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  1. BonnieD

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Couldn't even make it through the episode (I DVR) without coming here to vent! First, Beth was being passive aggressive and childish about her dumb performance. Why does your husband have to see what you did at work, like some kid dancing on the end of a diving board going "look at me jump. Look, look, look!" You're a grown up. You got the job you wanted. Just do it for the pleasure of doing something you love, not so your spouse or your supervisor strokes your ego. 2nd. I hate, hate, hate, hate!! that in shows like this and Parenthood no one expects the children to do work at home. packing lunches for three competent young ladies? Doing the dishes and other household chores instead of delegating? Teach them how to do the frickin' laundry for themselves and for you. Not to sound old fogey-ish but today's parents are ridiculously undemanding of their children. Ours, I'm proud to say, could do all of those tasks from the time they were young. End rant.
  2. BonnieD

    The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    I concur on this. I definitely thought they kids may have been drugged to be so exhausted when put to bed. Whether by the staff or the parents. AND I thought all along that someone on staff would be a likely candidate to be involved with the child trafficking ring. To me, the first thing the local cops should've done was halt everything on the premises and interview each and every tourist staying and there and staff member. The hero of the entire horrible story, to me, is the Spanish investigator who subjected himself to interacting with pedophiles in order to infiltrate. That would have to effect you for the rest of your life. I loved that his sharing of his investigation prompted actual results in rounding up some of these people. It was the only satisfying thing about the series. Also, I couldn't help but look up the Wonderland case afterward and it is criminal and horrible how little time those convicted felons were imprisoned for. Just terrible! Luckily the ringleader was able to be arrested again after his release for diving right back into his internet "hobby" at a public library no less!!!
  3. BonnieD

    Good Girls

    Wow, was it hard for me to find this thread! I even looked under other dramas and didn't see it. The new organization here is really difficult to navigate, especially when so many shows are black humor now. Do they belong in comedy or drama? Anyway, i fully expected Mary Pat to be the one to eliminate Boomer, either by accident or on purpose. In the scene where she's on the floor and he's in the bed passed out, presumably after rape, I thought he was already dead, that she had somehow clunked him over the head. No such luck. So they went with accident, with her extremely oblivious children in the vehicle. They didn't feel the bump? Or notice him at the window shouting at mom? Even with headphones on it's ridiculous, but then like so many other things in the show, you just have to wave it off. The writers sure have to work extra hard to keep all these ladies from any actual trigger pulling so we can still accept them as "good girls". As far as this sort of comedy/drama goes, I much prefer wacky, crazy Claws.
  4. BonnieD

    Queer Eye

    I'm only caught up thru episode three but I agree, it was easily my fav so far. I'm going online to see if I can buy their sauce to support them. They're hardworking ladies who deserve everything good. I was wondering about the sitting area--doesn't a place have to have a permit to go from what was basically a glorified food truck to an actual business with seating on premises? Just curious. Here's where to buy it: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2019/03/226387/queer-eye-jones-sisters-barbecue-sauce-where-to-buy As for the new Fab Five vs. the old. I recently watched a couple of eps of the old show online and I think they had a tendency to be bitchy bordering on cruel to some of the clients about the way they've been living. These are a kinder, gentler bunch IMO. I'm all on board with them. I like the delving into their own pasts to better connect with their clients.
  5. BonnieD

    S04.E14: I'm Finding My Bliss

    couple of things. ONE. It had to be community theater, which means no pay so how could anyone be "fired"? Dumb! They should have had the director simply say, I'm cutting you from the play, effective immediately." Clearly nobody was getting paid to do this gig. and this: Why the holy hell does she expect a proposal? Either party could be the one to propose. SHE should do it herself, ask her GF to marry her! In this day and age nobody should be expecting anybody to be the party who must propose. Old fashioned nonsense IMO. Especially in hetero relationships where the days of "you must ask for my daughter's hand in marriage" should long since be over. Ladies, stop waiting to be approached like you're frickin' rapunzel in a tower. And the bullshit about the bride's parents being the ones to pay for everything as if it were some sort of dowry, should be finished too. ETA. I think the song was much more based on Adelaide's Lament from Guys and Dolls as she continually puts up with her fiance's neglect and bemoans her lack of marital status. Honestly, I think Ado Annie's song "Cain't Say No" shows a sexually healthy young woman who enjoys fooling around. Taken verse by verse, she doesn't seem to want to put the brakes on. The dated part is that she won't be respected if she follows her natural inclinations and does what she wants.
  6. Oh yeah. I forgot about how flabbergasted that left me. It was like these parents did not know how to react when their daughter crossed them. If she dug in her heels hard enough, they gave in to any and everything she wanted (or thought she wanted) to do. It's like they weren't expecting their little darling girls to turn into teenagers and had no coping skills to deal with them. Particularly the mother was stuck in some childish mode herself, going gaga because "a boy likes me and paid me compliments!"
  7. BonnieD

    S02.E01: House On The Rock

    I didn't know anything about the change-up and didn't notice a difference. Plus I was completely fixated on The House on the Rock because I've been there twice in my life and enjoyed recognizing the different areas. When you're walking through the carousel room, horses hung all around you, and you see the ginormous carousel in front of you, it is absolutely breathtaking! So, yeah, I was pretty caught up in that aspect. I thought them riding to the meeting and Shadow exiting the physical world through his spiritual eye was just fantastic and I really loved how they depicted the cosmic world beyond. No complaints from me about any of it.
  8. I completely agree. Yes, there was ignorance in the early 70s, the time when I grew up, but not to this degree. I believe the situation had a lot to do with their religion and sexual ignorance and repression. That being said, a next-door-neighbor of my best friend at the time (again, early 70s), a girl of about 13 "fell in love" with a man of 30 and was allowed by her parents to marry him! I thought it was super creepy and weird at the time, but this neighbor girl had no connection to me and i was a kid so didn't pay much attention to how the whole thing played out and, eventually I assume, ended. One of the weirdest things in a boatload of weirdness was the way the mother sounded in the taped phone calls with the kidnapper after the second disappearance. So crazily nonchalant, like "how's the weather" vocal inflections when talking about her missing daughter. And when B mentioned she might be prostituting herself and selling dope, there was like zero reaction. Perhaps she was acting fake because the FBI was taping the phone call and she was a poor actress, but it was really really awkward and strange.
  9. BonnieD

    S38.E01: It Smells Like Success

    It might be interesting to see a show that featured only those three men running around and being amazing at challenges. Maybe a Mini-Survivor handful of episodes. Of course now the age differences between them would factor into how well each could do in competition against the others. I doubt Ozzy could clamber monkey-like up a tree these days. ETA. I found this fun link: Ahem, not that this has anything to do with the current season. On that topic, I'm not in love with it yet and I'm in the group of people who almost missed that it was back on, if not for DVR automatic recordiing. The Extinction Island thing could be interesting or just a retread of Redemption. Depends on whether they make them do something REALLY daring like swim shark infested waters or walk on flaming coals to get back into the game.
  10. BonnieD

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    I actually loved the final shot of him wandering in the jungle. It was such a clear and powerful statement about him navigating the landscape of his fractured mind and/or the general theme of people grappling with life and all its twists and turns. Once I stopped thinking so hard about the mystery aspect of the show, i was able to enjoy it as a mood piece about relationships and a very realistic sometimes dysfunctional marriage. Details like how his wife died don't matter. it's how they created a life together that was important.
  11. BonnieD

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    Unrelated to the case... the fact that Wayne's daughter is never shown interests me. We're to assume they had a falling out a long time ago. Her brother said she's doing fine in California or something like that early in the series, but I'm starting to wonder if she died and Wayne's dementia has blocked it from his memory. Too far fetched, or just the kind of twist the writers would think was cool? Thus his desperate need to find out what happened to Julie and recover her.
  12. BonnieD

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    I'm willing to give Randall a pass because he just finished coming to the realization that he needs to start putting his OWN family first, then his career, then anything else. I don't think this quest for some long lost uncle needs to be his, or Kates for that matter. Neither of them wanted to pursue it. It was Kevin's idea. Randall just needs to friggin' stay home and tend to his own nest, his own dependents. And Kate needs to tend to her pregnancy before she loses the baby. Traveling is not a good idea for her. So, yeah, I dont blame either for leaving. But the entire stopping by the site of our former home then reminiscing inside as if it were the same house from their childhood was stupid and a writers' contrivance. I'm going to go further and say the whole idea of "family! we must nourish and embrace very person related to us" is nonsense to me. There are people in your family who you simply are not close to and may have little feeling for. Why does sharing DNA trump logic and reason? The uncle can figure out his own issues. He is not their responsibility. He may as well be a stranger. Sounds cold but its what I believe. Eleven year olds and they've never ordered a pizza before? Okay. That tells me all I need to know about the over-parenting going on there.
  13. BonnieD

    S09.E10: Los Diablos!

    Like real life alcoholics. It can come back unexpectedly and their loved ones have to suffer with them all over again. REminds me of Denis Leary's character on Rescue Me. By the end of that show it was just exhausting and played out. Especially because they still kept trying to make it like Tommy was some sort of great hero. He was no better than anyone else on the crew. I am so over addiction storylines in the dramas I watch. I've got to stop getting sucked in when I know there's going to be that sort of character. The arc never leads anywhere positive.
  14. BonnieD

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    Which led me to believe the mom was present after he was accidentally killed or on purpose eliminated. Who else would bother to put him in a peaceful position like that?
  15. BonnieD

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    Oh, I went right to the conclusion that the kissin' cousins thing went well beyond their childhood and that Cousin Name I've already forgotten is Julie's bio-dad. But if her brother is older and Julie is younger, I don't know if that makes sense or not. I suppose the cousins could have hooked up just occasionally even as adults if it's a pattern they started young. When Cousin said "I would never have spied on her like a perv" i mentally added "because I'm her real father." Also, agreed that the "listening in through the wide open door to the detectives conveniently dropping information" was VERY eye-rolling. I tried to tamp my annoyance down and just go with it. There's so much good about this show, I refuse to get fret over the occasional dumb notes.