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  1. Witchz

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I was thinking Bobby Brown for the monster too or Tracy Morgan.
  2. Witchz

    Under the Mask: Clues and Clue Discussion

    Monster is Tracy Morgan !! My guess
  3. Witchz

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I think the monster is Tracy Morgan!!
  4. Witchz

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    This is the best question - I had not even thought about it - thank you .
  5. Witchz

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    I don't know it seemed like she was one of the girls that always had a few friends that were there from the start and at least one that I remember had a baby too. Just seemed like a strange thing for her to say even if a joke.
  6. Witchz

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    Okay so I have a question - why did Chelsea say that IF they had friends they could entertain them in the yard BUT since they don't ... so what happened to their friends ?
  7. This may have been asked but do we have an age on Colt ?
  8. Okay since seeing and posting the picture of Debbie I too have been wondering what happened? I think that Debbie seems a lot more flexible and likeable than Colt - and even think that she could enjoy having someone new around as Colt is such a boring unhappy just flat person it could take a toll just being around him daily. He seems like he could suck the happiness out of any and every situation. So was it Colt that aged her? I don't know if this has been answered or not but am wondering why they share a car? Does Debbie work too? if so what does she do? Why no couch or living room furniture for them before? It seems like they are hiding something - although Debbie seemed pretty open on the live show about their life.
  9. Debbie - Im guessing before Coltee.
  10. Witchz

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    So Chloe has gone on YouTube to express her anger over everyone misreading her mother. My take away from this is 1) She is very full of herself (obviously not effected by any negative comments about appearances) 2) She is not with Max anymore 3) She should let her mother defend herself and just worry about getting an education and taking care of her baby 4) She will be just like her mother in 15 years just amplified by stupidity by 10.
  11. Im not sure if this has already been mentioned but Im going to give my guess about Jons friends and family seeming so unaccepting of this relationship. I think that Jon is wanting a beard and Im not talking about facial hair. Something struck me as really off when his friend was questioning him about Jons change of heart and Jon answered with I met her and fell in love and everything changed. That meeting with another person close to Jon acting so suspicious about Jon and Racheland discouraging seemed more than just worried about whether or not they will make it. Also could have something to do with the reference to "open" relationship maybe more open than what Rachel was thinking? I think it would make sense with the fighting in bars too !! I wonder if Rachel has seen any of these girlfriends on his social media ? Like before they were a thing - I would be curious to see if he has any evidence of his seeing so many women and the relationships ?
  12. Witchz

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Jessica is such a manipulator and thinks this is all about her and she is right it is somewhat about how she failed to keep her daughter from getting pregnant. Lets face it when I was whatever age Chloe is (15- 16 yrs old) I was not running around town with boys- nope sorry. Car dating was not allowed until I was 16 yrs old and then was limited. Some would say my mom was crazy strict and she didn't care ever - only cared to make sure I was not out there trying to act like a adult when still a child. Chloes mom is taking care of her daughter right now cause she is her responsibility we have yet to see her take care of the baby so to say that Chloe and Max should be so grateful for the bullshit they are getting from Jessica is funny. I think that Chloe and Max are both treating her mother and her father with respect and trying as much as their teenage uneducated and immature selves can. How can Max know what she wants when she is so two faced that I think she has confused herself because she is not making Max look like the "bad" guy that is so below her daughter and herself - instead she is making him look good and better than her. Grandpa and Grandma show us who Jessica learned some of her behavior from - and to be honest why is Grandpa making shitty judgement at all when he obviously doesn't know the whole situation? And what a guy he is attacking his Granddaughter for sticking up for her babies father who seems to be the only person who seems to give a shit about her feelings- shame on you Grandpa. Take your gifts and shove them is what I would say - if you want to do something for me or my baby do it but don't do it and think you have the right to abuse me with your comments and or control my emotions cause it wont work - never does. If this family does not want to accept Max say it and act like adults that can stand by what they decide. Sorry but Jessica irks me worse than Kelsey or Shannon. These three need so much help but will never get it cause the narcissism runs too deep. Chloes little sister is adorable and looks like Chloes mini me - lets hope the baby doesn't have that mouth though. I really don't think the parents are doing these kids a favor by letting them have babies that they cant care for - they are ruining the lives of the girls and the babies that will be effected by the inadequacy and disfunction. So to say these girls are lucky that they are paying for all this - I would disagree strongly. Do any of the girls have any goals for their future? Did they ever?
  13. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Not Keiffer , not Courtland , not Gary, and not Nathan Every single one has had major legal problems for various crimes ranging from drugs/dui and domestic violence.
  14. Witchz

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Really?? Who would that be?
  15. Witchz

    S02.E10: The Gold Coast

    Okay so I was very surprised when they had Darlene kill Jacob - just as I would have been shocked if he followed through and killed her. These two people were all each other had and to give it up so quickly just hits me as not believable. Darlene could have gotten a baby with Jacob alive and I don't believe for one second getting a baby would make his death okay for her. But with that said I don't see how they are going to take her out next season without hurting the baby which you know she is going to wear as a shield - 24 x7. I also would have liked it if they would have had some dialogue between Marty and Wendy about he fact that they killed Zekes father and then gave him to the people responsible for his mothers death and eventually his fathers- how creepy and scary is that ? And wrong - whats to say she wont get crazy and harm the baby? If she can kill her husband of many years she can a baby too. Im confused about Ash was he their son or just an employee? I didn't find Rachel a likable character this season - last was better for her imo. I really cant see Marty falling for her at this time with her drug issues being what they were. I did not agree with his insistence that she was not to blame for what she had done - come on please. He is so strong in his belief that everyone else has made choices that led to their demise or rise - but she gets a go free card? Really lame. The daughter thing - I don't care either way. I wanted to see Ruth kill her father and it would have been a lot cleaner for all involved. With all these deaths and disappearances from a seemingly quiet town it would have to set off a lot of red flags wouldn't it? And I think it would not take long for the answer to be clear about who is or has to have involvement. My biggest complaint about this show is do we have to wait for another year before we get some more of it? I wish they would do half seasons or more shows because I cant get enough of this show even with any of the dislikes I may have. Isnt this the last show - so we cant really spoil it can we?