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  1. demarti

    S02.E10: I'm Gonna Go Home

    You must have thought his age had a lot to do with it otherwise you would not have pointed out that he was a teenager. Which he is not.
  2. demarti

    S02.E10: I'm Gonna Go Home

    No, Mo is not a teenager. He is 29. What was his family collaborating for him to do when he got here? When did he ever say he did not want to come to America? That is some fascinating information.! How do you know all that?
  3. demarti

    S07.E07: Nice To Metria

    Seems to me that if the family wants the gravy train to continue, they should be telling MJ to make up with Kandi and stop causing problems with Todd. WTF are they telling Kandi to make up with her "mamma" for? The entire family is fucked up!
  4. demarti

    S07.E07: Nice To Metria

    Could that be because they are all stealth bitches that really don't care about anybody but themselves?
  5. I hated episode 1. Skipped episode 2. Fell asleep on this ep. Not a good sign. And I can't stand average looking, middle age, broke ass Jake and his teeny bopper girlfriend.
  6. demarti

    S08.E03: First Week of School

    Re: Will's bratiness. Yes , they were filming and I understand that plays into how much discipline Bill and Jen display on tv for fear of being criticized , however, it is obvious that this is not the first time we have seen that Will doesn't listen. I don't really think it has anything to do with the camera's. Will is a happy, fun, sweet kid when he is doing what he wants to do. I actually think Bill is worse then Jen. At least she tries. Bill does nothing to correct their behavior at all. Bill and Jen are lovely people, they are just lousy disiplinarians. They have got to get a handle on it now because Will is going to grow much bigger and much heavier than Jen. All it will take is one accidental push or shove from Will and Jen could fall to the floor and easily get hurt. And they need to control Will's weight. At just 5 yrs. old he is getting fat. They and other little people (Roloffs) have said how important it is for little people to watch their weight for health reasons.
  7. demarti

    S05.E05: Star Sighting

    I'm so sick of Kim's, Kyles and Yolanda crying over their kids. Growing up so fast, going to college, moving out of the house, getting married. This is what all of our kids do. Stop it already with the tears, you're boring the shit out of me.
  8. Ya'll do not look at this preview unless you want to lose your mind!!! I see where this is going: Joyce is busted without any excuse for why she and her boyfriend left Kandi's house trashed. Todds mom passes away. Joyce is going to pretend like she is sick and on meds so Kandi will be nice and let her off the hook cause god forbid Joyce passes away, too. Kandi will fall for the whole bunch of bullshit. Total manipulation. Fucking Joyce has somehow found a way to use Sharon's passing to her own advantage. What a vile, disgusting excuse for human being.
  9. demarti

    S03.E07: New Girl, Old Grudges

    I get depressed every time they film in FI's apartment. These people are in their 30's and they are living like this? And Stassi should never, ever pull all of her hair back in a bun. Not a good look, even with her fake chin. I hate you, Stassi. Please go far, far away.
  10. Khloe's ass is absolutely rediculous. She needs to go back to the plastic surgeon and get some of the fat she had injected in her ass sucked back out.
  11. demarti

    S03.E07: New Girl, Old Grudges

    Yeah, it was very nice. His parents must be supporting him. Lets not forget the BMW he drives. On a busboy salary.
  12. How do you know Joyce is not dependant on Kandi's money? I thought she had nothing but her monthly social security checks.
  13. demarti

    S02.E09: Red Flags

    Poor Amy. I can't even imagine Danny sexing it up with her. Afraid she is going to be so disappointed. For years. Maybe even forever. But then again , she may not know any better.
  14. demarti

    S07.E06: Make-ups and Breakdowns

    I don't believe Nene was upset. Oh yeah, dabbing her eyes, she even got up and walked out to compose herself and then came back to finish Cynthia off. Very dramatic. She was doing nothing but honing her acting skills, trying them out on this lame show. Good job, Nene, good job. You have alot of people here actually believing your little act.
  15. demarti

    S07.E06: Make-ups and Breakdowns

    For starters, she can tell Joyce that she will not put up with any more negative comments about Todd or his family, and they are to be treated with respect. She doesn't have to be mean about it, just let her mom know she is dead serious. Just because there is love between Kandi and her mom it doesn't mean Kandi is supposed to turn the other cheek when it comes to Joyce's abuse. And yes, it is abuse when your piece of shit boyfriend destroys your daughters house and you do nothing to stop it because you are too busy moving into the 7 bedroom home your daughter just bought for you!. When Joyce was telling Kandi that Todds mom was a prostitute and his dad was a pimp, Kandi should have shut her down right then and there. That is what a woman who is about to marry a man she supposedly loves would do.