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  1. hoosier80

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I saw about 5 minutes of a repeat, couple from NYC moving to Beacon, NY. Realtor is driving them through a neighborhood of what look to be 1950-1960 era ranch homes. Husband asks, no Victorian style homes around here? Realtor says no, this neighborhood was started/developed in the 1950's; no Victorian homes built in the 1950's. I was like was he really that stupid to ask - there wasn't a two story home in blocks as they drove along - or was it producer shenanigans. The house was small but it had some nice crown molding, which the wife didn't like. Nice older fireplace, too. The Realtor I think told them the square footage before then went inside, but the wife was still saying on this room isn't that big. ??? If you told it's only 1200 square feet total, how big do you think the living room will be? If it's ginormous, that means tiny bedrooms, kitchens, baths. Then husband said, I don't want to live in a ranch home. I'm not a cowboy. Again, I was like no way is he that stupid. Really? I grew up in a 1950's ranch, it was the in thing for that age. We lived in a city in IN, not cowboys. I didn't see the rest as I had to get back to work unfortunately. What little I saw of the city was depressing, but we often don't get shown the 'real' city.
  2. hoosier80

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    OMG - I love Jackie. Teresa sure as hell did NOT write any book. She can barely speak coherently. Then the comment about throwing something, and wasn't Teresa still on probation? SCORE. Teresa is a FELON. How does she get to sit so imperiously and in judgment of anyone else? Teresa is intimidated. Jackie was an attorney, clearly not stupid, knows how to argue rationally, and guessing Teresa barely got through school. Teresa is all 'you are mean to me, how dare you!' Then she starts screaming, ranting, etc. You're either adoring her or that puts you as an enemy. As for controlling your husband, why doesn't anyone ask Teresa why she didn't control Joe Guidice before he committed crimes? If she controlled him, why did he have her sign those documents which landed HER in jail? Waiting for the day Teresa is booted from this show.
  3. hoosier80

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It has to be exhausting and frustrating to be a producer or on the crew assigned to Jenelle. Not only do you get yelled and cursed at, there's always the threat of David doing something. He's really scary. If I were any of the extended family - Barb, Nathan, his mom, Jace's bio dad, etc., I'd be sleeping with one eye open. Same thing for the crew when they're down there filming. I saw a couple of blind items a few months back- both easily were attributed to Jenelle. One was that she can't leave him because she stupidly put things in his name, she'd be broke. Another said she was scared to leave him, as he'd threatened her many times, plus threatened her family if she left. I could see both being true.
  4. hoosier80

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    You can just see from those kids' smiles, they are in a stable and happy home. Compare with some of the other TM's pictures of their kids. I think that maybe early on Chelsea spoiled Aubree because she has such a shit for a bio dad. Aubree lucked out with Cole coming into her life, and she's shrewd enough to realize it. Smart kid. I think she's had to do a lot of maturing, even with the happy home, due to the bio dad.
  5. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Had another phone call 1 on 1 meeting with boss. He's been ok to me, while he's driven Dip to tears on occasion. I told him I understand (truly I do) the frustration. He asked if I was keeping track of her mistakes, because I said I am fearful I'm not going to catch something. Both Dip and the Queen Bee are fucking up on a regular basis. New user says I can't see reports, or accounts, or link to abc system. Oh ID is ok. I was asked by the Tech group on at least 2 separate occasions to double check the setup. Yeah, both were wrong. Clearly said to mirror existing user John Smith and while John had two options, new users had 1 (two separate occasions, different systems, but they use the same logic on ID set up). Both swore to Tech, oh the ID is good. Guy got their emails the next morning, which he laughed at, and responded with don't bother Hoosier figured it out and it's all resolved - by the way the ID was wrong. Other simple stuff Dip did, didn't follow procedures one bit (I would've bet my paycheck on it); checked it and sure enough, incomplete, wrong dates, etc. I get the response, "oh I thought I was getting better". I went radio silent. Very silent. Like monk in a monastery silent. So today, boss says well I released reviews online, and this is probably the only time you got one mention of failed to meet expectations. Yeah, I have always had stellar reviews. Always. The major errors the Dip and QB had impacted reviews for the entire team, so because I'm on the fucking ship of fools, I have to go down with the ship. I'm so going to comment. It's such BS. I asked QB and Dip if they needed help on one item - they said no, we've got it covered. What was I supposed to do? I cannot check every aspect of their work. Sadly, I told boss about Dip and how she was so wrong for job (along with a former co-worker - two years ago). He did nothing. And Dip still says oh it's just one mistake. One mistake that was MAJOR and went to senior management, you idiot. Cannot comprehend that one iota. Boss also took a major hit on his review, so trickle down theory. He said he didn't want me to be discouraged about it. I almost said, well maybe I should start looking on Indeed or call up some of my contacts around town. On a daily basis, I feel as if I'm slogging uphill through a bog, dragging a loaded wagon. This is while the two idiots sit and surf the net. I think I'm going to make trips down the aisle - at surprise times, to speak to our office manager (a friend) say it's about something business related. I have something tomorrow. If they're surfing the net, I will make a comment. Maybe instead of surfing the net, learn how to do your damned job? I've also thought of getting a small spy cam, those tiny ones, and record (somehow) what the two are doing. I'm seriously beyond pissed. And if it has cost me $$$, I'm out for blood. Tired of being handed the hardest shit to do, get it done error free, and then get penalized because two people cannot do the simple tasks assigned to them. Stopping and playing the lottery tomorrow night. If there is any justice, I'll win enough to walk in and quit on Friday.
  6. hoosier80

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    Ok, so the business 'geniuses' decide it's a great idea to send whathisname to go see grandma and take along two co-workers? They'll get a feel for the 'real' Greece? That beach club is not at all like what the 'real' anything is. It's a beach club, not the Sistine Chapel, stop trying to make it more than it is. It's a club, for drinking, partying, on a beach. (I've got this on because too lazy to turn the channel). Then Lindsey swoops in on the crew while they're out, supposedly to promote the club. Instead, they're drunk. Lindsey chastises them? I'm surprised lightening didn't come and at least scorch the ends of her hair. If I took a drink every time she's said it's my name, or my reputation, or my brand, yeah I'd be probably ready for AA now. It's like MTV was going for Vanderpump Rules/The Hills/Laguna Beach goes to Greece. What they got is MTV ratings go to shit.
  7. hoosier80

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    And just as I predicted, Mom called me. I picked up, and no response to my 'hello'. She called a second time, and this time added some panting/breathing. I called back after a few minutes, and casually asked, 'did you call me?' Yes. Well, why no answer? Oh, I'm in pain. Ok, what hurts? She yelled at me, what a stupid, stupid question. Very stupid. Her hands and arms are hurting (arthritis). She won't see a doctor, I guess I'm supposed to magically cure her somehow. (You look other stuff up - as in online. Yeah that's not how it works, plus she won't try anything suggested or tries it for maybe a few minutes at most). I said well has your back been hurting? Well, sure it has. So it wasn't a stupid question. She then calmed down and said oh she just has all sorts of physical problems. She considers herself handicapped; she just isn't as mobile as she once was. She really wants to be waited on 24/7, and doted upon. She's not mentioned her friends lately. One is going blind, yet gets along better than Mom, who accepts help. But she has a 'WONDERFUL Daughter in Law'. Ok, I get it. Other friend is a few years younger, who has minimal contact with her children, yet she manages. Mom said she'd not spoken to either in 'ages'. Yeah, I think maybe they are distancing themselves from her. She ended up being okay-ish at the end of the call. Called again tonight, after getting home late. Of course, she's in a foul mood. I can't talk long, I'm just so sad. No one wants to do a thing for me, but I did so much for everyone years ago (not that much - and what she did - she loved doing. She moved me and several of her relatives (they're all deceased). She loved it because she was in charge, and bossed folks around. No one cared. Hey if you want to box up stuff, go ahead. She said now she'd tell everyone to go to hell. So it's down to me. My brother, I think since he remained local, decided early on, not to have her do much for him. Smart move. Anyhow she just complained more - same old stuff. I may ask her, what exactly do you want? I'm not moving there. You are not moving here permanently. One option - I will pay for a helper for you. As far as setting guidelines, no way. Tried that and her response was, you think you're so big! You're so stuck up! You won't listen to no one (her). Well I am 'big', I'm close to retirement age. She still has the mental image of me as a 12 year old. She actually remembers things I said right after my Dad died, said to console her - like we'll work together, we'll get along. She says now YOU LIED. You didn't keep your word. Seriously, I was a 12 year old who just lost her Dad, trying to console you. That is her mentality. You need to watch whatever you say or do because your words will be used as a weapon some day. If she were to move here permanently, she would regret it. Her hometown is all she's ever known. Every time she's come here for a visit, everything is stupid. The way the trash is collected (pick up routes), the way the houses are constructed, the way the local tv stations focus on sports teams in this state, the cable company (doesn't have the same channels and why do you have HBO? It's so expensive, do you actually watch it? Why do you want it, just movies and you can go to the dollar movie show to watch or they'll be on regular tv at some point), the local newspaper, the taste of the water, etc., etc. I know she wants me to move back there, and no way, no how. I honestly, think she wants me to wait on her 24/7, and/or to be as miserable as she is now. A friend told me, you have a choice, you can be miserable or you can do something about it. Your mom chooses to be miserable. That's not your choice. Forecast calls for snow this weekend, so I may be off the hook as far as visits go. That's sad, but it's the truth.
  8. hoosier80

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Ongoing drama with Mom. Holidays were a nightmare, and she'd let slip that even my brother, the Golden One, had really "let her have it" as in screamed at her - he couldn't take it any more, nothing was ever good enough for her, he was going to collapse from the stress of dealing with her. It was validation that I'm not the crazy one. He's usually so emotionless or being overly sweet to her; I think he turns on the sugary act to try and deal with her, but if she goes into a dark mood or he just can't take it, he turns into stone. So due to weather being horrible, not been there since the holidays. Mom told one of her friends oh "we like to keep it with every 2 to 3 weeks" (my visits). "We" were never consulted nor asked, but no it's not 2 to 3 weeks. She had been in a non-communicating mood (i.e. pouting and not taking calls) until she got a cold and wanted advice. It was the end of the world for her, but it was just a cold. My brother and I are very prone to getting every sinus or upper respiratory infection within 50 miles, but not much sympathy from her. I hear you need to go to the doctor, which is ironic, because she does not go to her doctor (he don't know anything!). Well, I do have a doctor I trust and do see him when needed. She started in on me the other evening; I'd asked if her throat was still sore. No it's ok, I'm just sad. Been crying all day. Oh, lord here we go again. She had to put her Christmas stuff away. She really thought I was going to drive through a snowstorm to put her stuff away (it's a good 4 hour drive). "All the dirty work is left to me". Well, you could put up a small tree, which you said was too small, and you put as an outdoor type decoration now. She thought it was 'wonderful' when her mother was older and put up a small tree, but she has to have a big tree, once again has to be the best, biggest, most special. Putting up decorations is not a necessity, so if you want it up/down, then plan for it, and do not count on my doing it. She said once that my brother and I would bitch if no decorations were up. No, I really could not care less. Holidays are now a chore and are miserable. So anyway, she starts in ranting, her 'Greatest Hits', she never thought she'd be alone, have such a heartless, selfish daughter, she'd like me to be here all the time (what sell my house and quit my job just to be her maid? nah), I dared to buy a home without consulting her FIRST or getting her opinion (she needed to tour with me), I did it too rashly (I looked for at least 5 years, but no she says I did not), buying a two story house was an evil plan to keep her away (she cannot deal with stairs) - even though most homes are two story here (land is expensive so you get a larger square footage with less land footprint - which she does not understand), I'm the reason she's so unhappy, etc., etc. I put the phone on mute and let her rant, while turning down the volume. She so wanted a HUGE fight; even a fight gets her the attention or it feeds her narcissistic personality. I didn't argue, just said well I'll let you go so you can get your stuff done (always I have so much to do, but when I was there she mainly sat in her chair all day). She didn't hear and then slammed down the phone. I'd ordered care packages and other items for her. Got notice the next day that one package had been delivered, so I called her. No answer. No answer to any call since that time - maybe since Wednesday evening. On one hand, I'm relieved, no stressful calls. On the other hand, I'm pissed off - I haven't done a thing to her. I'm guessing there may be a hateful letter or note in the mail to me. She's told me before - I don't have a daughter. It could also be that she's been fighting with my brother at the same time or he's turned into stone again. She keeps telling me all the time though, I don't know what I'd do without him, he's so wonderful. Well he lives about 2 miles away. If he can't bring in some groceries or mail, then there's something wrong. He comes in for maybe 10 minutes and then leaves. That I could deal with. Living with me 24/7 - no way. She says she'll never get over my saying no to her, plus why is it just my decision? It's my house, my life, my sanity. She says oh we always got along well before. No, we did not. All I remember from childhood was trying not to piss her off, walking on eggshells. I pretty much kept my mouth shut (I was always the shy/quiet one). Once I moved away, I came out of my shell and realized, I do have a say in how I do things, how I live my life. She really doesn't like that she's lost control - in so many aspects of her life, but the days of controlling my every move are long gone. I've asked her, when frustrated, what exactly do you want me to do? What do you want to happen? You tell me. She has no response. I told her she's old and bitter how her life turned out, but I can't help that. She said no I'm not bitter. Then why is she obsessed when other couples go on 2nd honeymoons, get new houses, go out? She's totally jealous, bitter she never got to do whatever or they're doing stuff and she cannot. She doesn't really want to do that, but she so wants to keep up with the Joneses. She wanted internet access, has it now, and bitches about it. Same with cell phones (3, all of which were stupid). As my brother said, it's never enough. Thanks for letting me vent.
  9. hoosier80

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    First of all, I'm 100 percent for kids to try anything they want in sports, the arts, etc. Milania didn't seem to be enjoying it. Sure, there's stage fright and all, but the kid has been around cameras and basically an audience of sorts for a long time. Even when she was practicing, she was very ill at ease. Made me wonder if someone really pushed her into it? I was a voice student at a studio who covered all ages, both piano and voice. They would have little performances to help everyone with being in front of a crowd. It's actually more intimidating to be in front of a crowd of say 50 as opposed to 1,000. Anyhow, I could see kids who really hated it, but had stage parents. Some of the kids who hated it weren't bad, but some were downright awful. I also saw kids who were awful, but loved every second of it. So, if the kids love it, rock on! I just saw the same type of 'oh shit' from Milania. She has zero musicality. I don't think this brought her any joy. If it built up her self-esteem or made her feel happy, then I'm happy for her. Those kids need a break. Jennifer? Give me a break. And Danielle, go away. Guess Teresa forgot all about the 'prostitution whore'! I think that if Dina and Caroline had loved Danielle Season1, Teresa would've never gotten that angry at the dinner (table flip).
  10. hoosier80

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    It's not going to end well for Jenelle is it? Her stories are such obvious lies. The 911 call recording clearly says she was scared to death of David and he hurt her. Oh, just a misunderstanding on my part. Almost the same as these old excuses for abused women: yeah, I got this bruise, because I tripped'; yeah the black eye - I ran into a wall, I'm so clumsy; it was my fault because I know better to say xxxxx because it makes him so mad. The whole David was angry because he couldn't be at the pumpkin patch was BS. He was angry that he was excluded from anything. It could've been a landfill they were walking though, and he'd be all 'riled up'. The producers/crew have to be a little nervous when they're filming anywhere in the area. He's like a powder keg ready to go off at any time. Leah's moving too fast with new boyfriend. I will say he's more mature, sensible, and intelligent than what normally is on the show. No wonder they broke up. Dr Tsao is great. I live in the metro Columbus area, and Children's Hospital does such a wonderful job with all sorts of sick children. We've done some charity type events at work for them. They accept patients up to 18 or 19. There is an MD center at OSU hospitals just up the road, so I would imagine Ali gets referred to that facility once she ages out of Children's. OSU also has an MD research center there for MD. Agree about Kail. Way too aggressive with her seemingly nice sister. The tats are on her arms are not attractive. Chelsea is so normal, but glad to see one has a nice family. Brianna - ugh. Another one who HAS to be with a guy at all times. It was never a big deal for first day of school back in the olden days, when I was a kid. Kindergarten, I may have been walked to school. Maybe. It was a long 6 to 7 block walk. I didn't know anyone along the way (to run up to a house if threatened) except within maybe 1 block from my house. Yet, I walked alone every day. It would never happen today. The biggest thing that happened was our local drug store chain had a back to school coupon book. When my friends and I were in around grades 6 to 8, a big deal to go and buy supplies, all the little new gimmicky items they had to sell that was on sale. A lot of it was junk, but we spent our own money on it, thinking it was golden. I was thinking about the moms when this show ends, as it will at some point. Chelsea will be ok. Kail will make it as she is a street fighter. Leah, not sure. Brianna will be hurting. Jenelle, not a good outlook regardless of the show lasting any amount of time.
  11. hoosier80

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I just Googled the tiny house winery couple (who had a toddler and a baby). Found an article detailing what the deal was. Yes, that is their permanent house for now. They had been living in the husband's parents home (or a home the parents owned) in WV with the toddler. She works as a consultant in Bethesda, while he is an attorney in Fairfax, in addition to running the winery. They said the commutes were killer. Why? Just why would you do that? Yes, I know homes are more expensive in the MD/Northern VA area, but damn. They did park the tiny house next to the tasting room, hooking it up to the existing utilities there. So much for moving it around the vineyard. How much more would it be to have built a regular house, seeing that they own the land there? I'm not talking a monster sized house, just like maybe 1500 square feet? They spent 95k on the tiny house. The winery has been open two years, and did have decent reviews on a couple of sites. I would love something on how people live in small apartments in large cities like NYC. Tiny houses seem to be a fad to me. Just jazzier trailers.
  12. hoosier80

    Watch What Happens Live

    The show I watched the other night, the 5 extra surprise guests, just so over the top. Jerry McConnel and Rebecca Romijn were the guests, then that wasn't enough had to bring in the special guests - all Bravo "celebs". Oh it's Erika! Then Nene! Oooooh!!! Then Shep (Sheppie!!)! And finally Reza!! Wait that's only 4 guests...…..I know he said 5 in the promos. Each person that came out, Andy acted like they were such big, huge stars. Nah. Now I have it on tonight, half watching. What in the holy hell has Christina Aguilera done to her face? The drag queens really don't look like her, not now or from years ago. Just big hair, lots of makeup and clothes mimicking her outfits. Andy isn't going to take care of that child by himself. He's much too self absorbed. He hasn't even trained the dog or taken it to some training center to not be so aggressive. I'm sure he just thinks it's 'cute'. It's not.
  13. hoosier80

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    It's been freezing cold here with wind chills up to -40. Yeah, I was feeling achy and like a cold coming on, so I worked from home. One co-worker acts so concerned, but is just digging for dirt. I keep it so general and truthful, want to tell her to mind her own business. The Dip is getting worse and worse. Took me over a day to review her work and I had 2 pages (8X11) of errors. Four tries for her to get it all corrected. The thing is, she's big time pissing off people in other departments now. One person said, can I refuse to work on anything she touches? I did bend the ear of my boss, saying I honestly don't know how to train her (and I've worked as a trainer in another company), my stress is going through the roof. He was like we need to meet regularly. He got in very hot water re: one of her direct fuck ups, and one indirect (which I'm sure he blames her - kind of justified there - more than his buddy). Working through one issue with programmers, one solution didn't work. VP in another area, known for getting super hyper, had a cow. I'd said we would have a plan b from programming in the morning. I had just logged in, and got an IM from one of his clueless managers (they have given day to day to two other folks who do possess working brains), saying we need it done NOW. Should I call programmer? Sure, go ahead and interrupt them while they try to figure this out. Manager backed off. Guess what, got it all resolved, and their other shit they needed today got done, too. We're going to have more wintery weather tomorrow, and boss told all to just let him know if we couldn't make it into the office. I may bail. Not sure. Dip didn't know if her luxury (and I mean luxury - 50 to 85k) car would be able to make it through ice/snow. That's when I went uhhhh, maybe I'll call off, even though I do have an SUV. Not busting my ass; last week (?) two or more people told me that the Dip and the other co-worker were surfing the net until I came in that day. One sits and watches videos on her phone or has gossip sites up on pc. This is the same time when Dip had so many errors (errors that a client would see).
  14. hoosier80

    Four Weddings

    I was invited to a friend's wedding a few years back, but did not go. Didn't really know of anyone I knew who was going. I later saw pictures of the wedding. Basic wedding at a banquet hall, surprisingly since the bride's father is a minister at a very conservative fundamentalist church. She had shades of blue I think - that was all to the theme, and do it yourself postcards for invitations (not in blue). I mean if you have a 'color' then stick to it? Color on invite not even close to wedding colors of blue. Anyhow, I digress. One entire long table and section of the reception hall was dedicated to the groom's live action role playing 'weapons'. I think he had 'flags' and mini castle shit there too. Looked like the bedroom of an 8 year old. Some other friends and I were looking at it, and two of us said, oh hell no. The groom is our mutual friend, and we were like really? He's mid-forties or older, what the holy hell is he thinking? Then like maybe 3 or 4 weeks of them both posting extra sugary posts on Facebook (bride had to do check ins at every fucking place they ate or drank at - at Starbucks, at Baskin-Robbins, at McDonalds -seriously? Happy you got a burger or a cone, but it's not newsworthy), no posts by either. Radio silence. Her profile - gone. Every post he had of her - gone. Gone from friend list. Yep, divorced after 6 weeks. He's now with another fiancée. I should tell him - leave the LARF shit at home, not at reception.
  15. hoosier80


    And, on Amazon, you can filter the deals by type, by department, etc., if you don't want to scroll through around 30 to 50 pages of deals. Q, don't try to be Amazon. You need to have your niche, and be UNIQUE. That doesn't mean offering the same tired products on blast.