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  1. Didn't the producers originally want to have a double wedding with David/Donna and Dylan/Kelly and Tori refused?
  2. Luke's is the first celebrity death that I still feel extremely sad and upset about, so much that I'm thinking about it everyday. 90210 was such an important part of my life for so long, I guess I just expected the cast to live forever, especially since we're the same age. No one wants to be faced with their mortality. It's like a bad dream. Will make watching the reruns so bittersweet. Oh and Jason posted this for those who were wondering:
  3. KLJ

    S03.E01: Elephant in the Room

    Can't stand Lindsay. But will still take her over any Wirkus twin. Danielle seems completely different than last year, meaning much more bitchy. Trying to guarantee a spot for next summer? Unless she always was but I couldn't tell because of the Wirkus twins and their annoying ways.
  4. I'm so upset over this. He was such a big part of my childhood. He was just too damn young.
  5. KLJ


    Liam's mother was awful and I can see where Liam got his coldness. She tried to cry and couldn't even scrounge up one tear. Her appearance and behavior explain a lot about Liam. I wonder how the other brother is, if he's a sociopath too. I thought it was odd that the dog was in his crate. If the dog didn't try to stop the murder then why put him in the cage? This was just a sad sad episode. Sarah seemed like a lovely girl, just a shame. I hope those boys rot in prison.
  6. KLJ

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Tom and Ariana bought a house together. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/5155-Bellaire-Ave_Valley-Village_CA_91607_M27309-90225
  7. KLJ

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Studied? I mean, Jennifer knew about the show too and was a fan, so couldn’t the same be said about both Jackie and Jennifer? If there were multiple pictures of signings of Jackie with Tre, sure, but ONE picture means she’s studied Tre in order to take her down? I haven’t watched much lately, but Tre isn’t exactly deep (or smart or savvy) enough to have to be studied for years (or even one day) to take down. Jackie was just right that most of the other women wanted to keep their spot on the show so didn’t challenge her. Like Melissa, who is smart and more than capable of taking Tre down. Caroline and Jacqueline tried but it just seemed like sour grapes more at the time or something plus Tre had more sympathy back then too (including from me sadly).
  8. KLJ

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Haven’t watched one full episode this season, but I’m bored and nothing else is on. I am loving Jackie. Definite improvement over Siggy. Finally someone who won’t bow down to St. Tre.
  9. Oh damn, I had no idea that Jason Dohring is a scientologist. Crap. Ignorance was definitely bliss.
  10. KLJ

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    Oh and did anyone notice how terrified how the charter guests became when the wine spilled on Princess Krystal's dress? Sure, she pretended it was all fine, but when they went in the room, it clearly was not. Goodness.
  11. Damn, google Bob Minton and the first several pages clearly are clearly created by Scientology. Scary how much power this group has due to money. And this poor guy isn't even alive anymore. Poor Lisa McPherson and her family. Just no words to what she went through. I do wonder too, Lisa cannot have been the only person with psychiatric issues in all these years, so if signs similar to Lisa's are observed, do they let people go in order to avoid more attention? Or instead of dumping them off at a hospital, now they dump them where someone won't ever find out? Makes one wonder.
  12. KLJ

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    Totally got that as well. Why not just admit to it when it was brought up? And maybe I"m a total prude and lame, but I guess I don't get girlfriends getting drunk and just going down on each other. This group is definitely open to everything. Also I feel like Brittany's facade is fading a bit. Maybe it's the engagement, but she seems more on edge and just not the sweetest person ever. I mean, someone has to be kind of an asshole to be able to fit in with all these yahoos so easily right?! Jax definitely felt like the 'old man' of the group last night. I've been rewatching the earlier seasons and they just seem so OLD now compared to the first couple seasons. All the partying and drinking, plastic surgery and the LA lifestyle is rough man! He definitely is coming across more mature this season. Still can't picture him being a dad though. Tom and Ariana - yawn. God help me, but I felt the show was a dull with so little Stassi.
  13. KLJ

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    Too funny, I just posted this in the media thread, I saw the link through Kate's twitter. I was surprised she to see mentioned Rylee as well. Did Krystal not realize that all could be heard in their rooms? Or did they forget to turn off their mics or something? Or were they just yelling so loud that mics weren't necessary? What a bunch of horrible people. I wonder what she thinks about what is being said about her now, especially after leaving such a nice tip. Love to see when the crew gets along well and has the routine down. Adrian may be an amazing chef, but dude is creepy and immature. Keep working on the zen because it ain't working! While I think his apology was genuine (towards the end), at first he was very defensive and sorta put it back on her, "well you should have said something, that's how I grew up, excuse excuse excuse". Liked that Rylee ended the season well. Same with Laura. Loved Ashton most of all. He totally surprised me because when I saw him for the first time I thought he'd be douchey like Tyler. Wonder how things went between him and Laura after the charter season. Ross and Tyler - bleh (edited to add though maybe I should re-think my love for Ashton since he seems so close to both of them). Also loved Kate and Josiah together as well. Josiah definitely helped to make Kate more likeable and warm.
  14. KLJ

    Below Deck in the Media

    Vanity Fair interview with Kate. Also found the 3 people she'd like to work with next charter interesting. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/01/below-deck-bravo-kate-chastain-interview-season-6?utm_medium=social&mbid=social_twitter&utm_social-type=owned&utm_brand=vf&utm_source=twitter
  15. KLJ

    Past Seasons

    Okay, now that I've finally seen the episode with Kristen bringing the girl that Tom cheated on Ariana with to Sur.... I hadn't seen this episode before, only flashbacks to it, but I think I lost any sympathy I had for her (even though it's clear that Tom cheated by his reaction once he saw her). Not sure why Tom having a 'closure talk' with Kristen seems to have given her hope that she could break Ariana and Tom up if Ariana saw the girl, and then she could have him back. First of all, WHY would you want to get back together with someone that not only cheated on you with FIVE girls, but also on his current girlfriend? Good lord. The problem is most people don't see each other as often after breaking up, so they are able to move on. Seeing smug Tom & Ariana all the time - I can get the craziness a little, but damn. I can't keep up with all the freaking cheating on each other. I mean why would Ariana even stay with Tom also? Lisa doesn't seem to have ever really liked Kristen. Then why keep her for seven years? Never was and never will be a fan of Tom and Ariana. They are so smug and I think that they both did take some enjoyment out of messing with her a bit. And seeing that Ariana has never mislead Tom about not wanting to get married or have kids, Tom really has no right to complain. Although it is gross that Ariana just moved right in with Tom that he lived in with Kristen. That apartment looks so nasty. It's also interesting to see the cars they drove then compared to what they drive now, Sandoval in last night's episode was driving a Mercedes I believe, and Jax was driving something pretty nice too. When was the Behind the Scenes special on, was it right after Season 1?