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  1. KingOfHearts

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    We really missed out on Mirror Belle coming to life through the Shattered Sight spell. I think it was kind of ridiculous how many exceptions there were to the spell. Belle, Hook, Rumple, Anna, Elsa, Emma, and Ingrid were all unaffected and we didnt even see Robin. What was really the point if only half the characters got cursed? There were some missed opportunities there.
  2. Seriously though, I will probably watch it like the muppet glutton I am. I thought some of the ABC series was kind of funny, but the whole Kermit/Miss Piggy break-up and the realism really turned people off. They wanted something more like the classic Muppet Show. I'm not sure how they can put the muppets in a binge-watching format, but if it's funny, people will watch regardless. The problem is that A&E dont do humor well. A lot of the visual gags and snarky remarks in OUAT were amateur at best. What they'll probably end up doing is having a ton of obscure cameos (both human and muppet) and attempt a serialized storyline with cheap drama. A&E most likely have two or three great ideas, but everything in between will be dreck. Itll be one half-decent storyline for just the first season.
  3. KingOfHearts

    S04.E10: Fall

    Anna says something about it. I think its implied needed to redirect her magical energy toward the Shattered Sight spell, meaning she could no longer maintain the magical freeze over Arendelle. Funny how magical energy is finite so rarely and inconsistently.
  4. KingOfHearts

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    I feel bad for the Swan Queen shippers. Instead of True Love, they got True Hatred. I have mixed feelings about the Ingrid/Emma stuff, mostly because of how inconsequential it is. Emma doesn't get her memories restored until Ingrid's final moments, and there's really no reaction to them. It doesn't affect her character development at all, as important as that connection was supposed to be. If anything, it just fuels Ingrid's goal to have her magical sisters. It benefits her character more than Emma. At this point, we've already seen Emma betrayed in similar ways by Lily, August, and Neal, so to have it happen *again* is quite ridiculous. It could've worked better if literally anyone reacted to it. What would Snow think?
  5. Merlin seems nice and all, but he's actually one of the worst characters on the show. Charisma can't erase all the damage he caused. I'd put him in the same boat as Jacinda, Merida, and Dorothy. (Sorry for the double post. Looks like auto-merging is gone.)
  6. She also lied about the wardrobe, making it so Emma would have to grow up alone. Even after Fiona became a Black Fairy, she didn't keep tabs on her. How the heck did she not know what was going on? She let it slip to Rumple that the Dark Curse existed. She didn't bother to make sure Baby!Rumple had some kind of guardian or fairy godmother. Who was in charge of protecting the Pixie Dust??
  7. I think a lot of people regarded the S6 finale as "high note" simply for the montage. Everyone was happy and it felt very "final". The rest of S6 and its finale were horrible, but I believe most fans were fine with where it left the main characters. They were (mostly) satisfied. Captain Swan were married, Regina and Zelena found their places in the "family", Rumpbelle had their baby, and Snowing got their easy farm life. The S7 finale was a bunch of WTF. It was the opposite of S6's - it was a decent finale episode, but had a bad ending. The S6 finale was, conversely, a bad episode with a decent ending.
  8. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, because it's actually kind of true.
  9. As a Muppet fan, I want to die. It looks like it's going to take place in the 1980s, so there will be more cringy Tron references. I'm very scared of the inevitable Regina/Lana Parilla muppet.
  10. KingOfHearts

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    It took me too long to realize you were talking about the Underworld and not S6, LOL.
  11. Its weird that I dont see more people point out these flaws. Other than on the boards and in rare instances like this article, people either complain about things that are more like symptoms than actual issues (like its "confusing" is actually due to poor worldbuilding) or non-issues. (Like Swan Queen not getting together.)
  12. Once Upon a Time: 30 Things That Don't Make Sense (and Fans Ignore)
  13. After reading @Shanna Marie's post, I'm actually upset we didnt get a "Expose" type episode showing what all these characters who've been there all along were doing during the events of the show. It could've been a hilarious tongue in cheek way to address plot holes without sacrificing the drama. That's one of my absolute favorite Lost episodes.
  14. KingOfHearts

    S04.E07: The Snow Queen

    Nor writing in any form or capacity.
  15. Rumple actually got pretty real in 5B, which made it harder to put all the blame on him for Rumpbelle's issues. Belle knew exactly what she was getting and he was upfront about it. It's not like she got baited, though that doesn't absolve Rumple either. He was far better at being vulnerable than Regina or Zelena. At least he had self awareness. (Except he stopped there and didnt actually change his behavior. Regina changed her behavior but had no self awareness.)