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  1. I do that sometimes too!
  2. breezy424

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Whoa. Good reunion part one. One of the best I've seen in years. Team left couch. Tre better watch her self importance on this show. She didn't bring anything this season. I couldn't care less about her body building contest or Miliana's rap song or her father. It was delicious to see Jackie 'read' her. Jennifer is just easy prey for Jackie and Marg. It's fun to watch. What the heck was that in Jen's head? Was there one on each side? From the family jewelry store? And yeah, Jen, you're a one-upper.
  3. breezy424

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    I enjoyed the episode as well. And we got two Storm sightings. No River or Bambi yet this season. Sigh. I thought Amelia talking about her eating disorder was sincere. I have no idea if LR ever had an eating disorder and I think she is the type of person who would openly discuss it. I can relate to Kyle with being sad and teary about her daughter going away to college. I was too. Heck, I balled my eyes out in the car after I dropped my oldest off for his first day of nursery school . The 'pastry' party was fun. Talking about Harry, Arron, Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton..... It was nice to get to know Denise a little more and seeing her home life...I'm still liking her. I don't know what to think about LVP. She can be fun but then sometimes her humor is a little stealth for me.
  4. breezy424

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I wondered about the micro chipping as well. When we adopted our rescue, she was already micro chipped by the rescue. Info about it was with her papers and there was a card with the company name to register her. I also have a feeling that the rescue follows up if the animal isn't registered by the adoptee. They're very thorough. Even a followup home check is done. According to my contract, the rescue is not responsible or liable for the dog once you sign the contract. Bottom line for me is that Dorit and PK shouldn't be pet owners. They just don't seem to take is seriously.
  5. I'm still greatly disliking this new forum set up. Every time I'm like where do I find my forums? And then the index only lets you add the forum to your forum list. And when you go to forum home, what genre does my show fall under???? It's just so cumbersome. A lot of times I just go to google search because the search is already there and I just have to type three letters. Two clicks total. The only thing I can say that I like about the new format is the emojis. I can laugh and feel sad too.
  6. breezy424

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Gosh. Sometimes I think I watched a whole other episode.....on the other side of the pool wishing Bambi was here to play fetch. John brought out the puppy. Teddi's daughter said "Mommy" while pointing at the dog because she recognized her. Lisa didn't say anything about shutting the conversation down until John explained the situation to everyone. Kyle was in the dark and didn't demand an explanation. John talked. She didn't instigate anything. Kyle didn't instigate anything upstairs. Lisa did with Kyle when she jabbed Kyle about not coming to Tomtom when she knew she had already talked to Kyle about this and knew it wasn't the real opening and it wasn't her party. And, according to Dorit, Lucy took a big bite out of PK's face. Hmm. After seeing the picture it looks like she took a page out of the Bethenny Frankel guide to memory. If you know what I mean. I think the rest of the season is pure speculation because no one has seen it yet. I'm not going to accuse anyone of trying to take down Lisa for the sake of it until I see what actually happened. All I've seen is LVP being a sniper from the side and Dorit's ongoing memory and exaggeration problems.
  7. breezy424

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Ok. When did anyone on the show say it was a 'kill shelter'? Lisa said 'shelter' three times. Dorit said 'shelter' once. Just sayin... I get the feeling that Dorit and PK don't understand being dog owners when you have kids. And there is a transition time for when a pup or dog come into a home. The pet has to learn the rules and the owners and their children have to learn the rules. There needs to be supervision and training. I doubt this happened. And now we learn there were two dogs???
  8. breezy424

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I didn't infer that there was a $5000. fee to return the dog to Vanderpump Dogs. The penalty fee was if you didn't return the dog back if you didn't want it. No rescue that I know of imposes a fee to return a pet that doesn't work out. That would be ridiculous IMO and is not what rescues are about. Dorit and PK should have incurred the penalty fee but they're shallow, selfish people who obviously shouldn't own a pet in the first place.
  9. breezy424

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Well. I thought it was a good first episode. The goats made me laugh. I wouldn't do it for sure. Kyle's dress in that commercial looked great on her. Dorit should have talked to LP before giving the dog away. Of course now, she's playing dumb. When I adopted my Lab rescue, I absolutely aware that if it didn't work out, I contact the rescue and I'm sure Dorit was told that but she tends to have a bad memory given what we've seen with her in the past. Dorit in that bikini? Good God. It's a family picnic and I don't understand why she thinks those weird breasts are sexy. And PK in that t shirt? And everyone else is nicely dressed? I guess he thinks his shaved hands are more important. I'm liking Denise so far. Erika? Still don't like her. I've always liked Teddi and she's definitely fitting in even better now. Looks like it's going to be a roller coaster of a season
  10. breezy424

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    Thank you!
  11. Well, I'm confused. Is there a list of show forums in alphabetical order instead of 'genres'?
  12. breezy424

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    Could someone explain Marge's children/stepson situation? I'm very confused. The guy at the party was Marge's stepson from her former husband Jan (?) ? But I thought they weren't talking to her. But the one at the party isn't talking to his father but is talking to Marge? And last week's thread there was talk of Marge having a biological son? Does Joe have kids?
  13. breezy424

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    Rhylee was the only one who actually saw it as it happened (besides Brent). The problem was that Rhylee didn't 'get' that Ashton didn't need a life ring. He needed the line to be undone or cut. Rhylee failed miserably during that situation. She needed to speak up on the radio and go into action. Thankfully Brent knew what to do before the others were able to get there (because it probably would have been too late. Ross was second and maybe it would have turned out ok). In any event, I enjoyed the episode. I like getting a peek into production and what goes on behind the scenes.
  14. She may well have had an allergic reaction to fish stock. However, she has always been the great exaggerator and I just can't help but give a side eye to the rest of the story. Sure, she may well have been taken to the hospital and was given a shot along the way but the whole I thought I was having a stroke and I almost died? She has always been the girl who cried wolf. Intensive care? Maybe, but she does tend to panic. Was ICU (if she was indeed there) for the reaction to the fish or a panic attack. This is the same person who was hysterical on instagram over her dog instead of getting her help. This is the same person who was 'lost' at sea and was bleeding 'everywhere'. I could go on. And now we get to see another season of RHNY with Beth sobbing about 'poor me'. Gosh. This woman craves attention.