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  1. spiderpig

    S09.E13 Chokepoint

    Is there anyone here who doesn't want Henry to die, preferably slowly and painfully? I hate that kid more than the Whisperers. Once they take out Henry they can eliminate Tara and her slack-jaw once and for all, and get this show back on track. Shiva forever!!!
  2. spiderpig

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Thank you for this! When he appeared my first thought was "that's the jerk who kept popping up on Chopped being as annoying and egotistical as hell". He was definitely in Chris Burke/Matthew Grunewald territory. Still can't say I liked him much in tonight's ep. His protégé should have gone instead of Justin.
  3. spiderpig

    S09.E10 Omega

    Not the horsies!!! But it was better than last week's yawnfest.
  4. This is the first ep I remember where the 3-month follow-up was entirely negative. That owner was the jerk of all jerks and he got a refitted kitchen and remodeled dining room out of the gig. I'd say I'd eat at 7Eleven before patronizing his dump, but that would be an insult to 7Eleven.
  5. spiderpig

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    Well that was a great big nothingburger. Stand around and talk. Ride around and talk. Too much Negan. Too much Tara. Best actor in this ep was Jesus, and he played a corpse!
  6. Carl and Eartha seemed like such a sweet couple, but were their two restaurant daughters pieces of work. I don't for a second believe in magical transformations. I think they went right back to the ugly once the cameras were gone.
  7. spiderpig

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Oh I totally agree. Back in the 50s no one EVER discussed GLBQ issues. After decades my sister and I figured out the real reason Grandpa didn't approve and why another uncle (gay) was kind of ignored by his father but doted on by his mother. I know things are rough now, but imagine living in those days.
  8. spiderpig

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    My uncle dated Kaye Ballard in high school in Cleveland back in the 40s. My grandfather didn't approve because she was a couple of years older.
  9. spiderpig

    S18E11: Devilish Desserts

    Trev bugged the hell out of me and I can't wait for Bret (who loves to pump his guns during his talking heads) to follow him out the door. Not to mention neither of them can cook. While not thrilled with the rest of the cast, I'll be OK with any of the other candidates.
  10. spiderpig

    Worst Cooks In America

    I agree. Keep your girls to yourself and your significant other unless you're poolside at Vegas I'm watching this for casual entertainment not your personal promotion I'm horrible at names but I guess my final three would be Charrel(?) the Haitian woman, Marty the teacher who tells goofy jokes, and Trefel/Tremel (large African-American who actually seems to try.)
  11. spiderpig

    Rachel Maddow: Our Favorite Rhodes Scholar

    Oh Rachel..I like you but quit giggling and laughing during your presentation. Just get to the POINT. I love Chris Hayes and Lawrence, but I find myself yelling "just shut up and get on with it" during her show. I can deal with the hand-waving and other dramatics, but QUIT GIGGLING!!! She just did it again covering the Barr hearings.
  12. spiderpig

    S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    When I saw Padma's giant shoulder pads all I could think was Carol Burnet in her green curtains. "Ah saw it in the window and Ah just had to have it...""
  13. She's dead now so I guess it's OK to say I checked in Teri Shields in NYC decades ago and she was a total nutcase. She had a handler while Teri spun around in circles saying "'You'll have to meet Brooke" like I gave a damn. This is casting no aspersions on Brooke, but her mother was totally cray-cray. It's a blessing Brooke turned out as normal as she has.
  14. spiderpig

    S15.01: The Perfect Bird

    Was the 66 year old from Haiti named Chantelle? She's slender and well-spoken and talked about her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. How could she make it this far being unable to cook? She doesn't look like she's spent six decades chowing down on fast food. Must be the lure of the $25K.
  15. spiderpig

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh I'll watch all the awards shows because I always have in living memory. But who really gives a damn? We all keep watching hoping someone will fall down or throw up on camera. then the following day we can criticize the wardrobes to our hearts content. .