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  1. hoosier80

    Don't Be Tardy

    Kim and Brielle have really ruined their faces - the lips, those HUGE freaking lips even Donald Duck wouldn't want. How is that attractive? Her brother wasn't impressed one bit. Brielle is a snotty little thing, too. Apparently, she moves out into a gorgeous new apartment, stays there one night, and wants to move back home. Yeah, no surprise. Spoiled brat who probably doesn't know how to boil water. No surprise on WWHL Kroy basically said they have no contact with his family. He turned in his balls and spine the day he got with Kim.
  2. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Well, I've not sent anything officially. I'm working from home today, as I truly do feel like shit. I don't think the work BS is helping, but there's definitely something going around again. And a note to all workaholics. Just don't do it. One person in our office (who is physically active, seemingly in relatively good shape) was in the office last week, thought they had a flu bug or chest cold. Nope. Had major surgery over the weekend, after being told it was nothing by urgent care. Someone finally took them to the ER. Had they not gone to the ER or gone later, probably would have been fatal. This person would work on weekends to try and get stuff done, but has been at the same level for at least 5 years (management but still at same level). They're doing well, or stable now, still in the hospital, with what sounds like a very lengthy recovery period ahead. Will have to live in either rehab center and/or with relatives for quite some time is what has been said thus far. Person is in their mid 40's. And guess what? Our office is still chugging along. Their work will get done. Maybe not as thoroughly, but it will get done. I've noticed a change in some management people, more friendly, less frantic. It really smacked some people right in the face as a wake up call.
  3. hoosier80

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Rarely do I watch this show, but I half watched last night. There is no one really to root for in this cast. The fighting and yelling got old really fast. Lisa, I'd be embarrassed to have to be in the middle of all this high school shit. It's really high school level BS by 20/30 somethings who never really grew up and have more baggage than a carousel at LaGuardia. I know she makes a lot of money from the show, but there's something called dignity. Old fashioned, I know. If any real world person who was on a waitstaff or a hostess had a meltdown like that, they'd be so fired. No ifs, ands, or buts. All of the patrons there probably loved it (fans) or were paid extras because this is all for show and is fake.
  4. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    @bilgistic, I totally get your frustration. I don't understand why some get away with everything, and others always get the short end of the stick. The latest bit of fuckery at work, has me so upset right now I am crying and shaking. We got our work from home days cut from 2 to 1 due to major (and I mean major) fuckups that my two co-workers did (Dip and Queen Bee). Boss had been warned about Dip multiple times by me and a former co-worker. Just a matter of time until she'd do a major fuck up and boom! Cost the company $$ (Dip still doesn't understand - saying it was just one mistake - nope you turned off the wrong client - the entire client). Queen Bee & Dip worked on a system event; I asked do you need any help? Nope, it's all good - said QB. Yeah it was fucked up. Not only that but it was on MY review as well, because we're a team. Ok, so if I go above and beyond, they get credit then, too? Because if that's the case, nope I won't bust my ass. No response. So now, after TWO YEARS, QB finally got her remote access figured out. Whatever. QB didn't want it because she worked part time at another place down the street, plus if something goes wrong, she didn't want to be called. Now, it apparently works for her. We were told no Monday or Friday for WFH. Yep, she it taking Monday and boss said it's ok. And both of them come in around 5 to 5:30 and leave by 1 to 2 pm. That leaves me alone to handle all the late in the day requests. I am beyond the point of frustration. I have written multiple drafts to boss, forwarding QB's email to me, basically saying (nicely but tersely, WTF - I mean what the actual fuck??). I have shelved it for now to rethink, so I don't shoot myself in the foot with my response. Oh, and when we were chopped on days, somehow Dip took one of my original days. I was like how in the fuck did that happen? I just let it roll for the time being, but the bottom line is that my boss knows he is screwed beyond screwed if I walk. I don't want to use that leverage at every opportunity as it would wear out at some point. He'd maybe just say fuck it and tell me to leave already. The good news is that a colleague at another site, whom we work with on a daily basis, had a long talk with his boss (his boss reported the two major fuck ups as it screwed over that team and cost them $$, rescheduling, and resources). He told his boss (they were discussing why our two teams aren't merged), well Dip and QB are worthless, just make things worse, poor communication, don't know their jobs, etc. Keep Hoosier though because she straightens shit out - gave me a major shoutout. I just hope this boss communicates that to upper management like he did the fuck ups.
  5. hoosier80

    S06.E17: Robin & Wayne

    Reality star? LOL More like douchebag grifter who appeared on tv - part of one episode, revealing that he's a total dirtbag. He'll be telling folks years from now about that time he was on tv. The only motivational speaking he's done is on that used car lot trying to sell a fantastic 2003 Yugo, and scamming multiple women.
  6. hoosier80

    Don't Be Tardy

    Ok, turned on the tv now, and basically too lazy to change the channel so I'm watching this show. Arianna went to the prom episode. As she was in the limo, I was like kid, go away to college with your friends. At least go away for a year! She had potential as she was the one who liked school, and got good grades. I really am hoping she can break away from the vapid lifestyles of her sister and mother. I cannot listen to what Kim says in her talking heads - distracted by her HUGE upper lip. How does she think that is attractive? Brielle, was saying she doesn't have any life experience. Honey, go get a job. Go to school. Do something on your own. Kroy might have had a shot at broadcasting if he were back in his home state. Or coaching, running a sports camp for kids - earning a living rather than be purse wrangler. Local boy does good, made it to the NFL. He would have had it made, big fish in a small pond. Kim, who's clueless, could've been the elite of whatever society they have there. She's not the queen bee in Atlanta, just in her own mind. Not sure I'm sold with the idea of a coffee shop. You've got those on every corner, so the competition would be fierce. Think outside the box, find a need that is not being filled right now - that is how people have made big bucks. Kim tried the beauty line, but damn, every celebrity and their sister, aunt, and grandma has a beauty line. Unless it is unique, or you have a HUGE name (Kylie, Rhianna), nope, not going to bring in those millions. I'd say find an entrepreneur with a great idea/innovative product, and partner up (except I don't think the Biermanns' have enough money to launch anything on their own - so why would an entrepreneur want or need them?). Kim didn't know NFL also means - Not For Long (for the majority of players that is the truth).
  7. hoosier80

    Mexican Dynasties

    The dad, who was some star in Mexico, really thinks the younger son has a fantastic vocal range? He's mediocre at best. I've heard better voices in singing groups I used to perform with locally. Seriously way more talented than this kid. I just looked online to see if I could watch his audition (wasn't paying attention - guess he bailed on it due to the 'bad contract). I found some covers he did recorded online. Seriously out of tune, like way out of tune.
  8. hoosier80

    RHoA in the Media

    Apparently Peter is still in jail in Miami. The Louisiana authorities are too busy with Mardi Gras to worry about him right now. Louisiana authorities have to make the decision if they want him extradited back there (saw it quoted that it costs the state around $30k to do so) or if he will be released if he's sworn to go there on his own to face charges. If it's a small amount, they won't be spending the $30k, but he has bad timing.
  9. hoosier80

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Wait a minute. If Teddi asked did Lisa tell you to tell me about the dog (Juicy Lucy or whatever ridiculous name the poor puppy was given), that would have been after someone said oh wait - LVP is trying to set you up. That was way after the seeing the puppy at Vanderpump Dogs. And if you're doing some diabolical plan, no way are you putting shit in writing, no matter if you consider him to be a good friend; he still works for the person you're supposedly trying to take down. I call BS. LVP is a massive fraud, and manipulator. She was pissed at Dorit, with good reason. Just be direct and say that was a shitty and irresponsible thing you did. But she cannot. PK, Lisa, and Ken were all buds back in the UK. They know old secrets that I bet neither party wants to come out. LVP doesn't want to piss off PK, but she wanted to get back at Dorit. I am betting she's pissed that Teddi is now buds with Kyle. LVP always seems to have one BFF/toadie per season, and probably figured she'd have Teddi at her disposal. Didn't happen. Plus, Teddi and Dorit have a history of bickering, so Teddi was the most likely one to try and pin the 'gossiping' on re: Puppygate. And the way I saw it, Teddi was genuinely pissed at LVP. She's not that good of an actress to just act that pissed. When LVP is confronted, she always runs away. She was in Puerto Rico, got pissed off about heaven knows what (we actually saw her smoking dahhhling), and she took off back to the states. Clearly used to being HBIC and doesn't like it if she's not. Too bad she blew it. Dorit needed to be called out for her nonsense.
  10. hoosier80

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Teresa is a narcissist. She is eternally pissed at Melissa for "stealing" her brother away from her. She's no longer the priority for Joe Gorga. Melissa also doesn't worship at the altar of Teresa. If anyone doesn't agree with Teresa 100%, they are an enemy, how dare they even question her! I noticed that when Melissa (and Joe I think) said yeah Nonno complains about Teresa not being around, her eyes opened wide. He's definitely playing both sides. She was so quick to say oh Joe's not doing enough, Melissa, it's your fault. By her saying she doesn't control Joe, she was really saying Melissa does control him, or influences him - or again - takes his attention away from Teresa. It's just all Melissa's fault. Teresa would've been happier if Joe had never married ANYONE. Teresa's dropping Juicy like a hot potato because it would disrupt HER life. Not a surprise revelation for me. If the girls all said, let's move to Italy to be with dad, she'd say no. Even if Nonno said yes, I'll go with you all, she'd say no. Jennifer is a sad person. She's compensating with things for her mother's disapproval, as a way to say 'hey look how good I'm doing, look how happy I am'! She's also overcompensating with her own kids so they don't feel any disapproval. It's one thing to say hey, you're too fat, to disciplining kids and setting boundaries. 40k to furnish that entire huge house? Knockoffs 'R Us. I'm not one to knock a knockoff (a good one),but Jennifer acts like the Lady of the Manor, the Grand Dame. 16 bathrooms? Please. Just means 16 toilets to scrub. No thanks. If I had that large of a home, it'd better come with a maid. Screw the Chanel, I want someone else to clean that place.
  11. hoosier80

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I saw about 5 minutes of a repeat, couple from NYC moving to Beacon, NY. Realtor is driving them through a neighborhood of what look to be 1950-1960 era ranch homes. Husband asks, no Victorian style homes around here? Realtor says no, this neighborhood was started/developed in the 1950's; no Victorian homes built in the 1950's. I was like was he really that stupid to ask - there wasn't a two story home in blocks as they drove along - or was it producer shenanigans. The house was small but it had some nice crown molding, which the wife didn't like. Nice older fireplace, too. The Realtor I think told them the square footage before then went inside, but the wife was still saying on this room isn't that big. ??? If you told it's only 1200 square feet total, how big do you think the living room will be? If it's ginormous, that means tiny bedrooms, kitchens, baths. Then husband said, I don't want to live in a ranch home. I'm not a cowboy. Again, I was like no way is he that stupid. Really? I grew up in a 1950's ranch, it was the in thing for that age. We lived in a city in IN, not cowboys. I didn't see the rest as I had to get back to work unfortunately. What little I saw of the city was depressing, but we often don't get shown the 'real' city.
  12. hoosier80

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    OMG - I love Jackie. Teresa sure as hell did NOT write any book. She can barely speak coherently. Then the comment about throwing something, and wasn't Teresa still on probation? SCORE. Teresa is a FELON. How does she get to sit so imperiously and in judgment of anyone else? Teresa is intimidated. Jackie was an attorney, clearly not stupid, knows how to argue rationally, and guessing Teresa barely got through school. Teresa is all 'you are mean to me, how dare you!' Then she starts screaming, ranting, etc. You're either adoring her or that puts you as an enemy. As for controlling your husband, why doesn't anyone ask Teresa why she didn't control Joe Guidice before he committed crimes? If she controlled him, why did he have her sign those documents which landed HER in jail? Waiting for the day Teresa is booted from this show.
  13. hoosier80

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It has to be exhausting and frustrating to be a producer or on the crew assigned to Jenelle. Not only do you get yelled and cursed at, there's always the threat of David doing something. He's really scary. If I were any of the extended family - Barb, Nathan, his mom, Jace's bio dad, etc., I'd be sleeping with one eye open. Same thing for the crew when they're down there filming. I saw a couple of blind items a few months back- both easily were attributed to Jenelle. One was that she can't leave him because she stupidly put things in his name, she'd be broke. Another said she was scared to leave him, as he'd threatened her many times, plus threatened her family if she left. I could see both being true.
  14. hoosier80

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    You can just see from those kids' smiles, they are in a stable and happy home. Compare with some of the other TM's pictures of their kids. I think that maybe early on Chelsea spoiled Aubree because she has such a shit for a bio dad. Aubree lucked out with Cole coming into her life, and she's shrewd enough to realize it. Smart kid. I think she's had to do a lot of maturing, even with the happy home, due to the bio dad.
  15. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Had another phone call 1 on 1 meeting with boss. He's been ok to me, while he's driven Dip to tears on occasion. I told him I understand (truly I do) the frustration. He asked if I was keeping track of her mistakes, because I said I am fearful I'm not going to catch something. Both Dip and the Queen Bee are fucking up on a regular basis. New user says I can't see reports, or accounts, or link to abc system. Oh ID is ok. I was asked by the Tech group on at least 2 separate occasions to double check the setup. Yeah, both were wrong. Clearly said to mirror existing user John Smith and while John had two options, new users had 1 (two separate occasions, different systems, but they use the same logic on ID set up). Both swore to Tech, oh the ID is good. Guy got their emails the next morning, which he laughed at, and responded with don't bother Hoosier figured it out and it's all resolved - by the way the ID was wrong. Other simple stuff Dip did, didn't follow procedures one bit (I would've bet my paycheck on it); checked it and sure enough, incomplete, wrong dates, etc. I get the response, "oh I thought I was getting better". I went radio silent. Very silent. Like monk in a monastery silent. So today, boss says well I released reviews online, and this is probably the only time you got one mention of failed to meet expectations. Yeah, I have always had stellar reviews. Always. The major errors the Dip and QB had impacted reviews for the entire team, so because I'm on the fucking ship of fools, I have to go down with the ship. I'm so going to comment. It's such BS. I asked QB and Dip if they needed help on one item - they said no, we've got it covered. What was I supposed to do? I cannot check every aspect of their work. Sadly, I told boss about Dip and how she was so wrong for job (along with a former co-worker - two years ago). He did nothing. And Dip still says oh it's just one mistake. One mistake that was MAJOR and went to senior management, you idiot. Cannot comprehend that one iota. Boss also took a major hit on his review, so trickle down theory. He said he didn't want me to be discouraged about it. I almost said, well maybe I should start looking on Indeed or call up some of my contacts around town. On a daily basis, I feel as if I'm slogging uphill through a bog, dragging a loaded wagon. This is while the two idiots sit and surf the net. I think I'm going to make trips down the aisle - at surprise times, to speak to our office manager (a friend) say it's about something business related. I have something tomorrow. If they're surfing the net, I will make a comment. Maybe instead of surfing the net, learn how to do your damned job? I've also thought of getting a small spy cam, those tiny ones, and record (somehow) what the two are doing. I'm seriously beyond pissed. And if it has cost me $$$, I'm out for blood. Tired of being handed the hardest shit to do, get it done error free, and then get penalized because two people cannot do the simple tasks assigned to them. Stopping and playing the lottery tomorrow night. If there is any justice, I'll win enough to walk in and quit on Friday.