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  1. AgentRXS

    Pet Peeves

    I'm so over Starbucks baristas and their snippy attitudes. I pay entirely too much for their product to deal with their constant backchat. I always get an iced drink of some sort and ask for very light ice (I have tooth sensitivity from the Invisalign, so I don't want my drink too cold) and 9 times out of 10, I get half a cup full of ice. I very nicely ask for them to please remove some of the ice and I always get "I did give you light ice" or "Next time ask for a venti in a grande cup" or they show me how they are supposed to fill the cup of milk to the 2nd line and the rest with ice. I worked as barista for 3 years---you make what the customer requests, period. If they are unhappy with the way you made their drink, remake it or remove the ice. Its not that serious. Get over yourselves.
  2. AgentRXS

    Leaving Neverland

    What the actual fuck? Not many things leave me speechless but...wow Babs. Wow. Its really sad that someone with such immense natural talent and gorgeous looks could be so psychologically fucked up. Can't say I really blame him for not wanting to pass along the Jackson genes, but damn his natural born kids would have probably been gorgeous too. Damn you, Joe Jackson.
  3. AgentRXS

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Yeah, fuck Wendy Williams and her crocodile tears over her addiction. Fuck her and her relationship drama. I was done with her the minute that I heard what she did to Method Man and his wife (outed her cancer diagnoses on air before they could tell their families). She gets no sympathy from me over anything. I don't watch her show but I come here cause y'all are entertaining and if you all post clips that are drag-worthy, I'll comment, but yeah, she is a disgusting soulless bitch. On the one hand, I am glad that Luke Perry and Diana Ross's people are ignoring her foul comments about them. On the other hand, I would love to see Luke Perry's daughter and The Boss Ms.Ross herself or Tracee drag her for filth in a classy way for her gutter trash comments/implications. Which brings me to....Whitney. I can only imagine the smirk on Whitney's face if she knew what became of Wendy and Kevin. All that dragging came back to bite you in the ass,didn't Wendy? For all her faults, at least Whitney mustered up the courage to leave Bobby before she succumbed to her addiction. Will you leave your albatross?HA.
  4. AgentRXS

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Maybe not redneck per se, but it sounds like the name of a Southern 98 year old great-grandmother.
  5. AgentRXS

    it's 1984 And Oh My God! You broke the internet!

    Everyone would have been talking about Marvin's version of the national anthem for sure. Its my favorite rendition of all time. I could see the controversy over him basically turning it in to an R&B song.
  6. AgentRXS

    Leaving Neverland

    Another video of La Toya speaking out against MJ. You can tell she was honest about how she felt. It so sad that she felt she had to retract her words so that she could rejoin the Jackson fold after getting out of her abusive relationship. I get it, and can't say I wouldn't have done the same. La Toya, we see you. It took us a couple decades to catch up, but we see you.
  7. AgentRXS

    Pet Peeves

    Yes, social media. And I thought it was bad that I have to work with my narcissistic ex! Being next door neighbors.... 🤢
  8. AgentRXS

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    It is owned by Mars Pet Care, with a US based PO Box, but there is a also a Canadian address listed on the bag as well. So I'm not sure.
  9. AgentRXS

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I use Crave. My picky girls love it! : https://www.cravepetfoods.com/pet-food/dry-cat/chicken
  10. AgentRXS


    I imagine that LA is just a bigger version of Miami. Here,the scantily clad, plastic surgery laden Build-A-Thots are prevalent in the South Beach area and other ritzy/trendy areas but both places have working class neighborhoods with regular people trying to get by. It's just the culture for people who want to be famous or adjacent to famous people. Most of us laugh at them when we see them because the desperation just reeks.
  11. AgentRXS

    Leaving Neverland

    I could have sworn he and few guys mentioned in in their documentary a few years back but I could be remembering wrong....it's been awhile since I saw it. Or maybe it was on his brief reality show. I just have this memory of him talking about it....but again I could be wrong.
  12. Naomi makes even the cheapest outfits look classy while Kim looks trashy. Kim, you will never be Naomi. Please stop embarrassing yourself. You look like shit.
  13. AgentRXS

    Leaving Neverland

    Craziness. What was a dumb throwaway story that was fly-by-night at the time turns out to be video evidence of the depths of MJ's pedophilia years later. Hard to believe that not one reporter would question why Michael Jackson would be buying wedding rings at a mall store. Re: Aaron Carter. Nick Carter admitted that he and a few other members of the BSB were molested by Lou Pearlman when the group first got together. The Carter parents were white trash that happened to luck out that Nick had stereotypical All-American boy good looks at the exact moment when boy bands were making a comeback. No way were they about protecting their kids---Jane Carter was a classic stage mom if there ever was one. If Aaron wasn't molested by Lou, it would have to be because Nick protected him. I doubt MJ molested Aaron at 15 as that would have been too old for MJ's preferences. Blech. It is weird that people think that other people should or will just decide to hate MJ because of this documentary. Wade and James themselves admit they still have love for him, among their mixed emotions. Janet, for instance, is not going to bash her brother whom she was fairly close with nor is she going to condone his actions. I am sure she was aware of what was going on but was powerless to stop it. What do you do when that is your brother, whom you love deeply, and he is one of the most powerful men in the world? I am frustrated with her that she would turn a blind eye, but I get it. People aren't perfect. As for me, I wasn't an obsessed MJ fan, but I was pretty huge. MJ died 5 days before my birthday, and not only did I damn near faint when I heard of his passing, I had no desire to celebrate my birthday that year because I was pretty down about it. I got banned on TWOP for arguing with his detractors who were talking shit about him on his funeral's forum, heh. Billie Jean was the first video I remember watching, I remember excitedly looking forward to his music video premieres which were Big Events that aired on all 3 broadcast networks. Music was a big part of my difficult childhood, and MJ was there for me through every stage. Even as angry and as sickened as I am about realizing what he is as an adult, I just can't shake my love for his music and his art. It doesn't bother me to listen to his music, and I really can't explain why. The thing is though, I am Wade's age. I was too young to fully grasp all the scandals as they were happening and didn't look to closely into his personal life, until the whole Debbie Rowe stuff. I don't know how I would view him if I was of his generation or older. Seeing the footage of him constantly holding hands and dressed identically with various young boys, the Zales footage, the 1st case....it's kind of crazy what the media and the adults of that time handwaved away as MJ just being eccentric. No way would it fly in this day and age.
  14. AgentRXS

    NFL Thread

    Damn Giants. I'm never going to hear the end of this at work tomorrow.
  15. AgentRXS


    I know. I miss @riley702's posts. I hope she is at peace where ever she is. @Bastet Joining in late to the party of wishing good thoughts to you and your family.