesn't seem worth letting her die. Maybe if she had been someone we met and knew before hand that she was very sensitive about here appearance and would hate living with burn scars I could understand, but we only have the parent's word on that and they and the girl are strangers to us so it's hard for me to empathize with. And somehow when they change their minds an OR is available, while Choi and the guy I don't know are cutting open a woman's arm because no OR is available. I didn't entirely get Otis and Dr. Charles' story - I don't think anyone at the CFD or at least at 51 would see anything wrong with Otis getting some counseling after see the charred corpse of a woman and child who he feels responsible for losing after they slipped away from the group he was leading out. And if the memory of something that happened a couple hours is causing him trouble, that's not PTSD. Seeing the woman didn't make him flash back to when he got shot. I guess it emphasizes the firefighters as family point because at the end Dr. Charles sees Otis talking and laughing with his buddies at the end so that's helping him cope.