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  1. Boofish

    S09.E15 The Calm Before

    I'm looking at Siddiq with my good eye from this point forward. He always living to tell of someone else's heroics. Strike 2 Dr He Can Get It🤨
  2. Boofish

    S09.E15 The Calm Before

    Henry DID NOT deserve to be the slow dramatic pause finale head. I haven't been this thrilled since The Governor died.
  3. Boofish

    S09.E15 The Calm Before

    I liked the story at the end. I have no doubt Tara and Enid would not have gone down without a fight. This season is going on my list of continuous watch with 3 and 5. I may have to put this particular episode in the rotation with season 2 finale and seasons 3 and 5 premiere. Never get tired of those.
  4. Boofish

    S09.E14 Scars

    They should hire soap writers for Negan's redemption arc. NO ONE can redeem a rapist, murdering, lying psychopath like a soap opera.
  5. Boofish

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Maybe Oceanside Rachel will show up and shoot Tara's head the finger. One can dream. I actually liked the Highway men and I'm sad to see him go ...
  6. I love Camille but I'm 52 and she looks like my much older sister.
  7. Boofish

    S09.E14 Scars

    Michonne finally had to tell Judith she was "doing stuff" "thaaaangs"
  8. Boofish

    S09.E14 Scars

    Ohhh Not Michonne had a better weapon than dead people skin - kids. No one wants to kill kids. But yeah, like I said in the Live thread - there is no age limit on the hands. 8 to 80 run up and get done up. I can be Jesus or Rick. Try me and see who I decided upon that day. I liked this episode and it made perfect sense why Michonne would cut off the world including people she knows and loves. Daryl ran off and did the same thing yet no one seems to be as upset with him.
  9. Boofish

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    I always say there is no age limit on these hands. 8 to 80 - run up and get done up. I'm a little bit Jesus and lil bit Season 5 Rick. Run up and see who I decided to be that day.
  10. Boofish

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Erika's house looks like every house Fred suggested they spend the night in on Scooby Doo to get to the bottom of a mystery PK, Dorit and Lips are just 3 big pots of hot dog water - absolutely nothing appealing about them.
  11. Boofish

    The Passage

    For whomever asked - with the right skills, you can braid your own hair. A rat tail comb and some hair grease is all the ingredients you need. I'm assuming she knew how to do it herself and she taught the agent.
  12. Kandi's "brand" looks like nothing more than a tacky money grab. Quantity over quality. Cynthia looked mortified and embarrassed, Shamari looked like a Bratz doll and Kandi is cute but she is NOT SEXY. That party looked like the invitation said "put some drawers on and come on over; drinks half priced if you hike the drawers up your butt"
  13. Boofish

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    My daughter wears wigs and weaves for the same reason people wear makeup. She likes the way it looks and it is how she feels pretty. Nothing to do with her worth, value or self esteem. I really do not understand why it's a big deal. My hair is natural but it's not anti-weave. I just like the style. I can see why Nene would spice up that Red from Five Heartbeats blonde fingerwave hairdo; it's a hairDON'T
  14. Boofish

    Good Girls

    I feel like horrible person for finding Rio so hot and charming. Good Lord!! I know he shot her husband but one good bang deserves another 😏 Am I to conclude on my own that Ruby was thanking her husband for getting the pin cap? They certainly were relaxed and calm at the end. Did I miss something?