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  1. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Kody, you have a hell of a lot of nerve criticizing anything anyone wants to do with their head.
  2. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    That baby is looking at Kody like, “Who the hell is this clown?!” I feel you, sweetie. In fact, I think I speak for all of us.
  3. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Aww, look at Dayton. He’s a handsome young man. I hope he’s able to stay away from his doofus stepfather long enough to develop his own ideas about the world.
  4. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    This asshole had better get his head around the fact that some of those kids are old enough to simply refuse to move back to Utah. I love his repeated insistence that “he will lead” while the wives talk over him and shoot his arguments down at every turn. What a selfish mofo.
  5. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    Wake me when they’re done trotting out this old “We were chased out of Utah in the dead of night!” storyline yet again.
  6. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    This toolbag’s “presentation” reminds me of the one my daughter did for me when she was nine-years-old and wanted to convince me to sign her up for horseback riding lessons. All that’s missing is the hand-drawn picture of a beautiful stallion. And the cuteness and common sense arguments. I cannot stand this jackass. As I was typing this, I heard the words “run for office” and wanted to throw my entire laptop through the television screen. Jesus, take the wheel.
  7. Suzy Rhapsody

    S09.E01: Love Is In The Air

    I’ll start us off with some rare positivity: John David may not be the most exciting guy on the planet, but I think he’s a truly decent person. Always have, but especially since the whole mess with his slimeball older brother. He and his equally dorky (I say that with affection; I’m a huge dork) fiancé are made for each other. You can tell that they truly love one another. The way she looked at him in those post-proposal pictures like he was 1987-era Johnny Depp . . . it softened my cynical heart the slightest bit. I also liked that they set their own, less stringent courtship standards based on their ages. It was too much to hope that they would eschew the standards altogether, but I liked that rare burst of individuality on the part of a grown-ass Duggar and his grown-ass lady love. Good for them.
  8. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    “You needed the confidence of being able to do something without me.” Damn, Kody, how are you standing upright after the spin you just laid on Meri? Not that I think Meri is worth a damn either, but wow.
  9. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    So, we’ll never get rid of her! *snore*
  10. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    Good Lord. There is nothing more boring than listening to long, convoluted stories about someone else’s long-passed relatives. I’m dying here. Please tell me I’m not the only one so I don’t feel so mean.
  11. Suzy Rhapsody

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    The level to which I loathe Kody Brown doesn’t even make sense for someone I don’t know personally. Watching him dance around like a lunatic makes me feel absolutely murderous. I’m packing for a move, so I’m already irritated, but seriously. Sit yo dumb ass down.
  12. Suzy Rhapsody

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story LIVE CHAT

    Hi, folks. Did anyone catch where they live?
  13. Suzy Rhapsody

    S09.E04: Don't Wanna Go Home

    Kailyn’s arms with those tattoo sleeves . . . ugh. So trashy and gross. Her sister seems like a nice girl. And Jenelle, girl, who are you trying to convince with these damn lies?! “I tripped, I fell, he fell on top of me, it was all a big misunderstanding, blah blah blah.” Sure, Jan. Sure.
  14. Suzy Rhapsody

    S06.E04: Big Girl, Little Bus

    First of all, Buddy should not be making these casual little comments about suicide on a near-constant basis. That shit isn’t funny or cute. I had a (former) friend once who did that all the time and it really starts to grate after a while. Someone needs to tell him that any such comments in the future will be taken seriously and acted upon accordingly. That’s the only way that sort of manipulative, attention-seeking behavior stops. And hey, if he’s serious, then he’ll be able to get some help. Also, he seems to have romanticized his drug days to an extremely unhealthy extent. He waxes poetic about “doing blow” in front of a roaring fire the way some people talk about their fun college years. Full disclosure: I used to drink. I used to drink A LOT and for many years. No one ever knew and it didn’t negatively impact anyone in my life. I was the consummate highly-functioning alcoholic. I kicked the habit three years ago (1,247 days, actually) in one fell swoop. Do I miss it? Sure, sometimes. Did it relax me like nothing else? Yep. Do I talk about it to this day in glowing terms to my friends, which keeps them on high alert for me starting to drink again? No. I’m sure some of this is producer-driven bullshit, but Buddy would do well to rethink his sober living plan if the pressure to use is this all-consuming. In my opinion, he’s a fool to move back to his old stomping grounds. At the least, that poor girlfriend of his with the small child should run far, far away from this dysfunctional clusterfuck. (And no, Whitney, it is NOT your fault if Buddy finds drugs at the campground. You are easily one of the most codependent people I’ve ever seen. His drug use also is NOT about you. I realize that it’s Whitney’s world and we just live in it, but her reactions are inappropriate. Speaking of attention-seeking. Ugh.)
  15. Suzy Rhapsody

    S09.E02: Reconnect

    HA! Thanks for putting into words exactly what I was thinking during all of her scenes (but couldn't quite describe as accurately as you did).