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  1. mbaywife123

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    She would just say "Well what do expect, I was hungry, I hadn't had a thing to eat all day"
  2. mbaywife123

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    Ramona never fails to be our crazy noodle! Love her ,she is TV gold!
  3. mbaywife123

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I almost fell off the couch laughing when Erika called home and said that she was leaving the next day and her husbands response was "Okay, I got it" ( As in damn she!'s coming home, time to get rids of the other "houseguest(s)
  4. mbaywife123

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Teresa has never forgiven Melissa for those sprinkle cookies!
  5. mbaywife123

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Teresa is as dumb as a box of hair. I have no "compassionate" for her or her grifter husband. She needs to go remove some of the "ingredenses" from her face and "cleansy" her foul/ignorant mouth out with some lava soap.
  6. I think that LVP not filming more episodes is her storyline for this season. I think she went to Bravo and said she was burnt out with the filming of VPR, opening two new venues as well as her bothers suicide. We all know from her own statements that she doesn't like to be seen as weepy or weak and Bravo aquissed and said fine sit the rest of the season out but we have to make it look as if something went really south with the rest of the cast towards you. (Hence the stupid dog story and her and Ken's fight with Kyle, which Kyle is probably in on the whole thing). The rest of the cast they just treated them like mushrooms, leave them in the dark and feed them bullshit. LVP may not have shown up for filming/promos etc. but she more than earned her wages because she is all that these cast mates will be talking about all season long.
  7. If Gunvulson is out, all is well in TV land! It's about damn time !
  8. mbaywife123

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    My best guess is that Dimwhit & PorKchop couldn't handle an active puppy in their house and that their kids Arizona and Rolling Stone were engaging with the pup playfully or roughly and got nipped and then PorKchop picked the pup up turned it toward his face and got nipped as well. They then gave it to a "friend" who dropped it off at the shelter because they are shit parents and shit pet owners.
  9. mbaywife123

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    Kristin is what we used to call a "slosh" bucket back in the 80's.
  10. mbaywife123

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    And what the fresh hell was with the eating of the fresh lavender street bush when it was really a mini agapanthus bush?
  11. mbaywife123

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    Solvang is fun! Grab several buckets of cookies at the Solvang Bakery. The Ace Hardware store is awesome with Christmas decor during the holidays, and has lots of cool stuff at other times of the year. Eat some abelskeevers (danish doughnuts/pancakes) at several of the restaurants. YUM. Too bad that Manny's (best Mexican restaurant) is long gone. AJ Spurs was still good years back before Sideways but haven't been there in years, same for the Hitching Post. I wonder if the Ostrich farm is still there as well as the mini horse farms on the back road to Los Olivos. Total tourist town, but fun for a weekend.
  12. mbaywife123

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    Good grief, James mom is such a piece of shite. Leave her ass at the curb where she belongs. Total "victim" and user, she now hits LVP up for a job for her next son because James no longer has his $ coming in from his dj job. Get yourself a JOB bitch! You should be taking care of yourself and your now adult spawn on your own regardless of what your ex husband and their father are paying for or not. If you didn't save any money to pay your bills post divorce that all on you.
  13. mbaywife123

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    Boring bowl 53 is officially over!
  14. mbaywife123

    Live PD

    MOMMA, MOMMA, MOMMA! Shut up you stupid jackass, both you and your momma should be totally embarrassed.
  15. mbaywife123

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The fact that your sister and your niece didn't let you know about this marriage speaks volumes to the fact that they already know this is a bad decision. And that you and others would not approve. You don't need to respond to your mom with other than anything more than either no response (sometimes silence speaks louder than words) or a polite Thank You for letting me know with no qualifiers. Your sister and her daughter have created this scenario, let them deal with the fall out. Her child, her choice in the matter. Remember: You can pick flowers, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.