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    Killing Eve

    I think she could be morally grey, or not even so; maybe she just doesn't share everything because she uses Eve just enough to get closer to Oksana, and now she "can take (the job) away", as she said. From the way the show sold Carolyn's character, she sounds extremely intelligent and efficient, so I still buy that. For instance, I think it was extremely weird how Carolyn was open about the information of sleeping with both those men. I think she was setting Eve up to bribe the Russian guy in the bridge. Maybe she knew if any proposal about releasing Nadia came from her, to that former lover, who doesn't trust her, he wouldn't budge. She knew Eve wouldn't stop ("don't do that face"). So I think she gave her a little information to use and she went for it. I actually think she used both those men, I don't believe their romantic relationship is real at all for her. The way she was fixing her make up and her clothes for their meeting, I think they see her as a former lover of no real threat who they want to humor with some information. And she knows that and uses that. I think she knew Konstantin was joining them. I think she was fixing herself up more for him actually. Plus, I wouldn't put past her to have chosen Eve because she already knew a lot more than just being after a "female assassin". She probably knew about Anna and knew Eve would be also Oksana's type. Plus, she chooses Eve, a very inexperienced field agent, for such a dangerous and complex mission. Maybe she just wanted a link to Oksana and doesn't expect much more than that from Eve. She dismissed the Anna thing in a way it makes it look like she already went down that road and knew it would lead nowhere, in the bigger scheme of things: as she says, Oksana is just a link to something bigger. Maybe she wanted Konstantin to trust her enough so that in the end, when she is seen in the visitor's room, she was there at his request to release Oksana. After that, all bets are off.
  2. nameless slob


    I watched so far the first six episodes, and I actually think she is very empathetic and cares a lot about her patients and their lives, more than she should. I can grasp her reasoning behind reaching out to her patient's closest relations. She tries to help Claire and Emily, backhanded as it is. She tries to help Sam, Allison. The only thing that I think runs out of her control is when reaching out to Sidney, she gets tangled in her web. And in reality I think her sessions with Sam suffer because of that. Plus, I don't grasp the "Sidney effect". She does nothing for me, from the first scene of her singing, maybe the actress lacks "it". I do think she is a bad therapist, even though with good intentions. Because she doesn't seem to be able to do her work, help the patients, without the interference of those third parties. She is unable to make them grasp what she is trying to show them. I wanna see more of her relationship with her mother.
  3. nameless slob

    S02.E11: Golden Frog Time

    That was such a wonderful episode! So satisfying. And validating. Since episode 9, when he found out about the books, and in his jiu jitsu class, when talking about luring the opponent, you could see there was something big coming. I adore Paul Giamatti, and I think my adoration for Chuck has something to do with it. But his laughter at the end was so devilish that I almost feel bad about rooting for him. Almost. To think someone has such a misguided notion of doing justice. I know, when Ira said he would trow up and Chuck Sr. said "well, you had some of the Ice Juice earlier". Heh! The man doesn't miss a beat. He is ruthless and funny and unapologetic. And the actor is amazing. Even him being such a prick, Chuck Sr. is someone I would very much enjoy being acquainted with, that would be a daily blast. Me neither. Maybe because of fear his office could be wired? So no conversation that could be incriminatory should take place? Not for him and neither for Wendy (she could be accused of sharing inside information). So maybe that is why he made it seem like a simple domestic dispute between spouses (you think I am an idiot etc) and acted so smug about not leaving the stocks, so both could make a case, if necessary, that the discussion about selling the stocks was all about who has the biggest dick in the house, and not in any way related to inside information. Yes, that is very real and I also love it.
  4. nameless slob

    S02.E11: Golden Frog Time

    That is so cool! I was right, it was all a play by Chuck!
  5. nameless slob


    I kinda pretty much expected he would cheat on her eventually, since in episode 3 he told a story of how his last relationship ended because of him wandering around.
  6. nameless slob

    S02.E09: Sic Transit Imperium

    I think Chuck is thinking way ahead, in a way I can't yet grasp, but it looks promising. I am loving it. When he was talking to the Kate Sacker, when he found out about the books, he was thinking about a way to get someone who can smell any hint of blood and go for the neck, as Axel was doing with the books. So I think he knew his father would suggest his blind trust for the investment (as he knew his father would talk on the golf course with Lawrence Boyd and say Chuck is not pursuing him anymore, thus allowing Chuck to wire Boyd during a vulnerable time). I think, in the end, the blind trust is just a way to allure Axel again, the same as the Churchill's books. And when Axel thinks that Chuck is in fact exposed, and when he tries to use that information (the use of the blind trust) to end Chuck's public image, going for the neck, that is when in fact Chuck will be the one to go for the neck. I don't know how, but that is what I got from that interaction. Chuck seems like a smart enough man to no allow his blind trust to be used in such contrived matter. He declined once or twice before to use it (I think in season one, in an interaction with an older man, when he said he would only have access to it once out of public office; and I think in season two, when he was hiring the lawyer to defend him against Axel's lawsuits). So that is why I think that was staged.
  7. nameless slob

    Mozart In The Jungle

    I finished as well. Gael Garcia is such a good comic actor, I love his Rodrigo.
  8. Good catch! It does look like it. Maybe that is part of the problem: the fact that he proposed to two different women at the same spot makes it seem he has a fantasy about marriage, or romance.
  9. nameless slob

    S02.E12: eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z

    I agree, I was also thinking about that: maybe the "dominant" personality is, and have always been, Mr. Robot. And suddently, recently, Elliot started to pop up here and there on Mr. Robot. Like Mr. Robot's conscience of the repercutions of those extreme actions. Remember maybe the first or second episode, of season one, when Elliot was fixing a hack on ECorp, and he read a file that said "keep me here", or something? Elliot wasn't aware of Mr. Robot's presence, but Mr. Robot was already aware of Elliot's presence, and his moral compass, and that is why he warned him of not taking the file away. I don't understand about multiple personalities and how it works, but that is the most fascinating aspect of the show, for me. How Elliot/Mr. Robot navigates the idea of trying to become aware of each other. In a recent episode, I think 11, Elliot puts himself as the observer watching Mr. Robot do his thing. He was following Mr. Robot up till he gets in the cab, where he IS Mr. Robot and suddently Mr. Robot was taken over by Elliot. Everything about that lucid dream was fascinating. I was also thinking about Dom interrogating Darlene. I don't think she will be able to turn her, even though Darlene was stupid and keeps talking. I think Darlene, when she saw that room with FBI's investigation on the Dark Army, she was blow away about the long term plan, with Phase II and all, since she was unaware of the final objective. If anything, I think it will make her stronger about keeping quiet in the interrogation, since she saw how the Dark Army and Elliot are aiming for something so bigger then she expected, and that can change the world. I had a feeling that, when she saw the room and said "You gotta be kidding me", she was astonished about Tyrell being part of it. I think Darlene knows Tyrell and knows some type of history about Tyrell and Elliot and she was shocked they are working together. I think those relationships with come together in season 3.
  10. nameless slob

    Reflection: An UnREAL Season Two

    I think you are right, Princess Sparkle. I got confused. Thank you!
  11. nameless slob

    Reflection: An UnREAL Season Two

    I am re watching season 1 and in the pilot there's a scene, right at the beginning, when the party is about to start, where I see a girl very much like Yael. Am I confused? Was that addressed in the second season?
  12. nameless slob

    Reflection: An UnREAL Season Two

    Exactly! In Season 1 all contestants had a personality and were interesting in some way. Season 2 is like they were all extras in some other show, who had no line and needed to just stand still. It's like the writers forgot the show was about Everlasting, and couldn't be bothered about doing that show. Also exactly! Were was the race discussion that they promised!? I watched five episodes of season 2 and gave up.
  13. nameless slob

    Reflection: An UnREAL Season Two

    I agree with you, NutmegsDad. I stopped watching this season around episode 5, I think, when I could not remember or care for any of the contestants, or even the suitor. It gave me the feeling that Quinn could not care less for the show, only worried about her power struggle with Chet, Coleman and Rachel. I felt the show itself became secondary, and for me the show itself, Everlasting, is what draws me to Unreal. And the characters appeal to me mostly how they confront situations caused by the show, during the show production, how they create situations for the show, and how they care about delivering a story for that same show. I don´t just wanna see Quinn and Rachel and Chet. I wanna see them doing the show, during the show, doing Everlasting. There was such a lack of storytelling this season: last season you could understand and follow the logic of such contestant staying on, such leaving, etc. This season, I think they could have picked random girls out of the streets for the finals and it would feel like she arrived there with the same merits as any other. When the show runner said this season they would talk about race issues and gender issues, and how Chet comes back all manly and that would change the dynamics, I thought it would be a deep conversation, but it was all so cliché. With women in bathtubs as his ideal of the perfect show, and women playing football with tiny little outfits… I wouldn´t mind the cliché if there were meaningful discussions along with it. But I felt none. Plus, the race issue. If they had discussed it in all the little things that daily affects us all… It was all for shock value. If felt cheap. After I stopped watching, I was following the rest of the season on the forums. And always hoping some episode’s comments would make me wanna watch it. But no. Now I just wanna rewatch season one, and that wonderful storytelling ending with a masterpiece of a season finale. That was wonderful.
  14. nameless slob

    S03.E08: Bachman's Earning's Over-Ride

    Funny, I read it differently. When Richard was at the dinner, and the waiter came with Erlich's special plate for his requested diet, and everyone else wanted the same, I think he realized that Erlich knows how to make an entrance, how to make and statement and how to make people want what he is selling. Plus, considering it was indeed orchestrated that way, since Erlich said he ordered a special meal to seem pretentious and different, he does seem like he would do good PR.
  15. nameless slob

    S05.E04: Mother

    I for one really liked the scene of Selina saying goodbye to her mother. All alone with her in the hospital room. I think JLD acted really well on the scene. In her eyes you could see how ambivalent she was with everything. You could sense that what she was experiencing was very complicated. I think she should submit this episode as her acting. Very good.