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  1. Cue the obvious "Captain Marvel has taken a strange turn" jokes. With a bonus Dophinder from Deadpool sighting! On a more serious note, with respect to Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, this does look like the worst of every quirky, twee indie film that has ever been put out.
  2. thuganomics85

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Oh, Gordon! I was about to say that he Barclay-ed himself, but this really was close to when Geordi fell for a holographic version of that Leah character in TNG. At least Laura is long gone (unless there is a hell of a twist coming!), while the real Leah ended up discovering Geordi's creepy truth on the other show! Either way, not the most original plot out there, but I do think that this situation would happen quite a bit if simulations/holodecks are ever created in the future, and it does knock off some of the fantastical appeal for it, knowing what less than savory people might do with them (not saying that Gordon is one, because I do believe he didn't attend for everything to do down the way it did.) I thought Leighton Meeser was good as Laura. I do feel a little bad though, because I always think of her as the gal from Gossip Girl who isn't Blake Lively, but I've heard she was considered by many to be the better actress. But Blake clearly became the bigger star. I wonder how that all came about? Was it simply a case of Leighton not seeking out bigger projects or wanting the spotlight, or is it just because the industry preferred Blake for whatever reasons? You never know how these things can turn out, I guess. Tuvok! Always great seeing Tim Russ and equally great whenever the big names from Star Trek show up here. Ed's "No Trish, it's not" response to the hipster question slayed me. Again, he might not be the strongest actor here, but Seth MacFarlane is at his best when he's playing the closet to a "normal person" in a scenario, and is able to convey Ed's frustration and annoyance over the dumb stuff he has to deal with. Bortus and Khylen getting overly-addicted to cigarettes was a hilarious B-plot and another thing I would wonder about in real life (would aliens get addicted to same drugs that humans do? Or vice versa?!) And... another long-ass break. Is something going on these next few weeks? Because FOX's scheduling has been wacky lately.
  3. thuganomics85

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    As soon as everyone though Michael was going to be the Red Angel, I figured it wouldn't be the case, but I have to admit that I didn't think about it being her mother. So, she apparently didn't die after-all? Also, she's played by Sonja Sohn which is pretty cool. While everyone else on the ship wouldn't like it, I for one think that Georgiou should be required to be present for every relationship drama scene and make things even more awkward than they already are! Hell, why stop with this show?! Georgiou should just go on every show, insert herself into every scenario involving angst or relationship drama, and make everyone uncomfortable! I am so confused over what happened with Leland at the end. Clearly the needle thing wasn't suppose to happen, but what is going on? Is this Control's doing? Spock really does seem to enjoy being the dickish brother, which doesn't quite fly with the whole Vulcan logic thing, even if its admittedly amusing. Wait, so Nilsson is played by the original actress who played Airaim (last season), so Airaim was played by a different actress this entire time, and has been killed off to bring back the original actress, only in human form? That seems very convoluted and over-complicated. Pike continues to be the best captain when it comes to just going with the flow. "Seriously, you want to bring the Red Angel out by killing yourself and hoping she comes in to save you? Fine, it's literally your neck on the line, although this will not look good on my resume if shit gets fucked up!"
  4. thuganomics85

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    At least Holt gets to have a conversation with Kevin (about rice!), even though he we don't see or hear him. I do hope we get him sometime this season. Television needs more Marc Evan Jackson! The Holt/Rosa stuff was great as always and Cameron Esposito is a good choice to play Rosa's girlfriend. Jake breaking into the therapist's office illegally aside, I liked seeing Jake and Boyle working another case together, and despite all of the humorous moments, I do like them acknowledging that someone like Jake could probably use some form of therapy considering everything that has happened to him. Looking past all of the hilarity, he really has been through a lot, including his childhood. I kept trying to place the actress who played the therapist Jake pretending to be a patient for, and I find out that she plays Tahani's mom on The Good Place. I do love how actors pop back and forth on both shows! Even by normal C-plot standards, Terry/Amy's storyline felt extra fillerish, and didn't even seem to have a proper ending.
  5. thuganomics85

    S03.E16: Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun

    Oh, yeah! Riverdale bringing back another musical episode that once again manages to fix all of the relationship issues! Well, to be fair, it looks like Veronica and Reggie are still not back together officially, but the two have a better understanding now. But due to the power of song, Cheryl/Toni are back to being the lovey-dovey couple, despite all of the odious, petty shit Cheryl has done to Toni, including this episode alone. You need help, Toni. I love Veronica (or, really, Camila Mendes), but her freaking out over her parents divorcing is so weird. Really, why is she loyal to this family? Neither Hiram or Hermione have her best interests at heart, and pretty much just use her whenever they see fit. Why does she feel the need to keep them together? Free yourself, Veronica! Continue to be surprise how much I like Archie/Josie and, in general, how much K.J. Apa has improved as an actor throughout the seasons. I thought all of the singing was fine. No one should quit their day job or anything, but there wasn't anything too worth getting worked up over. Thought it was strange that we didn't get a glimpse of Fred in the audience, but I selfishly didn't miss the gut punch this go around of seeing Luke Perry on screen and knowing he's gone. It is still going to be rough once Fred's exit happens. Oh, Bughead! The couple that burns out the family trailer that was turned into a drug lab due to said mom becoming to new drug kingpin together, always stays together! So, it looks like Chad Michael Murray is running The Farm! This should be fun! Can't wait to hear more of his crazy rules: New cult member: "Hey, why are we required to watch the entire One Tree Hill series each month?" Evelyn: "Because Father decrees it!" Then again, if he uses his evil cult powers to revive Agent Carter, I would join The Farm quicker then you can say "Evil Cult Leader Chad Michael Murray!"
  6. thuganomics85

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    So, Walker is actually Nyssa A'Ghul, huh? I almost saw it coming, but I thought she was going to be Talia at first, which would have admittedly really made things weird considering the... err, history between Bruce and Talia. But her gland plan is to make Bruce and Barbara suffer for killing Ra's, and naturally, that pretty much involves destroying all of Gotham since that would really hurt Bruce. Curious to see more of this take on Nyssa, even though I would normally never consider Jaime Murray a step down from anything, but it will be hard to top Katrina Law's version on Arrow/ the CW D.C. Universe. To be fair, this is clearly going to be a way different kind of Nyssa compared to that one, so I'm sure I'll come around to it. Meanwhile, Eduardo has officially become Bane now thanks to Nyssa and Hugo Strange. Shane West certainly seems to be having fun using his deep, raspy voice for big time evil now, but I hope they establish Bane as a bigger threat than just smacking Selina around or beating up Alfred, who is totally a badass, but still a good bit older than Bane. Lee wheeling Barbara around as Babs shoots fools was certainly awesome, but the episode really seems to be dropping anvils that Babs won't be around for much longer. Still think this is all leading to Lee having to raise the child. Of all the pairing on the show, Oswald/Nygma continue to be the one I loved the most. Those crazy kids are the best! They really are dragging this season out, huh? A four week break before the final two episodes? Damn, FOX!
  7. thuganomics85

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    Damn, shit finally got real in this episode! At long last, Nora's secret is revealed thanks to Sherloque (even though it looked like Nora was right on the edge of confessing finally), and Barry goes into extreme "disappointed dad" mode, and tosses her into the pipeline to think about what she did. Barry is not fucking around, huh?! I kind of don't blame him, but knowing this show, this decision is probably going to somehow blow back on him (previews certainly hint that Iris isn't going to be happy about it), and considering how immature and gullible Nora is, she'll probably fully join Team Eobard now, if/when she escapes. Parenting is so hard! No surprise, Grace is already a more effective Cicada, since Sarah Carter can actually sound psychotic and not just like she smokes three packs a day, which was apparently Chris Klein's approach. To his credit, he was a bit better when Orlin finally saw the light and tried to bring her back, but of course it was all going to lead to her just stabbing him in the back. Again, parenting is hard! Cisco's subplot was the fillerish of all fillers, but I do enjoy watching him and Ralph play off one another. I do agree with Ralph that Cisco will only be able to keep his two lives separate for only so long. Still glad to have Joe back! While I'm OK with his "victory", I really do hope Sherloque bounces soon. This certainly was a good episode to have before a hiatus. Despite a pretty underwhelming season, it has certainly peaked my interest to see how this all goes down when it returns.
  8. So, teleporting guy is actually working for the Markovians and has taken Dr. Jace to them? Jefferson and Jennifer defeat Tobias at least, but I have a feeling he won't be down for long. As much as I get why Jefferson doesn't want Jennifer to cross that line, Tobias is someone who is always going to be a danger as long as he is breathing. Looks like Odell has Khalil's body frozen with the other pod people. Safe to say both of them will be factors next season. Bill Duke is still being perfectly creepy here. Oh, Lala! Maybe next time bring a bazooka! Of course Gambi wasn't going to let a little bit of radiation poison stop him from sleuthing! Not was the Reverend going to let a thing like being in a coma stop him from getting another pulpit speech at the end! Overall, kind of a weird season. There were some moments that were the best that comic book shows have to offer, but there was also some sloppy moments, and a general sense that the TPTB weren't fully sure where they were going this season. A lot of rushed moments (Lala's return) or ones that I would have preferred to see more of (Jennifer's training and introduction into superhero-ing), and moments that almost felt like filler (the saga with Lowry and Jefferson's demotion) or are being pushed back to next season, so it feels incomplete here (Anissa/Grace and Grace having powers.) Hopefully they'll smooth things out next season.
  9. thuganomics85

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    Nyssa trained Mia! Great seeing her again, even if she only had one line. But any Katrina Law is a win in my book! This definitely had the feelings of a potential backdoor pilot once Arrow wraps up next year, and there are certainly worst paths they could go on. Ben Lewis and Katherine McNamara both are likable enough and have great chemistry, so it could work. I'm not wild about the actor who plays Connor, but he at least has solid chemistry with them (especially Katherine/Mia), and could grow into the role more. I guess the biggest obstacles would be Dinah and Rene, who both somehow managed to be idiots even when they're old and grey. But, hey, Older Felicity is all kinds of awesome! Purposely or not, it does feel like William takes after Felicity more, while Mia is more like Oliver. Roy's little outburst does seem to hint at darker things, if not flat-out being Lazarus Pit-ed somehow, which would explain why he has been isolated, and why he left Thea. Between Mia and Nora on The Flash, this certainly has been the season of "Daughter finds out her mom was hiding something from her, and overreacts to it" for the D.C. universe. Something they could bond over, I guess! I definitely think the final scene is hinting that Felicity creating Archer will somehow lead to why Oliver is gone: wherever it is because he's in hiding or something much worse.
  10. thuganomics85

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Lex Luthor has arrived in the form of Jon Cryer! Not exactly the first person that would cross my mind for the character, but he was actually... kind of good? Granted, it probably helps that I haven't been wild about many of the iterations of Lex in live action entertainment outside of Michael Rosenbaum (of course, for my money, no one will beat Clancy Brown in the various animated Lex Luthors that he has done), but I thought he stuck the right balance of being sinister and villainous, but I at the same, seeming like he truly does consider Lena a sister that he loves, and believes that he is helping her in his own twisted way. Overall, I'm actually kind of curious now to see where this is all heading (since he's obviously anti-alien, I'm sure he'll eventually cross paths with Lockwood and the Children of Liberty.) Heh, so it was Eve who shot James after all, but it wasn't to protect Lena, but because she was working for Lex this entire time. Lena is so going to have even more trust issues after this! Just wait for the day if/when she ever finds out what Kara has been keeping from her... Not surprised that it ended with Lena giving James the serum, but I did like that he knows that he would have died without it, and doesn't seem to be holding it against her. But I suspect this will come back into play. So, did Manchester actually want to die? He suddenly went from only going after racists to being willing to kill innocents, so I have to think he was giving J'onn an excuse to finish him for good. If this is truly it, kind of an anticlimactic way to go. Although, I'm guessing J'onn wouldn't agree with me! I did like how Alex not knowing Kara's identity led to her wondering why Kara just up and left the hospital, and being upset about it. Kara can't just drop everything and run as easily as she used to. Oh, Nia and Brainy! I'm still rooting for you two! So, Otis Graves is still alive? I wonder what that means for Mercy.
  11. thuganomics85

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Eh, I preferred the first Guardians film easily, but I still enjoyed the second one enough that I'm fine with them letting James Gunn finish the trilogy. I know they are making it sound like this was the plan all along, but I do suspect that it mainly stems from Gunn getting the Suicide Squad 2 gig with no real pushback, and Disney realizing that the controversy was likely overblown (because I definitely suspect Marvel/Kevin Feige never wanted to "fire" him in the first place.) But if it ends up underwhelming and being considered a disappointment, I'm fine with them attempting a fresh start with someone else. Honestly though, when it comes to the Guardians, I'm more curious about the longevity of Quill, because I know Chris Pratt seems to have fallen out of favor lately due to his personal and religious views, and while I usually don't put too much stock with stuff like that (see: every well-known jerk or crazy actor that still can make bank), it does feel like Starlord isn't as loved as he use to be. Hell, whenever the Guardians of brought up, the thing I usually hear now is fans wanting to see Rocket and Groot team up with Thor for a full length movie due to their scenes in Infinity War standing out. So, once Gunn's trilogy is done, I'm curious to see if a new character will become the "face" of the Guardians, or if there will be even more casting changes (wouldn't be surprise if Dave Bautista still wants out despite them hiring Gunn back.)
  12. thuganomics85

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    I enjoyed getting to see more of the bridge crew in this episode, but should have known that it meant one of them was dying. Fare thee well, Airiam. And they were only just getting into your backstory and explaining who she was (not a flat-out android like Data, but apparently a hybrid of some kind?) Hopefully this means no one else is going to bit it anytime soon. They better not do anything to my fav, Detmer! Admiral Cornwall is here too and she gets to join in on being on the run! Spock and Stamets playing off one another was something I never knew I wanted. At least Michael didn't have to be the one to space Airaim since Nhan took it upon herself to do it, but watching it happen in front of her is probably not going to change her views that she is responsible for every bad thing that happens on this show (man, she and Oliver Queen from Arrow would get along splendidly!) No one will ever to Picard as my favorite captain, but man, I think Pike is on his way to being a close second.
  13. thuganomics85

    S06.E10: Gintars

    I definitely laughed quite a bit in this episode, but after thinking about it, I do admit that it was one of the more broader, over-the-top episodes of the show, which isn't always a bad thing, but I did feel like it came at the expense of the characters. In particular, while I got a kick out of how much crazier Terry changed/shaved his hair, that was a bit much for him. He can be an overly-emotional guy a lot of times, but I don't think he would let get out of hand for something as trivial as a fear of bugs (which I don't remember him ever mentioning having a fear of them.) I was glad to see Jake and Boyle take front and center, and see more of their friendship and interactions. Even when he messes up, I do love that Jake truly sees Boyle as a friend, and wants what is best for him at all times. But while I understand Boyle's concerns with how Nikolaj will see him going forward, they really should have found a better way for him to express it without the "real father" remark. I know it was mainly a set up for Jake to tell him that will never happen, but I feel like the scene would have been just as effective if Boyle had said "birth father" or something to that nature. Overall, the plot seemed to have a lot of good ideas, but it just didn't come together at the end. I remember not being wild about Dr. Yee's first appearance, but I always enjoy Reggie Lee, and I was certainly cracking up over Amy and Holt going insane for him again. Amy in fan-girl mode is always a hoot, but seeing Holt acting like a giddy fan was hilarious. I continue to like how the show allows Holt to have goofy and even petty emotions in his own way. And Rosa was the perfect character to be all "You two are idiots!" about it, and I'm glad she ended up being right AND solved the case: especially after Holt/Amy got all high and mighty with her. At least they apologized for it (well, Amy apologized first and then they had to have a thirty minute meeting until Holt came around!) A step down from the last few episodes, but it still had its moments.
  14. thuganomics85

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Figured I'd catch the new trailer before I head off to work, but I knew that was a mistake as soon as my eyes starting watering with all of the flashbacks scenes and voiceovers. I am so not ready for this to possibly be the end for either Tony or Steve (or anyone else, but those two still top my likely suspects of not making it out alive.) I hope they continue to keep the trailers like this, where not too much information is given out, but there is still enough to make things intriguing. The past films and the history with the characters alone should be enough for most to want to see this film, and see how it all plays out. I figured Carol would be in the final tag, but I really want to see what she says to make Thor do what he does. I can't wait to see how these two play off one another. Or, really, how Carol plays off the entire cast.
  15. thuganomics85

    S03.E15: Chapter Fifty: American Dreams

    Damn, I know the writers had no idea what was going to happen during this time, but seeing Fred share a scene with FP reminiscing about their past and looking forward to being neighbors, was hard to watch. I still can't believe Luke Perry is gone and I am so not looking forward to Fred's eventual exit and how that will change things for everyone. Anyway, it was fun watching Jughead, Betty, and Archie team up, and they end up honestly taking the simplistic (for this show, at least) approach to getting the hit off of Archie by making it look like the "Gargoyle King" wanted to a battle royale instead, which Archie naturally won since he's apparently the new Rocky Balboa now, when it comes to boxing. Hey, whatever works! And now he's even a proud owner of said gym, although as with most things involving Hiram, there really has to be another angle with his "gift." Veronica ends up telling Betty about Gladys' plans, Betty refreshingly tells Jughead instead of keeping it to herself, and Jughead refreshingly believes her (although, he makes sure to get confirmation from Fangs and Sweet Pea), so it is at least nice seeing them not devolve into petty drama like normal. Speaking of petty drama, Cheryl is basically continuing to be a jackass and jealous over Toni daring to treat her position as the Pretty Poison leader seriously, and not just wanting to be Cheryl's plaything anymore. As much as I enjoyed her character in the past (and still love Madelaine Petsch), get the fuck over yourself, Cheryl! Granted, Veronica gave her a little bit of competition by not realizing that she's been undermining Reggie this entire time, but at least she seems to acknowledge her fault about that, but at the end of the day, she's always going to put herself first. As much as I like Keller, FP calling Riverdale's best sheriff really doesn't speak well of that department. Keller's one of the good adults here, but he was never good as the whole policing thing. And retirement hasn't seemed to help him since he apparently has no idea his son joined a cult. Hilariously, this might have been one of the more normal episodes of Riverdale, even if it involved everything from Archie punching the lights out of a bunch of obsessed gamers, a gang policing the town, and ending with two teenagers declaring they're going to bring down one of the biggest gangsters in the town. Who happens to be one of their mothers!