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  1. Kellyee

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    So basically, Kody wants to build a massive house in the middle of nowhere that they will be stuck with forever because no one else will ever want to buy it, and it will be very unlikely that the land will ever become valuable enough to make someone want to buy the land and demolish the massive house. And he probably hasn't thought this through, but the idea is "singing" to him, and that's all that matters in the Brown family. Did I get that right? And its probably too far from any tourist attractions to make someone want to purchase it and rent out the sections to various families visiting the area. So they will be stuck there forever long after all the kids have fled. Mykelti's expression when they were opening the time capsule was priceless. She was all "I sit here and get paid for being on camera." It was so obvious she couldn't care less about the shoe she put in the time capsule only like 7 years before.
  2. Kellyee

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    All three of them appeared to suffer from some form of mental illness. Jeanne's mother was either mentally ill or at least just severely depressed. The house was filthy. They needed assistance from Adult Protective Services, not lectures from Dr. Now. There have been a few of these episodes now where the mental illness is so obvious that having a camera crew film it seems exploitive. Either Jeanne or her mom are going to die next, and its really sad.
  3. Kellyee

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    Did Aspyn graduate college? Or is she at least still in college?
  4. Kellyee

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    They discuss moving in the most bizarre way I have ever seen. No mention of school districts, commutes (it seems only Meri has a job at this point?), or what the total cost will be for 4 brand new homes after you have to run the utilities. All they talk about is what "sings" to them?? Seriously? No discussion of the mental/emotional cost of uprooting the kids for no reason, Robyn losing what appears to be her only babysitter, or the cost of the rentals in addition to the cost of building. They whine about money and budgets, then throw a million dollars at a ridiculous impulse buy. And only after they can't go back does it occur to Kody that this is going to be complicated and hard to pull off. Also, Meri should have walked out when Kody said she should abandon their daughter to figure out moving to Chicago on her own. Not that Mariah couldn't figure it out, but Kody's complete lack of caring for his child and her new stage of life is horrid. He is not a good father. I think the kids see the issues too, which is why none of them want to live polygamy. Even after his stroke with limited mobility, my dad always wants to help me, or at least care about what I'm doing. And I'm in my 40's. I felt sad thinking Mariah was going to see that clip.
  5. Kellyee

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I only watched a few minutes and have the rest on the DVR. But when they were standing out on "land" and disagreeing about which property is better, it reminded me of every extended family vacation I have ever taken, where there are too many people involved, so someone just needs to suck it up and give in and be unhappy with the choice. I have endured this for a week at a time, and I cannot imagine it being my entire married life. There are so many things wrong with polygamy, and they are all front and center every time you watch this family. And I still don't get why they are even moving if its more expensive. Does Ariella get no wedding now, since that was part of Kody's original argument for moving, so that Ariella could have a wedding like her sisters are getting? I am betting that Ariella still gets a wedding and Truely is the one who gets screwed and has to marry at the Chapel of Love on Las Vegas Blvd.
  6. Kellyee

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    Any time you start to feel any sympathy for Kody about anything, remind yourself of when he talked about his first impression of meeting Robyn and possibly dating a divorced woman, and how he said "Ew" about dating someone divorced. He implied that divorced women were used goods in some way. If that doesn't work, remind yourself of when he and Christine were building a rock tower at the direction of their marriage therapist, and Christine tried desperately to explain how she was feeling and how sad and upset she was and how she just wanted Kody to focus on just her for just a minute, only a minute, and Kody said he didn't care about her as an individual person. Then he proceeded to build the rock tower he wanted and ignore her, her feelings, and all the pain she was in emotionally. I suffer from female hair loss, and I have no sympathy for Kody. I hope all his hair falls out and his scalp turns yellow and grows scales. He is a horrible person.
  7. Kellyee

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    I didn't finish the episode. I tried, but it was too boring. They are moving someplace more expensive so they can see trees? Am I understanding that correctly? They just want trees? Why not just plant some trees and add a water irrigation system in Las Vegas and be done with it? And poor Gabe gets lost in the shuffle because there are so many people in the family that no one person (except Kody) really matters. This show is one huge statement on why polygamy as a family style is flawed. And I can't figure out if Christine is really happy now or just on drugs. Maybe there is happiness in accepting that your husband is a huge asshole. Also, huge pet peeve: Nevada and Arizona are both red states. Yes, Las Vegas is more liberal, but they don't live on the Strip. Both are conservative states. They're not moving to a more conservative state like they keep trying to claim. If they want super conservative, try Alabama or West Virginia. And they need liberals because conservative Christians are not going to welcome them in.
  8. Kellyee

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    This show provided so much opportunity for the entire cast in terms of money creating a way out of their situations. And none of them have really taken full advantage of it. Only one person on any Teen Mom franchise has achieved a 4-year college degree, and Chelsea also got her beauty certificate so she could at least qualify for a good job if she needs it. Besides that, nothing. Catelynn and Tyler have done nothing with all the money and opportunity. The clothing line likely won't last, and they have only tried halfheartedly at the home-flipping thing. Mostly they sit around and pay for relatives to go to rehab.
  9. Kellyee

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I am disgusted by Tyler's assertion that the only way he can financially support his kids is to exploit them for money. Caitlynn and Tyler have had 9 years of money coming in without having to work for it at all. They could have used those years to get an education or some sort of skill to support themselves and their kids. Instead, they rely on exploiting their kids and drug-addicted relatives, and selling their kids' pictures so that they themselves can continue to sit on their asses and buy bigger houses and horses and crap. I wonder if this is why Brandon and Teresa cut them off from Carly. Its shocking how few people on these shows actually have a job at all, or any skill or education that would help them get a job. When this all dies out, they will be unemployable for anything except minimum wage. And I will have no sympathy for any of them.
  10. Kellyee

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    Am I correct in believing the real reason for this sudden move is that these idiots took out 4 adjustable rate mortgages, and that after 7 years, the mortgage rates are about to flex and they can't get approved to refinance because they don't have a good income-to-debt ratio? They're not giving us any other good reason for this move besides "Kody hates Vegas" and "We need a new storyline to get renewed for another season." And it makes me sad that Christine and Janelle aren't fighting harder for their kids. I didn't expect much resistance from Robyn, but Christine and Janelle have really drank the Kool-Aid. Kody pouting at Meri's over everyone not being thrilled with his idea really put me off as well. And Kody's hair is horrifyingly bad. He has 4 wives and not one will tell him the truth about how he looks. What's sad is that it really wouldn't be that bad if he would just cut it short.
  11. Kellyee

    S02.E04: Unforeseen Circumstances

    They already have two wives, a husband, and a whole bunch of kids. Why are they so emotionally attached to adding a third wife? Also, I get a funky vibe between the two existing wives. I don't think things are as rosy as they're trying to play off here. With the last "girlfriend", I got the feeling that Wife #2 was looking for a real friendship that she isn't getting from her current sister wife. The Aldredges present themselves better and don't let their freak flag fly as high, but I think they have just as many problems as the others. If anything, the husband rules the roost with a stronger hand to keep the fighting at a minimum, but that doesn't mean its a great situation.
  12. Kellyee

    S02.E04: Unforeseen Circumstances

    It seemed to me that Mamma Donna gave her "blessing" to Vanessa because she has no choice, not because she was feeling warm fuzzies towards her son-in-law's new girlfriend. I think she knows she has to play along to continue to see her daughter and grandchildren. I wouldn't call her "supportive" as Dimitri and the harem kept trying to frame it. If anything, Donna seemed resigned to the whole situation.
  13. Kellyee

    S10:03 Kody Wants Out

    I "think" I remember Robyn being the hold-out on the alcohol. She was still in her honeymoon and holier-than-thou phase. After a while, Kody makes everyone want to drink just to put up with him.
  14. Kellyee

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Robyn doesn't appear to be the favorite wife anymore. Kody seems to have swung back towards Christine, from the last few episodes.
  15. Kellyee

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    You knew there were going to be problems when she didn't tell Dr. Now how she eats two huge breakfasts and two huge dinners and 5,000 snacks in between. Most of the people on this show try to lie by generalization (I eat a lot, but don't give specifics), but she just LIED. And what was up with all the close-up shots of her eating? I haven't noticed that in previous episodes. They kept zooming in, like to emphasize how she can't stop eating. It was overkill.