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  1. AuntiePam

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    I think it's pretty cold of the producers to show LVP maintaining her innocence (in the TH's) after it's been proven that she set it all up. I'd be royally pissed.
  2. AuntiePam

    Midsomer Murders

    I'm glad to see that it's okay to talk about the whole series in one thread, because I have a question the second episode. I'm avoiding spoilers so maybe this has been discussed. I liked most of this story except for the subplot of Clapper, the drama "teacher", and the blackmail, or whatever the hell it was. Why did Edie sleep with him? Was it all a prank, or payback because he was such a phony? The students obviously knew he didn't have blackmail money, because they had already posted the pictures where everyone could see them. So what the heck was that all about? I'm watching via Amazon Prime and assume that I'm getting the entire episode, without cuts (which happens when British shows come to PBS). What I like most, so far, is that Barnaby answers questions. There's no snark or attempts at wit or putdowns -- he's very upfront. I like Sgt. Troy, and the running joke of him stating the obvious to Barnaby. Love the characters -- not too many familiar faces yet, but I'm looking forward to Orlando Bloom.
  3. Isn't Lu's pretentiousness kind of a joke though? Did anyone ever take her seriously when she behaved like royalty? Lu's always struck me as kinda dim. Criticism from her would be like being brushed with a feather, whereas an attack from Dorinda would hurt, maybe because she's so much smarter than Lu. I have to respect someone before they can really hurt me. I have no respect for Lu, never have, especially since she slept with that Johnny Depp look-alike. Dorinda - well, I respected her early on but last season and so far this season, she's losing me.
  4. I think it's easy for Luann not to drink at her cabaret shows because everyone there is friendly and supportive. They might be drinking, but they're not heckling her. Plus, she stays sober at the cabaret shows because what she's doing is actual work -- she's not at a party where she can slip off to the ladies' room or go home when she's had too much. But a small gathering where everyone is watching closely and at least one person is waiting to attack, that's different. Dorinda is a really strong personality, drunk or sober. Luann doesn't have the chops to handle Dorinda face-to-face, not without a drink. She can handle one environment sober but not the other. Maybe she can handle Dorinda after more therapy, but I'm not sure. That woman can be nasty.
  5. AuntiePam

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I didn't get FJ. I was thrown by "newsmaker" in the clue. My brain went to "newscaster" instead, so my WAG was Walter Cronkite. And I'm definitely old enough to know about Jimmy Hoffa (because of the tasteless jokes, if for no other reason). Also, I was in the Teamsters Union for awhile. Hate that a buzzer-beater won today.
  6. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    It grew on me, the longer I watched. Then we get a preview of the next (?) episode, and her hair is back to normal. But yeah, I liked it. It softened her. I felt bad for the two old duffers arguing about fences. Plaintiff said his daughter has only lived with him for 14 months, but I'll bet she's been there off and on, and likely the cause of some of their problems. If not for her (possibly), they could have been friends. Or maybe not, if defendant did indeed paint "For Sale" on the guy's house.
  7. AuntiePam

    I Am the Night

    Yeah, that was way too complicated, and it's surprising that Jay came up with the plan so quickly. Jay put his fingerprints on the blonde cop's knife, and they were going to say that this knife was going to be the murder weapon in one of the killings. Jay promised he'd sign a full confession. This was all because they were too scared to arrest Hodel, even with the photos they found in Jay's room. While they were discussing that plan, I half-expected the blonde cop to kill the dark-haired cop and then kill Jay, and say that Jay killed the dark-haired cop. All through this series, I'd debate about whether to watch or delete an episode from the DVR.. Then I'd think "what the heck" and start watching and I'd be hooked.
  8. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I have no doubt that the defendant in the Michelle Raub case slashed the tires on her car. It's true that we didn't hear defendant say "I did it" on the phone, but we did hear the witness say "Why are you hiding in the bushes?" That should have been a clue to JJ. I was almost embarrassed for JJ when she interrupted Raub, right off the bat. Raub started to explain about the dog falling in a hole, necessitating the vet bill that resulted in the loan. JJ assumed Raub was going to talk about something irrelevant. (I've already forgotten what it was, sorry.) We all know what happens when we assume. Even to JJ. Hate the new hair-do, but the other one is old too. You only see it on middle-aged and older women with short hair. But us old bats have a problem with hair. Wear it one way and people say we're trying to look young, another way and we look too old. We can't all be Helen Mirren or Glenn Close, or Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, in that bone drug commercial, with the long silver-gray hair that actually looks pretty good!
  9. AuntiePam

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    Lord, yes! Nene's hair looks like a bathing cap from an Esther Williams movie. Every time I see that hair, I want to run a comb through it, fluff it up a bit. It looks dirty, and I'll bet it's sticky. I thought Nene's hair looked the best a couple seasons ago, when her hair was short and she combed it back, like a pompadour. Reminded me of Goldie Hawn's do in Overboard.
  10. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    That's assuming the entire $4K was spent on the vacation expenses, but we don't know that. It's too bad that JJ thinks that she's more important than the outcome of the cases. God forbid she "waste" time eliciting information, when she could be repeating her favorite Judy-isms. "It's either a Yes or a No!" "Um is not an answer!" "Where did you think you were coming today, to the beach!" "They don't keep me around because I'm gorgeous!" Etc. etc.
  11. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Sure -- Workman's Compensation. I thought every state had such programs, but maybe not. There are rules. I broke a hip in a fall at work. I had to be treated by an approved physician, in an approved facility. The program paid 100% of the doctor and hospital bills. I was compensated for lost earnings -- almost as much as what I would have been paid, and with no deductions. When I was fully healed, I was paid a final amount, for my "permanent partial disability", or maybe it was "temporary total disability" -- I forget. My stepdad was hurt on the job and mom was paid for his disability even after stepdad had died. But yeah, workers comp is an excellent program. The downside is that employers want to keep their costs down, so sometimes they'll cut you off before you're healed, or even dispute your claim.
  12. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Sorry, but I can't get the vacation/dead traveling friend case out of my head. The case needed an auditor -- someone to sit down with mom's bank and credit card statements and determine how much of plaintiff's $4K was spent on the vacation, how much was refunded, and how much was left sitting in mom's bank account. For all we know, $2K might have covered air fare and hotels, and the balance was for tours, shopping, incidentals, massages and facials, etc. at the destination. It's possible that a lot of that $4K was "left over", and lined defendant's family's pockets, leaving plaintiff with zip nada. I can't believe JJ didn't award her anything.
  13. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I've never liked math, which is maybe why I see this differently -- I just don't understand what happened. It sounded like defendant's family ended up with $4,000, in addition to whatever was refunded for cancelled reservations. Isn't that what happened? Do we know how much of the $4,000 was spent on the vacation?
  14. AuntiePam

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In the vacation case, unless defendant could prove that plaintiff owed money to defendant's mom, plaintiff should have gotten all that money back, no question. If there had been loans, there would be a record. Defendant had access to mom's bank and CC records, and he presented no proof of prior loans. Chances are that defendant's mom put everything on her card(s) so she could get the points. My son and his wife flew round trip from Seattle to London (a Harry Potter trip) for $140, for both of them, using points and miles. In today's car repossessed/stolen,repossessed again case, I think both parties were more than a bit shady.
  15. AuntiePam

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    So you're gonna make us Google BDO? Thanks a lot! [wink] Also, I love Matthew McConaughey. He's an excellent late-night guest -- the guy can really tell a story. That said, he IS a bit full of himself, and the Lincoln ads are a bit twee. The ads that bug me lately are car ads with women drivers who are (apparently) trying to look fierce, as if they're accomplishing something special. Nope honey -- you're just speeding.