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  1. methodwriter85

    Roswell, New Mexico, Roswell (OG) and Roswell High

    In the promo for the 2008 prom ep, we see Isobel ask Rosa to run away with her. So like are they going with the lesbian vibes, then? Of course I'm being influenced by the Peach/Beck storyline on You. I still get the vibe it's going to be a major red herring.
  2. methodwriter85

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    I mean, I honestly feel like the character arcs on the show are pretty much nearly complete. And again, I don't think the viewing figures would justify the contract renegotiation they would have had to do in order to keep the show going. I really hope Andrea continues acting, even if it's just a thinly veiled Kimmy Gibbler on like an Freeform sitcom.
  3. Meg Ryan reflecting on her career It's kind of funny to think about her, because the other two American Sweethearts of the 90's (Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock) are either making a lot of interesting choices/still pretty much on the A-list. I really think in her case, she lost the "cute" factor and people didn't take her "In The Cut" career re-imagining. So she retreated, basically.
  4. methodwriter85

    Unpopular Opinions

    I feel like if Ben Whisaw HAD been cast, people would have bitched about whitewashing.
  5. methodwriter85

    S01.E05: Don't Speak

    I half expect Max to go to the Volturi convention to expose his sparkly skin in the sun. I loved, loved, LOVED Alex and Kyle getting a backstory that they were friends before middle school cruelty took over. There's actually been a lot of gay speculation over Tyler Blackburn going back to his Pretty Little Liars days, but then again, most of the male love interests on that show seemed gay as hell. I agree though, Alex isn't exactly Kurt Hummel. Barring some outing, he came off as the kind of guy that could have gone under the radar.
  6. methodwriter85

    Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

    Yeah, I just read this really good book called Dark Matter by Blake Crounch that explores multiverse narrative and it's pretty interesting. The conclusion is that you and a "double" aren't the same person, even if you were up to a month ago before splitting off, because you are the sum total of your life choices and events. Applying it to here, Tree realized that this woman, as much as she looks and sounds and has memories like her mother, isn't her mother. Her mother died when she was like 15 or whatever. This life isn't our Tree's life. It's another life. Even if it's mostly nicer, she realizes she wants her actual life.
  7. I remember everybody wanted it to be Dane DeHaan because he has Leo's eyes, but he's pretty much fizzled out.
  8. For someone who's not considered a particularly good actor, it's kind of awesome that Keanu Reeves has never really slipped into has-been status or done desperate things to try to revive his career. I think he's probably had one of the most unique career trajectories I can think of. I'm guessing he was pretty smart with managing his money so he's been able to avoid doing things like reality shows during his dry spots? It also seems like Keanu has a reputation as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood so that seems to help him a lot.
  9. methodwriter85

    Russian Doll

    I think the idea is that Nadia is supposed to represent "Old" New York- gritty, rough New York that doesn't really exist anymore after the city was cleaned up in the 1990's. I think Alan represents Modern New York, in the sense that he's a square New York type living in a pretty modern condo compared to Nadia's digs.
  10. The show Pen15 had an episode revolving around Wild Things. I would like to think that a movie revolving around two teenage girls who make up a fake rape story involving their teacher as part of a moneymaking scheme could not get made now even if you're following the original by casting 25-year old models as the teens. And they don't really make hypersexual teen movies like they used to.
  11. methodwriter85

    Movies Based on Real People

    I feel like Simon LeBon would be extremely hard to cast because out of the group, he has such an incredibly distinctive face. I can't think of any young male actors with a similar face.
  12. methodwriter85

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    Well, streamer shows aren't really beholden to the 88 episode syndication rule, either.
  13. methodwriter85


    I did notice that the show didn't seem to go beyond about October 2000- if the show goes on for multiple seasons, I wonder if they'll try to keep things in 2000/early 2001 because everything changes during September 11th. On the other hand, I'd love to see them cover Avril Lavigne if we see these girls in 9th grade. LOL.
  14. methodwriter85


    I think the "I am Japanese" moment was inspired by the 2015 Brandeis University "microaggressions" exhibit that was supposed to enlighten people but instead offended students. I'm also Asian-American and growing up those "otherness" moments of casual racism would kind of blindside me, so that felt pretty real. As an Asian, you're not really part of that whole dichotomy between white/black racial divides so you feel immune to it until suddenly you don't.
  15. methodwriter85

    Roswell, New Mexico, Roswell (OG) and Roswell High

    I remember thinking the punk Izy had a strong lesbian vibe for some reason. I think the twin/clone thing was purely Jason Katim's Roswell.